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March 6, 2015

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Do you already hate Gangland Undercover, the “gritty, fact based” valentine to celebrity rat in hiding Ashley Charles Wyatt also known as Charles Falco? Want to hate it more?

The Vagos extras in this six part miniseries are played by members of the Iron order Motorcycle Club. The bit players came from the three Iron Order chapters in Phoenix. Those chapters are the North Phoenix Risen Few chapter; the Phoenix East Valley Bad Intentions chapter; and the Phoenix chapter without a self-dramatizing nickname.


Apparently, the Iron Order does not yet have enough enemies. Participants in the slander against the Vagos have been gloating on a members only Iron Order forum about playing bad asses on the small screen. Canadian journalist Melissa Hank wrote last month: “Falco was on hand during filming for Gangland Undercover in Toronto and Arizona, and his presence on the set – and that of the members of the real life, law abiding Iron Order Motorcycle Club – helped ensure authenticity.

Wyatt/Falco (photo above), is the co-author with biker authority Kerrie Droban of a quasi novel titled Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs. Wyatt/Falco participated in a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives infiltration and entrapment of the Vagos in Southern California called Operation 22 Green.

On their many websites, the Iron Order states: “We respect all clubs and support those that support us. We are independent and choose to mind our own business.” “We run our club by the very same MC traditions established over 50 years ago by motorcycle clubs.” “We ride, party and mind our own business. We do not create problems for our community or fellow bikers.”

What You Missed

The third episode of Gangland Undercover will be broadcast next Tuesday, March 10 at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.

In episode one, cablecast on Flag Day, Wyatt/Falco “a private contractor infiltrator for the ATF risks his life undercover when he infiltrates the notorious Vagos Motorcycle Club, a one percenter motorcycle club at their headquarters in Southern California. As a ‘hang-around,’ he gets to know the members during a bike run. However, he must quickly prove himself when a surprise invitation by the club’s president puts him right in the middle of the underground counterculture of outlaw biker gangs.”

In episode two, which aired March 3, Wyatt/Falco, “a prospect in the Vagos biker gang, gets even closer to the members, but is subjected to constant hazing and waiting on their needs 24/7, including handling a drug deal with Dawg, a Nazi Low Rider. When a fight breaks out at the club’s bar, a knockout punch earns Falco his ‘road name’ by his sponsor, Kid, who calls him ‘Quick.’ A new motorcycle provided by Falco’s handler, Koz, gives him added street cred with the gang. However, after Lizard turns it into a real club bike, he now owes him a debt.”

Wyatt/Falco’s actual road name was “Tijuana Charles.” His ATF handler was agent Darrin Kozlowski who Outlaw Kevin “Spike” O’Neill has described as a psychopath.

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107 Responses to “Gangland Undercover Featuring”

  1. Bone Head Says:

    Look out Phuquehed! He’s got a keyboard and he’s not afraid to use it!

  2. shovelhead Says:

    Puppy Dawg:
    What’s a matter Puppy Boy, don’t have the balls to say this ignorant shit to anyone’s face, so you come here??
    You talk like one of those hip hop lovin Teens trying to act all Gangsta.
    How old are you, isn’t it your bedtime?
    By the way…I am an Awesome human being!!

  3. big dawg Jay Says:

    Hey faghead you think your tough don’t ya punk. Your nothing but a fucking punk ass bitch. I’ll wipe the floor with you then put you on the street like a good ho.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Why is it idiots like ‘big dawg Jay’ (had to wait a few minutes for my laughing so hard to be able to type again after that) are allowed to stop sucking their Urine Odor masters dicks long enough to get online and let the world *see* their stupidity?

    Back to slurping, ‘big dawg’, maybe if you get better at it, one of those fagtard Urine Odor fucks will tip you enough money to buy your patch.

  5. big dawg Jay Says:

    Why is it lowlife criminals are looked upon as awesome human beings instead of the lowlife scum they truly are

  6. FF Says:

    “I first heard of it because an 81 brought it to my attention”

    @mansa keita

    What else do you nonchalantly share in public, I wonder.

