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April 27, 2015

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The News Cycle

This story was published on April 27, 2015 and was corrected on September 20, 2015 as follows: Based on statements by multiple sources, this page had identified the Marshal who attacked Beatriz Paez as Steven Kays. Kays, this page was told, had previously served as a “gang expert” with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.. The Aging Rebel now doubts the veracity of those sources and cannot, at this point, further substantiate or correct the identity of the Marshal. Consequently Kays name has been removed from the story. The Aging Rebel regrets the error.

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, which made headlines earlier this month for criticizing a story Rolling Stone ran last December, ought to take another minute to look at how the national and Los Angeles press has handled the Beatriz Paez story.

Paez is the school teacher who was attacked last week by a United States Deputy for video recording a punitive raid on a Mongols Motorcycle Club fundraiser. The Mongols weren’t doing anything criminal. The club and friends of the club had gathered to solicit funds for a legal appeal. Club members think one of their brothers was treated unfairly by the courts. To prove that they need to hire a lawyer. No lawyer, no justice. Before they can hire a lawyer they must raise a significant amount of money because dollars are the better part of justice in the new and improved America. The police were literally there to short circuit the legal process and prevent a possible injustice from being corrected. There was no hostage situation. There was no disturbance of the peace. Police were not looking for fugitives. The cops were there to prevent a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from getting fair trials: Because cops have higher conviction rates when they can prevent their suspects from getting fair trials: Because cops have more successful careers when they are allowed to cheat. That’s what justice now means. Columbia Jay School should start there.


The government of the United States is at war with the Mongols – because the Mongols are easier to find in Los Angeles than the Taliban and Los Angeles has nicer beaches than Jalalabad. It is a secret war so Paez was explicitly ordered by police to go stand where she couldn’t see anything – because, you know that’s what “secret” means. When she refused, the Marshal ran her down, grabbed her, wrestled her phone out of her hands, dramatically destroyed it and then gloated about it like a kid who had never been in the end zone before.

The legal definition of “gang” is fuzzy. The standard definition of a “gang” is a “group of criminals.” Multiple federal judges have ruled that the Mongols is not a “group of criminals.”

Nevertheless, the Department of Justice and the federal judiciary have spent something much more than $200 million over the last fifteen years trying to prove the Mongols is a “gang.” It is an astounding sum that has been distributed over the budgets of numerous federal, state and local agencies and departments in order to conceal its enormity. During that time the club has grown from about 30 members to something approaching a thousand. And, the hundreds of millions have provided very nice careers for countless government agents, psychopathic provocateurs, electronics technicians, Swat goons, Marshalls, bailiffs, prison guards, judges and reality television producers. Americans may have to import everything they own but they can brag that we’re number one at domestic surveillance and repression. We put more people in prison before 9 a.m. than most countries do all day.

Cop Annoyance

Paez stumbled into this vital segment of the new American economy and was summarily punished for annoying a cop – which is not yet technically a crime in California. The New York State Senate did pass a law two years ago that proposed to make it a felony to “annoy a police officer,” punishable by four years in prison, but as of today in California going to prison for annoying a cop yet remains just another of those beautiful dreams some police have like droit du seigneur or summary execution for jaywalking or the right to steal your barbecue and beer.

A neighbor caught this cop annoyance incident on her smart phone, uploaded it to YouTube and Beatriz Paez entered the moist, black yaw of the news cycle. Because there is now a whole news genre – like sports and movie reviews – devoted to police brutality cell phone videos, Paez was famous within a day. The video clearly showed the Marshal committing multiple crimes including strong arm robbery and assault. NBC in Los Angeles ran the neighbor’s video with the “news” that the network’s “investigative division” had learned exclusively that the incident was “under investigation.”

NBC, which is now most famous for the many, amusing tall tales of Brian Williams, talked Paez into lending them her cell phone card and ran that exclusive video the next day. NBC couldn’t be bothered to be outraged because that would have been unprofessional – unlike when former news model Williams misremembered inventing the aeroplane. Instead the network of peacocks urged viewers to “judge” for themselves if Paez had the right to record cops gone wild. The network then blurred the face of one police thug because “we’re unsure if he was undercover.”

