The Songbirds Of Baltimore

March 19, 2015

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Two men have been charged in connection with the February 7 brawl at Kenny B’s Blue Marlin in Dundalk. Maryland. The fight involved members of the Iron Order, Iron Horsemen and Chosen Sons Motorcycle Clubs.

Christopher Jansen, a former Baltimore police officer and a Chosen Son, was arrested on charges of first and second-degree assault, theft and robbery in the aftermath of the fight. Iron Horsemen Eric Lloyd “Animal” Calkins was charged with two counts of first-degree assault, five counts of second-degree assault, assault with a deadly weapon and strong arm robbery.

Jensen and Calkins accusers are former Orlando Iron Order member Timothy “Sentinel” Taylor and Baltimore Iron Order members Timothy J. Kielian, Seth Daniel Gerhart, James Charles Leblanc and John Anthony Hayes.

The Affray

The five Iron Order members were drinking in the bar with several women when Calkins entered and a fight quickly ensued. Jensen joined the fight after he entered and observed four of the Iron Order members hitting Calkins in the head with collapsible batons, Calkins is a veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury during his military service.

The Iron Order is an enterprise that has branded itself as a “law abiding” motorcycle club in order to form an alliance with various police departments against other motorcycle clubs. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. “many” Iron Order “members are police and corrections officers, active-duty military and/or government employees and contractors.” The purpose of this enterprise appears to be to claim territory and make money.

The Iron Order is very rich. For example, last year’s Iron Order national run cost $300,000.

After the Iron Order provokes a confrontation with members of another motorcycle club, they immediately request the assistance of the police and cooperate in the prosecution of their adversaries. In some instances, the Iron Order has requested the assistance of police before insigating a confrontation with another motorcycle club. The Iron Order has been involved in at least two gun fights in the last year. In a statement made before the murder of Black Piston Zachariah Tipton last year in Jacksonville Beach, Iron Order Vice-President Michael “Cgar” Crouse said, “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”

Mutual Combat

The brawl in the Blue Marlin was an obvious example of “mutual combat.” The Tenth edition of Black’s Law Dictionary defines mutual combat as “A consensual fight on equal terms – arising from a moment of passion but not in self-defense – between two persons armed with deadly weapons.”

“Mutual combat” is a common law defense and it is permissible in Maryland.

In a 2010 case titled State of Iowa v Christopher Spates, the Supreme Court of Iowa noted: “Mutual combat is more than a reciprocal exchange of blows. It requires a mutual intention, consent, or agreement preceding the initiation of hostilities. A charge on mutual combat is warranted only when the combatants are armed with deadly weapons and mutually agree to fight. Thus, an express or tacit agreement to engage in violence, while sufficient, is not required; it is enough that there was a concurrent or mutual expectation that a street battle would ensue….”

“To constitute mutual combat there must exist a mutual intent and willingness to fight and this intent may be manifested by the acts and conduct of the parties and the circumstances attending and leading up to the combat.”

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45 Responses to “The Songbirds Of Baltimore”

  1. Jtbb Says:

    I am amazed that more real cops dont condem the actions of these posers in the iron order i am retired cop from brooklyn ny and been riding long time
    I am disgusted by all these LE clubs running around trying to look like 1%ers
    They come in places and act all tough and try to intimidate normal people
    Several clubs have approached me and wanted me as member
    I laffed them off
    I cant prospect any 1%er club due to my prior employment
    Where i worked was war zone and we battled street gangs everynite
    I ride with friends respect the 1%ers give them their space i have plenty of 1%ers i know and respect more than punks i worked with

  2. RVN69 Says:

    @just ask, I hate politics, and One thing I do know is this is NOT the place to discuss club business, any club business.
    Thanks for the well wishes to my wife.

  3. PJ Says:

    RVN69, wonderful. Glad to hear.

  4. LedBoots Says:

    Great news, RVN69!

  5. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    RVN 69 Great to hear you’re Ol Lady is Free of the Big C………..
    I haven’t posted in a while and probably won’t for a while.Still lurking thou Rebel keep up the good work.and as always F.T.P. and the urine order FUCK YOU TOO.

