Rebels Still Cooperating

March 11, 2015

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Five days ago, on March 6, the Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Police Department released surveillance video of a six minute brawl between members of the Rebels Motorcycle Club and the War Dogs Motorcycle Club. It was sensational video that was quickly broadcast throughout the northeast. According to an Affidavit of Probable Cause filed by police sergeant Thomas Lococo, “two people were shot and  one was stabbed and several were assaulted.”

The video shows seven War Dogs fighting nine Rebels. An unedited version of the footage shows that one War Dog was seriously injured and had to be assisted from the scene.

The fight was hardly breaking news. It had happened January 31. The question was why the police started to publicize the incident when they did..

The answer was that local police were trying to build a criminal case against a War Dog named Chester L. Dobbins.


Lococo “was able to obtain video of the incident from security cameras on nearby businesses. The defendant (Dobbins) was viewed in the video approaching the victim and punching him. The defendant and the victim then fall to the ground and were on the ground when the defendant is viewed striking the victim in the head and face.”

So how did Lococo identify Dobbins? “This officer did interview the victim and showed him the video of the incident. The victim did identify the defendant in the video as the person striking him. The victim’s account closely matching the video. “

Lococo declines to name the Rebel who is “the victim.”

“This officer also showed the video to an informant and this informant identified the defendant also.”

Since the only witnesses to the fight were members of the two clubs, “the informant” was either a Rebel or a War Dog. No Rebels are charged for participating in this fight – or for the increasingly popular charge in motorcycle club cases of “invitation to an affray.” Three War Dogs have been arrested. One Rebel was arrested and charged with violating parole.


The Rebels are quickly developing a reputation for provoking fights and then cooperating with police. According to a War Dog with knowledge of the incident, “That group of Rebels on the video walked down within about 20 yards of the  bar we were in and yelled at our ladies and a couple of our prospects to send us out because they wanted to kill us.”

This isn’t the first time Rebels have identified themselves to police as victims after engaging in what would seem to be mutual conduct with members of another club. After a fight with members of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club in Rochester, Pennsylvania on October 13, 2014, Rebels named Dwayne “Hobo” Bogolea, Scott Hartley and J.D. Lambert told police they had been assaulted by a disabled Marine veteran named Cory Robert Howard.


41 Responses to “Rebels Still Cooperating”

  1. Jakob Snipe Says:

    Aussie Rebels are the biggest club down under and one of the most feared in society’s omcg the largest highly trained club in Australia with more club’s affiliated for benefit apposed to missing out on peace and quiet Google Omcg in Australia you get clarity. hahaha

  2. Johnny Says:

    It’s been awhile since this thing with the reb and other club took place. The rebs started here a few yrs ago. About 3 I guess ? I know that patches were sent to a certain state and those patches disapeared. A florida guy patched in x this and x that. I do believe that some of the rebs are cops. There cannot be many og rebs left. Some of the early rebs were x ching a lings.
    I was supposed to patch with the rebs but did not ! I got to sit and watch and think. WTF ?

  3. L.W.M.C Says:

    Wouldnt expect anything less from these putrid snitch dogs fuck the oppositio E.G.F death to all rebs

  4. FF Says:


    That’s a good copy, out.

  5. Numberz Says:

    @FF Dude shaking my head thinking WTF Over.

  6. John Deaux Says:

    alien snack bar – aloha snack bar
    That’s some funny shit

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    I can picture a great call-and-response scene with each side yelling louder.
    “Alien snackbar!” “Aloha snackbar!”
    “ALIEN snackbar!!” “ALOHA snackbar!!”


  8. FF Says:

    Numberz, this one is good:

    LMFAO it’s like one flew over the Cuckoo’s nest over there

  9. Numberz Says:

    No disrespect to popeye however it is not Alien Snackbar it is Aloha Snackbar.

    You can tell from the legitimate middle eastern marksmanship training video.