Vote For Me

A local Congresswoman named Janice Hahn jumped on the bandwagon. She was “alarmed and upset by the actions of the law enforcement officer captured on the video,” which is about as close as Congresspersons, or Congresspeople, or Congresscreatures, or whatever you are supposed to call them, come to taking a stand these days. “I condemn the actions of the U.S. Marshal who violently and improperly responded by destroying Ms. Paez’ property, terrifying her and denying her rights,” somebody who works for Hahn wrote. “We must hold all who are sworn to protect and serve accountable and send a clear message that they are not beyond the law.”

Various news outlets jumped on the story and doubted every part of it. Reporters doubted that the Marshal was a Marshal – presumably because nobody sent them a photo copy of teh Marshal’s official U.S. Marshal’ ID. A recurring theme was that Paez must have done something to deserve being mugged. One Fox News commentator accused the victim of “taunting” her mugger.

That was a week ago, which is like another century in news time unless the story is about Bruce Jenner’s sex change. People will never get tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner’s sex change. That is an actual news fact.

Don’t Quote Me

In a phone call this morning, a staffer in Hahn’s San Pedro office “didn’t know” if the Marshal was still a County Sheriff, or a Tactical Field Officer assigned to the Marshal’s or an actual Marshal. “We don’t actually have any authority over local police,” she confessed. “We’ve had thousands of calls about this.”

First thing, a spokesman for the Marshal’s Service wanted to make sure that anything he said wasn’t attributed to him by name. “Just call me a spokesman. There are four or five of us who do this.” He confirmed that the Marshal is a Marshal but he couldn’t confirm his identity. Then the spokesman was kind enough to supply a prepared statement that read:

“The U.S. Marshals Service takes incidents involving our employees and members of the general public very seriously, and we are concerned with the initial April 19 video footage involving a deputy U.S. marshal.  The USMS Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the actions of the deputy, who has been reassigned to office duties while that review is in progress.  Last week, the USMS reminded all employees about our core values, including the need to respect the communities in which we work on the public’s behalf.  We strive to operate with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, and we will hold ourselves accountable for our actions.”

The Marshal’s spokesman also wanted to make sure that the mugging of Beatriz Paez was described as an “alleged incident.”

You can look at the video of the “alleged incident” below.

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28 Responses to “The News Cycle”

  1. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    The fact that the first two Law Enforcement Officers had their backs turned to Ms. Paez shows that she posed no physical threat to them. They appear to be roughly 4 feet in front of her. Now, at the same token, if they are 4 feet in front of her with their backs turned to her, why did she keep repeating that she was threatened by them and not comfortable with their proximity to her? She then demands that they step forward away from her. If she was so uncomfortable with their distance from her why didn’t she simply take a step or two backwards? To me she WAS taunting them and attempting to put a spin on their position. They had turned their backs on her after telling her to back off, as if they were done with her, that she was a nuisance, ignoring her. It was only after the third time she demanded they move away that U. S. Marshall Kay decided to take matters into his own hands and independently did some grandstanding probably showing off in front of fellow officers not considering that he was being taped by yet another citizen across the street. I’m gonna tell you something – here is a volatile situation with a group of hardened patched Mongols getting arrested, the perimeter is not yet secured, the suspects have not been taken into custody, no one knows if another member or prospect or whatever isn’t within lethal distance with a firearm and is doped up or been up for 3 days and decides to shoot a cop – this situation is not over yet and you have this woman yelling “police brutality I’m not comfortable” distracting an ongoing police operation. I’m sorry, but she was being stupid and over the top and could have caused a mistake to be made in what is supposed to be a highly procedural method that could be compromised not only in its execution but later in court due to a technicality resulting from said distraction. Anybody on the street knows if you fuck with the police you’ve got a death wish and you are asking for trouble. The concepts of right, wrong, ethics and justice are only that – concepts that dwell in the ethereal world of the abstract. The only “fair” I know of is the kind that has a Ferris wheel, rides, cotton candy and 4H prizes for best farm animal, which, in the context Officer Kay, would be not a pig but a blue-ribboned hog. But what the fuck do I know? I’ve been rolling around without a valid driver’s license for 2 years.