    Me I dont repeat anything a 1% says to me or in front of me. I dont care if its the weather or grandma’s oatmeal cookies recipe.

    Because if you will talk about that you probably talk about other things.

    Anyway a red flag always goes up when I hear anybody dropping names or implying associations, especially when the conversation didnt even warrant it.

  7. tatsrme Says:

    I watched Gangland/ Vagos last nite and I have to be truthful with ya, this ” real life” bullshit got me so pissed off that I got a fucking headache! This is not Real life! Unfortunately, Joe Citizen watches this crap and believes every fucking word of it. The History channel will not have me tuned in until this B.S is over. All Respects to the Vagos.

  8. Wolfenlover Says:

    And to you “MENSES KITTIE”, take your idiotslamic ideology & shove it up
    your child-raping ass. You are a 3rd world mental midget trying to impress
    real humans. FOESAD When you learn to use toilet paper instead of your
    bare left hand, let me know, until then…

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    Looks like Histrionics Channel won’t give up the sinking ship. I just
    looked at the channel guide & they are replaying 4 of these miscarriage
    episodes tonight. I saw MAYBE 5 minutes of the 1st POS episode & had to
    change the channel. Sure wish I had the $$$ these douche-bags in charge
    are spending trying to get an audience! I’d buy a fucking island.
    Ya’ll have a safe weekend.
    RESPECTS to certain

  10. uncle don Says:

    How bout not splitting the headlights of a truck you fuckers. The poor driver will get piss tested and if their is a fatality he will get his ass drug to the nearest hospital for piss and blood tests. Thanks.

    uncle don

  11. Jim666 Says:

    Eochaidh Tartan OghaChruithne Says:
    March 7th, 2015 at 10:30 am

    The cops are waging a propaganda war against motorcycle clubs. Heads up.

    This is very old news dude !

  12. bcnasty Says:

    At least for what ever reason you left the douche club. I patched for a national club in the late 70’s and ealy 80’s. Back when the shit was hitting the fan. Due to a instance I had to handle I was unfortunate enough to get booked, chagred and sentenced. 14 months later when I got out my entire chapter had patched over. My choice then was to patch over to a club I hated and got me into jail in the first place or be a lone target in a sea of sharks. There would be no help coming from national was the word I got. Now my choice was run my clubs cut Or move. the 4 years I flew I could not tell you how many times my ass got jumped.I remeber walking in my house bleeding one night after a ass whipping and told the ole lady to take me to the hospital. Broken ribbs, broken hand and heel marks on my head . The patch was still on my back. Parole ended and I moved. I could chose to hate my brothers for taking the easy way out. To hate national for leaving me high and dry or to just move on.In retrospect I was a stubborn fuck. In my defense it was a long hard process that tried everysense of being I had to get that patch. Even harder to keep it Till this day I have never , even with various offers patched for another. I miss it at times. Still speak to former brothers with their still current club but all the hate is gone.About eight years after I moved I took a trip to the mother chapter and turned my colors in. I walked away with honor and chose to live my life as such. I have been around my former club for funerals etc.. But i am a can’t go back person. I recon in the long winded shit I am trying to say, do not hold on to hate. There is a beautiful world out there if you hold onto honor and respect.
    No disrespect intended for any here that patch

  13. Panhead Says:

    @ Realist

    “most likely not a hundred percent legit”
    “I will say though how sad it is if someone has to live their life…”
    “being in so called biker gang…..”
    Yada, yada, fucking yada.
    Get the fuck outa here.


  14. Lauren Says:

    My husband & I watched the first episode & laughed our asses off….then realized it was supposed to be a “true story”. It just seemed too unrealistic….maybe it’s the terrible acting, I don’t know…but we decided to Google the story to find out if it IS an actual “true story” & we came upon this article & comments. After reading everyone’s comments, I have a feeling this story is Hollywood fiction.

