Bradley Burritt Lutzow

February 25, 2009

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Bradley Burritt Lutzow, was murdered on February 17th.

Lutzow, along with John Lindeman, was one of two men shot and killed following an altercation at the QuikTrip convenience store and gas station in the Sunnyslope section of Phoenix. Initial reports of the murder on this page, and in the Arizona Republic, were based on a press release issued by the Phoenix Police Department. The Republic also obtained additional comments from an unnamed police source.

Both Lutzow and Lindeman were members of a motorcycle club called the “Association of Recovering Motorcyclists (A.R.M.)” Members of A.R.M. qualify to wear a three piece, orange and white patch.

A.R.M. is not a member of the Arizona Confederation of Clubs, is not one of the handful of obvious Arizona clubs that do not belong to the Confederation and is not a Native American club. The official police statement said the two men died as a result of a brawl between “rival motorcycle gangs.” The official statement also misspelled Lindeman’s name as “Lindenman.”

Police Lied

An informed source with knowledge of  the case has stated that neither victim was riding a motorcycle at the time of the incident. Neither man had any arrest record. The same, single source has stated that Lindeman may not even have owned a motorcycle at the time of the shooting.

The A.R.M. is no more a gang than the Boy Scouts or the Harley Owners Group. The A.R.M. describes itself as a fraternity of, “…bikers who have chosen to remain clean and sober without forsaking the lifestyle of brotherhood in the wind. We have been able to grow through our respect for other MCs in our areas and by respecting the individuality of our members.”

This Victim

Bradley Lutzow was a long time resident of Durand, Illinois. He was a machinist. He was a veteran of the United States Navy and a member of the Durand United Methodist Church, the A.R.M., and Alcoholics Anonymous.

He is survived by his widow Kelly Lutzow; his children and stepchildren, Traci Lutzow, Devan Millard and Caiti Millard; his parents, Earl and Alyce Lutzow; his brothers, Brian and David; his sister, Diane Folkes; and seven nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be celebrated tomorrow, February 26th, in Durand at 1 pm.

Bradley Burritt Lutzow turned 45 just 12 days before he died.

Requiescat In Pace

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17 Responses to “Bradley Burritt Lutzow”

  1. Road King Rider Says:

    Three years since Brad and John were murdered. Still not an ounce of truth has been spoken about their deaths. All those responsible for their deaths are cowards and liers. I’m still open to receiving truthful information about what happened in AZ on 17 Feb 2009. Email me at [email protected]. I will not rest until I have the truth. So those that are responsible…come find me. Like you, I’m not hiding. I cherish the day I can look you in the eye as you take your last breath.

  2. Paul Kirshner Says:

    Hi – I don’t comment on many blogs but had to on yours. It’s really nice! I really like how you write – very to the point, unlike a lot of other journals. Thanks for having this site. I’ll bookmark it and visit regularly. Please visit my site at when you have a few minutes. Keep up the fine work!

  3. Mad as Hell Says:


    Everyone has their time, and when it’s you time not much you can do about it. It SUCKS that Spitfire had to go this way. For Spitfire to die so young I think his friends and family could accept anything but this…Spitfire dying over some dumb-ass C&S turf war. John too; he did some much good over the years for those that wanted to be C&S. Families and friends of both men are suffering beyond belief. I hear it never rains in Heaven…Riple and Spitfire can Ride Free Forever!

  4. Evo-Woman Says:

    Brad touched my life in many ways – it is so hard to believe he is gone. I will never forget you. Ride Free!

  5. SipIcercedili Says:

    feteviemi CidaCaceciste

  6. Bonus Sister Says:

    Heartbroken, I love your comment, “raising hell in heaven” That totally describes Brad. I miss him too! I am trying so hard to hold onto my happy memories with Brad. To everyone, I echo Heartbroken’s comments, “THANK YOU to everyone who cares”! Please keep our family as well as John’s family in your thoughts and prayers as we all struggle to get through this tough time.

  7. heartbroken Says:

    Dear justanother12stepper, AMEN to your comment… that’s the only thing keeping me going. Brad is raising “hell” in heaven and screwing with everyone that will bite. I miss him soooooooooo much the pain is unbearable. Thank you to EVERYONE who cares. My family and I appreciate beyond words. God has his plan, I just wish I knew what it was.

  8. Bonus Sister Says:

    I love you baby brother and miss you terribly…we had our ups and downs, but that’s what made us family. I’ll see you on the other side.

  9. justanother12stepper Says:

    “Ride On” Both men were an honor to ride with, their families and honor to know. The world has lost two very good men. God must have needed them for something very important.

  10. Banger 1%er Says:

    Rest in Peace Spitfire and Ripley – GBNF

  11. Digger Says:

    We have avoided making any comments about the tragity that has come to your family, our prayers and hearts are out to you all. My current V.P. is a former A.R.M. member from Atlana although he never met Brad he had met Ripley and told me what a stand up man he was,were sure Brad was aswell. L/R Digger President Stoned Sober M/C

  12. heartbroken sister Says:

    To my dear brother… I will forever hold you in my heart and a piece of me died the day you went to heaven, I will miss you forever until we meet again! I love you, your sister always and forever :)

  13. Cory Lutzow Says:

    I love you Uncle Brad and I miss you dearly

  14. flattie74 Says:

    Bradley and John were best friends in a tight bond of profound understanding of making amends… a sad ending to a long story.

  15. momK Says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. I attended Bradley Lutzow’s wake today…he had many friends and family members as well as the community there to pay their respects. May God Bless A.R.M. and Bradley’s family.

  16. SinCity Says:

    Thank you, oh Thank you Rebel……My Doo Rag is off to you.

  17. Michael "SAILOR" Larsen Says:

    R.I.P. my Brother and ride free with your God.
    May your God bless and protect your family.
    Peace & Strength
    Michael “SAILOR” Larsen
    A.R.M. ch.71

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