Myrtle Beach Under Siege Day Four

May 12, 2015

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Myrtle Beach Under Siege Day Four

The greater Myrtle Beach, South Carolina metropolitan area remains under siege this morning. For purposes of the annual May siege, authorities define the greater Myrtle Beach metropolitan area to encompasses a 75-mile-long stretch of coast that extends from Shallotte, North Carolina to Georgetown, South Carolina and about as far inland as Conway, South Carolina which is about 15 miles from the Atlantic.

What is happening right now in the Palmetto State is something called “Spring Bike Week” or the “Spring Harley-Davidson Rally.” They might actually be two different things. Nobody knows for sure.

Yankee Vermin

Whatever is happening is the bastard ghost of a rally that began in 1940 and ended in 2008 after the City of Myrtle Beach passed a big, old briefcase full of laws that declared motorcycle rallies to be public nuisances and motorcycle riders to be nothing better than Yankee vermin. The South Carolina Supreme Court overturned the laws in 2010 on the grounds that South Carolina was not North Korea and various entrepreneurs have been trying to bring back that old biker money ever since.

Money is the better part of what is going on in South Carolina. Most of the state’s media reported that last Saturday morning a man walked into the Huddle House Restaurant in Mullins, South Carolina “and ordered several breakfast items to-go saying he wanted to treat friends to a breakfast before they head down to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week.” Then he left a $9,000 tip. Now, that’s one of your good Yankee vermin.

Rally Duties

Meanwhile police throughout Horry County have assumed their annual “rally duties,” which means lots of overtime and lots of traffic tickets to pay for all that overtime. To the end of confusing bikers into violating something the city has put up very many “no through traffic” signs. Officially the signs are up to protect residents “as much as possible – from unnecessary motorcycle noise and traffic.” The combined police forces of Horry County, Myrtle Beach, Conway and Coastal Carolina University have agreed to coordinated their law enforcers. A local prosecutors named Jimmy Richardson announced last week “There will be an increased police presence. But it will be denser as you get toward Myrtle Beach. But that is a way of showing everybody that is coming in that there are plenty of law enforcement here.”

The good news is that there are still plenty of vacant hotel rooms between Shallotte, North Carolina and Georgetown, South Carolina. But, as Jimmy Richardson might say. But this is merely a prologue to the fearsome black storm that is to come.

Race Relations

The city is in the process of installing a million dollars worth of barricades and bicycle racks in anticipation of The Atlantic Beach Bikefest or, as it is commonly called, Black Bike Week.

This has been kind of a rough year for race relations in America. It has been a particularly rough year for relations between young black men and the police.

Last year Myrtle Beach police got 4,000 calls for service and there were 105 arrests, five confirmed shootings, three murders and seven people were injured during Black Bike Week. Last year, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean said, “The issue is not race. The issue is responsibility. Visitors must act responsibly by following our laws, and our local governments must act responsibly in providing adequate protection to both residents and visitors.”

This year the issue is more overtly about race. Five days ago, a local television anchor named Jack Lamson wrote, “With the images from Baltimore fresh in everyone’s minds, the panel (of police) was also asked about…plans to handle rioting.”

Myrtle Beach intends to prevent rioting in that fine city with proactive policing and a 23-mile-long detour around the city during Black Bike Week. This week the cops are practicing their skills on the Harley riders.


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  2. motopsyco Says:

    Actually the real Yankee vermin are all the rich old retirees that have taken over the place, ran all the young and young at heart people out so that they can play golf all day and then go to bed a 8 PM in the million plus dollar houses on Ocean Drive. The Redneck Riviera is just a memory now.

  3. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Back to the subject at hand: anyone mind if we move Rebel Run to the local saloon? Maybe have an idea or two…
    Also, @Wolfenlover: do tell about the whole colonoscopy deal. Someone near and dear died of colon c at age 65, so the docs are up my ass (haw) about this all the time. Tried once, but thought they said don’t eat 12 hours instead of 24 – they weren’t amused. Neither was I: that shit they give you the night before is pure hell. When you get down to the stomach acid you start storing toilet paper in the freezer. Pretty sure the neighbors heard me make the Man In Pain noise many times that night. Let me know the scoop if you can – I can’t go through that again, not the nuclear laxative shit.
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  4. WheresMyBoots Says:

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    Good to see some of the past names posting again. Look forward to Rebel Run; I get the impression the regulars here get something on their mind it winds up happening. Hoping the plan for next year: I’d like to be a plank holder and need time to get ready: long story.

    A boatload of good posts here.
    Dr. Sardonicus: sounds like heaven to me. Marshall Tucker especially.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  5. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    I bought the last legal 144 bottles of RUSH some 20 odd years ago from an adult distributor right before it was taken off the market and I used every last one of them along with copious amounts of cocaine which is why I’m now brain dead.

    I also lived in a single wide outside of Mullins, SC when you had to drive to Conway to get McDonald’s. This was in 1977 a short span after the Ice Age when all you heard on the radio was Bob Seger and Lynrd Skynrd – at least down in SC. The major live acts were Marshall Tucker, Elvin Bishop and Mother’s Finest.
    Picked tobacco and cleared woods for farming for a living back then. Went to Myrtle Beach felt out of place. Cause I was out of place.

  6. ElleElle Says:

    The Rebel Run. Nice name for it!

  7. tiger Says:

    Don’t forget yellow double dome or yellow jackets , or one of my favorites shrooms. Good times then. These guys now a days can’t come close. We also had Rush.
    Had the only headshop for twenty-five miles three houses down from me in the seventies. It made science fun.. Took a trig test tripping on Mr natural and aced it. So drugs helped me fuck it.

    Respect to those who deserve it

  8. Austin Says:

    The Rebel Run needs to happen. I suggest a loosely staged event like I’ve done with MINI Takes The States. There is a linear progression toward an end. Rebel is near the end of Route 66 so it would make sense to have a 4 corners start, and link up along the way, for as far as you can go. KC might be your end, and someone else’s beginning. It would be a great place for those from Maine & Florida to meet up with the Midwesterners, then all proceed together.

    OR – like Burning Man – start small, with a few folks who share the same big ideas, and grow out into regional events.

    @ roachclip = Nicely put.

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

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    No Crayola casserole for you ’til the panes shine!

    (Uhhh, the socks go on first…then the crocs)

    Respect to those who warrant respect


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