  6. Just ask.. And you'll know. Says:

    Rvn, great to hear the good news. Wouldn’t it be great if the members you’re afiiliated with could
    Saddle up and roam the country. To be at national with 800 plus brothers on the west coast?? Where disrespect isn’t tolerated and brotherhood comes first? Probably better than the ones in pa where’s there’s thirty left.


  7. Base Says:


    That is great news, been behind the 8 ball for a couple months this actually gave us a smile. My Ol’lady & myself.

    Now if I can just get the picture of Phuquehed dancing around hooting and hollowing out of my mind.

    Things you can’t un-see…..

    You know what after some thought, think I will join ya Phuquehed! I haven’t had a reason to cut a rug in some time,,,,,

    OK, my Grandson is looking at us like we are nuts, but hes joining in anyway!


  8. Anon Says:

    Hey just the facts, you obviously haven’t see the video you fuxking faggot. And tell your bitch if she doesn’t want to be punched in the fucking face to know her fucking place.

  9. Viking 1%er Says:

    Like not looking at a car wreck I couldnt not look at that video now need some acid for my eyes. I ride all over New England and never seen them in any pack at any run or even flying that shit rag. It is also very interesting to note near the end of that video they are showing of that disgusting monkey with a mass bottom rocker sitting next to a state cop chopper.

  10. Wolfenlover Says:

    Great news & thanks for brightening this Monday RVN69. Continued good
    health to ya both.

    FTUO & their cheergirls, everywhere. Sure hope ya’ll ain’t surprised when
    the Karma shows up, ya fuckin’ wastes of pig-skin!

  11. Sieg Says:

    RVN69, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a good bit-congrats to you and your Lady.

    And for the yellow-stained jockstraps, GFY. Ya know, if there were 100 of the Horsemen, and 100 of the Chosen Sons, and ONE urine odor and his cunt, I still wouldn’t object to a good boot-party being thrown in the urine odor’s “honor”.


  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Finally was able to stomach watching more than 30 seconds of that video.

    The only thing I want to know is, which of those cock-sucking faggots decided they needed to show us they wear womens’ panties with the word ‘shaved’ on it and why another of the cock-sucking faggots had to take a picture of it!

    Oh, and if I had to listen to that irritating song again, I’d throw a party with my whole disability check if I heard the group who made it all died in a bus wreck.

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    @RVN69 – Fantastic news, friend!! If you are anything like me, the moment you heard the news, no matter where you were, you started hootin’ and hollerin’ and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, the whole time with a smile on your face an Abram’s tank couldn’t have wiped off. You’re the kind of people who deserve only good news like that. Now, get her home where she’s comfortable and get her back on good home food and back up to par so you can dance with her as soon as she feels better.

    Oh, and being the fucker I am, I gotta say to the moron troll and his sock-puppet, that yeah, ask any pig what the most hated calls are and they’ll tell you domestic violence – husband and wife shit – because far too often they’ll bust the ol’ man and suddenly the stupid bitch goes apeshit and attacks the officer(s) for arresting her ol’ man. Yep, no one should punch a stupid cunt for jumping into a fray of men fighting. You must have been one of the bitches who got hit for getting in the wrong face of the wrong person and now all you have is a sock-puppet to write the same shit you do whining like a skinned-knee little schoolgirl.

  14. popeye Says:

    Interesting spin the IORC trolls have put on this. Women getting beat up but no mention of it from any legit sources. IO gives statements at the scene but fails to mention their women were getting hit? Took them a few days to come up with that?? Time to hire a new PR firm.

  15. FF Says:


    Thanks for letting us know, and God bless you and your family.


  16. panamaa Says:

    GREAT news… I know it’s a big relief to the both of you..


  17. riding dirty Says:

    Patron chased from Earl’s and assaulted, bike damaged

    1 image

    Jason Fowles, 43, of Sebastian

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    Updated 9 months ago

    SEBASTIAN — A patron at Earl’s Hideaway Lounge in Sebastian was chased by a group of bikers on his motorcycle, threatened with a gun, and beaten as he tried to get away, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

    The victim told authorities people tried to kill him with knives and guns around 7 p.m. Sunday, according to the report.

    Jason Fowles, 43, was arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault, felony criminal mischief, and battery, according to authorities. He has since been released from the county jail on $15,000 bail.