    Full warning DO NOT watch this video with food or liquid in your mouth you will choke or spit out your beer laughing you have been warned.

  10. Wolfenlover Says:

    I hear ya Tooj. There are(several) truck-loads of independents here in Ks. And we all kinda support our existing MC’s. It was said that there is room for “everybody”, but when these bastards think of coming here, we are CLOSED.
    Got as many Clubs as we need or want. Got friends/contacts in all of them.
    Guess need to be on the lookout for a white ford pick-up, huh? LMAO
    I’m pretty sure floor-sweepings won’t show up. Altho I’m having health
    issues, I’d still step on little floor-sweeping’s ass, but ya know he ain’t gonna get involved! He’s just a money-man. FUCK YOU CUNNINGHAM & your cuntwife/whore. You got till May 7th to set up shop, BITCH!

  11. Mad Matt Says:

    The military version of “Allahu Akbar” is “Aloha Snackbar.” Them goat-fuckers just love it to pieces….

    FTP FTF FTW and Fuck the Providence VA, ward 4A. That means you Dr.M.

  12. Shovelhead Says:


    Thanks for the laugh.

    Respect for 1%ers

  13. popeye Says:

    Or at least flick it in the other guys face and get a cheap shot in.

  14. Jim666 Says:

    Oldskewl Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 8:20 am

    “One other thing, if you smoke, throw your fucking cigarette away when your fighting! I see guys from both clubs smoking the same damn cigarette before, during and after the fight!”

    Better yet knock the fire off and put the butt in yer pocket, DNA can be collected off cigarette butts,

  15. oldshove Says:

    I kinda help out at a out of the way now where place .Biker friendly cabins rooms campground band stand bar.We get lots of groups threw from 81 to 10 speed racers no problems.Till the clowns showed up .Had a mom pop club booked for the weekend the rebels said no or we will come and wreck your party.The guy organizing it freaked out and canceled.The funny part is the guy who owns the place is a original rebel from Calgary before the 81.Whats that quote every one wants to be a 1% Come by and tell us why rebels

  16. Tooj Says:


    There’s an Independent or two or three or…

    I know Okoboji and live in Kansas. MORE than happy to stand beside and set some shit straight. I’m figuring “floor sweepings” is counting on patching some iorc. Freud and Co. won’t want to cross the path wearing stars and bars. I see his sorry shit on occasion flying that bullshit iorc rag.

    As Rebel would say, some of us know more than we say.

  17. Tomo Says:

    Just watched the video.
    I don’t pretend to be half as handy as most of my mates, but fuck me if one of my mates had got into a fight, I’d try something! Even if that was only managing to squash a few of the fuckers under my svelte 240lb ass, to give my mate time to get his breath back, get away or something.
    That video reminded me of that TV series, Jackass or whatever it was called (also the one with the Welsh lads, for those in the UK). As if someone had paid them a lot of money to stand around and take a beating for starting on someone who they knew would batter the fuck out of them; all whilst being filmed from a secret location in HD with surround sound for the enjoyment of couch potatoes the world over.

  18. Anon Says:

    I’m sure someone has noticed this, but I didn’t see a comment on it.

    At 11:40:09 in the above video the man on the right with a diamond on his shirt removes something from his pocket, moments later he strikes with whatever that object is.

    At 11:40:35 the smoking man in his cutoff on the left is struck in the stomach with an upward blow from a man in a jacket. The man who was struck stands and appears somewhat dazed for the remainder of his time on screen. He is then seen investigating an apparent injury under his vest, which his companion appears to notice before helping him limp away (my guess would be that he was stabbed).

    I don’t see a muzzle flash, but as far as I can see only the men in the jackets are using weapons in the fight.

