Randy Yager Indicted Again

May 14, 2015

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Randy Yager Indicted Again

Yesterday James L. Santelle, who is the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin announced a superseding indictment to an old federal racketeering case titled USA v. O’Neill et al. It was filed against members of the White Region of the American Outlaws Association in 1997. And it was modified yesterday to run wild the charges against an old Outlaw named Randy Mark “Mad” Yager.

The superseding indictment alleges that the Outlaws committed violent acts to keep the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club out of the upper Midwest and implies that Yager was personally involved in conspiracies to intimidate members of the Angels, the Henchmen (which the indictment identifies as the Hells Henchmen) and the Invaders Motorcycle Clubs. Specifically, the government now charges Yager with:


Conspiring to murder Invaders in Lake County, Indiana in June 1994; conspiring to bomb and then bombing a Henchmen clubhouse on August 31, 1994; conspiring to murder Hells Angels in Erie County, New York in September 1994 and then murdering a Hells Angel named Michael Quale; conspiring to murder and then attempting to murder Roger Fiebrantz, president of the Hencmen’s Rockford charter, with a car bomb; conspiring to murder and attempting to murder another Rockford Henchmen name Michael Coyne with a car bomb on November 7, 1994; conspiring to murder and murdering a Gary Outlaw named Donald “Big Don” Fogg on January 29, 1995; and conspiring to murder and murdering Hells Angel Jack Castle on March 3, 1995.

Other men were convicted long ago for all these crimes. In the original indictment, Yager was charged with robbing an unnamed person in March 1994; conspiring to murder Invaders in June 1994; and conspiring to murder Hells Angels in New York in September 1994. The additional charges seem to be the fruit of vindictiveness by federal prosecutors rather than the development of new information about the old cases.


Yager disappeared after he was indicted in 1997 and ran off to Rosarito, Mexico with his common law wife, a concert violinist named Margie Jelovcic. They lived happily there as Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Dorian. Yager became one of the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 Most Wanted fugitives and Jelovcic was routinely described as his victim. In 2012 a Marshal said, “We don’t know if she’s helping Yager out and assisting him in any way. At this time, she’s not charged with anything, but we’re not ruling out anything.”

The couple seems to have avoided apprehension for almost two decades by living modestly, being as kind as saints and making friends with the local police. They called themselves Margie and Steve Rothman. They belonged to a social group of about 750 mostly retired Americans called the Independent Footprinters Association United States/Mexico. A majority of the group’s members are retired policemen. The Footprinters raise money to donate to local organizations including the Rosarito police. Margie was named Footprinter of the Year in 2010.

The Marshals tracked them down last October using methods that remain undisclosed. The Marshals and Mexican State Preventative Police found them last October 15 in a bar called La Maroma, eating steak and drinking beer. Yager told police that he was a U.S. citizen named David Michael Dorian.

Final Fatal Scene

Mexican accounts published the next day said that after Yager was arrested, Jelovcic chased police “with a pistol in her hand,” then pursued her husband in a tan, 1999 Ford Explorer with the intention of trying to rescue him. Police in turn began to pursue her.

Rosarito en la Noticia reported that Jelovcic had a .25 caliber pistol in her hand as she drove, that she hit a curb near a MacDonald’s near the Scenic Tijuana-Ensenada Highway, flipped the Explorer and shot herself in the neck. She died in the car. Reportedly, when police arrived they found a second pistol and identification cards from 84 local police including Rosarito Deputy Chief Christian Preciado. In an alternative Mexican account, Jelovcic was fleeing police to avoid arrest when she flipped her Explorer and died.

Yager was extradited to the United States about four hours after his world exploded. Jelovcic’ sister identified her body a few days later.

After Yager’s arrest and  Jelovcic’ death the story was washed and spun dry. Citing anonymous sources, VICE News reported, “They had a suicide pact. If it went down, they would both do it. Margie honored the pact, but he didn’t. He’s still breathing.”

Randy Yager will be arraigned in the federal courthouse in Milwaukee at 9:15 a.m. on May 22.

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23 Responses to “Randy Yager Indicted Again”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Joann sunshine,

    Please tone it down.


