Destroying The Law To Save It

May 16, 2015

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Destroying The Law To Save It

In February 1968, in the lead of a story about a godforsaken place called Ben Tre, the journalist Peter Arnett quoted an unidentified American Army Major as saying, “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

The quote became a catch phrase to describe the irony of the first war America lost. Really it wasn’t much different than the words Jo-Jo the dog-faced boy scribbled on his helmet cover: “Fighting for peace is like screwing for chastity.” Arnett’s quote was just a little less crude. And, Arnett didn’t bother to describe the cynical or world weary or bitter or fatuous look on that anonymous Major’s face. So the quote has become a shorthand phrase for all absurd and self defeating demonstrations of power.

The international war on motorcycle clubs – which has devolved from the Global War on Terror because cops can’t infiltrate al Qaeda but they can form opinions about “biker gangs” – has become one of those absurd and self defeating demonstrations of power. Obvious examples of allies in the War on Terror destroying democratic liberties in  the name of the common good are the VLAD laws in Australia and the festering Mongols Nation case in Los Angeles. Then, there is also the use of a civil forfeiture law in British Columbia to try to drive the Hells Angels from that province; because everybody who counts – from the deluded  Kurt Sutter to the pathetic Jorge Gil-Blanco – knows the Hells Angels is, as a Canadian judge put it recently. “an organization, I think it may safely be said, that is notorious throughout North America for criminal activity.”

By which they all mean, the Angels is notorious for its criminal activity on television. And what else could “reality” mean, other than what we see on television.


British Columbia raided and seized the Hells Angels’ Nanaimo clubhouse in November 2007 citing a B.C. law passed in May 2006 called the “Civil Forfeiture Act.” At the time, B.C. Solicitor General John Les told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “We are able to seize properties and assets that we think have been gained through unlawful activity or are the instruments of unlawful activity…. It is up to the owners or the owner of that property or assets to demonstrate to the court that they were in fact lawfully obtained or lawfully used…. Hopefully we will get an order where at the end of day this property will be forfeited to the provincial government at which point we will sell the property and use the proceeds for crime fighting and other policing resources.”

If you don’t understand that asset forfeiture based on unproven allegations is a totalitarian witch hunt,  you can probably stop reading now. Louis Brandeis said the most basic human right is the right to “be let alone.” Bullies like John Les agree and want to add the tiny, little disclaimer, “unless I don’t like you.”

The Neo-Nazis who police B.C. have gotten nowhere with their forfeiture case in court, but that is hardly the point of the case. Modern justice is a court war of attrition and governments, with their unlimited resources, always win court wars of attrition. A former Mountie named Phil Tawtel who runs the B.C. forfeiture office seized two more Hells Angels clubhouses in 2012.


Last week a Canadian Supreme Court Justice named Barry Davies told the government that it either had to prove which Hells Angels broke which laws or drop the forfeiture proceedings.

Last Thursday, the forfeiture office asked Davies to modify their suit by dropping the criminal allegations against individual Angels that were the alleged basis for the forfeiture because the government can’t prove they are true. Instead the B.C. forfeiture office wants to argue that the three clubhouses should be forfeited because they will be used for future criminal activity.

“What we propose is amendments that would drop all the allegations of specific criminal acts by individuals,” a lawyer for the forfeiture office said. “So the theory becomes relatively simple and it has two parts. The first is that we have to establish that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is a criminal organization in the meaning of the criminal code.  The second proposition is that these clubhouses are instruments that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club use to further their criminal activity, and that is evidence that we will have to lead.”

Opinion Evidence

The evidence the province will use will be what its lawyers call “opinion evidence” from “key law enforcement experts on the biker gang.”

“The principal evidence I intend to call is opinion evidence that will explain….the nature of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, their purposes and operation and the role that clubhouses play in the organization as such. That’s the way I intend to prove the case,” a forfeiture lawyer named John Hunter told Judge Davies.