  19. Oldskewl Says:

    The entire 6 minute video of the fight is here :

    I know they say someone got shot and others stabbed but I don’t see muzzle flash or anything else to indicate that during the video so perhaps it happened after the main fight was over. I know you can’t see a lot because the video is a little grainy and it’s dark.
    This is entirely one sided, most of the rebels stand and watch their brothers get their asses stomped and don’t do shit.
    No need for guns or knives on the part of the war dogs, this was a good old fashion ass whippin.

    One other thing, if you smoke, throw your fucking cigarette away when your fighting! I see guys from both clubs smoking the same damn cigarette before, during and after the fight!

  20. Docb Says:

    I like the part about the three rebels being assaulted by one dissabled Marine Veteran. LMFAO

  21. Viking 1%er Says:

    ROFL aliens snackbar I like it gonna say ahead a time I am gonna use that from now on hahaha. Maybe it’s been around a while but a new one for me

    Respect to those that earned it

  22. popeye Says:

    If the rebels are a muslim organization they should be easy enough to find. I always hear them shouting “allens snackbar” . I think it’s where their clubhouse is.

  23. TrueMF Says:

    First off, I think Rebel does a great job finding out facts and reporting them. Some people don’t like it some do. I am kind of on both sides of the fence with some of these comments. Even though there have been some things done with this club that have obviously been done wrong I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a conspiracy. Are there questionable people in there, possible rats and snitches? That has been proven to be yes but a “bait” club?? I don’t know about all that. On the flip side, you have a lot of people on Facebook wearing “support your local whatever” shirts, hats, etc. making threats on Facebook which is monitored heavily by local and federal LE. So when and if an incident occurs. All this Facebook shit gets pulled back up. I have even seen some retards on Facebook who were making comments and “liking” comments showing that they were from one of the clubs involved. How fucking stupid is that?
    Then you have all the fake profiles making threats.
    Say Mr. Muslim comes to your town and something occurs like all this IO bullshit and gun play.. You dumbasses with fake profiles or wearing support gear just gave him an alibi!!
    Or if your in a club involved in an incident and on Facebook commenting about it, then act surprised when your door gets kicked in.
    Rats, snitches, ex-cops are nothing new in motorcycle clubs. Rebel has reported on other clubs involved in shit that members were known (by their club) former cops and on many club members that have rolled over on their brothers or enemy. Whites and Blacks in clubs together is nothing new. What is new are these fools on Facebook. Everything from IO’s gay pictures, to these self proclaimed 1%ers and all these other dipshits stirring things up.

    The only thing I’m certain of is Rebel does put facts out there, and Facebook is heavily monitored by law enforcement and used by idiots on every side of the fence.

  24. Wildbill1963 Says:

    I went to Australia about 10 years ago for vacation and rented a bike from Frasier HD in Sydney.I rode about half the country on east side. Went to a few biker events and had a good time. Most people treated me well. I did see a lot of sand niggers patched into the clubs there. I couldn’t believe it. I was used to dealing with white working class dudes in U.S.A. It just seemed strange.

  25. Wolfenlover Says:

    CUM to KC you little muzzy NIG & put my name on the CH! I’ll tear it down
    myself. I shit bigger than you BOY. Block me from answering your messages,
    my MAMA is still gonna haunt your dreams NIG BOY! Your’s & your WHORE’S you
    make walk the street! Come to Kansas & taste FACTS you little nigger.

  26. Nanook Says:

    Could this be another go at chartering an all rat/pig club by the ATF?

  27. FF Says:


    The only response from down under that I have seen have been namecalling and threats. At this point I think its a safe bet they know exactly what these idiots are doing and either dont care or they are down with Aunt Jemima.

