Waco Massacre Aftermath

May 20, 2015

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Waco Massacre Aftermath

Yesterday in Texas, the Reverend Matthew Hagee, Executive Pastor of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, described last Sunday’s Waco massacre and its aftermath, including “all of these arrests of rival biker gangs” as “a sign of the end times.” It might have been the most interesting thing anybody said about the massacre all day.

As of this morning, at least 170 people were in custody on $1 million bond each and charged with “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.” One of them is a woman.

“I think it is important to send a message,” the Honorable Walter H. “Pete” Peterson, Justice of the Peace for the First Precinct, who set the bail amount said. “We had nine people killed in our community. These people just came in and most of them were from out of town. Very few of them were from in town.”

Swanton Speak

Three of the accused “organized criminals” turned themselves in after they were released on lower bonds. Sergeant Patrick Swanton, who has been acting as the chief press ringmaster since Sunday, said “They were not mistakenly released.” The three men were arrested Sunday when they arrived at the crime scene after all the shooting had stopped wearing motorcycle club insignia. They were searched and, according to Swanton, were found to be “carrying weapons.” They are now also being held on $1 million bond. Swanton did not know where.

Swanton did not know how many of the 11 wounded men who were released from local hospitals yesterday had been arrested. He also did not know how many, if any, of the dead men had been killed by police. “Is it possible,” Swanton asked rhetorically. “Yes. Is it a fact? No, because the autopsies are not complete.”

Swanton seems committed to a version of events in which only four of the 22 police officers on scene discharged their weapons. He said yesterday that those four remained on duty. “Typically, our first concern is the welfare and mental health of those officers,” Swanton explained. But, “because of the high threat level … we kept them here.”

Olivia Messer reported in the Waco Tribune-Herald today that police “have found 1,000 weapons tucked into kitchen areas, vehicles and toilets” in the Twin Peaks restaurant.

Months Or Years

The New York Times reported that the local jail and court system is clogged up with arrestees and that the court cases “could drag on for months and even years.”

Tales abound of factually innocent bikers who are being presumed guilty until proven innocent.

A defendant named Jeff Battey was the first defendant to post bail Wednesday morning. Battey “has bullet fragments lodged in his arms,” according to his lawyer, Seth Sutton. “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time like many others who are innocent yet being held under that bond.” Sutton told Houston television station KRIV. “Law enforcement authorities are saying that, in this short amount of time, they’ve already gathered probable cause that these 200 people have participated in a plot to commit capital murder. That’s difficult for us to believe.” Battey must wear an electronic ankle monitor while he awaits the chance to clear his name. He is currently being treated in a Dallas hospital.

The Associated Press reports that Theron Rhoten, a mechanic from Austin, an antique motorcycle enthusiast and a member of the Vice Grip Motorcycle Club was arrested with two club brothers when he arrived at the site of the Confederation of Clubs meeting after the shooting stopped. The Vice Grips build, repair and ride pre-1970 Harley-Davidson Big Twins.

A retired, San Antonio vice detective named Marty Lewis, is among the accused “organized criminals” trying to raise $1 million bail.

Published reports indicate that Waco and McLennan County could realize more than $3 million from the sale of motorcycles and cars seized at the crime scene.

Gator’s Jam Inn

Meanwhile, multiple news outlets including the Daily Beast have begun to connect the dots between the massacre in the Twin Peaks parking lot and a shooting in Gator’s Jam Inn in Forth Worth last December 12. Geoffrey Brady, a member of the Ghostriders Motorcycle Club was killed and within days three Bandidos, Robert Stover, Howard Wayne Baker and Nicholas Povendo were charged with his murder. The Daily Beast reporter, M.L. Nestel speculates, “It’s unclear whether the deadly brawl in Fort Worth directly led to Sunday’s bloody battle outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas—or whether the two incidents were just loosely connected in a longer gang war.”

Nestel quotes an unnamed police source as saying, “The Gator’s incident was one of many and it all has to do with colors. They want to make sure the Bandidos go down.”

You can read the complete Daily Beast article here.

At the time of the Gator’s shooting, a source with knowledge of the incident told The Aging Rebel, “There has been a truce between the Bandidos and the Banshees and their brother club, the Ghostriders, for several years….  In recent years, it has been very amicable in the Dallas – Forth Worth area to the point of hand shakes and friendly games of pool between the opposing clubs, which was absolutely unheard of before.”