The Canadian Angels’ lawyer, a man named Joseph Arvay, argued that the whole case is unconstitutional. “If there’s no past crime, once (the forfeiture office) proves that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization on the balance of probabilities, he will now ask you to find on the balance of probabilities that the members of the Hells Angels…have a propensity to commit crime…. This would completely violate any of the rules of criminal law.”

What the B.C. government wants to do, in other words, is destroy the law in order to preserve law and order. And there is no reason to think that any of the province’s lawyers is making this argument with a cynical or world weary or bitter look on their faces. They want to reduce the law to an absurdity. They really do – in order to compel us all to respect the law more.

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40 Responses to “Destroying The Law To Save It”

  1. Tooj Says:

    Yes, they DO, Wolfenlover. And the coyotes will eat just about anything. About like hyenas.

    Couldn’t agree more on the state of things. And it’s ALWAYS good to live near a river.

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    The complete opposite of a Biker is any member of the Urine Order riders club.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @UORC wide asses – You are the poster-boy for ‘Stupid should hurt’.

    What’s the matter, did your ol lady run off with an HA member? Go back to sucking the dicks of your other urine odor club members so you’ll shut up again.

  4. P-body Says:

    iomc world wide, what color is the sky on your planet? And thats the last time I engage you, you sub-human troll.

  5. IOMC World wide Says:

    HA dont deserve a club house. They’re all criminals. They give us bikers a bad name.

  6. Wolfenlover Says:

    @ roachclip NO, not near either 1 of those. I could hide along the area. But
    NOT make it south. There are places along where I grew up that… let’s just say
    “bodies” wouldn’t be found. EVER. hehehe Bear & Cougar DO live here in Kansas,
    irregardless of F&G statements(fuckin’ MORONS!)

  7. jcfromnj Says:

    There was also another saying “If it moves, kill it”, Zero defects. We were just trying to unzip the “zipperheads” and bring them on board.LOL

    On to a more serious note, the events at Waco are the DIRECT result of the pernicious influence of SOA AND the Devils Ride for portraying violence without consequence:)

    Some interesting “what if” posts. They are all valid to some degree. Was there an “unseen hand” in the background ? Is this a Proxy War of some sort? It’s Deja Vu all over again.

    Reb, with your literary chops, this is your NEXT BOOK in the making. You couldn’t make this up even under the influence. The Media is just eating this up like a free buffet, and the negative PR fallout will exceed any damage done on the ground far into the future.

    A Watershed Event ?

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Every report calls all the Clubs involved Gangs. And they’ve already had the punk Steve Cook saying his piece. Probably will use this to get more business for himself.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Feds weren’t the ones behind this. Instigating a problem that didn’t exist.

  9. VikingTrotter Says:

    Wow, CNN looks like they are going hire every government tweeker and rat that Rebel has written about to be on TV to talk about what happened in Waco.

  10. Ol'Goat Says:

    Do they really understand the implications of setting a precedent like this. If this precedent were set in the U.S. it would be the beginning of the end of the legal system as we know, and the beginning of the state described in Orwells 1984.

  11. Wretched Man Says:

    When the Blue helmets came to Angola / Namibia they were the source of much entertainment.
    We preferred to remain behind them (ie out of their line of fire)…..
    Bunch of ill–equipped and clueless posers……


  12. Meh Says:

    For the narrative that everything is a setup and that the primary function of the outlaw is hero standing up for the rights of all against the Man to hold water it must be effectively spun as all narratives aimed at gaining primacy must be spun. Spin trumps objective truth whatever that may be and no matter if spin matches objective truth or not.

    In the real world there are near-zero “innocents” anywhere, just humans seeking power in their own way with “good” being highly situational and subjective. so it’s a case of picking a side which suits ones preferences.
    That idea is heretical in a world where nearly everyone demands affirmation.

