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March 25, 2015

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A Southern Illinois woman named Dawn N. Voss is going to have to wait at least another two months for satisfaction in her lawsuit against the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order, whose members have been involved in numerous, widely publicized, violent confrontations including at least one fatal shooting over the last year describes it self as a “law abiding motorcycle club.”

Voss filed suit against the club’s “Gateway Chapter,” Iron Order patch holder Randy “Linus” Frantz and Christine Frantz on November 26, 2014. John C. “Shark” Whitfield, who serves as “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” for the three piece patch club as well as Nortonville, Kentucky City Attorney responded to the suit on January 28. The next hearing in the case will be May 27.

The Lawsuit

Voss characterizes the Iron Order as “a business that has numerous members that congregate and gather together for periodic social gatherings in which said numerous members consume a large amount of alcohol, act hostile, and (are) belligerent with each other.”

Sher alleges that on November 27, 2012 she was at the clubhouse at 415 Morrison Avenue in Collinsville, Illinois, as a patron and business invitee of Frantz. He operates a wood working business and among his products was a wooden paddle. He gave the paddle to another, unnamed club member who beat Voss with it and that action caused her to become sick, sore, lame and disordered and to suffer extensive injuries to her wrist, arms, and body. She alleges she lost income and her treatment was expensive.

Subsequently, on January 1, 2014, Voss was assaulted by Christine Frantz , who she identifies as a member of the Iron Order, and Voss suffered more injuries. Voss is seeking damages greater than $150,000. The club can certainly afford that. Multiple club members have stated that a club party last year featuring the fossil rock band Three Dog Night cost more than $300,000.

Voss is represented by an Edwardsville, Illinois attorney named Robert Bas.

Performative Displays Of Machismo

The Iron Order encourages highly performative displays of machismo by its members and publically espouses the diminishment of women.

Club founder and longtime club president Ray “Izod” Lubesky, a former fast food executive with Cinnabon, Ponderosa Steakhouses and Papa John’s Pizza who now runs a painting company franchise in Palm Harbor, Florida, has publically stated: “The club was founded as a law abiding, democratically led club. The truth of the matter was somewhat different.  We were law abiding (barring the speeding, drinking, whores, and other stupid shit we did while partying) but we were not being democratically led.”

Lubesky committed to writing numerous statements that might shed light on the club atmosphere that led to Voss’ beating.

For example:

“We also met their clubhouse whore. The Kentucky chapter was pretty jealous of Indiana because they had their own clubhouse whore and we didn’t. We would soon have our own crew of ladies and our women would start a support club of their own, the Iron Order Maidens, but at this time we didn’t have any women and here Indiana had their own clubhouse whore. She stayed at their clubhouse that had no shower. To give her a shower they took her out back and used a garden hose. Now that’s class.”


“Women can be the most dangerous elements when it comes to MC conflicts. They will go out of their way to create problems just to see fights happen. Somehow they get excitement or orgasms over the blood being spilled for them. I warn the brothers all the time to avoid whores like this. They are nothing but 5 miles of bad road.”


“Doc and I had a great trip together. We visited all our chapters and partied every day. Doc picked up this floozy from the internet. She was not a bad traveling bitch. We didn’t have to wait up on her, she packed the bike and lugged her share of the work. She didn’t complain when we rode through the desert at 110 degrees or over the Rockies at 30 degrees with no winter gear or when we got hammered by a hail and rain storm with a tornado in Oklahoma. By the second week Doc decided he had enough of her. We were cruising into Nashville on our return. Doc told me he had to stop for gas. We just filled up before riding into Nashville like we always do so I didn’t understand why he needed gas. You never want to ride into a big city on an empty tank. It’s better to stop outside the city and not have to pull off some inner city exit in a bad part of town. He tells me to pull off on this specific exit to a specific gas station. We pull off and I go into the convenience store to walk the lizard and get a drink. The whore comes in and gives me a hug crying like a baby. She tells me she is glad to have known me and thanked me for the great trip. I get outside and Doc has all her shit lying on the black top. He tells me we’re leaving her there and going on. I say OK and off we go leaving her at the convenience store. The next day Doc discovered the bitch stole his camera and some other items.”