  2. Chingon Says:

    @Joann Sunshine. Post your address cunny. We want to show you how your liver tastes.

  3. Debbie Says:

    You girls are nuts to wish that on someone! What goes around comes around, look in the mirror daily!

  4. Joann sunshine Says:

    @liveshere guess what you were friends with losers who ran for years because he wasn’t a man to face the cops but he was man enough to kill. You should be disgusted that you were friends with people who deserve to rot in hell!!

  5. Joann sunshine Says:

    I’m glad they caught him. I’m so happy his wife died. I hope he gets his face shot after being tortured by the other inmates. The more painful the deaths the happier I am. I hope Mad dies a painful slow death and that someone had the video of his wife dying. He should watch it over and over again like the poor people who watched their love ones die on TV for the world to see. Let him watch it over and over

  6. LivesHere Says:

    Again, reading this article, also hearing it happen (from my house which is about 1/2 mile away from that bar) and having been real close with both him and his wife for the last several years, I can say that the above article is 99.99% accurate.

    I spoke to Randy and Margie pretty much every day for the last 6 years. The guy was no joke. He was the kind of guy, if he liked you, he would do anything for you. If he didn’t, you were likely to hear (you mother fucker!) followed by getting your ass handed to you. The mexicans had a nickname for him down here.. Chingon.. which loosely translated means bad ass.. A title he earned over the years.

    I am deeply saddened that Margie, who I had spoken to only a few hours prior to this drama is gone and that Steve (Randy) is currently fucked up. It is hard for me to drive through the town without thinking.. Oh Margie told me about this place or Steve told me about that place.. FUCK

  7. rob rose Says:

    Was in mcc chicago with randy in 1988.he was a good man to know.i bet the feds won’t give hi. Any credit for the lazt fifteen years.people should know that thoose people were also trying to kill randy and his brothers.

  8. Caveman Says:

    Just a quick note. The Henchmen in the article were the Hells Henchmen out of Chicago, Rockford and South Bend, IN. They jumped 81 in 95 or 96.

  9. Paladin Says:

    Viking Trotter,

    Because Mr. Lavender was not considered a “quality victim”, social media had to embarrass law enforcement into doing what they should have done a year ago.

    “Soto was re-arrested Thursday on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and felonious driving while impaired, according to the Police Department.”

    Soto should have also been charged with gross negligence. If causing the death of another, while driving impaired isn’t gross negligence, I’d like to know what is.

    Lady Just-us would be better served with a pair of glasses instead of that blind fold she continually wears. Maybe then she could see what the fuck is really going on around her. In the spirit of recycling, her blind fold could then be re-purposed as a head band.

    Long May You Ride,


  10. roachclip Says:

    Disinformation is a very effective tool, and it amazes me how gullible the general public is when applied. Sometimes, when a news story that sounds an alarm comes across the wire, I will try to gather all the information I can from the different media outlets and draw my own conclusion. I may not always be right, but when it’s all boiled down to gravy and poured on a biscuit, at least the dogs will eat it. A pickup pulled in to my neighbors driveway with an official looking decal on the door. His wife came out and talked with the occupants for about 30 seconds and they left. I went down and asked her what they wanted and she said there were some Mexicans running in the woods they were looking for. This struck me as odd, because for one thing is I live so far back in the woods, and the other thing was it was before they built the chicken plant, and there were no Mexicans within 150mi. Turns out there was a plane that landed at an abandoned air strip about 15mi. away. A deputy saw it coming down and went to investigate and some mex’s took off. The plane ran out of gas looking for the Mena, Ark airport and was loaded with coke. When they went to Mena airport, they found crates of small arms. It made the local paper and I kept watching the news, thinking this would hit the news wires and explode. After about a couple of months, there was a story that related to it, Iran- Contra. Reagan said “I don’t know, I don’t remember” Oliver North left his guys down there and they were all tracked down and killed. Numerous Arkansawyers got filthy rich, one was elected president, and his wife is making a bid for that same seat now. Gary Webb wrote an expose’ called “Dark Alliance” for the San Jose’ Mercury News, and then shot himself in the head, twice. An interest movie called “Kill the Messenger” came out a few months ago, I found it interesting.

    Respects, roach.