  15. Rusty Says:

    Wookie said… “it clearly has too many problems. I believe they need to clean house and seriously reevaluate everything”…

    Re-evaluate??? Yep, but the only course of action now is to disband the entire POS, and if some of the fuckers “need” a patch, put on a 1 piece with a damn different name,,,

    Respect to the deserving.

  16. Wookiee Says:

    When I joined there was a saying that was a cornerstone of a principal of the IOMC. “The beer is just as cold down the street”. Basically it meant if we were at a bar or establishment that another MC had claimed and they had issue with our presence we were to pay our bill and move on somewheres else. Since we claimed no territory or establishment we were not supposed to fight unless it was in defense of ourselves or others. In Michigan I have observed that the motorcycle community operates different from how others describe most of the rest ofmthe States. There is something like 48 MC’s and RC’s in MI with 36 of them having Chapters in Detroit Metro area which is where my former Chapter is located. Neither MI Chapter had much problems other than the occasional middle finger and that was almost always civilians. The only notable exception was a start up that wet by something Phoenix who ran Red and Gold Colors, there was 3 of them who claimed they had the backing of other Clubs to shut down the other Chapter but were shut down by those other Clubs within a few sort weeks. Most people could not agree on who the Dom 1%er Club was. We had interactions with many different Clubs without incident, we could chat and shook hands and no negative run ins.
    That is the IO I knew and I can say that the IO nowdays does not bear much resembalance to me of the IO I knew. When I say that there are atill good men in there I can use the numbers to back that, if you consider how many members there are and how few actually gain negative attention it does support the idea not all of them are fuckbags. It has also been pointed out that they cant be good men because they stay, but consider that most things can only be changed from within, that external forces rarely change any group for the positive. If you believe I need reprogrammed and to see a therapist because I do not copy other people and do not have a problem with the remaining members who did me no wrong, well everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you have seen that I believe there are members who need out on their asses and other members I wouldnt piss on if they were on fire it should be obvious that I do not support the IO as a entity. I also do not suggest anyone join, it clearly has too many problems. I believe they need to clean house and seriously reevaluate everything.

  17. Mansa Keita Says:

    I can no longer support this show. I first heard of it because an 81 brought it my attention and I wanted to see how bad it really was. At first I thought the only problem with it was the fabrications and inconsistencies as how a MC’s really conduct business and recruit members. But I remembered it was a tv show and not everything will be accurate. I tolerated that because even SOA and The Wild Ones weren’t exactly true representations. After all, tv is for entertainment, not education.

    But the more I learn about this show, the more I can’t stand it. Glorifying snitching as admirable is deplorable. Using OI as extras is just disgusting. And lastly and the most despicable of them all, actually using the Vagos real name quite possibly the most disrepectful, classless and dishonorable thing.

    This isn’t an educational documentary, it is fictionalized dramatization full of embellishments and exaggerations loosely based on “real” events. The fact that the networks and producers didn’t have enough integrity to keep the Vagos name anonymous and replaced with a fake name shows how low they will stoop in the name of ratings and money. Now they are getting revenue for dragging one of the oldest Latino founded and most respected clubs in the nation through the mud. disgusting.

    When the 1992 movie “South Central” was produced, everyone knew what gang the movie was based on, but out of respect, they renamed the gang the “Deuces” in the movie.

  18. Realist Says:

    I have been watching the show and then I find it interesting I do know that it is most likely not a hundred percent legit only because it’s based on one one man’s perspective . I will say though ,how sad it is if someone actually has to live their life like that(not necessarily referring to the so-called Falco character ,I talking about actually being in a so-called biker gang or brotherhood ,that doesn’t seem like Brotherhood to me it seems like someone putting themselves in a piece of hell ,literally )” ,I would rather be free and that so I am .

