Nicholas K. “Re-Re” Norris

May 11, 2015

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Nicholas K. "Re-Re" Norris

Nicholas K. “Re-Re” Norris, a member of the Black Pistons motorcycle Club, was shot in the head and killed by a man named Ron Stewart about 6:30 p.m. in Indianapolis on May 3.

Stewart began following Norris and another biker named Ryan Harrison, who were both carrying women on the backs of their bikes, near the intersection of East 16th and North Rural Street. Stewart cut them off after they stopped at a traffic light at the intersection with Brookside Parkway. The bikers yelled at Stewart and followed him for about ten blocks. Stewart replied by brandishing a .40 caliber automatic handgun at them.

When Stewart pulled into a First Cash Pawn Shop parking lot just west of Rural and East Michigan Streets the two bikers followed him with the intention of confronting him. Norris struck at the killer’s car with “a chrome ball attached to a leather strap.” Stewart exited his car and fired six shots. The fatal shot struck Norris in the back of the head. Stewart then drove away from the crime scene. Norris was pronounced dead at Eskenazi Hospital

Stewart, who lives in Bloomington, Indiana, later told police he thought the bikers were members of the American Outlaws Association, that he knew that Outlaws could be “dangerous” and that he acted in fear for his life. He told police he was only trying to frighten the men when he shot Norris in the back of the head. Stewart is charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Re-Re Norris was a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church and he was employed as a Low Voltage Technician for Hughes Integrated Systems.

He is survived by his companion Amanda L. Stone; his son, Gage W.R. Norris; his daughter, Karleigh J. Norris; his brother, Christopher M. Norris; his sister, Lisa A. Norris; and his club brothers.

Re-Re Norris turned 41 last October. He was buried last Saturday. He is remembered as a man who never met a stranger. He died with his boots on.

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78 Responses to “Nicholas K. “Re-Re” Norris”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Idiotic getting killed over a slight in traffic or killing over such a thing. Stewart should have drove off.

  2. joe tran Says:

    I wish I could be a black piss-on . Oh .. I’m sorry is it Piston?

  3. The Kraut Says:

    Fucking window lickers like Kenny should be subject to retroactive abortions…he is not just stupid…he is ignorant.

    Heres’ hoping you do not reproduce, or get laid ever.

    btw, has your application to the police academy been accepted yet?

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  4. Sieg Says:

    Phuquehed, Old Son…if stupid hurt, the ER’s would be full of uorc members looking for painkillers.


  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Kenny the Cunt. Writes about others being “keyboard tough guy bikers” then does just that…writes like a keyboard tough guy.

    Stupid should hurt.

  6. Pan Head Says:

    Go fuck yourself you disrespectful cunt………………
    I believe your little coon buddy had the”weapon”

  7. Shovelhead Says:

    Little Kenny having a temper tantrum? Go up stairs and maybe Mommy will give you a popsicle.

  8. Kenny O'Brien Says:

    Hey keyboard tough guy bikers, the ass lickers that crawl after them and the skanky women who give them their dank scuzzy vagina’s; I love a happy ending story. Nothing sweeter than reading about the extermination of another cowardly “I need a weapon to be a man” fat middle aged pussy biker. Rest in torment, douchebag.

  9. Celt Says:

    Another unlawful killing that will be ignored by the people. RIP to Re Re and condolences and respect to his family, including the AOA family.

    I agree with another poster; any word if this dickless coward is IO?

  10. Lady Says:

    Gone to soon.

    Deepest heartfelt condolences to the Brothers, Family and friends. My Respect to all of the Black and White Nation for their loss.

    Much love and Respect to those that have Earned and Deserve it,

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    @ Calsjca, said yer piece now FOESAD & go some place else. FUCK YOU & your
    “30 YEARS”. Right.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  12. tiger Says:

    Condolences to the Norris family. Condolences to his B&W family. May his spirit ride free in the afterlife with his brothers before him. It has been a difficult time recently for us all. Remind yourselves cool heads prevail in a time of chaos. Re-Re will be missed sorely. Keep him in you’re hearts so the mind stays sharp. I pray you all are well.

    It is the times like this that have happened too many times where I just want to finally say “Fuck that Nigger!” The p.c crap I’ve had to put out due to my job is too much. Fuck that cowardly piece of shit! ReRe deserved better than that. I am so sorry to the loved ones of his.

    Respect to those who earned it. Fuck off to the rest.

    FTP. FTP. FTW.

  13. Calsjca Says:

    To Mr. Norris’ family, friends and brothers,wolfenlover, 10gauge,

    I am offering my deepest apologies for statements made in my previous posts.I will make no excuses. After much soul searching I realized my comments were hurtful, insensitive and most of all extremely disrespectful. I have been riding for more than 30 years and should know better.


