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September 3, 2008

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New riders who are just now joining the great Harley Halloween party should keep these two commonsense rules in mind as they go about the business of selecting their costumes:

1. All bikers are brothers in the wind -as Cain and Abel were brothers.

2. Life is hard but it’s harder when you are stupid.

Hells Angels Protective Of Patch

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Stephen MacQueen, who investigates outlaw biker gangs for that police force’s provincial intelligence unit told the Halifax (Nova Scotia) Chronicle Herald on September 2nd that Harley riders in Canada should dress themselves very, very carefully. Constable MacQueen says novice bikers should be especially afraid of the Hells Angels.

MacQueen explained that the Angels are very protective of their patch and discourage the use of any patch that resembles theirs. He goes on to explain that an HA patch is red and white and has three separate components, including a top rocker with the club’s name and a bottom rocker designating its territory. The letters MC stand for motorcycle club and should not be used by people who do not actually belong to a motorcycle club.

Don’t pretend To Be Something You Are Not

A few times a year someone puts a patch on their back that violates a Hells Angel rule, MacQueen continues. It’s almost always done unwittingly. “There are people out there that have no idea how significant the patch is to the Hells Angels.”

Hells Angels prefer to keep a low profile and act diplomatically in such situations, the learned Constable MacQueen advises. Yet, “law-abiding riders are intimidated by them.”

HOG Is Not An Outlaw Club

The Chronicle Herald quotes the president of the Central Nova Scotia chapter of the Harley Owners’ Group (HOG) as saying that his members are taught how to put their crests – not patches – on their backs as soon as they join.

“We’re pretty specific when we give people our crest and the rocker of how they’re supposed to put it on their jacket,” Dale Williams said of his 400-member group. He said they are a group, not a club, and ride together and do community events out of their common love of motorcycling. The 50-year-old Bedford resident has heard of a few cases where people put their patches on incorrectly.

“They’re usually straightened out pretty quickly by people who know better. Anybody with any brains wouldn’t want to mimic the Hells Angels.”

Now you know.

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  1. Old Boy Says:

    There are as many good reasons not to be stupid as there are ways to be stupid. It strains credulity that this one could be overlooked. No biker is going to countenance it. In fact, bumping into the Angeles might be ironically staid, as compared to the alternative outcomes. In Sonny Barger’s 2000 autobiography “Hell’s Angel” he recounts one such incident involving an overzealous fan. The brand of every real MC has its credibility forged in tragedy, injustice, loss, and tempered to respect in crucible unknown to all but those who earned it.

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