Christie Film Saga Jumps Shark

March 6, 2015

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George Christie, the out bad former president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, is now threatening to sue Nick Mead, the British documentarian who spent more than two years and something more than $100,000 making a documentary about Christie before deciding not to release it.

In an email to Mead yesterday, Christie’s daughter and sometimes attorney Moriya Lynn Christie wrote: “Your recent unilateral determination that The Last American Outlaw documentary would not be distributed has required the parties to examine situation with an eye towards the parties’ respective legal obligations. You are one of the joint venturers in the Last American Outlaw Joint Venture with Nikki Nicoletto-Christie pursuant to a written agreement written by the Venture’s attorney, James Devine.”

“It seems that the appropriate remedy is for you to sign over your rights in the Venture and in the Documentary to Nikki.  The transaction can be structured whereby Nikki and the Venture indemnify you from any claims that arise from the distribution of the Documentary with an errors and omissions insurance policy secured in order to address any such claims. Otherwise, you are likely looking at a lawsuit for damages and specific performance wherein you are going to incur over $100,000 in legal fees whereas my relationship with Nikki will substantially reduce the attorneys’ fees she will be required to spend, if any at all.

“You simply cannot take your ball and go home.”

Why Not

Mead thinks he can.

The Last American Outlaw began as a tribute to Easyrider in which George Christie would tour America on his motorcycle and have conversations with interesting people. According to Mead, the film got off to a rough start when Christie insisted on trailering his motorcycle from Ventura to Joshua Tree, California, a distance of about 200 miles.

“We spent the first morning tracking down a trailer for his bike,” Mead said. “We eventually got it from U-Haul, with an absurdly narrow metal thing that meant getting the bike on and off was nearly impossible. Out of a five or six day journey to Arizona we ended up filming the bike sequence for a total of about 45 minutes. The rest of the time the bike was in the trailer.”

When Christie was indicted for conspiring to firebomb two tattoo shops named “Scratch the Surface” and “Twisted Ink” that competed with his own tattoo shop in Ventura, Mead believed that Christie was innocent and decided to shift the focus of the documentary to what he then thought was Christie’s persecution by the government.

Mead began to have doubts about Christie’s actual innocence after the film was mostly completed. The film was first shown at a place called the Bells Arts Factory in Ventura. Christie, who has an autistic son, told Mead the proceeds from the screening would benefit autism research. Mead thinks Christie simply pocketed the money.

What Else

Mead then began to have doubts about Christie’s actual innocence in his federal racketeering case and the circumstances that led to Christie’s expulsion from his long time motorcycle club. Throughout the production, Christie maintained that he had “retired” from the Hells Angels. Actually, he was voted out in bad standing from the club in 2011. Audio recordings obtained by The Aging Rebel strongly suggest that Christie was expelled because he avoided jail time for motorcycle theft and drug charges by informing on another Hells Angel.

The length of time between Christie’s plea deal in his latest court case and his sentencing, and the brevity of his sentence suggest that Christie debriefed with the FBI. After beginning to suspect that Christie was less innocent than he appeared Mead asked to see Christie’s plea and sentencing agreement. When Christie refused, Mead no longer wanted to be associated with the film.

“It was meant to be a noble story about this legendary figure,” Mead said. “And slowly the bubble burst. George wasn’t exactly the legendary figure he claimed to be.”

In her demand letter to Mead yesterday, Moriya Christie wrote: “I understand that you question some of the statements made by George Christie in the Documentary regarding the manner in which he left the Hells Angels, the circumstances of his plea agreement with the United States, and whether or not money from the public screening of the Documentary at Bell Arts Factory was donated to an organization that researches autism.  I also understand that you have had additional conversations with Hells Angels members about George and the Documentary. It is presumed that you stated to Aging Rebel that the Documentary would not be distributed because of the foregoing. You are not relieved of these fiduciary duties simply because you are not happy with the content of the Documentary or now question George’s veracity.”

