Popping Up And Popping Off

March 8, 2015

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Obviously, the two burgeoning popup clubs that have declared war on everybody else on the motorcycle outlaw frontier must be some part of some law enforcement strategy. What else could they be?

Last week, it was impossible to ignore the Iron Order Motorcycle Club – the law abiding motorcycle club – after a fight in Meridian, Mississippi between members of the Iron Order, Bandidos and Pistoleros left four people wounded. An Iron Order member was hit in the head with a baton. Another Iron Order member who is a serviceman was shot twice. Two Bandidos were shot, one critically. Iron Order members are cooperating with local police.

This week it is that other band of instant badasses, the Rebels Motorcycle Club USA, who are starting fights, making headlines and cooperating with police.

Look At Us

A source who seems to have a pretty good handle on what the Rebels are doing described what happened with his club: “They went to local bars and brazenly made threats against us and all three of the other major Clubs in this area. This was obviously their strategy to try to attract as many recruits as possible as quickly as possible.”

A couple of nights ago in Clarksville, Tennessee the Rebels went looking for Outlaws but found two other clubs instead. A fight ensued.

Late last week, police in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania asked the public for help in identifying members of the War Dogs Motorcycle Club who beat down Rebels in a fight outside a bar on January 31. So far three War Dogs have been arrested for rioting and other charges. One Rebel was arrested for a parole violation but the Rebel who shot a War Dog was not arrested because no War Dog would cooperate with police. The War Dogs were arrested because the Rebels do cooperate with police. The Rebels who were beaten did identify their assailants.

The fight was instigated by the Rebels. Nine of them stood outside a bar and harassed the other club’s women until they were engaged by seven War Dogs. Immediately after the fight, the Rebels claimed they had been outnumbered 25 to four. You can view a short portion of the six minute fight between the Rebels and the War Dogs below.

As, has been the case in previous violent episodes involving the Rebels, the confrontation was supervised by Rebels’ “Prime Minister” Mike “Sawdust” Cunningham who watched from a nearby car.

Cunningham (photo above), who may just be getting in over his head, opens his mouth and insults fall out.

Cunningham Speaks

“Just name the city is all you have to do.” He bragged on social media nine days ago. “Purple and Gold area. I can have a full chapter in that area in 60 days. My name is out. I don’t hide behind a fake profile. Y’all have tried all kinds of slander but we still grow. Laughing my ass off. You can’t stop destiny.”

“If you can get the PO boxes to the admins from IOMC Truth and Aging Rebel please send it to me. Rebels MC USA would like to write a check out to them for being the best publicity and advertising we could have ever imagined. It has truly enabled us to get in at least six more states way ahead of schedule and we think they should be rewarded for their dedication and perseverance.”

Cunningham brags that the Rebels are “the most talked about club in America,” and that he is a “living legend.”

“I’m a rock star now,” Cunningham states with apparent sincerity. He also says, “that at least thirty percent of Rebels worldwide are Muslim.”

This might not end well for Cunningham.

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  1. newZealand Says:

    Theres always a fuckin clown in every chapter that fucking clown up top is one of them,instead of bikies fighting against each other all of yous should be riding together not fighting lets face it Mc clubs ain”t the same anymore hasn”t bein for a long time those days are gon its about $$$$ an crack

  2. Exrebelsexwife Says:

    “Watched from a nearby car” lol yep. That’s the coward I knew.

  3. alan B'stard MP Says:

    Coming to an American town near you. Soon to be the second biggest club in USA, behind IO

    EXCLUSIVE: A bear skin rug, a fleet of choppers and a herd of deer out the back: Inside the compound of millionaire Rebels bikie boss Alex Vella, exiled in Malta after being accused of allegedly running one of Australia’s biggest criminal gangs

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3384846/Inside-compound-banned-millionaire-Rebels-bikie-gang-boss-known-Maltese-Falcon.html#ixzz3wcEwCfv5
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  4. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Hi Retired. That’s what I’m telling these blokes. Oz clubs are fucked. Just more ethnic organized crime. Rebels USA will gt as many streets crims as that can, like that idiot Doc Cavazos did with the Mongols

    Rebels will be the biggest club in USA, easily

  5. L.W.M.C Says:

    Rebel maggots filthy snitch putrid scum any there leader as

    As as fake as you can get

  6. L.W.M.C Says:

    Putrid rebel rat dogs fuck the rebs weak muts

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    THANKS Big n Tall & Oldskewl! I knew I wasn’t hallucinating(Can’t get THAT
    kind in a script.hehehe)

  8. Oldskewl Says:

    Here is a link to the thread.


  9. Oldskewl Says:


    You are correct.. He or She posted in the Cory Roberts thread on this site.
    Check the thread and look about 20 posts down.



  10. Big n Tall Says:

    SARWW post Jan 7th. under Rebels Cooperating

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    Am I right or am I wrong that a SARWW posted on this site as a Rubbles
    supposed officer or supporter? I saw that same SARWW on The Truth & this is
    a woman talking for the Rubbles! Claims SHE never posted here, but even tho
    I’m on some heavy drugs from the VA, I recalled that acronym! SARWW was
    talking shit about the Rubbles as if SHE were a MAN! Now she claims
    different & says “NEVER POSTED HERE”, just read the shit!
    Lyin’ CUNT. I couldn’t make-up that name. Somebody please help finding that
    cunts posts! Then I can post on The Real Truth!

  12. Retired Says:

    I am a ex Rebel from down under I can tell you that the Rebels wont care what is happening in the USA they will sit back and wait until the USA rebs are big on numbers then they will send in some men to tidy up. They will get rid of sawdust and any other weak member and take there bikes. Alex vella and his ethnic army have ruined a good club it is all about money and numbers now. The 81 and bandildos in aus are full of muslims and other ethnic scum no one cares anymore.

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