  2. Wolfenlover Says:

    @ JIM666, I’d offer here in Kansas but me & th’ OL aren’t in best of health.Got
    friends from down south who usually stop, but gonna have to decline them as well. Getting old sucks.And we aren’t that f’n old, either! Just health has
    kicked the door in!

    RESPECTS for the regulars

  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    @ WAState116 that link doesn’t open. Obviously it is wiped?! Just more cover-up.
    At least this douche-bag US Marshal has been identified. SPREAD the word to the

    RESPECTS for the regulars

  4. roachclip Says:

    @ Jim666- If you get through SE Okla, You have a place to stop and kick back anytime. If you decide to, just drop a post where your at and I’ll come meet you. I live 1.2 mi. off the black top, back in the woods, with plenty of room. Like I say, Your welcome anytime.
    Respects, roach.

  5. Asskiller Says:

    @Jim666 – I don’t think there’s an ISIS funded club yet; indications seem to actually go the other way with the occasional biker(s) being reported as heading to Peshmerga territory.

    I came across an interesting story: Matt Van Dyke, of Sons of Liberty International (SOLIS). Worth a quick Google and read-up on what he’s doing.

    Not a classic “biker” but his story is worth a read.

  6. Jim666 Says:

    Asskiller I was thinking about that shit when that faggot lying bastard sawdust, you know the head nigger Rebel USA Natl. P sorry EX that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to add the EX to that sentence, Well he is a muslim too my thoughts on that whole situation as they growth in that club from not being here to being almost everywhere and the calling the pigs the whole fucked up mess I was thinking ISIS of some branch of muslim hate on two wheels, Now I know not all muslims are extremists I know a few that would walk around a bug as not to hurt it, but thats not what I seen in him he had very real reasoning behind what he was doing and how he was calling the shots and it wasn’t just money to get him rich, I cant help but wonder how much of those mail order patches money went to iSIS and the lies or to stock piles shit to use against us here in out own country ?
    Im glad the sorry nigger fuck is gone, and IM by any means a racist but
    ” I calls em likes i sees em “I have friends that are black yellow red white and brown that shit don’t mean nothin to me what matters is who you are as a man and how you conduct yourself and your business whether its work club or family you take care of it the right way period !
    Now maybe this ain’t exactly the right to post what i just did but I seen your comment and wheels began to turn in my skull and what the fuck im on this page so I posed it here, If ebel doesn’t want it here or anywhere on his site for that matter he`s a man and knows how to take it down .
    I do want to add one more thing If the US Rebels are going to stay here I hope to god they elect the right person no matter the color of his skin to do the right job and do it right, I know a couple people in that club and as ive said before I look at the man not the patch, although I do have a preference in the patch also thats something entirely different. And my own call.
    K guess Im done w/ my little rant working on bike just need a couple more things to be out on the road again, hoping for some real jobs to come up so I can get out there and hopefully meet up w/ some of you cats,wanting to hit the road for at least a couple months before I turnaround and head back here, which direction ? fuck if I know just need out and away from Va. for a while. Ill post when im packed and ready, and leave Rebel my cell number incase anyone wants to meet up,I should be able to get to the site on the road on my cell phone too, so hope to meet some of you that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, And Rebel ?
    Izzy needs to get in touch w/ you I believe , You know who Im speaking of. Later gents, rubber side down
    Respects to the real and fuck all the rest !

  7. roachclip Says:

    @ Tooj- Caught a show last night on the history channel about it. The guys name is Mosquita. What it seemed to me was, after something happens, they crow about it saying “I told you so”. It’s like you say, they’re contributing to these acts so they will happen. Such as Armageddon, in the book of Revelation. Scare the shit out of everyone they can. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”. Thanks for the input.
    Respects, roach.