Fiduciary Duties

Since Christie is threatening to sue Mead rather than the other way around it is unclear exactly what Mead’s “fiduciary duties” to Christie actually are. According to Mead, “George never put any money into the film. That a filmmaker who makes documentaries discovers he has been misled by his subject and is then legally forced to release a film that he knows is a lie? Is that nutty or what?”

The Aging Rebel has been told by informed sources who are not Nick Mead that George Christie is involved in ongoing negotiations to appear in a six part reality television series about his life to be produced by a New York production company named Eastern TV. Christie was in New York last week. The series would be cablecast on The History Channel.

In a casting notice last year for the as yet untitled show, Eastern wrote:

“Are you a man with miles of hard road behind you, ready to ride toward a bold new horizon? Read on…

“We’re looking for a family man who has spent years in loyal service to his motorcycle club and wants to kick start a new life starring in a brave new series commissioned by a major cable network. If you’re an outlaw with a heart of gold your greatest adventure might be about to begin…by sending us an email.”

“You need to be hard and uncompromising, with a personality big enough to fill the screen. Your family is as important as you are. If you’ve got a little girl you can’t say ‘no’ to and a wife who knows exactly how to tell you ‘no,’ we’re off to a great start. You need to be ready to put the outlaw years behind you and make a new start at something totally different. It’s great if you know what you want to do next, but if not, having the desire is enough: we can help with the rest.”

No Faith

Mead believes George Christie wants to use footage from the documentary in the History Channel show. In a short response to yesterday’s demand letter, Mead wrote, “I have no faith in this film at all.  I presume you are still trying to connect this film to either the History Channel or Eastern TV and that is probably the real reason for this letter. I will suck this up financially. It has been a terrible, awful waste of my time and efforts and financially it is crippling. But life goes on. I will not support a lie.”

This morning Mead said, “I just don’t want my work to go into some god awful reality series. I thought I was making a noble film about a noble man. I thought it was something important. Now it all seems a little self serving with no grounding in reality. They’re trying to bully me into giving up the film. The whole thing is very grubby.”

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36 Responses to “Christie Film Saga Jumps Shark”

  1. Outside it all. Says:

    @ Meh …. yeah, like Capone and his “Business,” its been said that he had 75% of the Chicago Cops and most of the heavy hitters on the payroll, when suddenly “OL J. Edgar Hoover,” gets a giant erection for Capone, and then as the story goes …. somebody back east wasn’t getting a cut.
    History repeating itself over and over and over, nothing changes, nothing changes except the actors. Life amongst the Rats, they always win the rat race.
    Well Thought, well said, well written.

    “If Freedom of Speech is taken away, then Dumb and Silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington

    Respects! OIA

  2. Meh Says:

    Road Whore wrote:
    “Understand one thing: living the life of an Outlaw requires ethics, morals, and standards…it doesn’t mean that you just get to run apeshit wild and fuck everything and everybody over for your own satisfaction. It means you rebel against a warped and unjust system, not become a part of it.”

    In theory, but in “theory” all pork are theoretically Officer Friendly and supposedly exist to protect and serve, politicians are honest, and the system isn’t rigged. In practice ALL human systems are subject to corruption and the calculated exploitation of trust by insiders.

    “Outlawry” can be whatever an outlaw, biker or pedestrian or whatever, chooses it to be. It is merely indifference to law often coupled with exploiting legal situations for profit. (The rich do this too but they own the cops, courts and most media.)

    In reality people are self-serving assholes to some degree and highly idealized images of ANY group must be dishonest. No group likes to admit this, but it is a severe security vulnerability opponents exploit.

    Christie should not be a surprise because bikers are humans. His real-world mechanism for getting money and power prior to flipping worked, and when circumstances changed he used traded on that for more money and status via lamestream media pseudo-infotainment.

    What is dangerous is that it is working for him and others will follow that example under the right combination of carrot-and-stick circumstances. A media staple is the “reformed sinner” who simpletons are conditioned to believe in by religion/superstition.

    Religion = politics and has been “flipping” targets for thousands of years. Smart (not to be confused with honorable or moral) targets often flip because the comforting and profitable embrace of the system looks better than being punished or disappeared beyond any hope of rescue.

