Waco PD Under Seige Day Three

May 19, 2015

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Waco PD Under Seige Day Three

Most of the world’s press is desperately trying to find a hook on which to hang the unfolding tragedy outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.

Over an unknown span of time that was probably less than a minute, nine people were killed last Sunday. Serge Kovaleski reported in the New York Times this morning that eight of them were members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. The dead men are Jesus Delgado Rodriguez who was 65; Richard Vincent Kirshner, Jr. who was 47; Charles Wayne Russell, 46; Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44; Wayne Lee Campbell, 43; Manuel Isaac Rodriguez, 40; Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39; Richard Matthew Jordan II who was only 31; and Matthew Mark Smith to whom God gave just 27 years.

Who Done It

Police say only three or four of the 22 police officers, including a ten man Swat team, who had besieged the restaurant actually fired their guns. There are many shrill voices in the newz maelstrom. One chorus cries that none of the dead were shot by police. Another allows that four may have been shot by police. Sergeant Patrick Swanton, who is conducting this show with the glib aplomb of a network newz consultant, confides that nobody knows how many of the dead were killed by the police. Swanton does humbly allow that Waco Police and a Texas Department of Public Safety Swat team did something that stopped the fight that spilled out of the restaurant and into the parking lot, and so many innocent lives were saved.

Twenty-seven people were injured. Seven of them remain hospitalized.

Every television shot from Sunday’s crime scene, focuses on one or another policemen carrying an automatic weapon  — usually some variation of an M-16. Swanton explains that the entire shopping center must be quarantined and guarded. Among the questions no one thinks to ask is whether any of this display for the news cameras is just a teensy little bit self dramatizing and performative.

Swat Guards Motorcycles

Facts in the case are slippery. Some large number of motorcycles and cars have been impounded. Call it 200 motorcycles and 100 cars. Cynics might explain the impounds as a way of punishing people who were at the forbidden, Confederation of Clubs and Independents brunch for being there instead of in church. Swanton explains that the impounds are simply one facet of a very, very, very thorough investigation. As all of these vehicles were trucked away to some top secret impound yard they were guarded by Swat. The presumption that underlies that performance is that if they were not guarded by militarized police roving bands of Bandidos might converge from all points of the compass to take them back – like a scene from the Brian Bosworth film Stone Cold.

One-hundred-seventy have been arrested for the crime of being at a biker brunch. Probably 170. For some time it was exactly 192. Then it was in the “mid 170s.” Then it was 165. At this morning’s press conference, Sergeant Swanton announced the correct number is 170.

The other important number is a one followed by six zeros. All 170 of the guilty brunch eaters are charged with “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.” The underlying assumption seems to be that because the men in custody were there they are accessories to murder. So far, no one in the mainstream news media has questioned those arrests.

What This Means

Instead America is focused on two pressing questions. First, how grave is the danger that faces the Waco police for bravely doing whatever it was that they did that did not include much shooting that somehow saved many lives and somehow led to the deaths of nine bad guys? The newz maelstrom screams that the Bandidos and the Cossacks lust for the blood of honest cops. The newz maelstrom shrieks that police in Texas have been green lighted, “essentially a gang sanctioned call for killing – as retaliation.”  And so there are reports of “officers clad in ghillie suits on the roof of the Twin Peaks restaurant.” Lest the motorcycle menace return to the scene of its terrible crime with a lust for cop blood, police heroes must hide among the bushes on tops of buildings in shopping centers.

“Be afraid, America,” the newz maelstrom screams. “Be very afraid.”

The other angle the newz maelstrom has embraced is the allegedly racist nature of American newz.


“During the uprisings in Baltimore, I saw a flurry of tweets about black people disrespecting property and throwing rocks at police,” CNN Political Commentator Sally Kohn, wrote yesterday afternoon. “Now that these biker gangs have issued actual death threats, why am I not now seeing tons of Twitter posts about white people disrespecting the lives of police?”

