Fishing For RICO In Yakima

April 29, 2015

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Fishing For RICO In Yakima

The criminalization of just about everything and the federalization of just about all law enforcement took another big stride in Yakima, Washington this week.

Police Chief Dominic Rizzi Jr., a former Chicago Police Department watch commander who has had the Yakima job for three years, announced that his department’s ten-man “gang unit” will be merged into “a gang crime task force” that will be reinforced by agents supplied by the Drug Enforcement Administration; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Department of Homeland Security; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Yakima police already conduct joint drug investigations with the DEA and participate in a “Violent Crimes Task Force” with the United States Marshals Service. The Gang Crime Task Force will begin operation in May.

Safety AND Danger

Yakima has a population of about 93,000 and according to the police department: “The City of Yakima has had a decrease of 69.3% in Part I Crimes since 1988. The City reached it’s peak crime rate in 1988 with over 175 crimes per 1,000 and our lowest rate this past year (2014) with 53.8 per 1,000. What is particularly significant during this time is that our population has increased by over 91 percent while our raw count of index crimes have decreased by 41 percent.”

According to Yakima television station KNDO, “‘serious crime’ in Yakima has dropped by 21 percent over the past two years.”

City manager Tony O’Rourke told the Yakima Herald-Republic that despite the falling crime rates  he thinks there is “still ‘a constant war’ when it comes to gang issues.”

Apparently, the declining crime rates have resulted in a shortfall in the number of local residents Yakima sends to federal prison each year. Hence the sudden infusion of federal money and personnel. O’Rourke said, “One benefit of the task force will be the ability to bring federal charges in some cases, which can mean longer prison sentences.”

Rizzi (photo above) told the Herald-Republic the federal aid will better enable authorities to use “federal racketeering laws to go after gangs.”


The law to which Rizzi refers is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act passed in 1970. The original intent of the law was to prevent organized criminal rackets from washing their criminal profits in legitimate businesses, as when Al Capone took the money he made selling whiskey and bought a dairy. The 1970 law would have defined Capone’s dairy as a “criminal enterprise” and would have allowed its seizure. The Supreme Court changed the meaning of “criminal enterprise” a decade later. Under current case law a criminal enterprise is “any union or group of individuals associated in fact” that has three or more members who have committed at least two crimes in the last decade. The crimes are often minor and RICO is a way to transform a state crime with a penalty of, say, two years in prison into a federal crime that allows the offender to be sentenced to twenty or more years in prison. People who belong to a group targeted for a RICO prosecution are often charged with conspiring to commit criminal acts.

Common targets of RICO prosecutions are motorcycle clubs. And influence makers in Yakima have been worried about motorcycle clubs for years. In 2009, local television station KIMA called Steve Cook, who recently appeared in a reality television program called Outlaw Country, “THE expert on motorcycle gangs in the U.S.”

Cook warned Yakima, “They are smart, they are cunning and they are here.”

“The biggest threat is just violence,” Cook told KIMA. “It could be traffic related. It could be someone giving them a look inside a restaurant that they deemed offensive and they’re gonna come up and deal with that person.”

Cook’s “expertise” aside, that doesn’t seem to actually be happening. The Aging Rebel was unable to find a single example of an unprovoked attack on moms and dads in restaurants in Yakima by outraged outlaw bikers in the last decade. But if it ever does, Yakima and the ATF and the DEA and the FBI and Homeland Security will be ready.

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  1. sled tramp Says:

    My WA Brothers carry a card to hand to members of a certain MC (frequently mentioned on this page)when our members roll up to one but I’m thinking we should hand one to WA LE. The card reads,”You’re doing it wrong”…..

  2. BB Says:

    Let’s not forget two things. First, Washington passed an anti-motorcyclist profiling bill. That statute is binding on Washington state pigs (Yakima City Police, Yakima County Sheriff Deputies and the Washington State Patrol) it is not binding on federal pigs, including the (Native American Yakima Nation Police), the ATFB, FBI etc. Thus, evidence cannot be suppressed in federal court based on this law. Second, the pigs receive a significant amount of their budgets from civil forfeitures. That’s when the pigs allege that your personal property (cars, homes, motorcycles, televisions, sound systems, etc.) is the product of illegal activity. They file a notice of forfeiture and take your shit (all while your in jail and unable to defend the forfeiture action), and, essentially steal your shit – legitimately earned and purchased or not.

