Armed Bikers From Hell

April 24, 2015

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Armed Bikers From Hell

Three members of the American Outlaws Association in Florida are suing current and former Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies for using their driver’s license photos to scare state legislators into rejecting a law four years ago that would have allowed residents to openly carry firearms.

The plaintiffs in the suit are Tracy Gil Osteen, Leslie Baas and Doyle Napier. They are represented by a Tarpon Springs attorney named Jerry Theophilopoulos and they are suing Captain Mike Fewless who worked as a lobbyist for the Sheriff’s Office and Deputy John McMahon who was a gang investigator in the Intelligence Unit.

The Law

The proposed 2011 law, Senate Bill 234, would have allowed anyone in Florida with a concealed weapons permit to carry their guns openly. About 800,000 Florida residents hold the permits. In Florida, citizens can only openly display firearms when they are hunting or on their way to a shooting range.

The Orange County Sheriff opposed the bill because the Office thought that openly carried guns would be bad for tourism. According to the lawsuit, Fewless decided one way to defeat SB 234 would be to show politicians scary driver’s license photos of motorcycle club members who held concealed carry permits. According to the suit he asked McMahon “if he was aware of any motorcycle club members that had concealed weapons permits and defendant McMahon stated that he did possess information like that.”

Fewless then asked, “Are there any photographs that you can share with me so I can paint a different picture of the faces, you know, that are being portrayed up here in Tallahassee?”

McMahon replied, “While I am a complete supporter of gun rights for competent and law abiding citizens, I would be aghast at the thought of people like these, even though they are not (all) convicted felons, openly carrying a handgun on their belts… Good luck and keep up the good fight.”


Then the deputy sent Fewless driver’s license photos and additional information for 17 motorcycle club members who held concealed carry permits. The men were members of the Mongols, Outcasts, Outlaws, Pagans and Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs. None of them were convicted felons or were legally disqualified from carrying concealed firearms. Fewless distributed photographs of seven of the men to the politicians.

“I actually stopped by everyone of you guy’s office this morning and dropped off…photographs of some biker outlaw gang guys that have concealed firearm permits. Those are the ones we’re worried about carrying,” Fewless wrote on April 12. “Please defeat this terrible bill.”

All of it was illegal. It was a violation of federal law to distribute the driver’s license photos. It was a violation of state law to make public the names of concealed weapons holders.

McMahon was reprimanded and retired. A state investigation cleared Fewless of any wrong doing after he blamed McMahon for not telling him it was illegal to use driver’s license photos for lobbying. For the last four years Theophilopoulos has been trying to find additional plaintiffs to the lawsuit. In the end, only the three Outlaws decided to sue the police.

The plaintiffs are seeking “at least $2,500” in damages plus attorney’s fees. The case may take another 18 months to settle.


31 Responses to “Armed Bikers From Hell”

  1. Austin Says:

    Jim666 – Dude you got lucky there. Nice to hear there is some backbone in Judicial somewhere!

  2. Jim666 Says:

    Sieg im afraid you are very rite about the constitution, i got a lesson on wtf`s going on w/ it from a circuit court judge monday before last he told me straight up we aint got those rites anymore and our Govt. was nothing but only stealing bullshitters that would bury their own families to fill their own pockets,
    Not his words for word but i know how to take a hint, lol He agreed w/ me on almost everything and let me go, also told me point blank i had not been charged w/ any crime therefore was just plane and simply kidnapped by the state, and that was/ is against my rights according to the constitution . So Fuck big brother and all his goons.
    Enjoy the week guys if ya can a couple more hundred and im back on 2 wheels tags and all,lol cant fuckin wait i need some 2 wheel serenity real bad.
    to all of ya watch yer 6 out there.

  3. Sieg Says:

    Ol’ Goat, we’re singing from the same song-book.



  4. Ol' Goat Says:

    Don’t see my signature on any Constitution…not party to any social compact’s either.
    Are we the subject of another simply because we escape our mothers womb? No! the agreements we make and the rights we waive make us subject of another.