    When Fowles was arrested, police found a Glock 30 semi-automatic pistol and a Smith & Wesson revolver on him. Fowles denied pointing a gun at the victim when they arrested him back at Earl’s.

    The victim’s Harley Davidson motorcycle was found lying on its side with significant damage to the front headlight, taillight, turning lamps, side mirrors, handlebars, and gas tank, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Damage done to the bike was estimated at $3,000.

    A person who lives near where the incident occurred told investigators she heard yelling and what sounded like someone damaging her vehicle with a bat.

    Fowles told authorities he kicked the victim’s motorcycle but did not cause any damage to the bike.

    He also told them that the victim almost ran him over in the parking lot at Earl’s, and that is when he chased after him.

    When the victim was driven near Fowles, the victim told authorities, “That is the guy; that is the guy that did it.”

    He also identified Fowles’ red motorcycle in the parking lot of Earl’s. SA For True Crew iomc


  18. 10Gauge Says:


    GREAT NEWS MAN!!! So good to hear.

    Strength, Honor, Respect,

  19. Jim666 Says:

    Great news RVN69 Very glad to hear that my friend,
    L&R Jim.

  20. RVN69 Says:

    I want to thank all that sent well wishes to my wife, it must have worked, no cancer, just scar tissue from teenage pneumonia.

    Thanks again y’all

  21. RVN69 Says:

    I was trying really hard not to feed the trolls, but I know both those clubs having moved south from Maryland. Has anyone noticed the absence of the normal pig terminology in the newspaper article? Usually their statements are just carbon copies of each other, but this one has something missing, there is no ” Investigation continuing, police are asking anyone who witnessed the fight to call, further arrests are anticipated.” I wonder why?? Could it be that it is because that the only 2 non Urine Odor were arrested that night. Speculation would be that the IH objected to those frauds wearing Black&White and they, the Urine Odor feeling all manly since they had numbers on their side began to attack the IH, and that is when the CS walked in and tried to assist the outnumbered IH and the UO being who they are when the cops inveriably arrived, they pulled their law abiding motorcycle club shit and snitched to the cops like they always do. I would be greatly surprised to find out there were any other IH or CS involved.

    Real bikers do not cooperate with the PIGS
    Fuck the Urine Odor

  22. rollinnorth Says:

    Yeah, maybe two cans:

    Respect, to those…

  23. T-Rex Says:

    So let me get this right. The Iron Order guys are in a bar drinking and one single lone Iron Horseman walks in and immediately the Iron Order guys start beating this guy in the head with batons when he already has brain damage? And then this one single lone Chosen Son who happens to be a retired cop just happens to walk in and see this “affray” of 5 Iron Order guys beating this brain damaged Iron Horseman in the head with batons and so he jumps in “mutual combat” to help this Iron Horseman. Then the Iron Horseman and the Chosen Son cop get arrested but no Iron Order? That’s what I read above in another brilliantly written true tale by Donald Charles Davis.

    So what happened to the HD video that was taken by the police from the bar? I guess the Baltimore Sun got it all wrong when they reported the cop was identified in the HD video by his fellow officers who worked with him on a stolen car ring investigation. I guess we should also accept that there were many IH and CS contributors to this “mutual combat” so eloquently described by Donald. Word on the street in MD is women were assaulted by the IH and CS during this “mutual combat” I guess the women also consented to have a fist to cuffs with the men or maybe they had batons too. And we’ll all just forget about the bar owner who happens to be a Chosen Son and he was the one who voluntarily turned over the HD video. I’m with Just the Facts on this one. Sounds like Aging Rebel is really suffering from Alzheimers or effects of Syphlyss on the brain.

    Here we go again. Just like Tipton and Meridian. Donald will fuck this up and all the sheeple on this page will believe him. This is better than reading the Sunday funny papers. Another shooter on the grassy knoll and another guy who got abducted by aliens getting probes stuck up his ass and dropped off at the Dennys in Chicago. Great reporting there Reb.