“The Ghostrider who was killed was the kind of man who would defuse a situation, not aggravate it. It makes no sense for him to be the one who got shot unless he stepped in to calm people down.”

“I think the shit is about to get nasty down here,” the source said. “I believe it had to be started by a Fed or some sort of agent provocateur. Too many inroads to a peaceful coexistence have happened for this to be anything else.”

The Aging Rebel investigated the incident but was unable to confirm that a federal investigation involving the Bandidos was underway.

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92 Responses to “Waco Massacre Aftermath”

  1. jj solari Says:

    jay dobbins and steve cook are soaping each other with semen right now in the shower room at the Sandusky Boy Farm, congratulating each other when their mouths are free of the other one’s cock about the splendid sharpshooting the guardian police forces displayed against restaurant patrons, who incidentally were being served by alluring waitresses with those vagina things that male police officers find so offensive and repulsive. “Nothing like a nice hard cock!” is the official police motto of cops everywhere and in all countries. “Scantily-clad waitresses do nothing to ensure boners” is the official police mantra. “Who needs ’em?” “Got more semen soap?” Steve asks Jay. “Sure do steve,”says jay. “I love semen soap. Where do you get this stuff?” “I get it from my cock, jay.” “Wow,” says jay. “from your cock. that’s great. semen soap. may i have more?” “of course, jay. have some more semen soap.”

  2. Shyster Says:

    Check out Jay Bird talking about PhD’s in Intimidation. That fucken douche has a PhD in being an unemployable meth head pussy.



  3. Eochaidh Bridi Nic Bili "Shaped Charge" OghaChruithne Says:

    The Bandidos and others were holding a meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents. Does that sound like a gang war. It sounds more like the old Feds’ COINTELPRO “divide and conquer;” the old Chicago when Mayor Daley broke up the ILBPP and the coalition of other groups, Black, Latino, and white, all in the politically charged and racially polarized atmosphere of 1960s Chicago.

    Part of the COINTELPRO actions were directed at creating and exploiting existing rivalries between black nationalist factions. One such attempt was to “intensify the degree of animosity” between the Black Panthers and the Blackstone Rangers, a Chicago street gang. They sent an anonymous letter to the Ranger’s gang leader claiming that the Panthers were threatening his life, a letter whose intent was to induce “reprisals” against Panther leadership. In Southern California similar actions were taken to exacerbate a “gang war” between the Black Panther Party and a group called the US Organization. It was alleged that the FBI had sent a provocative letter to the US Organization in an attempt to increase existing antagonism between US and the Panthers.

    Can’t the POS think of anything better?

  4. jj solari Says:

    eric holder and obama, when they are not 69ing each other, are the ones orchestrating these little police actions. since this one went so well there will be more. the next one will be against catholics leaving church on sunday. aint heard a word from one washington bureaucrat about this. this was a war action. cops have always been enemies of the american citizen. now they are starting to actually realize it and they are excited about it. we have finally crossed the line to where we are officially Red China and the Soviet Union. And Iran and Iraq and a million other shithole countries. we are now just another one of them.

  5. Asskiller Says:

    @Nix – it’s not about applying it to any particular venue or congregation of citizens; it’a about applying it.

    There used to be an expression. “No more free Wacos”.

    I don’t see a bill being presented, just a whole fucking country pissing themselves in eagerness to leave a tip for the bill.

  6. oldskewl Says:

    @strightshooter, you’re a fucking idiot. Nobody thinks or is acting like bikers are the second coming of Jesus.
    The fucking cops are lying pieces of shit, all you have to do is look at the news over the past year to figure that out. They kill, do drugs, rape women and take advantage of every situation to benefit themselves at every opportunity they get.

    The average citizen just hides their head to the fact that cops are just people too and the authority they are given in most situations leads to misconduct.
    Men are dead, families are grieving, don’t be a fucking dick, have some respect.


  7. Eochaidh Bridi Nic Bili "Shaped Charge" OghaChruithne Says:

    One POS stated publicly that the Bandidos and some other clubs are domestic terrorists. The Department of Homeland Security has a domestic terrorist list. Are the Bandidos on it? If they are then the cops can continue to get away with murder. As you know, President Obama has a death list or hit list which is authorized by law. If the POS who said that the Bandidos are domestic terrorists is telling the truth, for once, then it’s possible that the Feds will continue working with local POS in sanctioned killings of Bandidos and others.