  28. 1MANGANG Says:

    @ Bone Head. Sad to say that Aus. Rebels DO know whats going on but I think that their plate is full due to the new laws against bikies/bikers over there. From my understanding it’s alot of good guys in the US Rebels. The problem is Ol’ Dustbag not telling his members the truth. He will tell them that he’s patching over so many members from a major club like the “Pagans” And the reality is it’s just 1 guy that came from a Pagan support club and the rest are just FUCKTARDS! Also he keep it from members when he patch Ex IO or COPS! Thats his [DON’T ASK DON’T TELL Policy] Ol’ Dustbag also have Bylaws that he calls the Constitution that he created for the US members but show Australia a different version of the bylaws. Little Slick Bastard Isn’t he. He holds the title of national president & national treasure for a very long time until a couple weeks ago and I guess he had to let his other little nigger puppet take the national treasure position because of his hand kept getting stuck in the cookie jar. I have a buddy I talk to everyday that is a member and trust me when I say Ol’ Dustbag is on his way out the door! I wonder what he is going to do next? Be A Ninja I guess kekeke

  29. Viking1%er Says:

    The Aussie Rebels have been strangely silent while their name and patch have been dragged thru the mud by a mudslime piece of shit. I cannot remember a foreign chapter of any of the dominant American clubs EVER disgracing the clubs patch in such a way and I have been around for a minute. I cannot imagine that the news of this has not made it down to the land of shrimp and barbies and what REALLY fucks with my head is why has their IP not sent the appropriate people to deal with mudslime cumdumpster and his imposters. I also call bullshit on this 30% are practicing mudslime. To bad he is to far to send my grandkids to have a field day bombarding his house, car, bike and him with a mess a water balloons filled with pigs blood LOL.

    Respect to those who earned it

  30. Philo Says:

    Watch the video. Seriously..please..take a minute and watch it. Every one of those guys should have their patches pulled solely on the basis of throwing punches like a bunch of middle school girls. FFS. I don’t expect every biker to be Roberto Duran, but have some self respect for Christ’s sake! I’m embarrassed for them. Especially ‘hands in pockets’ guy in the background. Nice cover bro! He’s worse than ‘speed bag punches’ guy in the front. Jesus..


  31. Bone Head Says:

    Read the accounts of War Dogs vs rebels and Leathernecks vs rebels…then about the Australian Rebels on this site and others. US rebels and Australian Rebels do not seem to be cut from the same cloth. I wonder if any of the Australians are hearing about the US bunch? Wonder if there’s a big old WTF??? going on?

    Respect to those who can stand the light…

  32. AFormerRebel Says:

    One other thing is he lies about who he is patching in to the rest of the club and there is no way for the others to have any say. He told everyone the PA Rebels were all former pagans he flipped. He won’t tell you that guys are ex cops or ex io. He’s even said he has respect for the io because they stood up to other 1% clubs. As many guys that find out the truth leave he patches in ex io or shitbags.

  33. AFormerRebel Says:

    Sawdust is not smart enough to have some agreement with law enforcement. He just blatantly sells the patch to anyone no matter their status in the world be it green or oib. He’s just an arrogant nig nig who has never been in the hot seat anywhere but the Internet I bet once he eats a ring or two he’ll knock off his bs.

  34. Freeman Says:

    Lets keep callin’em out.

  35. Freeman Says:

    Gov owned, looks to me like taking the Mongols patch didn’t work, Plan B urine order got called out early, plan C lets use a foreign one.