    This forfitted property then becomes the pigs property – free and clear. They sell it (we’ve all seen the auction sites) or convert it for their use. Once upon a time we called this theft, but nowadays it’s called a major funding source. When crime drops, so do pig budgets, and that’s the point.

    Get the Feds in (who are bound be the less restrictive US Constitution – the Washington Constitution is far more restrictive in this area) and let them prosecute and seize the property which they then turn over to the local jurisdiction. Then the Feds, with their virtually unlimited monies, get to lock people up forever and the local jurisdiction (city, county or state) gets the forfeiture goldmine, which they then use to buy all sorts of military hardware, pay overtime, etc.) Win-win for the pigs. This is nothing more than a money game.

    As an aside, I was rolling home from work the other day when I see the WSP and assorted federal unmarked vehicles who had just pulled over a pack of motorcycle enthusiasts, who happen to identify themselves with certain patches. This was on I-5 just north of JBLM (for those who are familiar with the region), a local military instillation. So much for anti-profiling.



  3. FF Says:

    @Road whore

    Thanks, checked him out. We’re aStasi state.

  4. roachclip Says:

    Like George Wegers said, and this is not a direct quote, but in the neighborhood of , If motorcycle clubs can’t reach some kind of common ground to work together on , we will find ourselves going the way of the American Indian. The philosophy of divide and conquer goes back to the beginning of time itself and is tried and true. I have always felt that if all bikers were united in some way, we would be unbeatable, politically, militarily, and damn hard to outrun. I was glad to see the formation of the C. O. C., and believe this is a step in the right direction.
    Respects, roach.
    FTF, FTP, FTW, and Jane Fonda too.

  5. RVN69 Says:

    Oh just fucking great, it sure is a good thing that the Federal Agencies are so trustworthy. Like BATF would never walk weapons to drug lords in Mexico, and DEA would never steal a truck from a trucking company and use it to try to haul drugs into the US.

  6. calvin, john Says:

    Notice with RICO how they went after the Italian Mafia, then the Motorcycle Clubs and are now mainstreaming it. The general public was made comfortable with high profile targets then eased into the real targets when the bull was already rampaging through the china shop. Had they used RICO evenly when they first applied it the uproar would have been too loud. Homeland Security was supposed to coordinate Federal Agencies in the war on Terror which the general public bought sight unseen, then it progressed into the NSA total population spy network and again, that beast is too big to tame so it’s left alone. Candidates like Rand Paul who assert that we can do without much of what passes for federal normalcy will be shot down by both the left & the right as both have too much invested in the power elite.

    I’m not saying that the Clubs will be less targeted now, quite the opposite if they remain the same. The MC’s will suffer here what they suffer in Australia under VLAD very soon. What I am saying is that the general public will be harder to sway towards the civil rights of MC’s when their local institutions are under the gun. It is still up to the MC’s to either adapt or die. A much lower profile might be a good first step in that direction. Once the MC’s internalize their profile, steer clear of the general public (local bars and the so called big Biker events) and keep their activities in house, they will cause the Feds to go for easier targets which they now are seeking to do ie the school boards, churches and other heretofore untouchables. There’s more real crime in the mainstream institutions to be had and the general public is now primed to see them taken down. If it were me, and it ain’t, I’d go code 55 for about a year and let the heat go elsewhere. Problem is, the young Turks now coming into the Clubs have an SOA impression of how things ought to be and that ruins everything. Maybe the books should be closed for a while, who knows? But, the public drama has to stop if the Clubs want to be left alone. A good place to start would be a nationwide truce and the adoption of as low a profile as possible to include Toys for Tots. Just ride to your own events, close them off to the general public and put the T Shirt stand on ice for a while. Let somebody else take the heat and be the target.

    PS: Steve Cook??? Is anybody really all that concerned about this clown anymore?


  7. BMW Says:

    We, of course, see the stupidity of banging the RICO square peg into a simple criminal charge round hole (how’s that for mixing metaphors?). Recently, some school administrators in Georgia received TWENTY YEARS on a RICO conviction — for changing students’ test scores!

    Looks like the federales have found a new “gang” to persecute — school teachers and administrators! I guess those horrible ties the teachers at my old high school wore every day, are really…. GASP…. secret gang insignia!! I always did think my old biology teacher seemed a little suspicious… Since watching “Breaking Bad “, I suspect that the chemistry teacher was up to something, too, although he did procure the platinum catalyst we needed to synthesize LSD ( legal until 6/6/66)


  8. Cap'n Bill Says:


  9. Road Whore Says:

    @ FF: Google William Binney. He was an NSA whistleblower before Snowden became well known. I saw Binney on, I believe it was Real Time, and he made the exact same statement, that we have become East Germany and he was not using hyperbole either.

