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March 6, 2015

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Do you already hate Gangland Undercover, the “gritty, fact based” valentine to celebrity rat in hiding Ashley Charles Wyatt also known as Charles Falco? Want to hate it more?

The Vagos extras in this six part miniseries are played by members of the Iron order Motorcycle Club. The bit players came from the three Iron Order chapters in Phoenix. Those chapters are the North Phoenix Risen Few chapter; the Phoenix East Valley Bad Intentions chapter; and the Phoenix chapter without a self-dramatizing nickname.


Apparently, the Iron Order does not yet have enough enemies. Participants in the slander against the Vagos have been gloating on a members only Iron Order forum about playing bad asses on the small screen. Canadian journalist Melissa Hank wrote last month: “Falco was on hand during filming for Gangland Undercover in Toronto and Arizona, and his presence on the set – and that of the members of the real life, law abiding Iron Order Motorcycle Club – helped ensure authenticity.

Wyatt/Falco (photo above), is the co-author with biker authority Kerrie Droban of a quasi novel titled Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs. Wyatt/Falco participated in a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives infiltration and entrapment of the Vagos in Southern California called Operation 22 Green.

On their many websites, the Iron Order states: “We respect all clubs and support those that support us. We are independent and choose to mind our own business.” “We run our club by the very same MC traditions established over 50 years ago by motorcycle clubs.” “We ride, party and mind our own business. We do not create problems for our community or fellow bikers.”

What You Missed

The third episode of Gangland Undercover will be broadcast next Tuesday, March 10 at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.

In episode one, cablecast on Flag Day, Wyatt/Falco “a private contractor infiltrator for the ATF risks his life undercover when he infiltrates the notorious Vagos Motorcycle Club, a one percenter motorcycle club at their headquarters in Southern California. As a ‘hang-around,’ he gets to know the members during a bike run. However, he must quickly prove himself when a surprise invitation by the club’s president puts him right in the middle of the underground counterculture of outlaw biker gangs.”

In episode two, which aired March 3, Wyatt/Falco, “a prospect in the Vagos biker gang, gets even closer to the members, but is subjected to constant hazing and waiting on their needs 24/7, including handling a drug deal with Dawg, a Nazi Low Rider. When a fight breaks out at the club’s bar, a knockout punch earns Falco his ‘road name’ by his sponsor, Kid, who calls him ‘Quick.’ A new motorcycle provided by Falco’s handler, Koz, gives him added street cred with the gang. However, after Lizard turns it into a real club bike, he now owes him a debt.”

Wyatt/Falco’s actual road name was “Tijuana Charles.” His ATF handler was agent Darrin Kozlowski who Outlaw Kevin “Spike” O’Neill has described as a psychopath.

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107 Responses to “Gangland Undercover Featuring”

  1. shovelhead Says:

    Puppy dawg,
    Why do you feel the need to let everyone know how tough you are? is someone picking on you at Paul Garcia’s? In my 50 some odd years, the only people I’ve come across who talked about how tough they were…were actually scared to death of everyone and everything. Big mouth pussies all of them.
    Toughest guys I ever met, were the quiet type, never boasted about anything, they knew what they could do to someone if they were forced too, had confidence in themselves without being egotistical.
    In your 35 years, you’ve obviously learned nothing. Spoiled brat with no confidence in yourself.
    Be calm Grasshopper, turn that anger into something positive. learn to be a Man!! I’m sure Paul Garcia would be pissed if knew you were challenging, as you call us “Criminals” to come to his training center. All those Women and Kids at that place seem happy, why would you try to destroy that?

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear big dawg Jay,



  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear big dawg Jay,

    Strike two.


  4. Asskiller Says:

    Ah, that makes sense.

    Guys, this training center is essentially down the road from the state prison. What we have is no doubt the adolescent child of a corrections officer. That is how he “knows the lifestyle” and “has been around it” and can declare how 1%ers react to disrespect. It’s a garbled parroting of Dad’s related bravado from his day job.

  5. Asskiller Says:

    Why does this petulant asshole have to be in my state?

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    LMAO! Much appreciated, Paladin! I was starting to think about all the time it was going to take me to practice and all the chores I’d not get done.

