Washington Post’s Waco Account

May 23, 2015

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Washington Post's Waco Account

The best place to hide a leaf is in a forest. The best place to hide the truth about what happened six days ago in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco is in the river of non sequitars and lies a Minnie Pearl clone named W. Patrick Swanton has been spitting at the press all week.

Swanton is the press officer for the Waco Police Department. On the one hand he promises “transparency.” On the other hand he modestly allows that he is unfazed by the personal danger that a vast and underreported biker threat poses to Texas police, politicians and citizens. Swanton has been the sole, quotable source of information about what happened last week so reporters have had no choice but to quote him. It is either quote Swanton or leave all that blank, white space around the furniture store ads.

Swanton’s refusal to answer the questions people want answered has led to increasingly bizarre speculation. Today’s chuckle of the day, if one can chuckle about this tragedy, is, “A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama regime’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deliberately massacred at least 9 innocent motorcycle enthusiasts on 17 May over fears that one of the clubs participating in a yearly rally in Waco, Texas, could possibly be linked to the Night Wolves.”


This speculation is a direct result of Swanton’s stubborn reluctance to explain who died, why, how, what was going on when they died and even where the supposed fight started. Mostly Swanton has insisted that four or five “criminal element” biker organizations were having a recruiting jamboree; somehow, sometime they noticed they were surrounded by brave and honest police; they opened fire on the police; they tried to kill the police; nine of them were killed when the police shot back in self-defense; and the other 170 of the outlaw sumbitches have been locked up. Now vast hordes of motorcycle outlaws are gathering in secret locations to prepare for their final assault on civilization as we know it. This story has some plot holes. Swanton doesn’t see them and he doesn’t want anybody else to see them either.

Consequently, the fourth estate has had to fill in those holes with answers that are, at best, thinly sourced or, at worst, speculative.

Tim Madigan

Enter a free lance author and writer named Tim Madigan who has worked the Cops beat in Odessa, Texas and written  features for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Madigan was the lead reporter on a story in this morning’s Washington Post that proposes to answer some of the questions Swanton will not. Post staffers Kevin Sullivan, Peter Holley, Adam Goldman and Alice Crites also contributed to the 2,400 word report. The story relies on a single, anonymous source but it is cogent, plausible and the most complete account so far of what actually happened.

According to the Post, the dispute began with the Cossacks’ refusal to pay the Bandidos “$100 a month per chapter” for the Bandidos permission to wear a Texas bottom rocker. The dispute boiled for 18 months, until about two weeks ago, “a leader of the Bandidos, a man named Marshall, from the Longview area in East Texas,” called a Cossack leader named “Owen Reeves.”

According to the Post, “Marshall invited the Cossacks to Twin Peaks on Sunday” to “get this cleared up.”

In the Post’s account, about 70 Cossacks rode into the Twin Peaks parking lot at 11 a.m. One hundred Bandidos rode into the parking lot at about 12:15 p.m. and a Bandido chapter president immediately ran into a Cossacks prospect. The prospect, “fell backward into other bikes. The guy who hit him stopped and got off of his bike and said, ‘What are you doing? Get out of my way. We’re trying to park.”

Other Cossacks came to the prospect’s defense. An unnamed Bandido and a Cossack named Richard Matthew Jordan II exchanged punches. The Bandido then shot Jordan “point blank.”

“Then,” according to the Post’s source, “all the Bandidos standing in the parking lot started pulling guns and shooting” at the Cossacks.

The Post states that Cossacks named Daniel Raymond Boyett and Charles Wayne Russell were the second and third men to die.

“It was a setup from start to finish,” the Post’s source told the paper.

You can read the complete Washington Post story here.

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