  8. roachclip Says:

    I would like to think that if Sputnik were still alive today none of this would have ever happened. He truly loved Texas, but loved riding his motorcycle more. He was a friend to everyone on two wheels. I invite everybody to visit Rebels tribute to this man in the obits, June 25, 2010. We need him now more than ever.

    Respects, roach.

  9. WheresMyBoots Says:

    I should clarify: above I said Factor posted police radio audio – Factor *did not*. Factor, earlier, posted a link to an article containing the audio. My apologies to Factor.
    That being said, my whole point was that the radio chatter did not sound like the story told.

  10. Nix Says:

    Here is an interesting tidbit from someone who sees a situation as I do. This Waco event is a sort of test case. In the future, there may be a gun show, and law enforcement gets a “tip” that there may be trouble. So they station a SWAT Team outside to “keep the peace”. Then an agent provacateur sets off a couple of squibs remotely and it sounds like gunfire, the SWAT Team goes ballistic, people die, and the police says there was a shootout between rival vendors and charge the rest of the people with Capital crimes to shut them up. Next will be flea markets and garage sales. They set precedants and escalate.

    Here is the guy’s comment:May 20, 2015 at 6:26 pm
    With nine dead, over a score injured, and capital charges against nearly two hundred witnesses… one must ask, even if uncomfortably, whether this is a test case? Can the paramilitary forces of the new American police state gun down over thirty people in a public space, killing nine, and cruise effortlessly away on a bullshit media narrative while silencing any competing voices through mass death penalty charges?
    Looks like they just did.

  11. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Johnny D said “When I saw Swanton on TV my first reaction was that this dude is lying.”

    I’m inclined to agree with that assessment. Some of us have a sixth sense when it comes to measuring the moral compass of the rank and file on the other side of the thin -blue line. Some of us are equipped with a corruption Geiger-counter – and mine registered “Chernobyl” when I saw this guy’s initial interview while the scene of the crime(s)was still hot with embers. That was the intangible reading. What was more readily apparent than that “feeling” I got was the unorthodox methods he used, of which I am unfamiliar. I cannot recall a LE ranking officer spokesman ever not being vague and indeterminate. This guy however came out of the gate serving up conclusions wrapped in a diatribe burrito of unchecked aggression hot off the restaurant’s grill, before the smoke even cleared. This guy went on the offensive immediately – leveling blanket felonious charges at an entire coterie of bikers en masse without exception suspending civil liberties and thus also the unenumerated rights of every individual within a square mile of the place. Substative and procedural due process became non-existant. Enforcement agencies acted upon these charges implementing lethal Marshall Law logistical tactics and emergency protocols similar to Tianneman Square. He immediately condemned every biker present; he described the scene as the worst he has ever witnessed in 35 years as a cop (invoking visions of the Branch-Davidian horrors); he immediately stated as fact his agency received credible threats to life and property; he even blamed Twin Peaks management for being complicit and uncooperative, refuting their statement to the contrary, with uncustomary undiplomatic unprofessional venom. Although the entire event was pure chaos on an epic scale worthy of Cecil B DeMille, Sgt. Swanton (who now will need a publicist and agent of his own for that for that inevitable book and cable deal) had it all figured out and conveyed it like he had been rehearsing his lines for a good while. The best defense is an overwhelming offense of disinformation, and he didn’t disappoint. Whether all of this was per-meditated remains to be seen – but he wasted no time in covering every ass in his department as I see it.

  12. Top Ramen Says:

    The bikers must’ve been of the wrong class/creed/orientation for the government not to investigate the murder of 9 people.

    Joe Blow Citizen looks the other way because .gov ran with a media story to frontrun any backlash.

    The people won’t wake up until it’s too late, and too many lack the spine/wherewithal to do anything even if they do.

  13. Grimey Says:

    I wonder what would happen if every patch wearing and independent biker made some show of support and solidarity. If we all stood up and called bullshit on this case. Would we all get arrested? Is there a jail big enough to hold us all or would they have to build a gulag?
    I’m tired of our way of life being vilified and scapegoated in the media. I’m tired of the paranoia from people like Ciccone and his minions. They can’t control or regulate us so they fear us. They manipulate the constitution so they can try to hurt us.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

  14. StraitShooter Says:

    Come on!!! What bullshit!! Some of you are acting like bikers are the second coming of Christ!! All of these guys were there for one reason and one reason only, and it sure as fuck wasn’t food!! Look at the amount of weapons that were found!! Planted?? Get real! Don’t ignore the obvious. These gangs are trouble and constantly look for trouble. It cracks me up when the family’s of these men say “he was just there for food and brotherhood”….I call BULLSHIT! Wake up people!!

