The Waco Police Are Lying

May 21, 2015

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The Waco Police Are Lying

For the last four days a glib, specious, Waco police sergeant named Patrick Swanton has been defining the reality of what happened last Sunday in and near a Texas Region One Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting. The meeting was in a lewdly named restaurant called Twin Peaks in a shopping center called the Central Texas Marketplace near the collision of two freeways in Waco, Texas.

“I’ve see this before,” William L. Dulaney, an interesting man who has been a soldier, a scholar and a motorcycle outlaw, said this morning about the gelded press in Waco. “The police are controlling the narrative. They have everybody who might contradict what they are saying locked up. The press believes everything the police are saying. I’ve seen this before. I’ve never seen it this bad.”

Virtually everything Swanton and other officials in Waco have said about Sunday’s massacre has gone unchallenged. When CNN, citing “a law enforcement source,” had the audacity to report that four of the nine men killed last Sunday had been shot by police “in a hail of police bullets,” Swanton lit into talking head Ashleigh Banfield. “That’s not fact,” he insisted. And then he told Banfield that he was the only person who could authoritatively speak about the massacre. And then he told Banfield the autopsies had not been “completed.”

H. L. Mencken

Banfield, who is not exactly H. L. Mencken, meekly replied “Well, I’m glad you cleared that up… Well, I know you’re busy and you have a big crime scene.”

H. L. Mencken or Edward R. Murrow or Dan Rather or, for God’s sake, even Brian Williams might have asked, “Why haven’t the autopsies been completed yet? How long does it usually take to remove a bullet from a skull? How many bullets have been recovered from the bodies so far? What are the calibers of those bullets?”

The lie of the “incomplete” autopsies is merely one of numerous, obvious lies Swanton has told the press this week. Swanton’s lies have created a cloud of confusion that has obscured press coverage of Sunday’s massacre. Most of the press doesn’t seem to mind. After all, even if Swanton is lying through his teeth he at least gives good quote. So it might be a good thing for this obscure corner of niche journalism to actually list a few of them.

Criminal Element Bikers

This was a meeting of “A bunch of criminal element biker members that came to Waco and tried to instill violence into our community and unfortunately did just that…. This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys,” Swanton said as reporters took careful notes. “These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons.”

The massacre occurred at a Sunday brunch of bikers from diverse motorcycle clubs who intended to discuss issues of interest to motorcyclists – like lane splitting, profiling of motorcyclists, the right to wear a club patch while eating in a diner, state politicians who are sympathetic and unsympathetic about so called “biker rights,” and the legal implications of traffic intersection mass detectors that cannot detect motorcycles. There were at least a dozen clubs there.

Some sources have suggested that there might have been a side meeting between some Bandidos and some Cossacks to discuss matters of mutual concern to those two clubs. Neither the Bandidos nor the Cossacks have said that yet.

Profit Over Lives

“What occurred here today is the worst-case scenario when a business owner puts profit over human lives. It’s sad. This could have all been avoided,” Swanton said.

The Twin Peaks franchise sold food and drink to a peaceful assembly of American citizens. The Waco police wanted the restaurant to ban the bikers, who the Twin Peaks management knew from past experience to be peaceful, and lose the business. The owners of the Twin Peaks thought it was more important to make their payroll instead.

Credible Threats

Police in Waco have deliberately prevented public scrutiny of the massacre by sealing the entire shopping center and claiming that the citizens of Waco, and all police in Texas are in danger from a vaguely described biker menace. Swanton claimed that there was “credible information about threats toward law enforcement,” Police leaked an “internal bulletin” Sunday night that claimed “Our agency has recieved (sic) information that the Cosaks (sic) and Banditos (sic) have issued an order to kill anyone in uniform.”

The police statements are fabrications. There were no threats. Murders of, and even assaults on, sworn peace officers in the United States by outlaw bikers are extraordinarily rare. In the United States, policemen are more likely to be struck by lightening than to be punched by a motorcycle outlaw.

One exception is the Dequiallo patch worn by a few Hells Angels which, allegedly, is earned for punching a cop. A recent notable exception was the apparent shooting of a Swat officer named Shaun Diamond by a Mongol named David Martinez as a Swat team broke into Martinez’ home in the middle of the night to serve a search warrant.

Motorcycle outlaws are not gang bangers. Motorcycle clubs are not gangs. Sergeant Swanton in uniform would be in much less danger at a convention of outlaw bikers than he would be standing on a corner in East Baltimore or Watts. And he wouldn’t be in particular danger in either of those ghettos. As a rule, Americans don’t kill cops. Cops kill Americans.