“I have no idea how many times I have written or talked about this subject but it seems some of our brothers or our new brothers just don’t pay attention. The biker world is full of club groupies, floozies and whores. A full patch can get laid faster than any biker and that is a fact. It may not be with a Shania Twain look alike but it will have tits and pussy. Like my grandfather used to say, ‘You show me tits and a pussy and I’ll show you trouble.’ I know of several brothers who will only mess with girls who are 250 pounds or bigger and there is a never ending inventory or those floating around. Some just like big asses and big tits. Whatever it is you like you can get it out there. These women are on ‘Biker or Not’ and many other E-Z Date web sites. They are always hanging out in biker bars or attending bike nights, just waiting for the next dick they can get hold of. There are a whole lot of problems that can arise from these whores and I ain’t just talking about the clap or drip dick.”


“These groupies are well versed in the biker life. They may tell you they know all the clubbers and can smooth any problems that could come up because of a patch. When a whore says stuff like that you can bet she’s fucked patch holders from more than one club and may still have contacts with other clubs. These women will carry rumors and all the intel they can gather to both sides of the fence. They don’t do it consciously; they just do it for the attention and excitement. They love to tell their friends how they are connected and what they know. Some of them love to be in the middle of the shit when it hits the fan because they know full well women are out of harm’s way. Some of these women have actually caused wars between clubs. They bring nothing but 10 miles of bad road so you need to have your head on straight when dealing with these floozies.”


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  1. Dino Says:

    $100,000 for each Dog Night, for those doing the math.
    Glad the site is back up. I really enjoy it.

  2. S-Curve Says:

    Glad you’re back Reb

  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    T-Rex, “Go the fuck away, BOY, You bug me.” Don’t care if you get it or not.
    Just go the fuck back to your suck-circle!
    Oh, yea. FOESAD douche T-Rex.

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    This just in! Belt-Strap Beddy has wed Ray IZOD Lube-In-Sky! They are now
    in the process of measuring each other’s dicks, to see who’s is biggest!
    My $$$$ is on Beddy’s! From the looks of her, it’s gotta be more than 2 INCHES!


  5. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ JJ Solari

    Would you check your email or get mine from Rebel?
    I’d like a couple of books if you still have them.
    Muchas Grass

    (my female critter must have the upper hand now…YEAH!)

  6. jj solari Says:

    Dear Mr. Rebel; Thank you for printing the prose pieces from the Lubesky person who I will now refer to as The Lube-ster because I became overrun with pre-ejaculant reading his manly descriptions of the real nature of women who I will from now on refer to as whores, cunts, bitches, floozies, slatterns, ballbusters and bimbos out of respect and admiration for The Lube-ster’s way of not letting those female critters ever get the upper hand. I think it is important for a real man to never flag in his determination to refer to female humans as extremely low forms of life. this serves to emphasize the majesty of the human male. especially the ones who have mastered the astounding ability to purchase a motorcycle and then ride it in costume with other like-minded manly men. I feel totally worthwhile right now!

  7. Mazer Says:

    @Vago 1%, he was too busy texting…

    Respects to those who deserve it,

  8. Mazer Says:

    Welcome back Rebel, missed ya!


  9. willienelo3 Says:

    mr. Rebel,

    glad you’re back on the webs.



  10. SoCalBlackbeard Says:

    Glad your back rebel!!!! Longtime lurker of your site. I was starting to think you might never be back up. Keep up the good work man. You know your actually important and on too something “they” don’t want the sheeple to know when people start trying to bring you down. Anyways glad your back up can’t wait read more of your stuff.

  11. VikingTroter Says:

    YAY! Rebels back!…Website is acting funny again. Is it being attacked again?

  12. Ol'Goat Says:

    Hey Metal Dave: … thought the same thing…stations in the suburbs are full of citizens…inner city stations at least sometimes provide something comical or interesting.

  13. Marty Says:

    Yes, welcome back. Saw Sieg’s post in wtn… saw the site go up and down a couple times then poof.