  15. Drew Says:

    Steve Cochran, a national bikers’ rights advocate from Waco who witnessed the melee, blamed the incident entirely on the Cossacks. Cochran, who is a founder of the Waco chapter of the Sons of the South, is an official with the U.S. Defenders Task Force, a legislative group affiliated with the Texas Confederacy of Clubs and Independents.
    He arrived at Twin Peaks on Sunday to set up a sound system for the COC&I meeting, only to find that the violence already had started.
    Bandidos members were to be part of the meeting, which was to focus on legislative issues common to all bikers, Cochran said. He said police gave no indication to him or other COC&I members that their lives might be in danger.
    “These meetings have gone on for 20 years, and we’ve gone all these years without a single incident until Sunday,” he said.
    Cochran said the Cossacks have never been part of the COC&I organization but about 60 showed up on their bikes.
    “They rode en masse to that meeting for the sole purpose of creating some kind of trouble,” he said. “Their intentions were not saintly. . . . If they had not showed up there, we wouldn’t be discussing this now.”
    Cochran said in the past nine months or so, Cossacks have been harassing other motorcycle clubs.
    “They have been rolling around trying to intimidate people and tell people they own this town, and that we’re not allowed to ride here,” he said.

  16. Nobody Important. Says:

    So, I’ve been thinking.

    Twin Peaks is a chain resturant.

    Everything is pre-fab.

    One of the claims is that bikers ‘hid guns inside bags of flour.’

    Now, given that everything is pre-fab, would there even be flour in the resturant?

  17. JohnnyD Says:


    A reporter in Texas is saying employees at Twin Peaks are not being allowed to pick up their vehicles or cell phones. Apparently the phones were taken as they were leaving work. The AP has viewed some of the video from inside the restaurant. It shows people running into the building and bikers helping customers find hiding places.

  18. Cannon cocker Says:

    Think im going to start wearing Kevlar under my leather.
    this is going to get bad for all of us.
    its over blown media bullshit. ….sounds a bit like that Hollister thing.

  19. jj solari Says:

    i guess from the judge’s remarks that if you come into an american town from another american town you need to be shot. if you come into an american town from another country illegally you need to be red carpeted.

  20. Rebel Fan Says:

    Apparently AP and waco PD have copies of the security videos.

    “Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said police have the video, but he had not seen it and would not discuss its contents.”
    Apparently looking for the truth isn’t a priority for Sgt. W. Piece o’ shit while he has his goons staging the crime scene evidence.

  21. Matt Says:

    Far be it for me to tell others their business, but everyone with a keyboard needs to get on every public message board and express that cops killed all 9. The average citizen needs to understand that it’s not just nigs in Missouri getting gunned down. Cops are taking out society’s undesirables with impunity. #whitelivesmattertoo

  22. RVN69 Says:

    @RED&GOLD: That would be the alleged video from the survailence camera’s at Twin Peaks that was turned over to the Waco PD, of course the public couldn’t see it because it was evidence! Who knows what will be on it once the cops fnish editing it. If your club lost a brother, please accept my most sincere condolences for your loss.


  23. Shelly Says:

    I read that the Government in California are trying to make the Mongol trademark illegal to wear or have on yourself, which will then turn into all cuts and logos illegal to wear. WTF?? This all is just not right. And to be honest, very scary. How can the government tell people what to wear or support?

  24. John Deaux Says:

    Red & Gold
    Since I see your here I want to say I wish your brothers and their families my absolute best in regaining their freedom with their heads held high and names cleared. Also, I’ve read one bandit was killed, my condolences to their family and the club.

  25. FF Says:


    The majority of the people in this country will gladly live on their knees with a boot on their neck.

    I am done with everybody who doesnt get whats going on. No point in even talking to them.

  26. IO Says:

    I just cant stand to think about people who went to attend a confederation meeting are now looking at,

    (a) A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or conspires to commit one or more of the following:
    (1) . . . capital murder . . .

    I hope some national defense fund support and ride for freedom will happen.

    This is fucking crazy. Waiting on the edge of my seat for autopsy reports and evidence to come out.

  27. Factor Says:

    Rebel, can you please contact me via email?

  28. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Correction: they do say *two* shot and down.

  29. dwtdken Says:

    Rebel i dont know where your source got the idea theres been a truce between the Banshees Ghost Riders and the Bandidos. there hasnt been any shit because after 35 years of shit there a mutual respect of sorts. all three clubs have flown the texas rocker since the 60s we all know what it takes to wear that rocker.