    For example COINTELPRO relied on severe flaws in many of its target groups. One severe flaw most human groups from government to civilian, from armies to knitting circles, share is utter inability to admit they do Stupid Shit. Another is that doing Stupid Shit is morally required. A third is that past Stupid Shit must be continued because of sacrifices made when doing previous Stupid Shit. (That’s ripe for a Viet Nam war analogy!)

    The necessity of omerta (which all sides including bacon practice because it works rather well) means details of some Stupid Shit will never make it into history and that is perfectly logical. Some things are best left buried though which set is best left buried depends on what side one is on.

    Any specific speculation why motorcycle enthusiast (though the motorcycles are secondary nowadays, just symbolic props as they are for most two-wheeled recreational appliance owners) fraternal communities feel it useful or necessary to bump each other off is inappropriate to this site. It would only be spun by bacon.

    Provocateurs can’t “provoke” without EXPLOITING fundamental flaws. The details of those flaws need not be discussed here and I contend those details are not particularly relevant.

    If you wish to deny your social opponent the ability to exploit flaws in group culture (all cultures have flaws, this isn’t rock-throwing) then you make that a priority instead of whatever gifts your opponent.

    Divide and rule works dandy for the masters because it exploits some very natural divisions, rivalries, preferences, and good old fashioned human hatred for the competition. The biker situation is highly interesting because it’s a more intense microcosm of society at large.
    The police state use it for a laboratory.

    A given, periodically demonstrated by events, is that LEO can count on the desire of some bikers to take each other out in the way they can count on water being wet. That is an embedded weakness. The flip side of the will to stand up to rivals (the justice or lack thereof of x rivalry is irrelevant to the discussion) is that will can be tactically exploited by an opposing force.

    The desire to take out rivals is so fundamental that mastering it is a universal human problem with no overall solution. It can have local solutions but that’s up to the protagonists.

    Meanwhile the masters rule comfortably without opposition because they’ve figured out how to exploit everything.

  13. jj solari Says:

    to RLG regarding “the cops are just tools, the real enemy is hidden.” actually the cops are the only enemy. without them all the hidden enemies – wherever the hell they are hiding – and the plainly visible ten thousand real apparent enemies would be powerless. cops and law enforcement make all the evils of the earth possible. take them away and all the rest of it disappears like the phantom it is. cops are the physicality of the phantoms. they are the problem.

  14. known associate Says:

    Can you believe the officer at the podium say in 34 years of law enforcement in waco he has never seen such a crime scene. . Obviously he forgot about the Leo party at the compound.. oh wait who am I kidding he saw nothing there.. hypocritical spokesperson for law enforcement with an agenda to make this incident the first thing the world thinks of when they hear the word waco not that Janet reno fiasco..

  15. Straight Shooter Says:

    Yep. The very town ‘WACO’ will send up a flag. False Flag. A contrived conflict made possible by a ‘3rd’ party playing off the other two. In this case the tension between club’s was already in place, some lights a fuse. No civilian or LE death or injury reported. The timing as mention by another poster above, and the Jade Helm looming in the horizon later this summer is very foreboding. They did this to the blacks in St Louis & Baltimore. Fanning the flames of hate & violence. Order out of Chaos is their favorite method of operation.

  16. Meh Says:

    If the Waco MC-on-MC squabble is not the work of provacteurs it is yet another gift to the Feds. (If it is the work of provocateurs than it’s a gift from the Feds to themselves.)

    IMO there really should be a legal, socially acceptable method for those consenting to use lethal force to resolve their differences. Duelling was once acceptable. It was contained, regulated by custom and ritual, and didn’t unduly disturb the rest of society because nothing of value was lost and much was gained by maintaining honor.

    Consenting mutual affray isn’t predatory and would be IMO a “victimless crime”. OTOH plinking each other in public can’t be spun as not a public problem. Duels would allow maintaining an honor culture with no social cost. (Historic duels were not always fought to the death, and duelling scars from swordfights were common among military officers in places such as Prussia.)