  14. jujumon Says:

    The iron order on in line for some real bad karma. The national enforcer, who I believe is a jughead officer shows what a sad state of affairs their own motorcycle world is really in. They have used every trick in the book to try to so show how tough they are. Izod sayys they will prosecute. It is no wonder the Iceman retired, he saw what a bunch of turds they were becomming. These guys are out of control and need firstly government intervention then if not secondary be be policed by ourselves . The late 60’s and early 70’style retribution. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The Confederate Celt Says:

    The various reports had Stewart being initially charged with (2nd degree?) murder, but the charges were reduced to voluntary manslaughter after Steward told the cops he was scared. Reading the reports as they progress will make you sick. The reporters just repeat what they’re told by law enforcement and to most law enforcement, the only good biker is a dead biker.

  16. Paladin Says:

    I wonder if Stewart is a member of the io? Based on Rebel’s story, it sure sounds like the same business plan.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  17. bcnasty Says:

    I am thinking out loud here. If the man thought the bikers was A.O.A. and had a reputation of Violence then why did he cut them off ? To me, he should have been charged with murder and not manslaughter. Apparently he had no fear of them while following them in his vehicle and hell, you provoke a fight , expect to fight. Not pull the my gun and its 12 friends.
    Sincere condolences to the family and brothers.

  18. oldskewl Says:

    Sincere condolences to the family of Re-Re Norris and the BPMC.

    May he RIP

  19. roachclip Says:

    The key word here is Re-Re belonged. This piece of shit calsjca is longing to belong, somewhere, anywhere, but he doesn’t know how. He may have been born here, but he knows he doesn’t belong. Bikers have created a place on the fringes of America where we belong, and the weak cannot survive. We may lose a brother to cowards every now and then, but we keep his memory alive, through each and every one of us. I wonder who will remember this fuck when he draws his last breath? Not me.

    Respects, roach.

  20. Anonymouse Says:

    That’s exactly how I’m reading it, Shovelhead.

    I am curious, though. The article linked above states he’s charged with murder, Rebel’s says voluntary manslaughter. Rebel’s write up is the most recent so I suspect it’s correct, but I hope not, sounds like the coward is good for at least a second degree murder,

  21. Shovelhead Says:

    Reading the story, sounds to me like Stewart was following the BP’s with the sole purpose of starting something, which he did by using his vehicle as a weapon and trying to cut off Re-Re and the others.
    This wasn’t some old granny who didn’t see the Bikers, this sounds like it was a deliberate act of violence against several members of a motorcycle club simply because they belong to a motorcycle club.
    Just another example of a Coward (Stewart) who has no balls, starts a fight but can’t handle it when the shit hits the fan so he pulls out a gun and starts shooting, like the other Coward Kristopher Stone.

    Respect to the BP’s and AOA. Sorry for your loss.

  22. Shovelhead Says:


  23. Shovelhead Says:


  24. RLG Says:

    I think Ron Stewart is posting here.

  25. 10Gauge Says:


    If you were not such an asshole you would have more than 19 friends. go back to trying to “scare” your neighbors and troll some where else.


  26. Calsjca Says:

    Hey Doglover, Im white and you write like a nigger. Besides fucking wolves tell me oh wise one what would you do if a couple bikers followed you and then beat your bike silly with a metal ball. Thats what I thought. This is a biker blog,not a patchlicking gathering. Its funny, when club members do stupid shit everyone says “Oh thats gangster”. But when the same shit is done to you, “oh my god I cant believe it”. Wolffucker I will let you in on a little secret, the days of you intimidating “citizens” is over. You never know who or what your going to run into. Bet you $100 bucks he wont do it again.

  27. Wolfenlover Says:

    To all you fucks, ie: Frank, PGH412, Easy_C,Diocletian, & especially Calsjca,
    A WHITE man wouldn’t have done that shit! So all you NIGGER fucks, FOESAD! Fuckin’ NIGGER started shit but figured, “I kin gits aways wit it! I’s OWED!”
    You fuckers have really turned me prejudiced! FUCK ALL YA’LL 3rd WORLD “brain
    dead” Motherfuckers! I’d feed you to my pit-bull, BUT he don’t eat shit!

  28. dirtyfxd Says:

    @Frank MR Stewart initially pulled the gun, you may want to re-read this article. Respect is fucking earned not owed. Mr Norris did what he could with what he had. I can promise you if Mr Stewart was not a spineless coward he could of went toe to toe with Mr Norris. But no he must of watched one to many specials on the history channel, and Because of this stereotype someone had to die. Mr stewart, I would love to know how well a coward like you does in the pen, I got a feeling some vato will make you his personal fee-fee.
    Mr Norris you left this earth a man with respect. Rest in peace
    My deepest condolences to the Norris family and black and white nation.

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