  7. big dawg Jay Says:

    Im 35 by the way ya fucking idiot’s

  8. big dawg Jay Says:

    Still running your fucking mouths pretending to be tough. None of you have the balls to face me. See the difference between me and the rest of you fucking faggets is I don’t need a club to take care of me. I take care of my own shit my damn self. I don’t need a club to stick up for me I’m not like the rest of you fucking cowards. I handle my business like a fucking man. Something apparently none of you can do without a club watching your back holding your ball’s so you can pretend you’re a fucking man.

  9. Paladin Says:


    If this little kid isn’t careful, he / she will get tapped out.

    Phuquehed said:

    “I’ll practice trying not to laugh at you when I see you and your fag handle runs through my mind at that moment (I wouldn’t want to hurt your feewings after all).”

    In order to meet that lofty goal of yours, I imagine you’ll be practicing every day, for most of the day. But not to worry, I’ll come out there and chop wood for your winter heating needs, so as not to take time away from all that constant practicing you’ll need to be doing.

    Long May You both Ride,


  10. Whitepride Says:

    My guess is little puppy dawg walks around with a TAP-OUT t-shirt thinking he’s billy badass!

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    “I’ve been around club’s. I know that lifestyle.” Exactly as a fucking pig would say it. Never actually been *IN* a club, just been around them busting someone from one here and there. What a fucking moron.

    And, it’s not like I’m hard to find either, wag the dog jay. It’s not like I’ve not ever mentioned my AO here on Rebel’s site before, you fucktard. Guaranteed you’ll *NEVER* see a helmet like mine, should also be of some help to your bad-assery. Let me know ahead of time if you plan to show up this way, I’ll practice trying not to laugh at you when I see you and your fag handle runs through my mind at that moment (I wouldn’t want to hurt your feewings after all).

    Did you actually think your pathetically stupid original post would be ignored by anyone who knows better than you? Your the exact kind of jackass pig that’s fucking this country up and teaching the sheeple that you’re an untrustworthy fucktard who needs to be taken out in the woods and beaten to remind you of how you’re fucking up. You’re the epitome of ‘Stupid should hurt’ and a disgrace to intelligent piles of feces wolrd-wide.

  12. shovelhead Says:

    Puppy dawg,
    Yep, I knew it, like others have already said, you’re wrong! and obviously know nothing of this lyfestyle! You really think if someone disrespects a 1%er, they’re going to take them out?? We’re did you read that? Was that on an episode of Gangland?
    First, you, Puppy Boy, couldn’t disrespect me, you mean nothing to me, just some child having a temper tantrum on the internet.
    Or maybe you’re Steve Cook!

  13. Austin Says:

    big dawg Jay has stated you can find him here;

    it’s in Colorado, this is a kid – not the curly-bearded Danger Ranger.

  14. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ big dawg Jay

    Just to make sure you have your wardrobe right here you go.

    But add one thing. A first aid kit. Something tells me you are going to need it.

  15. Wolfenlover Says:

    Well, ya know, I adopted a little Chihuahua who THINKS she’s a Great Dane.
    Always trying to bluff my 140# Pit & 90# cross-breed. LMFAO
    So, jay. You are what? A “shit-zu” or “pekingese”? Enquiring Minds want to know.
    You wrote “garcia SPORTS COLORADO” NEVER heard of it. But if you’ll fill me
    in… I used to live in Denver & still got friends in Co.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  16. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Jeezuz H Keerist not another one!

    @ big dawg Jay
    Hey Cock Breath go fuck yourself.
    You know where we are. Come get some tough guy.

  17. The Kraut Says:

    Typical…tough troll on a roll…

    Fucker shoulda been a cumshot on his moms back…

    hey puke! if’n you’re ever in Fort Atkinson WI, look me up

    I ride a Ural Gearup in desert camo…

    be sure your health insurance is current, you’ll likley be needing it.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  18. Tooj Says:

    Jay, you’re not making yourself very easy to find since you want to kick some ass.

  19. Mad Dog Says:

    “I’ve been around club’s. I know that lifestyle.”

    Well, maybe now we’re getting to the crux of it–someone who’s “been around clubs” and “knows the lifestyle” but just maybe was never actually accepted by those who actually live it, someone whose eyes still sting when he thinks about how he never got past “hang around.”.