    Honor culture combat is a much older human preference and tradtiton than legalist dispute resolution and not necessarily bad despite propaganda otherwise. It’s no accident that propaganda is from entities seeking a monopoly on dispute resolution…

  17. JohnnyD Says:

    I was just in DC trying to get co-sponsors for HR1861, a bill prohibiting states from using federal money to set up motorcycle only checkpoints. The week before I was at NCOM in Denver, meeting with SMROs and many MCs to increase our effectiveness at fight government for our rights and freedom. This shooting in Waco will set us back a long way. I go to our legislature and congress trying to change the perception of bikers. Law enforcement goes in trying to convince them that SOA is more documentary than entertainment. I don’t pretend to know what the reason for the battle was but the fact that there were cops already there leads me to believe that it was a setup. We have been gaining ground in recent years. The basic equation is one of money. LE officers are paid according to their assignment. When they go on these checkpoints, often it is on a weekend and there is overtime pay from non-state funds. When they are certified to carry full auto weapons in enforcement actions their pay increases and thus the overtime pay does as well. It boils down to the axiom Cui Bono? I know a lot of club members all over the southwest, I have yet to meet one who offered me drugs, a prostitute, or an illegal weapon.

  18. VikingTrotter Says:

    Scimitars MC of Texas is the 3rd…10 dead now. Looks like there were 3 separate attacks on the map during the day.

  19. Bone Head Says:

    Based on the concept of punishment for a crime to be committed…I can see them outlawing apples that will fall out of trees. Makes as much sense…idiots.

  20. VikingTrotter Says:

    I hope you can get the skinny on what just went down in WACO today.
    I just watched the DPMS video. They said that 5 different clubs were involved. I know that the Banditos and Cossacks were involved but who were the other three and why did it happen and what sort of ripple effect will that effect the rest of the US?

  21. Meh Says:

    One way to route around asset forfeiture is for a targeted organization to own fewer assets. A club house is an expensive target not strictly necessary to group activities if it will become a target. It also offers a fixed site for opponents to surveil.

    “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.”

    George S. Patton

    Opponents will find vulnerabilities in traditional behaviors then exploit them. If there are few group assets and gatherings are characterized (for example) as political activist “rallys” which may occur at any time and place there is less bait for the forfeiturists. The lawyers here may weigh in on what more robust organizational choices might look like.

  22. Straight Shooter Says: Sunday shoot out Waco TX 3 unnamed MC like groups involved.

  23. Paladin Says:


    If I see the blue helmets, I’ll make sure to take a better look, through a Nightforce or U.S. Optics scope.

    Long May You Ride,


  24. Tomo Says:

    @ Phuquehed: I read a book called “Emergency Sex and other desperate measures”, about the UN, about 10 years ago now. To this day I recommend it to anyone who thinks that the UN is about ‘policing’ and ‘saving’ people. I remember watching an episode of ‘American Dad’ many years ago and they had an episode where they portrayed the UN as a gravy train for ‘people who know people’, and I remembered the book and not laughing at the scenes with the ‘UN’ in.
    I remember one of the authors saying ‘if you see the blue helmets, run the other way’.

    Stay safe out there you lot.

  25. swampy Says:

    Regarding Louis Brandeis: “Brandeis was a militant crusader for social justice whoever his opponent might be. He was dangerous not only because of his brilliance, his arithmetic, his courage. He was dangerous because he was incorruptible…” – Associate Justice to the Supreme Court William O. Douglas.

    I’m assuming that frog face faggot, J. Edgar Hoover, was no fan of Brandeis.

  26. Asskiller Says:

    Deprivation of property on a “might”? What collectivist horseshit.

  27. P-body Says:

    Pre=emptive law enforcement? Saves the burden of that whole “due process” nonsense. Ultimately the State has to be right or they wouldn’t be the State, right Mr. Orwell? Glad that’s settled. Now regarding the Latte tax, it is time to arm ourselves against our oppressors. Ill take my Ipad to Starbux and organize my hipster army.

    Royal Communist Mounted Police, geez. I’m glad the northern faction of the 81 is fighting back.