    Pure punishment is lousy counterinsurgency because it leaves insurgents nowhere to go but the fight. Carrot + stick OTOH co-opts some prior opponents for obvious reasons.

    I use the counterinsurgency example because I view the surveillance state as using bikers for target practice. J. Edgar Hoover is dead but his clones are alive and more powerful than he could imagine.

  3. inkedupirishguy Says:

    seems like the pursuit of the almighty dollar has taken its fair share of victims in the MC world. Doc, George Christie, even that club from Devil’s ride.

    Apparently, it IS all about the Benjamins.

  4. Meh Says:

    That documentary could be turned into an entertaining expose of Christie rather than rat-fed anti-81 propaganda, especially if Sonny Barger were willing to add his statements and take a polygraph.

    A polygraph is NOT scientific proof of deception or honesty but it can suggest that a subject is being deceptive.

    Mead could recoup his investment in style and Sonny is more than sharp enough to debunk Christies narrative.

  5. Sue Porter Says:

    Having been associated with the Angels for many years, and penned an article or two, I have qained a lot of insight into HAMC.
    George Christie was a lying rat of a disloyal piece of shit!
    I recommend that no one watch any program on many media about this prick.
    I’m glad he’s dead!

  6. smartalek Says:

    Feel like I walked into the middle of a family fight here.
    Hope you’re ready for a big influx of new visitors, because of your site’s cite in the New York Times today.
    Thanks for giving outsiders a way to learn (and maybe to vicariously live a bit of outlaw fantasy, without actually having to put forth any effort or take any risks).
    Best wishes to you, and to all who ride.

  7. Footer Says:

    Big bad pres turns nark and starts suing people. Bahahahaha

  8. zed Says:

    Mead should just restart production, and film the rest of the story, its unfolding daily, and while I don’t profess to know much, but that christie guy is on alot of wrong peoples shit list… where does a guy turn when he can’t even look in the mirror? Nah, aging rebel? Your telling me, He was the president of like a hundred years, then makes a movie and lies all over the place And then, he snitched on his brother, and is now a outlaw to the Hells Angels motorcycle club? THATS A FUCKIN MOVIE!

  9. Duffer Says:

    All that can be said it’s a real disappointment !!!! But not a surprise !!! The life has changed n not for the better even though people will say it hasn’t !!! Thanks Rebel for all you do

  10. Knucklehead Says:

    A very sad state of affairs. Mead is getting the shaft on this for sure. Investing his time, effort and money only to be disillusioned by Christie and then asked to give up his work. That’s bullshit. It’s my understanding (I could be wrong) that in the UK if you bring a lawsuit and lose you have to pay for not only your own lawyers but the other persons lawyers as well. Sounds like posturing to me. I don’t think Mead has any obligation to give up anything.

  11. DesertH-D Says:

    “Jumps the Shark”… And there certainly are no “happy days” in all this.

    Growing up in the California desert, and spending plenty of time on the Central Coast, George Christie was a larger than life figure. I remember the torch run, among many other things. He was one of only a handful that regularly spoke publicly on behalf of the club. The few times I spoke with him were very memorable experiences.

    To see what has now come to pass… As Jim666 put it: Sad, very sad.

    “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

  12. Oldskewl Says:

    @Jim666.. While I don’t know Christie personally I can say that it’s painful for those of us that looked up to these guys with admiration for having that many years under their belts only to later find out they have talked or “informed”.

    Because of the area I grew up in and my proximity to the HAMC clubhouses they have always been the dominate club in my area (SF Bay Area) It’s just a fucking shame, all the young brothers looking to the grey beards for guidance and this shit is going on behind closed doors. I know it’s not the “norm” but Jesus Christ… it’s happening constantly now… Maybe it’s just because we have social media and things come to light that would have never been known 25 years ago, I really can’t explain it.


  13. bcnasty Says:

    well said. Seems to be an epidemic lately of like circumstances.