    The Constitution was abrogated because even before FDR people chose National policy that allowed them to live beyond their means over the Constitution. The Politicians & international bankers, together, were happy to oblige in exchange for bits & pieces of the Constitution. If the Supreme Court rubber-stamps, then it is because the sheeple let them, and in most cases want them to.

  5. VAGO 1%er Says:

    At Starbucks last Saturday (yeah Starbucks so fuck off) the little old lady barista made a comment about intimidating looking biker types. I showed her a picture of a platoon of SWAT goons and asked her which looked more intimidating. Her gasp and OMG response said it all.

  6. Calvin, John Says:

    Get a CWP while you still can. The day is coming when you’ll need to be ” Grand Father’ed” in. You don’t need a gun collection, but a box of ammo every payday might be a good idea. And, best of luck to the AOA, consider upping the award.


  7. Sieg Says:

    Ol’ Goat, all respect, but the Constitution was abrogated decades ago, and the Supreme Court is nothing but a rubber-stamp for the Oligarchs.

    There is only one law in amerika that we should be worried about…survival.

    FTF / FTP

  8. Rusty Says:

    Don’t care to much for open carry myself. Seems that could provoke me getting shot as it may identify me as being the first target to the poleece or some asshat who may have the intent to do harm with me or my ummm ,,,associates.

  9. Ol'Goat Says:

    Rebel wrote “In Florida, citizens can only openly display firearms when they are hunting or on their way to a shooting range.”

    I am not so sure that statement is true. The Constitution and the Supreme Court seem to think otherwise

  10. Wolfenlover Says:

    10-Pin REALLY! What a lame ass response! “I’m in charge, BUT
    I don’t know the laws!”

    Great news Tooj! I hadn’t been keeping up on th’ news like I should!
    Got some folks to call to see if they are in th’ know! My duster is getting
    extra pockets! LMAO!

    RESPECTS to the regulars

  11. Tooj Says:

    Kansas has changed the game. On July 1 concealed carry is legal without a permit. Word is Missouri is considering it as well.

    Gov. Sam Brownback also revoked an executive order by that foul witch Sebelius that gave LGBT folks special rights. He caught hell for insisting that this sort of thing be done through the proper channels like legislature rather than by the personal feelings of one person.

    I feel a little bit better about where I live.

    But, saw a Missouri rockered iorc riding I-670 to I-70 going west. Blew by him and couldn’t help but laugh so hard my shoulders were shaking. Did a lane shift to go by and…

    Why was I laughing so hard? Big-ass apes on the bike and he couldn’t so much as track a straight line with it. Middle of the fucking lane and weaving all over. Got worse when I blew by tracking the left third of the lane beside him without so much as a hitch in my giddyup; even though I was laughing so hard.

    Used to be you had to show some proficiency with a road captain to ride with a club; let alone earn a patch.

  12. 10-Pin Says:

    CAPTAIN Fewless “cleared of wrongdoing”, because he supposedly didn’t know it was illegal, and blamed the other guy?? He’s a fucking CAPTAIN for Christsakes! And the other guy gets “reprimanded” and is allowed to retire?? (With his retirement pay, no doubt…)


    It is precisely those that government deems undesirable or worrisome that the Bill of Rights (including the 2nd Amendment) is intended to protect.

  13. Wolfenlover Says:

    After reading all of the other posts, all I can do is add my best to the AOA
    in this BS. Maybe we should be passing around pics of all these pigs that are
    dressing up as bikers. Oh wait, they are already all over the internet!

    RESPECTS to the regulars

  14. Patrick Says:

    I live in Fort Pierce, Fl
    Looking for a good bike group to set up club house in large Night Club, Restaurant, Hookah Lounge
    Road with Ohio Outlaws, Ohio Avengers and the Ghetto Kings as a Patriot.
    I retired as US Marine , I’m tried of the bull shit going on in this country
    Rich getting richer, the middle class being changed to lower class
    Politician, Attorney’s, government need’s to be accountable
    This is were our Criminal’s are………….. Big money Criminals

    I could use some help finding a group.. of bikers …. That need a place

  15. VikingTrotter Says:

    Just heard on my internet scanner that Hells Angels are riding en-masse to Baltimore City…….Cops going nuts….