    Bless us and keep us safe,

  28. popeye Says:

    “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me. ”

    This is all just practice. Everyone will feel the boots of the federal government in time. Its easy for Joe Sixpack to get behind the goverment cracking down on raping , killing ,dope pushing motorcycle “gang” members. Their next target might not be so palatable.

  29. Road Whore Says:

    @ RLG, who said: “I say again, the cops are just tools. The enemy is hidden.”

    I agree 100%. Yes, there are whacko, nut-job conspiracy theories that would make nearly anyone roll their eyes.

    But if you take a good look at the supposed chain of command then 2+2 should always equal 4, and it does not: those supposedly in authority turn out to be nothing but figureheads and puppets, possibly as unaware of who’s really pulling the strings as we are.

    I presumed Putin, for example, held supreme power in Russia but I was shocked to learn that there is a rich, ruling power elite there that can oust Putin at any time and install a new leader of their choosing.

    I believe it was our own George Stephanopoulos who stated that the American public doesn’t realize that our president has very little actual power and is mostly a figurehead.

    I believe that the real power in this world lies in a deeply concealed and cloaked power elite with enormous wealth that shapes laws and policies to benefit themselves and increases their wealth. Used to they would toss the “common” man enough bones for him to be reasonably satisfied with his life and not look too deeply into things. Now they have so much absolute power and control they don’t care if we get a table scrap or not.

    BUT…there are more of us than there are of them. Revolution might only be part of the answer…more likely it will be fighting fire with fire…enough of us scratching to achieve positions where we can throw monkey wrenches into things and turn things around from the inside out.

    If you haven’t watched Jamie Johnson’s documentaries (Jamie is the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune) they are worth watching several times and will give you serious food for thought.

    Time to start pushing back…hard.

    Ride Free

  30. Wino Enzed Says:

    Not that it matters but Peter Arnett was a Kiwi.
    Soon it will be made illegal to procreate for fear our offspring will break a law.
    This is all but the very sharp edge of the wedge. What follows ?

  31. Straight Shooter Says:

    The treatment of MC’s is going to be what happens to the average citizen before long. Accused & be damned lucky to prove otherwise. On to the off topic that has surfaced in other posts:

  32. Paladin Says:


    I believe the enemy is hiding in plain sight. The politicians that are destroying this Country could not be in a position to do so, if they hadn’t been elected by those that either through laziness, poor choices, or bad planning have voted into office those that would give them a free pass, at the expense of those that still have a work ethic, integrity, and a desire to do better for themselves and their families.

    Historically; in a Capitalistic society, there have been and will continue to be more “don’t haves” than “haves”. In a free society people aren’t equal. It truly is survival of the fittest.

    Other than the truly disabled, those that can’t or won’t compete in the market place of life, due to imagined or fabricated handicaps, look for a way to level the playing field. This is done by electing those insidious enough to portray themselves as Robbin Hoods, who champion the notion that taking from the “rich” and giving to the “poor” is and always has been a great idea. What’s not realized by the gullible is that there is no better way to enslave a society, then by making it dependent on a Government that’s all too willing to feed it. As has been said, “There’s always free cheese in the Government’s mouse trap.”

    Long May You Ride,


  33. JMacK Says:

    Thanks Rebel for including Canada in your reporting. Although the laws and principles that govern our countries are different in a lot of ways, the messages seem to parallel each other throughout history. I despise politics of any sort, so I won’t get into it here, but I appreciate the story. I’m in Alberta which is different than BC in a lot of ways, but we are trapped in between BC and Manitoba which has somehow declared the 81 a criminal organization.

    the royal canadian mounted pricks are the biggest criminal organization in the world

    Fuck em all. Fuck em hard.

    Respects to all real Bikers.

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    I’d be tickled if the UN fucktards came over here to try and do anything…those faggot sky-blue helmets make fantastic targets and stand out *anywhere*.