  8. Tooj Says:

    I’m familiar with the concept of this program, Roachclip. Hell, even Facebook is fooling around with “social engineering” experiments.

    So, one has to wonder if seemingly predicting what is going to happen actually contributes to it actually happening.

    As in: you go looking for shit, you can usually find it.

  9. roachclip Says:

    Fuck man, I hate cold, rainy days. They creep in my bones and settle in those ruptured discs. Redit above comment- AND BLOW IT OUT YOUR ALGORHYTHOM! Excuse please. Respects, roach.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anon,



  11. Anon Says:

    So let me get this straight. You have two LEOs giving her their backs, and yet someone out there is still arguing that she could be a threat / taunting / otherwise aggressive?

  12. roachclip Says:

    A long time friend came by yesterday and we were discussing the implosion of society. He’s very intelligent, a retired engineer, and he was talking about this computer program the NSA has for predicting the future. I had heard something about it but it was way over my head, but anyway it takes all information from everywhere, decodes something called algorhythoms,or something like that and produces a result, or something like that. All I can say is HEY, NSA, TAKE THIS AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR PROGRAM, AND BLOW IT YOUR ALGORHYTHOM!

  13. Asskiller Says:

    Anyone want to make a global reaction prediction to the black ISIS flag being passed out in Baltimore along with two or three guys from Raqqa and a handful of semi’s?

    At the same time a couple of black flag pickup trucks with Ma Deuce could raise some hell at the Texas border. There’s undoubtedly pressure from the police state in that realm also, or it would be past news. I don’t think any nation state can entirely separate external and internal needs.

    Interesting times, of alliances and plans. I’d love to see a block-by-block overhead of controlled territory in Baltimore right now. Just outside DC and there’s areas where we don’t know if it’s gang coalition, protestors, State Police or National Guard.

    Perhaps President Elizabeth Warren would be a decisive, authoritative leader, grim to our enemies and spare in domestic intrusion to citizen affairs.

    (Mr. Rogers)
    Can we say “bullshit”? I knew you could.
    (/Mr. Rogers)

  14. Wrong Way Says:

    Being part of the biker culture and also having a wife who is a teacher makes me feel just a little too close to this incident. All I’m gonna say is the only thing protecting that guy is his badge. Every now and then citizens decide enough is enough and though there is gigantic risk involved dealing with law enforcement (since all these civilians think they are so awesome) recent events on the news show that there is a point when folks just say “now you’ve gone too far.”

    It seems many of us have had dealings with cops that are unjust and hostile for such a long time that, honestly, you begin to feel there is no hope of fighting them, the courts or the system in general. It’s true, it is a beast. But the thing that has always been true is this: there are MORE of us than there are of them. They have always used strategies to keep us feeling overwhelmed and controlled. They are trained that way. But when enough citizens get on board for a change then change happens. History proves that. I just wonder what it’s gonna take for all these Americans to realize in this day and age there needs to be very real and serious checks and balances on these organizations the country has deemed the various entities of government.

    This is going to probably sound sort of cliche, but I want very badly to breathe in freedom. Lots of folks feel free in this country because stuff like this isn’t happening to them and theirs. Maybe that is what it is going to take for folks to get it. It has to hit home. I wish people were smarter than that. It would be wise to consider the fact that when things like this happen to others, then like many commentators have said on this website, it is just a matter of time before the devil shows up at your front door too…….

  15. Mike184 Says:

    Paladin, I agree with you 100% They were talking yesterday about “credible threats” from 3 area gangs (News term not mine) that have decided to cooperate and work directly against LE. Now this may be more media and LE smoke and mirrors to take action against these groups, but every day these stories reach more and more people. I have even been seeing the group of sheep that believe that the police do no wrong start to sway…. but that is probably because they are media fed sheep anyway.

  16. Freeman Says:

    I’d bet good money, that Kay’s cunt as a urine odour patch in his closet.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck those lame-ass, air-wasting, useless, shit-stain pigs. The only good pig, is one not breathing.

  18. Road Whore Says:

    Stupid fucking pigs.