  19. FF Says:


    What you need to accept is that you were in a cult for almost 3 years and you need to be deprogramed. Urine odor piss pants is not an MC, it’s an ersatz shortcut for wannabe’s who provide a front for all the pigs who created it and run it for the nefarious purpose of antagonizing legitimate MC’s. See a shrink ASAP.

    @John Deaux

    All is copasetic, my friend. Thanks for asking.

  20. Stevo Says:

    I’m speechless. Low life motherfuckers, one and all.

  21. P-body Says:

    [email protected]

    Intentional misspelling intended. An ass-clown calling someone else an ass-clown, wow. Nice troll, now go find another bridge to hide under.


  22. PJ Says:

    [email protected],

    You strike me as the kind of individual to stick his finger in a man’s ass, then have the audacity to question why said finger got broke off and fed to him.

  23. [email protected] Says:

    You ass clowns are bitching about being to dumb to catch a snitch, so you whine and piss and moan about “good people”having their lives ruined. Any one who needs to be a errand boy to be a part of a bunch of hoodlums must be either retarded or gay. Likely both! Don’t be upset or cry about playing the game and getting caught isn’t that what 1% are about? Not giving a fuck? Instead you cry worse than your washed up, beef curtained old Crack whore ladies. Nut up and shut up. Zeta life!

  24. BMW Says:

    Respect to the Green Nation.

    If I understand this, now we have bono fide rats actually playing the part of good club members on a government-sponsored fictional TV program that glorifies a drug-dealing rat for selling out good club members?

    I can see why the producers cast the Urine Odor rats — those stinking rats have been trying to imitate the way real club members look — of course, without the loyalty, brotherhood and sacrifice that goes along with a real “biker look”. The rats of the Urine Odor probably have spent more time imitating real bikers than anyone in Hollywood. To an outsider to the biker scene, they may seem passable substitutes for real bikers. We laugh because we see how the Urine Odor rats fail in any test of reality, but “Reality TV” producers have NO IDEA of reality!

    In the near future, I expect the Urine Odor to require SAG* cards instead of the motorcycle licenses required of real bikers by real motorcycle clubs.

    *Screen Actors Guild

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  25. John Deaux Says:

    Don’t hold back, tell him how you really feel, lmao.
    Hey, how’s the new job going ? Hope all is well.

  26. Wookiee Says:

    Like the saying goes, “I would rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I a not.” Wouldit surprise you to know that I agree with you? After I was Out I met with and was offered a chance to become involved with a traditional, respected and well established outlaw Club. I spent time with them and chose not to continue on because I knew who am is not likely to change and instead of hiding the truth and pretending otherwise, I figured the honorable course of action was to distance myself from them instead of wasting their time.
    I know that I am “damaged goods” and most of what I have to say is unpopular but I refuse to lie or parrot what everyone ese says. I don’t expect anyone to change their opinions just because but I do hope what I have to say at least causes some people to at least explore different ideas

  27. FF Says:


    Been reading your posts for a while now but didnt want to talk to you, so I didnt respnd but your annoying me so I’ll let me say while I respect your honesty I dont respect your rationale.

    You rolled with those poser assholes for two years? Dude you are damaged goods as far as I,’m concerned.

  28. Anthony Says:

    According to this show The Vagos routinely allow people to prospect who don’t own motorcycles. In fact in the first episode they give a motorcycle to a prospect when they give him his patch.
    They also wear their colors when riding in cars.

    I’m not even a biker and I’m calling BS

  29. Tooj Says:

    Considering the fatassedness of io members, wishing they had flesh eating bacteria means they’ll still get a prognosis of 100 years to live.

  30. popeye Says:

    US taypayers should be a little pissed that after setting wyatt up in the witness protection program he puts his rat-faced mug on the TV. Is he paycheck going to the goverment to help pay for his new identity?