  20. Paladin Says:

    big dawg Jay Said:
    September 3, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    “Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve been around club’s. I know that lifestyle.”

    Okay, your wrong. It’s obvious that you’ve never been around clubs and you have no knowledge of the “lifestyle”.

    You’re either a cop or a child. If you’re a cop, then by definition you’re acting a spoiled child. If you’re in fact a child, go play. It’s a nice day. Maybe you can talk mommy into taking you to the park.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re a real tough guy and you’re gonna do this, that and or whatever. So, I’ll make it easy for ya. I live in the N.E. end of the SFV. Ask around, I’m easy to find.


  21. Bone Head Says:

    ‘Dr. Sardonicus Says:
    September 3, 2015 at 11:35 am
    Thank you for coming in, please leave your card with the receptionist on your way out. We’ll call you if you got the part.


    (History Channel Tough Biker Guy Auditions, open call)”

    Hahahaha!!! Absolutely Classic! Kudos to you Sir!

  22. rollinnorth Says:

    Good one, Rebel!


  23. big dawg Jay Says:

    Shovelhead it’s funny you say that. Considering the first rule in a 1% club is to never be disrespected period and if someone does you take them out. Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve been around club’s. I know that lifestyle.

  24. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Thank you for coming in, please leave your card with the receptionist on your way out. We’ll call you if you got the part.


    (History Channel Tough Biker Guy Auditions, open call)

  25. shovelhead Says:

    Puppy Dawg,
    Calm down, no one really gives a fuck about you or your childish threats.
    Christ, if you get this mad over comments on the internet. You would never make it in the Biker world being that thinned skinned.
    You come here out of nowhere calling people names, didn’t you expect people to respond? Isn’t that what you wanted?
    So what are you so angry about?

  26. Tooj Says:

    Jay, do it like a reporter. “Who, what, where, when”, right? This is the internet and what with all the tough guys confusing the issue it’s mighty hard to tell who you may or may not be challenging. Is that intentional?

  27. big dawg Jay Says:

    So prove me wrong and fight me like a man or run your mouth like a bitch ass little kid.

  28. Asskiller Says:

    WAIT – has Dobyns adopted a new moniker, “Big Dawg” along with the curl beard?

  29. shovelhead Says:

    “We are not accepting new trolls at this time”

    Now that’s funny, I laughed out loud with that one!

  30. Rebel Says:

    Deat big dawg jay,

    Please tone it down. We are not accepting new trolls at this time.


  31. bcnasty Says:

    Even though I realize we are not to feed the douche trolls I get a kick out of the comments. Only laughs I get with the crap I am going through rite now. big dawg jay. Now that is funny.Just the name makes me laugh.
    respects to the real

  32. shovelhead Says:

    Puppy Dawg.
    Where are you? What part of the Country?

  33. Asskiller Says:

    @big dawg Jay – Adolescents believe they are cleverly posing as adults without realizing they are using grammatical conventions and expressions not employed by anyone under the age of roughly sixteen or seventeen years of age. Adolescents also do not have developed forebrains. Adolescents therefore do not realize their stupidity precedes them.

    Hence, the term “adolescent” is an insult when applied by adults.

    You are clearly an adolescent.

  34. Tommy Says:

    Shows like these are just a form of mind control created by the government for the general civilian.

    Reminds me of the song from suicidal tendancies called subliminal. The lyrics are below:

    Flashing pictures on my screen
    Shown too quickly to be seen
    Does not register in my conscious mind
    Propaganda of another kind
    They’re Fucking with me subliminally
    They’re Fucking with me subliminally

    Danger – Nightmare
    Doomsday – Nightmare
    Murder – Nightmare
    Nightmare, Nightmare

    Watching T.V. I start to cry
    For no reason I don’t know why
    Could it be from messages on my TV
    Which I’m getting subliminally?

    Mind control the easiest way
    Sponsored by the C.I.A.
    It’s a weapon you cannot see
    It’s propaganda subliminally

  35. Tooj Says:

    March 21 to September 2nd and then nothing productive to be said. Yup; troll.

    Anyone who’s been on here a piece knows for a fact that Phuquehead actually held back on you, Jay. Sorry you took it so poorly.