Julia Craven began a rant in the Huffington Post this morning with: “Following a spate of white-on-white violence over the weekend in Waco, Texas, that claimed nine lives and resulted in scores of casualties and over 190 arrests, there has been a marked lack of interest in talking about where the event fits into the epidemic of such white criminal behavior in the U.S. – despite the fact that every year, more white people are murdered by white people than by any other group.”

In her fair and balanced way, Craven continued, “Granted, there are 201 thugs off the streets for the time being, but what about the rest of them?”

What Kohn, Craven and all the other voices in the newz maelstrom seem to miss is that blacks and bikers are both what totalitarian states like Hitler’s Reich, Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China called objective enemies. In such totalitarian states, one does not have to be suspected of committing an offense to get arrested. One only has to classified as being possible of committing what Hannah Arendt called “possible crimes.”

The investigators in Waco have decided that every one of the Waco bikers who brunch might have killed the nine dead men. So they are all being treated as if they did. There might be a story in that. But probably not as important a story as pretend threats, or the interesting costumes some police wear or the newz maelstrom’s shoddy record on covering the racial angle of white on white crime.

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112 Responses to “Waco PD Under Seige Day Three”

  1. tommy Says:

    Hey Wolfenlover No bacon over here…..Cant speak for the multiple other tom, toms, or tommys though…..There sure are a lot of them that popped up recently.

  2. mike ,ove Says:

    We need to hold the Waco pd to the same standards as they hold civilians. MAKE THEM PROVE THEY HAD REASON TO KILL THOSE PATCHES OR THAT THEY DID NOT KILL THEM.what? you say innocent untill proven guilty? YEAH RIGHT!!!! Not any more now they just act like KGB and mow us down with .223s we deserve the truth not boldface lies and coverups

  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    tom,toms,tommy, you are a fuckin’ FED ain’t ya?
    FOESAD! This is all gonna come out in the open, & there isn’t a RUG big enough
    to “sweep” it under, you FUCKS!

  4. tommy Says:

    Funny Sherry, I though all their patches looked brand new…..

  5. Sherry Says:

    I was there and the cops Are lying there was nobody fighting ,then a Cossack (undercover cop) shot once to the ground , that’s when I took cover then all u heard automatic weapons ,1000 rounds then thirty sec silence cop came in door with weapons pointed at us started kicking a bicker next to me he wasn’t do anything , but in the mean time Cossack where hiding there weapons in the kitchen.

  6. Sherry Says:

    I was at Twin Peaks that day and it was at all what they said,they and me and then let me go but they still have my car I don’t think all of the bikers are guilty but I know who I seen with guns.

  7. Rhonda Says:

    IRONY – The death toll from the “Twin Peaks” shootout was greater than the total number of homicides Waco police investigated in all of 2014 – And all of the “Twin Peaks” dead were shot by police.

  8. scott Says:

    Ill tell you right now the cops are lying.All over the country you see where the majority of the force is more interested in dressing up and playing army.look at the recent riots they all suit up in battle gear then run backwards as soon as some idiots start throwing rocks.If they were interested in stopping anything in waco why didnt they walk inside or park in front of the tables.They do if it is a kid causing trouble in a restaurant .Hell no they hide out and shoot people that are not shooting at them.Then lie and say they were being shot at.Those guys were not there to fight the cops.If the cops want us to respect them act respectful not like some kid that got picked on in school and is out to pay the world back by being a cop now

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    Hey John, I agree with your statement other than the fact it was CLUBS, not GANGS! The MG was started by f’n Feds, not Bikers themselves. I have friends
    who do wear an MG patch, but it stands for Motorcycle GOD.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  10. roachclip Says:

    K. Bartlett,
    Thanks for your insight. It’s nice to have an objective view that isn’t biased by the media.

    Respects, roach.

  11. Eric Says:

    For all of you saying this is a police cover up of some sort…are you kidding me??? It is undisputed that a fight broke out between some of the gang members, er I mean thugs, which spilled outside and escalated to knives being used and thugs being stabbed. Then, it is captured on video of several other thugs with guns in their hands which is when police opened fire. What, are they supposed to wait until innocent bystanders or one of their own gets shot?
    You guys suck and are so insecure you need to be part of a gang for some sort of approval of your existence.


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