  30. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Just an FYI,
    ‘Factor’ posted audio of police radio traffic on the previous article. This is not verbatim, and there is a lot of garble from voices talking over each other, mind you but it went like this:
    ‘Shots fired, subject down’ (shots fired, a suspect shot and down).
    Other cars answering to go.
    Then: ‘Tell them DO NOT go to Twin Peaks, they are still firing from the ground! Go to Don Carlos!’ (Now, from shots fired, one suspect shot and down, to suspects – plural – shooting from the ground).
    Someone calmly requests an ambulance.
    Someone else (sounds like first voice, very excited) says to ‘stage’ ambulance at different location, because ‘They are still shooting from the ground!’
    Someone is calmly saying that ‘We are having them come out with their hands up’ at the same time the panicked voice is saying ‘it is HOT!’ and ‘they are shooting from the ground!’
    Previous calm voice repeats ‘we are having them come out with their hands up.’
    Dispatcher is given three locations to stage ambulances.
    Panicked voice says, ‘He’s on the ground, he is crawling from B to C, and he has a gun in his hand.’ No further mention of this person is made in what is approx. 10 more minutes of audio.
    A few times one voice tells another ‘Switch to B’ or ‘Switch to (inaudible)’. Typically, when this is heard one is telling another to switch to a scrambled channel so news (or anybody else) cannot listen in. You most likely will not ever hear that audio.
    More radio traffic about a group of 50 bikers armed and at another location.

    At the end, someone is requesting SWAT to go to ‘Hillcrest’ (there is a Hillcrest hospital in Waco). This would only make sense if – for some valid reason – someone felt there was going to be an armed threat at the hospital. Radio traffic then indicates SWAT is being mobilized for this. This tells me that SWAT was not out yet – they needed to be called in. This would have to be authorized by someone in charge, and whoever that was felt that there was a pending, and very real threat at the hospital, for some reason.

    Back at the beginning, if you go from ‘shots fired’ to ‘they are still shooting from the ground’ (which makes it strange that second time that someone else is also calmly announcing ‘we are having them come out with their hands up’) the time elapse is long for any kind of fight (most here now this, and forgive me for stating it, but there is a point…), and there should have been plenty of casings and bullets wandering around the area. Bullet holes – something.
    That, and if a bunch of ANYBODY get prone (battle ready?) and start firing at police they are going to get lit up big time (kind of like if a guy having a warrant served fires a shot at police), and that radio traffic would have sounded ONE HELLUVA lot different.

    Why was the one waitress saying (in another article – I forget which) that bikers were ducking under tables and/or running *back in* the place to seek cover. Seems if they were shooting at each other, or doing *a lot* of shooting at each other, they would run *out*.

    The radio traffic, based on the story told, should have sounded like this:
    ‘Dispatch (or whatever they call the dispatchers there) SHOTS FIRED.’
    ‘OFFICERS TAKING FIRE, OFFICERS TAKING FIRE’ (multiple voices overlapping).
    Didn’t sound like that. One -for sure- maybe, *maybe* two voices excited – nobody else. Nobody pissed, outraged, panicked. And why the SWAT call up for the hospital?
    Wasn’t there, didn’t see it, but this is what the radio traffic sounds like, and doesn’t sound like. What was authentic was the dispatcher given three locations to send EMS, and somebody fired shots.
    Is there any audio of: ‘DISPATCH, THESE GUYS ARE GOING AT IT. LARGE FIGHT. THEY’RE STABBING EACH OTHER AND PULLING GUNS, SEND ADDITIONAL UNITS AND STAGE EMS’? I didn’t hear it. What came before what was on that audio?

  31. Wolfenlover Says:

    MAN, you sure can tell when Rebel has nailed the facts! Get all these f’n
    GOVGOONS,etc. trying to clutter shit!
    Again, CONDOLENCES for the ones MURDERED by the WACO bastards. This is
    exactly what it was, no matter how the PIGS want to spin it.This seems to
    be a national trend. “Let the street gangs go, because they are “colored
    folk” & target Bikers because they have that target on their back.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  32. Asskiller Says:

    With nine dead, over a score injured, and capital charges against nearly two hundred witnesses… one must ask, even if uncomfortably, whether this is a test case?

    Can the paramilitary forces of the new American police state gun down over thirty people in a public space, killing nine, and cruise effortlessly away on a bullshit media narrative while silencing any competing voices through mass death penalty charges?