  14. Jim666 Says:

    George was once a great man and leader, I guess the dollars got to his head, nothing more to say, other than Sad very sad.
    Respects to the rest of the Ventura 81 charter

  15. Viking 1%er Says:

    @Doctor Sardonicus
    Maybe there would be a market for them bobble-heads as targets. Might be one a two people out there that would like to shoot the shit out of the afore mentioned bobble-head dolls.

  16. BMW Says:

    A potential plaintiff can file a lawsuit against ANYBODY, but that is a long way from winning a lawsuit. I did not see a threat to sue, I saw a carefully-worded threat to think about legal recourse.

    Of course joint-venture partners have a fiduciary duty to each other — they can’t be allowed to sell out the other partner’s interests for personal gain — but that happens all the time in business today. Sometimes the injured party gets damages, but often not.

    “Future anticipated earnings” are not generally one of the things that figure in a lawsuit, except in a personal injury case–and even then, the allegation must be supported by factual evidence. In this case, what are the past Christie film earnings? Would the film be a flop or a gold-mine? Courts don’t like to substitute a guess for factual evidence, and in this case, it looks like any guess about success or failure, income and expense, would be highly speculative.

    I don’t know anything about Christie, other than that he was well-spoken — much more than most of us. I have no idea about anything to do with his former club, either. I also don’t know what he did — did he rat somebody out to avoid doing a stretch that might last longer than he could? I do know that he was an effective spokesman for bikers for a time, and that seems to be over. That loss of an effective spokesman is a big loss to all of our community, we just don’t have that many.

    I am sure that somewhere, someone will step up to the plate and take Christie’s former position as a communicator. I hope they do a good job. No matter the circumstances, this is a sad ending.


  17. popeye Says:

    I would guess george could sue for breach of contract for the use of his intelectual property rights and future anticipated earnings. . Like if a car runs you over and your paralyzed you can sue for lost future wages. I’m no lawyer but if you want to bad enough theres always a way to bring someone to court.

  18. P-body Says:

    This is one of those moments in life that seem surreal. I’m just a blue collar biker, not a PH or a RUB, probably equal distance between the two. But I can remember spending hours talking to George at the Ventura CH. We would often be politely interrupted by a range of people with different intent or questions. But there were a fair share of sycophants.

    I wonder if Mr. Mead isn’t someone whose bubble had been burst by George.

    None of what I’m hearing reflects the man I know. Of course there are things I can’t/won’t talk about, no dirt, just things between friends. I can say I’ve had dealings with George where he could of taken an easy out and chose to do the right thing. Rebel, if George rolled on a PH he deserves our ire, but if we can’t prove that I’ll continue to be objective.

    However, Dr. Sardonicus, the bobble-head thread was hilarious, thank you.


  19. BillyG Says:

    Thank you Rebel
    So much more to come so please stay tuned

  20. Paladin Says:

    It has always been my understanding that in order to have standing in a civil court, you must have been damaged financially or otherwise.

    If Christie has no financial investment in Mead’s film (other than the possible cost of the gas in the tank of the un-ridden, trailered motorcycle) and hasn’t been slandered or defamed by Mr. Mead, I don’t see Moriya Christie’s demand letter having any impact, other than what its gravitational pull would cause, as it hit the bottom of the trash can.

    I feel bad for Mr. Mead. It appears that not only has Mr. Mead suffered a financial and emotional loss, but he also has to shoulder the crushing burden of honor and integrity.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  21. Stevo Says:

    Road Whore-

    Thems Mans Words.


  22. Tooj Says:

    I don’t know, but Eastern’s description sounds like the beginnings of the “Henpecked RC”.

  23. FF Says:

    @Doctor Sardonicus

    Speaking of bobblehead dolls, any one seen JJ around?

  24. FF Says:

    “Don’t live a sham and a lie. Be who you claim to be; nothing more and nothing less. Don’t shaft brothers. Hell, don’t shaft the citizenry at large…as we’ve all seen and learned while following this story your own shit has a way of hitting the karmic fan and coming back to smack you in your face. Don’t invent a more interesting life than what you’ve actually led. Don’t con people. Don’t be greedy.