  11. AZ MC Supporter Says:

    @Asskiller – I know man… I know.

  12. BMW Says:

    Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of the victims in this assassination. I should have led off with those thoughts, but my indignation at the insane and unbelievable legend presented to the public overwhelmed me.

    @roachclip ; I think some of those “suicides” were the government’s way of eliminating loose lips after the fact.. on the other hand, the majority of the 9-11 “hijackers”, are still alive.. if we believe some of the stories.

    The more contradictory stories, the harder for the average Joe to get a firm handle on what is going on. The cigarette companies used that efeffectively… as did the railroad, asbestos, coal, sugar, banksters, “hedge funds “, and any number of businesses to avoid meaningful laws, taxes or regulations.
    We (as bikers — no matter what club, patch or lack thereof) stand accused of being a form of organized crime by really well-organized criminals at America’s courthouses and blue-robed gangs.

    Our code makes us easy targets for the truly antisocial elements of society. Their persecution of “white trash”, “drug-dealing, gun-importing, “killers” helps hide their daily active involvement in drug-distribution, murder, and theft.


  13. VikingTrotter Says:

    Very sad to see that a DUI Tweeker took out a SoCal Mongol in her car and the cops are really just sitting on the case.
    Rest in Peace Mr. Lavender.

    Respects to the Mongol Nation of SoCal.



  14. Asskiller Says:

    @AZ MC Supporter – “Somebody please, for my sanity, lie to me and tell me the public doesn’t buy this shit…”

    Sorry, they believe what they are told. Most of the time they do as they’re told too.

    I could lie and spin you a tale of rainbow kittens with Skittle baskets bursting into happy choirs as they sprinkle happy happy all around, but it would smell like bullshit.

  15. One Eye Says:

    I’d like to correct what I posted earlier. What I meant to post was that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. I’m sure the majority on here know that.

  16. AZ MC Supporter Says:

    Somebody please, for my sanity, lie to me and tell me the public doesn’t buy this shit… It’s bad enough when citizens are buried in their devices, uneducated, and simply ignorant to what LE is up to. I don’t know if I can handle people actually following stories like this or the story of that pig who got his dome blown off from his buddy behind him while they were violating a family’s rights, and just thinking “wow crazy shit going on out there.” Flipped her rig and shot herself in the neck huh? Good fuckin grief if I saw that in a movie I’d walk out because even in entertainment I can only suspend believability so far… And sadly we aren’t in a theater.

    Respects to the deserving and as always thanks for what you do Rebel

  17. One Eye Says:

    I’ve been involved in auto accidents where there is no rollover; I am a fairly strong guy, in good physical shape and I highly doubt I could have hung onto anything upon impact. Am I to believe she held onto a pistol while a van flipped and her finger squeezed the trigger when it was pointed at her neck? In Mexico? I will admit that sometimes fiction is stranger than fact, but there is a limit.

  18. roachclip Says:

    Not only did these murder squads kill the so called outlaws, these same people killed themselves. Elliott Ness, Melvin Purvis, Pat Garrett just to name a few, proved that these “heroes” were really nothing but cowards.

    Respects, roach.

  19. BMW Says:

    More lies and calculated deceit!!! I have never even heard of someone shooting herself as the cause of a fatal traffic accident. I have seen wrecks after a sniper killed a driver… AND I can’t imagine why a person would simultaneously flee from police and deliberately shoot herself. Sounds like one of the federal sniper assassination teams… This couple REALLY made the alphabet political police look like the lumbering fools they are. Think back eighty years to when federal murder squads killed all the Midwest outlaws, one by one… Dillinger and many others were deliberately assassinated for the same reasons.

  20. popeye Says:

    Just another excuse to make headlines and justify the federal crime budget. Mr Yager is 58 years old and already looking at spending either the rest of his life or close to it locked up. Adding more bullshit charges does nothing and is just show boating by the feds

  21. FF Says:

    More lies and bullshit from fedzilla.
    RIP Margie

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Yep, that’s our justice system and the persecutors that run it – Lie like motherfuckers and damned the truth so long as I can move up the ladder for better pay somewhere.


  23. Wolfenlover Says:

    RIP Margie & Best of luck to Outlaw MAD1% FTF!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

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