    @ Paladin: :) Yes, indeed, you do meet the nicest people on a Honda…me (said while wearing an evil leer).

    No one should doubt that the fed beast is about money and not about justice. If you can figure out a way to make a two-bit crime into a dollar one then you can tack on more jail time which means more money falling all around for everyone involved, except the poor prisoner and their families. It wouldn’t surprise me if soon prisons went back to the old Salem model of charging prisoners for their room and board.

    Stupid fucking pigs.

    Ride Free to those deserving.

  10. Straight Shooter Says:

    Yes, by the militarization of local/state/Fed this is exactly what was predicted by William Milton Cooper. They are (for now) focusing on the contrived ‘bad guys’ and the public will buy it. When that well is dry, they will then move up the food chain.

  11. Sieg Says:

    Dom is all about hustling the money. He was in Chicago, and when he couldn’t haul it in fast enough, sold himself to the highest bidder.

    Good luck, Yakima. Maybe he can train more of his pigs to shoot people holding parts of airguns, and then watch your taxes go through the roof.


  12. Paladin Says:

    Because arrests are down in Yakima, The P.D. isn’t getting much, if anything in the way of federal grant money, the amount of which is allocated based on the number of arrests a law enforcement agency racks up in a fiscal year. Each arrest is a “Stat.” (statistic). The more arrests (Stats.) you have, the more grant money you get. Federal grant money is doled out based solely on arrests, convictions aren’t part of the equation.

    Rizzi is telling the feds: Hey; we have lots of crime, right here in River City, but it’s so sophisticated that we need the Feds. to help us out. The Feds. will show up, and there will be arrests. There will be the customary search for the guilty, the arrest of the innocent, and the persecution of the non-involved. Rizzi will get his grant money.

    If you live in Yakima and are a motorcycle enthusiast that also happens to enjoy the company of other like minded motorcycle enthusiasts, you might consider garaging that scary Harley and temporarily ride a Honda. Because as everyone knows, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  13. tiger Says:

    Why the fuck don’t they do some cops and robbers game where the pigs pulled out of like Camden and stop the stupid shit. Oh year mister cock know-it-all expert says waste money where it is not needed.

    The safest neighborhood is where a clubhouse is located.
    Respect to those who earned it. Fuck you urine order you will NEVER be in that class ya ass lickers.

  14. steve Says:

    All those pigs I bet were iron on order.

  15. roachclip Says:

    I don’t know about crime, but I know the I.Q. dropped significantly in Yakima while Steve Cook was in town. That is one weird mother fucker.
    Respects, roach.

  16. Skully Says:

    Have they ever done a rico on a street gang?? Not that Iam aware of. Before I left IL there was big talk about doing rico on street gangs. never heard about anything being done.

  17. astradaemon Says:

    Definitely a waste of taxpayer money. Also one of the reasons for overcrowding in prison (and wasting more taxpayer money): trumped up charges.

    Calling an MC a “gang” is like callng a chick a prostitute just because she happened to be wearing high heels & walking somewhere.

  18. Caretaker Says:

    Here’s one for yall… “T.O.G.C.I.A.D.C” The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop


  19. FF Says:

    I think I said it already andq if I did, this artcle validates it….

    The USA has morphed into East Germany.

    Thats not hyperbole.

  20. Wolfenlover Says:

    You know Rizzi & Cook are actually in bed together. Not like the old saying
    “politics make strange bedfellows”. Has anyone noticed whether Cook’s mouth
    has gotten bigger on the droopy side or not. The last pics I saw of the C-Sucker,he had K-Y jelly spread all over his face. How else would it have been so shiny?! I’m sure Rizzi used to go hungry at lunch time & now he has Cook to give
    him some “meat” for lunch.
    I sure wish American “sheeple” would wake the fuck up!

    RESPECTS for the regulars

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    Seems this PoS pig Rizzi could show the fedtard faggots how to waste and spend more tax dollars uselessly. It’s all any of them are good at…that and not having a clue what ‘rights’ are in this country.

    A good pig, is one not breathing.

  22. popeye Says:

    So crime goes down and that gives them an excuse to play soldier? Sounds like the Yakima PD has way too much time on their hands.

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