    Understand one thing: living the life of an Outlaw requires ethics, morals, and standards…it doesn’t mean that you just get to run apeshit wild and fuck everything and everybody over for your own satisfaction. It means you rebel against a warped and unjust system, not become a part of it.” -Road Whore


    LP&R FF

  25. Road Whore Says:

    @ That Guy:

    I agree. It’s awesome to see someone actually guided by principles instead of bowing to the almighty dollar.

    Ride Free

  26. Road Whore Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonicus:

    It’s good I didn’t have a mouthful of beer when I read your comment! Thanks for adding some appreciated levity. :)

    Ride Free

  27. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Great. Now what am I going to do with all of these George Christie bobble-head dolls that just arrived from China. I was going to make a killing.

  28. Baba O' Riley Says:


    You have to have character before you can sue someone for defaming it.

    Maybe “The Last American Outhouse” is a more appropriate alternate title.

  29. One Eye Says:

    Rebel, it’s a shame that you don’t issue a periodical, along the lines of a Time magazine, covering events germane to the biker world as well as other non-related events.

    I met a gentleman who had a biopic made about his life, and he explained to me that certain inaccuracies in the movie were irritating, but he had no control over them because that was one of the caveats when he had surrendered the rights. So, if Christie has no monetary investment and the director has absorbed the the expenses, what recourse would there be for compensation of any kind?

  30. That Guy Says:

    I think there’s something here that deserves a lot more of our attention. Yeah George is out bad from HAMC but that’s none of my business. I prefer to look at Nick Mead. Here’s a guy that sunk 100k and months of hard work into a project but he will throw it all away because he’s guided by his principles. He put truth and the honor of his name above money. That’s hard to find these days. If any MC is looking to put anything on film and I know most are not, but if a MC wants to tell their story on film, then I think there’s only one choice for Film Maker. In fact I can think of 100 thousand reasons why Mead would be your man.

  31. blacksmith Says:

    Sad all the way around.
    And yeah, trailering a bike that’s not broke?

  32. Road Whore Says:

    And the stench thickens.

    Rebel, awesome reporting! (Which is your usual standard; please keep it up.)

    Reading about this disgusting shit is a Life Lesson, for newbies; wannabes; hardened patch holders; weekend warriors; et al: Don’t live a sham and a lie. Be who you claim to be; nothing more and nothing less. Don’t shaft brothers. Hell, don’t shaft the citizenry at large…as we’ve all seen and learned while following this story your own shit has a way of hitting the karmic fan and coming back to smack you in your face. Don’t invent a more interesting life than what you’ve actually led. Don’t con people. Don’t be greedy.

    Understand one thing: living the life of an Outlaw requires ethics, morals, and standards…it doesn’t mean that you just get to run apeshit wild and fuck everything and everybody over for your own satisfaction. It means you rebel against a warped and unjust system, not become a part of it.

    And for fuck’s sake: I’m old, in increasingly poor health with a list of health problems that’s way too long, but by god I still get on my bike and ride regularly, and 200 miles? Especially for a film appearance and money? Sheee-ite…I’d make it if I had to ride 25 miles and stop to rest then go again…in freezing rain…with a pit bill attached to my ass and chomping down hard…and one of my exes trying to run me down in her cage. Lawsy.

    Ride Free

  33. Baba O' Riley Says:


    How about “The Last American Outhouse” instead. And you have to have character before you can sue someone for defaming it.

  34. Wookiee Says:

    Could Mead rename it The Last American Outlaw: The life and lies of George Christie, and them call it a mockumentary? That way he could release it and possibly recoup smeof his money amd also keep Christie off his case, or would Christie potentially still get paid or possibly sue for defamation?

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Seems Christie heard that rats can get money from shows and movies – like Falco and the urine odor rats, etc – so figured he might as well jump on the bandwagon also.

    Fuckin’ disgusting that the only people getting ‘attention’ and ‘notoriety’ are rats (Falco, Christie, etc) and faggots (anyone in the urine odor).

    I hope Mead doesn’t have to pay a red fucking cent.

  36. Steel Says:

    Seems like most things these days, it is all about the pesos by trying to cash in your 15 minutes of fame. Good reporting as always Rebel



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