  36. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Well, *something* ain’t right. The timing of all these recent events, first off, smells out loud.
    The video of this ‘rebels’ thing looks like reality t.v., until the War Dogs start kicking ass (then it becomes…reality). Those ‘rebels’ guys had no intentions of fighting at all – that’s obvious. Anybody with three functioning brain cells is not going to bait Bikers unless they are confident they can achieve some goal – or goals – including surviving whatever comes after.
    No way.
    There were LE motorcycle groups around before, and this didn’t happen. If anything, they probably tried to buddy up to The Real Deal at rallies, etc.
    The outlaw Biker hysteria was first generated by two large media publications long ago; then came Thompson’s book, and even though Thomas Wolfe, and other Notable Figures have poked huge holes in his story, even *he* said all the tales told in the media were hysterical, overblown, or just plain lies.
    What do people remember about Altamont? Well, nobody *ever* mentions that ‘the 18yro black man killed’ was headed toward the stage pointing a revolver at Jagger (ON FILM), who’s life was saved by an outlaw Biker. *Never* do they mention that. (And it was obvious from the looks Jagger was getting from at least one Club Officer on stage, the Bikers were not exactly enamored with Jagger at that point).
    What people are going to remember is ‘Bikers say they are 30% muslim’ and ‘Bikers shooting each other in the streets everywhere’ and even worse complete and utter bullshit like ‘Bikers shooting it out at Disneyland with 60 busloads of kids around’ (the bizarre fantasy of a snitch who also fantasized about being a cop and – later – a ‘government contractor’).
    It comes down to this: Bikers get killed a lot – usually riding because they ride a helluva lot – bearing in mind that they are really good at that. So that part – The Main Part – is really fucking dangerous.
    Then there is The Life: I am certainly no expert (right now I’d qualify to wipe the dogshit off of a 1%er’s tires…maybe), but I recall a Legendary Biker (Rest In Peace, Ride Free Forever Cisco) who, when deciding to join his Club, went to a bar they frequented and told his girlfriend, “Wait in the car, I have to go in here and get beat up” (I am quoting, probably not word-for-word, Sonny Barger’s autobiography).
    You don’t, never did, and never will find a long line of guys signing up for this kind of action. No way.
    So suddenly, whole groups of brainless twits decide to *imitate*, then enrage these same people? *And* their kin? In less than a year?
    Nope, not buying it. No weird planet alignment, no brain virus from spending a lot of time around toxic bike trailer materials, no amount of cash, awards, prizes – no way. Fake bikers are terrified of Bikers – they would never do this. Who would?… and then *hide*. Sound like somebody’s idea of ‘guerilla tactics’?
    Sure as hell won’t get ’em laid, that’s for sure.
    Respects to The Real, Ride Free.
    (Road Whore, if you read this and are still awake, I owe you 226 beers now and I’ll pay some female ‘entertainer’ to clean your tires. Cheers man.)

  37. The Confederate Celt Says:

    It was pointed out by Gary North that the Clive Bundy standoff out west “ended well” not because the folks on the “line” had guns, but rather because they were heavily armed with video cameras and cell phones. What can we “outsiders” do? If we see something like this developing, we can certainly pull out our cell phones and video recorders and start recording. No, we won’t be snitches and cooperate with the cops; but we can sure as hell provide the videos to the defense attorneys of the “good guys”. If fact, this approach might be worth considering by the real MC’s to protect themselves from provocation and the frame-up. It would seem to be a hell of a lot different to give it to your defense attorney than to give it to the cops.

  38. Outsider Says:

    As someone not affiliated with the 1%er lifestyle, but someone that respects it immensely, it seems as though this is a new startling tactic by LEO’s to lock up good people. These videos & stories are becoming more popular & it’s clear that LEO’s are pretending to be “Brothers”, but have a bigger story in mind, that story being charges & time.
    I wish I had a 3rd strike to give because I would do what I could to battle these asshat pigcops. Not saying I’d ever be accepted into a Club, but I would help in anyway possible. I fight them on my own terms as a “Rehabilitated Gangster”, but my hands are tied or I’d go to prison as a Habitual.
    I only hope that you stand up people that live this lifestyle can overcome this new form of charges. These are set-up’s. They show up to nothing more than a gathering of friends, start a fight like a child & puke information to the nearest LEO they can.
    For what it’s worth…You have the support of Outsiders. Keep up the good fight!

  39. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed:

    ROFL…there ya go! :)

    Ride Free

  40. Phuquehed Says:

    Shouldn’t it be titled ‘Rebels still rats and pussies’?

  41. Road Whore Says:

    This has gotta be a deep cover conspiracy against patch holders. It sounds to me like a war has been declared on bikers, from somewhere deep inside LE machinations.

    Ride Free, regulars

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