Thousand Weapons

Wednesday, Swanton announced, “We’ve found up to 1,000 weapons inside the establishment. We believe those weapons were discarded either during or after the melee. We found weapons hidden under bags of flour, in bags of chips. We found a handgun stuffed inside a toilet. We found an AK-47 in a vehicle in the parking lot. And, even so much, as far, as found body armor. This isn’t your church going crowd that came out to have a dinner with the family. This is a gang oriented criminal element that was in our city to conduct criminal activity.”

The statement is typical of the inflammatory and obfuscatory nonsense Swanton has been spouting for days. And also typically, no reporter bothered to ask Swanton how many of those weapons found inside the steak house were steak knives.

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117 Responses to “The Waco Police Are Lying”

  1. Mark Says:

    This lawsuit could very easily bring out information that could be very problematic for many cops and government lawyers. And those cops and government lawyers don’t have a dog in the fight, so they can’t stop or interfere with such a civil trial. Kind of brings a new meaning to, collateral damage. Talk about the walls closing in, this maybe the snowball that started the avalanche.

  2. NCRider Says:

    My favorite stories are from “The Rebel Rides”, but my blood pressure still goes up. I do not have confidence or high hopes that the innocent people who were arrested that day will prevail. Even if all charges were dropped tomorrow, justice can never be done. These people cannot get back what Waco has stolen from them. Lives are ruined and the wheels of injustice keep turning. Thanks Rebel and to the real regulars here for standing by this tragedy. You’ve helped many others (and myself) to understand the truth.



  3. bob Says:

    i think the fact that a 223 round was found inside a biker shot at a downward angle and three others were shot with the same calibre round “speaks Volumes” about how patrick swanton had control of the situation. especially since the snipers were shooting with guns that shot that round. he was in complete control, bless his heart.

  4. Steven dean Says:

    These pigs set these boys up .! What about the radio comments way before they ever showed up … Pigs commited murder .. Suppressed fire . Really fucking pigs !
    They must be conected to the urine Oder ( iron order) … Never met a pig that was honest & you Never will !!

  5. kbet Says:

    You people realize, Obama will keep ordering the police to mass murder Caucasian’s, until he get’s his national police force?

  6. Gavin Says:

    Gooday from an Aussie.
    My condolences to the families & friends of those lost.
    Ride Free.
    Rebel I just saw this posted and thought it may be of interest.
    I’ve been following the events here on and
    can’t believe how this kind of thing happened and how it is being reported.
    They report it as a “Shootout between rival gangs”.
    Everything I’ve been able read says the cops did all the shooting.
    Even down here the press said it was the Biker’s that did all the shooting.
    Yeah, our press is as bad as yours.
    I’ll be keep a watch on here for the results of the “Murder” investigation.
    Cheers and STAY SAFE Out THERE.

  7. A J MacDonald Jr Says:

    I agree. How long does it take to announce the caliber of the bullets found in the bodies of the deceased? Too much time has passed for me to believe what they say now anyway. The police said they had officers in place before the shooting, and said those officers fired on bikers. That says: “ambush”, to me. There’s an old saying: cui bono? meaning: who benefits (from a crime)? The police are the only organization to benefit from this crime… and the police are the likely perps. Thanks for your articles on this subject. Good work.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear herman,

    Because I don’t know you.


  9. herman Says:

    some of those people were defending there selfs….

  10. herman Says:

    why do my comments have to be moderated?

  11. herman Says:

    besides bikers there were others in the bar, they were automatically arrested as well. theres no proof so far that a biker shot any one? how come in these incidents where police go over board it takes so long for lab reports and such.

    Bet Hitler would be proud

  12. Dave Wilson Says:

    /why are we not hearing anything more about this. Did the cops do all the shooting and now hope it will all just go away??

  13. recycledbiker Says:

    Stephan Stubbs “Bowtie” per 3 witnesses…….raining suppressed rounds.
    Might be the best info yet.
    Arrestees held for asserting their Miranda rights, as advisable in such a situation.

  14. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear TexasBlues,

    Well done.

  15. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    My guess is they couldn’t figure out exactly who to arrest inside or outside the restaurant … so the decision was made to just hook-up everybody with a bottom-rocker or seemed to be with bottom-rocker types. I wasn’t there, just a guess.

    And yes, the previous poster “Joe” is correct … LEO’s are trained to shoot center-mass. Head shots are normally indicative of either sniper fire or close range execution.


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