  31. Forever Says:

    All this shit is a fucking joke !!! What this punk says about why he did what he did was to make amends for what he did in his prior life!?!? He and others missed the part “would injure others” all this shit does is promote “rattisum” these weak punks can’t pay the price so they sell out write a book an make money on other people’s pain!?!? However there’s a spritual price tag to pay for fuckin up people’s life’s to benefit your own!!! You were s punk then an your still one !!! Sleep good! VFFV

  32. P-body Says:

    Karma’s knocking, I like that. And yes, I wasted an hour of my life (45 minutes if you fast forward) on this turd. Forget the “substance” of the story, the only entertainment value this thing has is how poorly it’s presented. I work for the railroad, I know train wrecks, this thing is a train wreck.

    What bothers me is how we are glorifying snitches. That truthfully frightens me about our culture. Some of the guys effected by “22 green” had their lives, finances, personal lives jacked up by a perverse “justice” system with an agenda. And the puke snitch gets a Tee Vee show. WTF?

    Ok, alternative programing. We skin Falco and roll him in rock salt, that would be good Tee Vee.


  33. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    A most loving and respectful aloha to the Green Meanies on the other side of the pond. Ahhhh such good times and always such great hosts and to you Sir endless LH&R.

    Disclaimer: These are my personal independent opinions and views which are unlikely to change and not to be construed to be the views of the entire Green Nation membership. Mine, get it assholes?

    As for this rodent whore Ashley Charles Wyatt and his band of bitch frauds they can suck a fat Ipod, Cigar, Koz stubby cock.Posing rat punk fuckers need to contract a case of Ebola or AIDS and suffer a dozen deaths or maybe just run into the sharp end of a 850 grain, Ashley, George and Ryan as well.

    One more time, in stereo in case some are slow. Fuck Ashley the uorc frauds and a special fuck off to the Arizona uorc cunts. You clowns have no business wearing those rockers. They were not earned neither were the others being worn by the other asshat douche bag franchises of the uorc.

    Karma’s knocking

    Viva Los Vagos

  34. Wookiee Says:

    I spent 2 1/2 years with the IO and I can freely admit that it has qtered my perceptions for good, bad or otherwise. The events that lead ip to my expulsion and incidents afterwards made me want to hate the whole Club and for awhile I did, by and large they made it easy. As time went on those feelings ebbed, there are members that I do hate and that won’t change. I am largely disappointed and disturbed by the actions of my former Club and former Brothers but I cannot say I hate them all. There is nothing and no one who is universally hated or loved. I am well aware that I am not going to be the most popular person here but I am not willing to lie so people like me, I will state my opinion and stay trueto myself no matter what, I also will not say anything to piss people off just for the sake of pissing them off

  35. Pete Says:

    Sad thing is a lot of people will watch this shit and believe every word. They’ll base it off their extensive MC knowledge learned from watching SOA every week. Just gotta shake your head….

  36. Sieg Says:

    “The members of the IOMC who participate in this show by appearing on camera I believe have disgraced their Patch and are not worthy of it and should be OIB”

    Pretty much shows where your heads at, Wookiee. Don’t know of anyone else outside this bunch of jumped-up sidewalk-commandoes who even consider them a Patch.


  37. Wookiee Says:

    The whole show pisses me off, I rank rats who infiltrate any Club with the idea of flipping on them to rank with pedophile and pond scum. Scratch that, it is doing a disservice to pond scum, at least it has a use. For someone to purposely get close to people, to bre welcome in their homes wth love, get to know ther family, break bread together and have these men willing to put their lives and well being on the line for someone they believe will do the same is about the worst thing short of harming a child I can think of. It makes me sick whe they cash in on it, I know it would never happe but they should be sued for the money they make going to the men andtheir familes whose lives are ruined by their actions, and if the rat bastards who perputrate these acts were to have a head to head run in with a semi I wouldn’t shed a tear.
    The members of the IOMC who participate in this show by appearing on camera I believe have disgraced their Patch and are not worthy of it and should be OIB. The Membersof the other Clubs who played roles on SOA are one thing, everyone, well almost everyone, knew Sons was fake. I know the IO members who are playing a role on the show probably consider it just a payday, same as those on SOA did, but the big difference is they are portraying a real Club and I think anyone who wears a Patch for one Club should not even jokingly wear another Patch representing another Club, there is no excuse for it, it is disrespectful on a whole new level

  38. 10-Pin Says:

    So, there’s some show that’s using a bunch of fucktards to portray the Green guys? Hhmmm… haven’t seen it.