  14. Marty Says:

    Yes, welcome back. Saw Seig’s post in wtn… saw the site go up and down a couple times then poof.

  15. Wingman Says:

    Welcome back!

  16. Jim666 Says:

    @ VAGO 1%er
    Maybe he should stat in a cruiser till they start putting training wheels on the rice..
    Or what ever there riding nowadays out that way, they got mostly or maybe all Harleys here.

  17. Metal Dave Says:

    “You never want to ride into a big city on an empty tank. It’s better to stop outside the city and not have to pull off some inner city exit in a bad part of town.”

    Haha, what a fuckin’ puss.

  18. VAGO 1%er Says:

    How in the fuck does a veteran moto officer run into another motorcycle rider?

  19. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Hey T Rex go fuck yourself! I smell your IO stink from a mile away. The urine odor has got nothing right and they never will. Pigs and rats..

  20. Chuck Says:

    “Hypocrisy of the Dominate Minoity” ATF and Operation Gunwalker, Wells Fargo with 360 billion of the Cartel’s money, and now the DEA partying with hookers paid by the cartels their investigating? Somehow they keep everyone else trying to defend their own groups, against every act some loose cannons engage in?

  21. T-Rex Says:

    I don’t know anything about that woman and her injuries but what that ipod said is right on the money. Rule #1 about women and MC’s, if she ain’t property of a brother, use it and dump it. We been dealing with club whores like that since the 70’s. I guess we’re all guilty of treating women like that at one time or another, just part of the life. Thanks for sharing Reb. Good to see those IO guys got their act together when it comes to shit like loose women.

  22. Fuck the IO Says:

    By the way. Is that ugly bitch Butt Crack Betty one of the club house whores?

  23. Viking 1%er Says:

    @One Eye
    I had the same exact thoughts when I read that crap. Ton a them movies made in the 60s to play on the screen while a guy was banging the cheerleader in the backseat a dads Buick.

    Who in the fuck would hire that fudge packing faggot to rep him in an injury case?? Maybe the world will get lucky and he will be in the path of some granny who is half deaf and blind as he is pretending to be a biker on his bad ass hog!!!!!!

    Respect to those who earned it

  24. Coolaid Says:

    I wish these tools would be erased already..

  25. Oldskewl Says:

    @VAGO 1%er..

    This shit is a daily occurrence in the life of badge issued to serve and protect the nation. Corruption on a scale that would make this look like child’s play happens everyday in the beltway.
    And yet, our tax money pay’s for these fuckers sit around and bust us for trivial shit.



  26. Whitepride Says:

    slow-n-low I was going to say the same thing. Three dog Night wasn’t getting $300,000 back in 74

  27. One Eye Says:

    When I read the Izod quotes all I can think is that he must watch a lot of old B grade biker movies. It just proves that light is so much faster than sound which is why some people may appear to be bright until they speak.

  28. slow-n-low Says:

    Wait a minute…$300,000 for Three Dog Night? Wow. Stupidity has been proven…


  29. The Confederate Celt Says:

    Judging from the statement that she had extensive injuries to her wrist and arms, it sounds as if she tried to defend herself. She’s fortunate that her assailant didn’t wet himself and then pull a gun and shoot her in the side of the head. But then again, he was using a club on, it is assumed, an unarmed and defensless lady.

    If a lady had the crap beat out of her in the clubhouse of most MC’s, a hell of a lot of folks would have been in jail. Once again, the bent and rogue cops in the Urine Odor appears to have gotten them a pass.

  30. Tooj Says:

    The title nails it, Rebel. No different than selling that monkey skull “jewelry”.

  31. popeye Says:

    Is it me or does whitfield look like floyd the barber from the andy griffen show? He must have gone to night school in mayberry and got his law degree. Thelma lou must be proud

  32. panamaa Says:

    Damn’it man, I forgot what a big mouth ipod had… That outa give Mr. Bas a little fuel for the fire…

  33. Clutch Says:

    Ambulance chasing injury lawyer representing io in civil and criminal matters?
    Sounds legit.

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