    Over in Israel, any time I was near any UN troops, I’d let them know what punk ass bitches I thought they were. I despise them and despise the UN with a fucking hatred.

  35. roachclip Says:

    Arkansas or Cimarron Wolfenlover? Both beautiful waterways, but you can sail down the Arkansas to the Mississippi and on out to the Gulf. Another means of escape, if you know what I mean. But that is their goal, martial law. U.N. occupation means war has been declared.

    Respects, roach

  36. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Efforts have been made since the 80’s to convict/destroy/erase 81 as ‘a criminal organization’ – all of those efforts have failed, in spite of the fact that it appears that most members are working class men who cannot afford big league counsel. The same has occurred with other clubs.
    Much ballyhooed ‘infiltrators’ have not been able to help this effort, in spite of the fact that they often are ‘experienced, sworn law officers’ – or worse, with spectacularly boring and non-incriminating audio and video. This, to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars.
    Meanwhile, America is under attack from muslim fundamentalists the world over, and US Military personnel write home for silly string, condoms (trip wires, sand not in rifle barrels) and have scavenged for better combat vehicle armor.
    Okay, fine mothrfuckers: SHOW ME THE GODDAMNED PROOF. JUSTIFY THE COST, THE MANPOWER, TO GO AFTER A BUNCH OF GUYS ON BIKES. You can’t though can you? Jay, Pops, Billy Slow Brain, and the rest – in the end – wind up siding with these scary bad men that every man wants to be and every woman wants to bed – hence, the popularity of ‘The Sons of Anarchy’. Etc.
    And these cases drag on for years, decades…FOR WHAT?
    For nothing: you know it – I know it, we all know it. Well, yeah, for money, careers, etc.

    Reality is a bitch ain’t it? And you fuckers, you ‘heroes’, as long as you live, you will have to put up with some guy, some 1%er (we all can see the difference, even now, whether slickback or not), sooner or later, rolling by, and you will wish, you will wish so fucking hard. You know that’s the truth, you and I both know. But you can never be them. You can never be a monster specops commando either, or Shane, or Josey Wales, etc.

    What a waste. But the US penal business will rock on and provide plenty of jobs, cash, and votes right?

    One thing you all missed, and it will bite someone in the ass big time, sooner or later:
    Every organism, every organism that has lived for a time, will find a way to morph itself, to survive, somehow, someway. When that happens, and it will, you still…not one of you, will ever be…*one of them*. There isn’t enough Harley gear you can purchase to make that true. No way. You can’t be a hot shit rock guitarist using…whatever that fucking video game is either.
    Even Jay and Billy turned on you; Christ knows where Pops’ is – judging by the pics he enjoyed himself a good deal, as did the others.
    Keep spinning your wheels, and in the end it will be for nothing.
    And your wife will still want to fuck an outlaw biker.

  37. Wolfenlover Says:

    As my southern friends say “TRUE DAT, Paladin.” All of these Governments are
    trying to work up to Martial Law & absolute power, & I think they are so far
    removed from reality, that the people are going to eventually turn ravenous
    Pitbull on them. At least I hope so. I’m in a pretty secure place, whereas
    the COPS are way out numbered by the regular folk, Irregardless of militarization of said pigs. Kansas seems to be a “place unto it’s own”.
    Hell, the weather channel even seems to ignore us! This could be the last
    bastion of Americana?! I do wish my family hadn’t decided to sell the prime
    river acreage I grew up on. Too many “share-holders” & we all wanted the
    same parcels. Hell, if it came down to it, I could probably disappear on the
    new owners property (if I was able) NOPE, I’m fucked!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  38. RLG Says:

    I say again, the cops are just tools. The enemy is hidden.

  39. Paladin Says:

    As oppressive as the U.S. Government is (make no mistake, there’s not enough lipstick to make that pig presentable), the Governments elsewhere are much worse. In the U.S., there will be a meaningful call to arms, only when the Government commits the egregious error of increasing the taxation on Caffe Lattes.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),



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