    Looks like they just did.

  33. change your ways Says:

    This is an utter disaster for the Mongols MC just as they are about to go to court to fight for their insignia the Feds will use this incident to say look how bad these bikers are we need to take their patches and the Mongols lose this case all the 1% MC can kiss their club insignia goodbye.

  34. jj solari Says:

    everything’s a sign of the end times to these cult versions of christianity. its an excuse for the lazy bastards not to actually do anything. cause its just inevitable. why bother.

  35. Painfully Weeping Says:

    I’m wonder where Mr. Obama’s Justice Department is at to investigate the 8th Amendment violations. I got a feeling we won’t be seeing the Feds other than to further fuck shit up.

  36. Meh Says:

    The mass charge of capital murder is clearly aimed at getting weaklings to flip.

    With that many captives the odds of generating a rat increase.

  37. Red & Gold Says:

    Some are calling out “where are the videos???WHERE???” …Well, most are on the confiscated phones of those arrested…how convenient. Round ’em all up, confiscate all the phones, and shazam! Some men and women released from the hospital say their phones went missing while they were hospitalized…Soon, expect to see very carefully selected “snip-its” of video that support the murders position.

  38. Smitty1961 Says:

    I’m guessing that the body count eventually attributed to the cops will be at least 7. The length of time before the results of the coroner’s exams are released should give us a clue.

  39. Clutch Says:

    Wait…they were searched and arrested when they arrived after the shootings? Then given a million dollar bond? Whatever happened to probable cause? Wow.

    Thanks for reporting, Rebel.

  40. kinggoon Says:

    To those brothers who lost their lives to the cops and whose families are missing their loved ones. I say only this:

    You’d still be alive if you’d stop dying.


  41. Grebel Agin Says:

    To those brothers who lost their lives to the cops and whose families are missing their loved ones. I say only this:

    You’d still be alive if you’d stop dying.


  42. Government Goon Says:

    To those brothers who lost their lives to the cops and whose families are missing their loved ones. I say only this:

    You’d still be alive if you’d stop dying.


  43. /pol/ock Says:

    To those brothers who lost their lives to the cops and whose families are missing their loved ones. I say only this:

    You’d still be alive if you’d stop dying.


  44. Eye Wittiness Says:

    The Waco Police Department set up the bikers at Twin Peaks. They killed all nine bikers.

  45. JohnnyD Says:

    Mad Max portrayed bikers in a post-apocalyptic world as insane, vicious criminals who had no sense of self preservation. SOA did nothing to better the perception. All those documentaries that purport the various clubs as mafia-type organizations whose members are murderers who sell drugs and run prostitutes have convinced the general public that we are all a bunch of lunatics whose only reason for living is to be the criminal element of society. When I saw Swanton on TV my first reaction was that this dude is lying. As time went on it became obvious that there was much more to the story than was being told. We saw all those bikers sitting calmly, some looking at their phones. The two civilians who were presented to the camera were properly agitated. When I’m bored I some times watch a game show and I read once that they choose audience members who are easily excited. I could picture the police interviewing people until they found the right ones who could panic and repeat a simple paragraph. Something stinks in Waco. The general public is convinced that it was 200 psychopaths who decided to meet up and have a shootout in front of armed SWAT team members. Now 170 or more are being charged with capitol crimes. How many will accept the plea bargain of disorderly conduct with supervised probation for several years and a caveat that the truth doesn’t come out? How many will lose their jobs, homes, property, lives? How long will this lie survive?

  46. Loser Says:

    Just turned on my local news radio and since the Waco report broke out there seems to be a fever pitch of “Beware of the crazy violent biker gangs!” This awesome piece of journalistic trash started of course with the headline in Waco to segue way into a shooting of an 81 clubhouse in Spokane last month, which never got reported until the incident in Waco happened. Guess the name of the expert the “reporter” interviewed? Charles Falco. Funny how that works isn’t it? I guess this fuckbag is going to pontificate on his successful career as a corrupt undercover rat fuck. Falco believes the Mongols are invading Eastern Washington for control of the territory and shot up the 81 Spokane chapter clubhouse as a warning. Then he also interjected that it could take months to years to know for sure. Then boldly stated clubs in Western Washington aren’t in abundance, because you can’t ride all year like you can in Eastern Washington. I’ve seen a couple of big clubs on this side…all year round. Thus proving that Falco is not only a rat, but also a fucking moron.

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