    Don’t intend to.

  39. Viking 1%er Says:

    I watched the first 5 minutes of the first episode of this piece of garbage, when I was done puking I changed the channel and don’t waste the hour to watch it again. Now we here the piss pants rc is involved why am I not fucking shocked. May they all split the headlights of fully loaded hauling ass semis.

    Respect to those who earned it

  40. Wood Says:

    So let’s see, we got guys that pretend to be an MC in real life pretending to be members of a real MC on a bullshit show about a fuckin snitch?!?!
    My head hurts Fuck it I’m going ridin!

  41. Freeman Says:

    Iron order= government owned, i said it from day one, they nothing more than bait, not enough bites they promote the decoy.

  42. CN Says:

    Say it ain’t so. The Hitory Channels (AKA just plain HISTORY, hey it sounds cooler right?), had the stones to use the Cheereo Gang as extras? So, that last credit “ADDITIONAL CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARNCE from DAWG to Stunt Coodinator doesn’t list the Cheereos (but they got SAG cards right?). Dang! Really, you gotta’ wonder why? See, it If were HISTORY or in the HISTORY Corporate mindset I’d be billboarding that shit. Why the Hell not? Like it or not, the straight world now sees these ass clowns as the real deal (all the more reason to pray for a giagantic sink hole on (fill in the blank on whatever freeway they are still brave enough to ride down))opens up. One has to conclude that they needed some extras on bikes and somebody in law enforcement told them about these loveable lugs who’d work cheap and take directions from some gay wardrobe master as if they’d been around gays allmost all the time! Matt Birman, Stunt Coordinator has to see these extras as “extremely expendable”, not to mention stupid enough to sign waivers absolving HISTORY of all liability. “Look Matt, these jerk offs will sign anything as long as they get some stills of them with Damon Runyan & Ari Cohen and if either need some oral refreshment, they got first dibs. And, from what I hear, they take direction really well, Hell, the ATF’s been telling them where and when to ride for years now. Don’t believe me, check Damon’s trailer, there’s three of them in there right now having a four way”!

  43. Wookiee Says:

    Actually I think Falco is probably somebody’s bitch now, he probably goes to sleep every night with Steve Cook telling him he’s a hero but he needs to learn to stop using his teeth

  44. ocmouse22 Says:

    Fact based???? The only fact is that falco is a rat fuck that would be somebody’s bitch in the joint !

  45. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I’m doing the only thing I CAN do about this disrespectful garbage: refusing to watch. If someone else IS watching, let me know Which companies bought advertising during the show and I’ll refuse to give them my time and money as well.

    My respect to the Green.

  46. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Phuquehed.

    Most eloquently and perfectly stated.

  47. Phuquehed Says:

    A show about a rat, played by real snitches/rats/faggots, meaning anyone in an urine odor chapter.

    Fuck Falco, the air-wasting rat and fuck the urine odor butt-buddy club.

  48. Dra Says:

    Watching that show is like chewing on tin foil for me and I only know bits and pieces of the real story…I can’t imagine what it would be like for those of you that know all of the details.
    It’s almost poetic justice and strangely fitting that a show full of lies about a lying pussy poser would also have the damn IO in it…

  49. Road Whore Says:

    Respect to the Vagos.

    This crappy piece of shit TV show doesn’t even cut it as b-grade melodrama.

    Ride Free

  50. Storyteller Says:

    Respect to my VAGO brothers.
    Falco and the IO can lie all they want, some of us know the real story.
    This POS couldn’t tell the truth if it would get him laid. And the IO isn’t worth commenting on. They can “play” badass all they want, but that’s all they do, play.

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