  16. The Confederate Celt Says:

    Extreme caution is suggested for “open carry”. If the cops can get away with gunning down young kids barely into their teens for the “open carry” of “Soft Air” Pellet Guns (which only shoot nonlethal plastic pellets), imagine their field day with “Scary Looking Biker Gangsters” openly carrying real firearms. Don’t set yourself up as a target in an LEO Shooting Gallery. Too many cops regard themselves as being the law and being above the law. They can kill just about anybody, as long as its not caught on video. Get a CCW Permit and keep it out of sight.

  17. Freeman Says:

    I went and got mine a while back, simply because i saw the tendency of governments to make it harder and more expensive to get, its like driver’s license back in the day all you had to do to get motorcycle permit was ask for it, now you have to take courses and pay for it.

    I strongly suggest anyone to get the ”privileges” they feel they need or might/will need before the governments makes’em harder to get, or just plain take them away.

    When they get their grubby hands on something, they never give it back, from all the income ans sales taxes that were suppose to be temporary measures, to privileges that were suppose to be god given, once they take it, its not coming back.

  18. Outsider Says:

    Another example of a different set of rules for LE than the rest of us. “McMahon was reprimanded and retired. A state investigation cleared Fewless of any wrong doing after he blamed McMahon for not telling him it was illegal to use driver’s license photos…”.
    I was charged in 1989 under Michigan’s 2 week old law of Ethnic Intimidation, a 2 yr Felony for each count.
    I was told “Ignorance of a law is not an excuse to not be charged…”
    Yet if you are LE, of course that doesn’t apply to you. Pffftttt!!

  19. Road Whore Says:

    Stupid fucking pigs.

  20. bikerjohn1 Says:

    Jerry T is a COC lawyer in the area, he has filed a few lawsuits (and won) on behalf of bikers / PH’ers.

  21. Jim666 Says:

    yup yup.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – I 100% agree with you!

  23. Sieg Says:

    Personally, I’d feel a helluca lot safer seeing openly-armed 1%’ers on the street than I do when I see a pigmobile.


  24. FF Says:

    @Hose-A 1%er

    Good to see you posting here, again!

    Now it’s a crime to be “scary looking”? Fucking creepy ass cops. God bless Marion Hammer and fuck the pigs.

  25. popeye Says:

    Reminds me of when the miami cops were using mug shots of black teen boys for target practice

    Florida is one fucked up state

  26. Paladin Says:

    I really hope the plaintiffs are seeking a whole lot more than $2,500 in damages. I would think that each plaintiff would be good for a minimum of at least ten times that amount.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  27. just tom Says:

    Rebel, Looks like you got the site up and running just in time. Lots of info from California and Florida that otherwise would be swept under the rug. Glad your back.

  28. Dreamkileer Says:

    Wow, they cleared him for “not telling him it was illegal to use driver’s license photos for lobbying.” The very first thing is says when logging in to the DAVID system is that it’s illegal to use the information, pictures, signatures, etc etc. for…..pretty sure lobbying falls in to one of the categories of prohibited acts.

  29. swampy Says:

    Was Kristopher Stone’s photo included(insert sarcasm)? Much luck sent to the AOA members with their lawsuits.

  30. astradaemon Says:

    South Dakota has open carry and, obviously, the Sturgis rally, and even with incidents in past rally years, it hasn’t hurt tourism.

    I hope they win their lawsuit. By the amount they are suing for, no one can say it’s about the money. I’m so sick of the double-standard with politicians and LE…they break the law, they should be held accountable just like anyone else.

  31. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    More big brother bullshit.The pigs will do anything they can to paint bikers as the bad guys.When most have been in the armed forces and fought and defended this country.Why don’t they grow some balls and go after the street gangs.
    F.T.F. F.T.P. and Fuck the urine order

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