  36. HoldThePhone Says:

    little yippie puppy…already told some of your urine oder sisters what I thought of them to their face. The cowered away…they ran from me like little girls. I disrespected your POS “club” to their face…nothing, no response other than to burble like a toddler and make excuses. I didn’t see men…I saw cowardly fear.

    If you are such a badass, why not head to Mississippi? It sounds like the Bandidos have something for you. Why not take a trip to Florida and walk into a bar full of Black Pistons and/or AOA. Why not head out to Baltimore? It sounds like your sisters in plenty of places could use your internet toughness to stiffen their spines. Given the stories it looks like it’s you, little yippie puppy, that should say something to someone’s face instead of cowering behind their keyboard.

  37. Mad Dog Says:

    Get ready to duck, everyone! Next comes a threatened “sweep kick to the head” from Mr. Tougher-Than-You.

  38. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    So big hot dawggie dog:
    What exactly is it that YOU’RE doing? The very same thing!
    Why? Because everybody knows the internet is the great equalizer
    so you can huff and puff and blow me or my house down all you want
    on this blog because in order (iron order) “to say that shit to your face” each respondent would have to hop on their bike and travel hundreds, maybe thousands of miles to stomp your silly ass into the sidewalk or for the more adventurous, just bust a couple of caps into your knees and go get a beer. For me, I’d have to call my travel agent, book a plane ticket (first class, ‘natch) check into a 5 star hotel, GPS to wherever the hell you are and then calmly taser your ass, empty a canister of bear repellent into your face, stick a dozen roses up your anal canal and daintily skip away.
    An expensive and time consuming ordeal in the real world. As attractive as it sounds, I do have other tasks that take precedent. Like this morning’s crossword puzzle. Bye now.

  39. Tooj Says:

    Jay? What are YOU doing? You started with an inflammatory post. It’s basically troll 101. I got nothing to say about how tough you are or aren’t and don’t give a shit for the pissing match you’ve tried to start.

    I’m just calling it as I see it; you’re an internet troll. This shit making you feel better somehow?

  40. big dawg Jay Says:

    You’re all just a bunch of keyboard warriors nothing more. Acting tough behind a computer screen. Hahaha wow.

  41. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    That’s all I’ve got to say – ck (just a typo then keyboard error then computer decides to post it then I threw my egg mcmuffin at the fucking screen because my computer is a piece of shit.

  42. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


  43. big dawg Jay Says:

    None of you have the balls to say that shit to my face. That’s why your running your mouth on a blog acting tough.

  44. big dawg Jay Says:

    Hahaha ya big tough dude running their mouth on a blog. Why don’t you come find me so I can kick your ass like you apparently need so you can learn some respect.garcia Sports Colorado if any of tou got the balls to show up. Tho I doubt it most of tou don’t have balls

  45. HoldThePhone Says:

    aw…it’s cute when little puppy gets all yippie. It has to be ruff (ROFL) to have to call your boys in blue every time someone hurts your feelings. It’s truly the mark of a man to have someone else come rescue you and deal with your problems for you.

    little puppy jay, you are a coward, you are weak, and you know it. You the rest of your loser cowardly weaklings band together to try and try to be the hall monitor teacher’s pets to resist the bigger, stronger, alpha males. Here’s a hint. It won’t work. No matter how many “friends” you think you have, no matter how strong and or righteous it makes you feel to call the cops, it will never change what you are.

    You will always be a weakling. You will always be a coward. This is why you will never understand what being in a real MC is all about.

  46. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Big dawggie d-a-w-g

    Bow – wow-wow -wow yippe-i-yipee-a bow-wow-yippee-i-yippe-a

  47. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Don’t get him angry Phuquehead he might de-friend you. Where’s the “like” button on this page? Toto, I don’t think we’re on Facebook anymore.

  48. Tooj Says:

    And to continue on Paladin’s commentary: What makes you think that your interpretation that they are lowlife criminals?

    Bernie Madoff was celebrated for his riches, pal.

  49. Phuquehed Says:

    @Bone Head – HA! Yeah, I need to be careful as he might throw his mouse at me or something just as dangerous.

  50. Paladin Says:

    big dawg,

    Why is it that you post on a blog where you allege that ….lowlife criminals are looked upon as awesome human beings instead of the lowlife scum they truly are”. Surely you must have more important and pressing matters to attend to. Right?


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