  24. Just the facts Says:

    Well it appears our Aging Rebel author Zane Grey mystery writer wannabee is at it again. Where in the world do you come up with the fantasies you write about ? Do you not have any sense of pride. Because when the tape is released showing that the IO was actually badly beat up by multiple members of the IH and CS’s what will you do then ? Those cowards actually struck the women of the IO during there encounter. Why do you think they were arrested and no one else ? Once again your mindless reporting at it’s best from a washed up biker wannabe.

    Can you really be that stupid ? Once again I ask you to please save this post so you and all your mindless followers can wallow in your stupidity when the facts come out. Like I said before I have no allegiance to the IO at all. However the way they constantly make all of you and your Facebook cronies look like idiots is really amusing to me. Keep up the good work IO.

  25. Mad Matt Says:

    I threw up in mouth watching this travesty they they call a “club.” On another note the punk in the center of the picture with the “Rhode Island” rocker on his cut at 3:14? Yeah, he’s with one of the big clubs now, my attempt to ban any of these fags was killed without further thought, while I was still around that is. See you on the road, motherfucker.

    FTP FTF FTUORC and Fuck all you fake ass bitches who can’t define the words honor, integrity, and loyalty; nevermind live by them!

  26. Demo Bill Says:

    BMW, it’s Chsen Sons, Not Chosen Few. Both are long standing clubs but not the same club! Agree w/ what you say tho!

  27. Dasein Says:

    The guy at 2:15, if that’s what it looks like, pretty hard to believe even this group would find that a point of pride.

  28. Jim666 Says:

    Im w/ 10 Gauge on his one.
    And btw Rebel about the video your a better man than me, WTF???

  29. Freeman Says:

    They are a fucking bait club, probably steve cooks wetdream, and FF yeah i watched about 30sec of it too laughed, shook my head and closed it before my IQ could drop in the two digits! Heard a whole chapter showed up at a sperm bank, they farted in the cup…

  30. Road Whore Says:

    Prolly not, but dude at about 1:13 looks a lot like Jay Dobyns.

  31. FF Says:


    I hear ya.


  32. rollinnorth Says:

    From what I hear, UO don’t go out in public.

    Remember, don’t feed the troll.


  33. FF Says:



    Wokie you are fucked up dude.

  34. rollinnorth Says:

    Everybody sing!
    “…that is a bad fucking video; that is a bad fucking video…”


  35. BMW Says:

    If I ever heard a valid legal defense of self-defense, the Chosen Few member and the Iron Horsemen should have it here. I wonder how far the LEO cover-up will go to protect the Urine Odor from the results of their own actions? Two against five with weapons sounds like how the cowardly Urine Odor behaves.


  36. X Says:

    IORC member Seth Daniel Gerhart apparently left his phone number on facebook – don’t know if it still a good number. Maybe he wants to know what people think of him being a rat.


  37. alan B'stard MP Says:

    different story here

    That night, four Iron Order members went to the bar with several women, according to a statement of charges. About 9 p.m., members of another group, the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club, entered the building “and immediately began to physically attack the Iron Order members.”

    Then several members of the Chosen Sons, including Jansen, arrived and also attacked the Iron Order members, the court documents say.

  38. Whitepride Says:

    Good God! That video just proves that they are a bunch of posers! How are they not embarrassed by things like this and being pussy rat douchebags? When will the ignorance end?

  39. 10GAUGE Says:


    WTF? It was five on two. According to the io douche bags Animal should have “justifiably defended himself” by shooting them all in the head. Instead charges are brought up on him and another man who attempted to intervene on his behalf.

    This shit makes me sick

  40. that crazy frank dude Says:

    Yeah….That vid was difficult to watch…like the full throttle saloon.

  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear FF,

    I believe it is an “official” Iron Order video. I watched about 30 seconds of it, gagged, and thought “that’ll do.”


  42. Paladin Says:

    Glad to see these turds (io) are no longer floating in the SFV punch bowl.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  43. Rusty Says:

    io,,,,, they will ALWAYS be posers….

  44. FF Says:


    I watched the video ‘Bad motherfucker’. Why did you do that to me, Rebel? Why? That was gayer than anthing the village people ever did.

  45. Phuquehed Says:

    Rats and pussies, nothing more than that makes up the urine odor.

    I wear FTIO proudly painted in LARGE letters on my helmet.

    Rats and pussies, can’t say it enough about the urine odor.

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