  19. WAState116 Says:

    Kays has been an LA County Deputy,don’t know about now. By reading this,it suggests that he has a reputation of falsifying reports and using suggestive photo lineups. Big surprise!!!

  20. Paladin Says:

    Looking at the big picture, law enforcement as a whole has over plaid their hand to the point that the citizenry is beginning to take notice. For way too many years, law enforcement has for the most part convinced the public that they’re the only thing that stands between them and the many fabricated, menacing evils that lurk just beyond the thin blue line.

    Up until recently, law enforcement has been able to get away with using the law as a tool to bully and harass. The foregoing has been possible because law enforcement has been careful to only bully and harass those that society has been taught to fear (bikers) or others that live on the fringes of society, that are easily discounted, due to a lack of understanding or caring on the part of mainstream society.

    The riots in Ferguson and now in Baltimore are the same old city, self-mutilation we’ve seen over and over in the past. Same ol’ riots, different city. These events blow themselves out rather quickly, as do tornadoes. To be sure there’s damage, but in the end, it’s the tax payer that picks up the tab.

    Within the borders of certain States, there are geographical areas that law enforcement, for officer safety reasons steer clear of, unless it’s absolutely necessary. If law enforcement continues its ever increasing, unreasonable approach to the enforcement of law, the above mentioned geographical areas are going to increase exponentially.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  21. Sieg Says:

    Roach, sounds about right. That’s IF they don’t determine she was “threatening” a federal pig, and launch a no-knock night raid on her house, kill any animals she has, blow the doors off, smash the windows, and destroy everything she owns. Hell, if she’s lucky, they MIGHT let her live, but these days? Who knows.


  22. roachclip Says:

    OK, I’ll bite. The first thing their gonna do is destroy her character i.e. any past offences from a traffic ticket to unpaid electric bills, credit card bills, well you see where I’m going with this. then this summer there will be a minor student that she had sex with, assaulted, or molested in some horrible way. This is the way they work. She will be investigated by the school she teaches at and it will be decided that she is no longer fit to teach there. After that happens, because she didn’t lay down, arms extended out to the side, legs spread, she was resisting arrest. Because she didn’t turn and run, she was facing the cop in a threatening way, the cop was forced disarm her because he didn’t know whether she had some kind of weapon like pepper spray, stun gun, or something she could cause bodily harm with. There is no doubt he feared for his life from this threatening looking, crazed, woman who was on PCP or some other illeagal substance. If they can’t convince a jury with this overwhelming evidence, and they happen to find in her favor,he will be transferred to some other alphabet soup agency with a hefty pay raise, company car, unlimited expence account and secretary that will give him blow jobs and answer his phone 24-7. Respects, roach

  23. Wolfenlover Says:

    I see in the second video it’s called MARSHALL FLAW. I think it should be
    MARSHALL F-LAW, as in FUCK LAW. FPIGS as in FUCK THESE PIGS This bastard needs fired!

  24. Sieg Says:

    I wonder how much the Blue Gang has spent investigating and terrorizing White Fence. After all, they have been around since something like 1900, and openly identify themselves as a “street-gang”. Bet they’ve spent billions. Or how about Grape Street? They go back, at the very least, to the 60’s, so the fedbacon and el-Lays “finest” must have spent at least millions on them, sabe no?!



  25. Wolfenlover Says:

    He(kays) is a “GANG EXPERT”, because he’s IN ONE?! F’n POS! Hope Ms. Paez gets
    some justice but I’d suggest she not hold her breath!

    RESPECTS to the regulars

  26. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Two hundred million. Really?
    And U.S. servicemen on active combat duty have – certainly in the past 15 years – written home asking for 1) Silly String (to locate tripwires) 2) Condoms (rifle barrel covers to keep sand out) 3) Decent body armor 4) Decent vehicle armor.
    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  27. popeye Says:

    steven “the fat pig” kays may have finally overstepped his presumed authority when he went and assaulted a civilian. I hope Ms Paez has a little pitbull in her blood and doesnt let this go.

  28. willienelso3 Says:


    thank you for the rccellent reporting.



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