Iron Order Officially A Gang Again

March 5, 2015

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The Mississippi Analysis and Information Center, which is a federally funded fusion center, issued a “situational awareness” bulletin this morning that describes the Iron Order Motorcycle Club as an “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.”

The bulletin reads:

“On Saturday night February 28, 2015, a confrontation occurred at the Echo bar in Meridian, Mississippi involving the Bandidos OMG, the Pistoleros and the Iron Order.

“The fight ended up in a nearby parking lot where three bikers were shot and one of the bikers ended up in critical condition. The Iron Order is a three piece patch MC and claim not to be a 1% club, and allow law enforcement as members,

“No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation is still ongoing. Law enforcement should be aware of the possibility of further violence between these gangs, and should remain alert if and when contact is made with any members.”

“This information should be considered UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. Further distribution of this document is restricted to law enforcement and intelligence agencies only unless prior approval from the Mississippi Analysis and Information Center is obtained. NO REPORT OR SEGMENT THEREOF MAY BE RELEASED TO ANY MEDIA SOURCES. It contains information that may be exempt from public release under the Freedom of Information Act.”


20 Responses to “Iron Order Officially A Gang Again”

  1. Jurzee Says:

    This so called MC is NOT and will never be anything resembling an MC. They are a murdering gang of ex-cops or cop wannabes!!! I’m losing count of the people they have killed. RIP Nasty and Ms Purdy you are not forgotten :(

  2. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Seig, Typical bullshit from the UO puffed up, shit stirring, pig calling bitches.

    Funny to read of them being mud checked though and a shout of Respect to the crew that did the check, well done.

    Be well Sir.

    Viva Los Vagos

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – Tell that brother you know ‘Right the fuck on!’ for us. It’s good that the *true* way the urine odor faggots act is getting out there for all to see.

    I’d’ve probably been busted for not obeying the officer(s) because as soon as I saw the pig-mobile(s) I’d have been rollin’ on the ground laughing so fucking hard I couldn’t have mounted my bike to leave if I’d wanted to.

  4. Whitepride Says:

    Sieg that is too fucking funny!Bunch of pussies!!!

  5. sherides Says:


    That’s funny. “So the girls can leave”.
    Bet they were all hiding in the Ladies Restroom.

    Thanks for the laugh.


  6. Sieg Says:

    So, here’s a little chuckle for y’all, didn’t want to post this in the current thread that involves the urine odor, but couldn’t pass it up.

    Seems there is a little nest of these things that was calling Janesville, Wisconsin home. They were told that was a bad idea, and have been real low-key of late.

    Anyhow, there is a three-piece up this way, won’t get into names, but I will say that they ain’t the biggest, nor the smallest. They are strictly independent, don’t wear any support patches, and they don’t claim any territory. They have members and chapters around the Midwest and into the South. They don’t make any waves with anyone, and are on fairly friendly terms with the 1%’er Patch in these parts.

    So, three of em are out for a little putt, and they notice maybe seven or eight uo’s in a stop-n-rob gas station combo. Being friendly types, they pulled in to say howdy, and ask how they happened to be in the area. Soon as they pull into the lot, all the uo fellows seemed to remember urgent bidness inside.

    Well…they waited.

    And waited.

    And waited.

    None of em come out.

    You guessed it…in pulls the squad-cars. “What are you boys doing here?” Why, we’re waiting for our buds to come out of the store so we can say hi! “Well, guess they don’t WANT to say hi, cause they called us and asked for an escort out. Think you boys could be good enough to take it down the road a bit so the girls will feel safe leaving?”

    They did. End o story, but it brightened up my day.

    And yeah, before any of the usual butt-boys chime in, I know one of the Brothers that was there, it happened.

    Fuck the urine odor and the scumbags that back ’em.

  7. Jim Bronson Says:

    Per IOMC-The Real Truth2
    “So we have got reports that the largest Iron Order chapter in the US just folded they all quit to include the state rep in Oklahoma, over 30 guys gone with more to come.”

  8. panamaa Says:

    Oldskewl ,

    I don’t even think ‘ol Mr.Lumber would want anything to do with that old wore out asshole….

  9. Oldskewl Says:

    Another thing… That Belt Drive Betty needs her asshole reamed with a piece of lumber.. Fucking ugly ass crow,

  10. Oldskewl Says:

    Check out the comment section of this video… Alan B Shit Stain shows he is a true fan of the IOMC.

    Cock sucking faggot.. need your head stomped.

  11. Dasein Says:

    Prank idea: Find a bunch of IO bikes somewhere, all lined up like dominoes. Kick over the first one in line, watch them all go down. As the fierce IO riders emerge to the catastrophe, and in anger begin to pick up their bikes, climb into the waiting deuce and a half, with the canvas cover, and slowly pull away. A little ways out of town, after the “bikers” have assembled into formation and now in close pursuit, lift the canvas back, exposing a Civil War Gatling Gun, loaded with blanks, and paint balls (pink ones), and let fly.

  12. Matt Says:

    I’ve been a longtime reader here, and just now have I felt the urge to sign on and give my two cents on these individuals; I’m a solo rider – try to ride every day as long as there’s no ice, so it was inevitable that I would run into one of these pricks sooner or later. On a trip up north on I-75, had a rather large (obese) IO patch holder do some ride by’s and attempt to get my attention like a 13 year old bully. When that failed, guy angled to the left ever so slightly to expose his firearm on his hip. If they are a law-abiding club that RICO shouldn’t touch, then why feel the need to intimidate other riders on the road? Be respectful and receive the same in return. Simple concept there, douchebags.

  13. Jim666 Says:

    you gotta be kidding Rebel,lmao, FTio

  14. panamaa Says:

    @ T HELL,

    After re-reading your post, I think the intent/point went right over my head at first reading…..


  15. panamaa Says:

    @ T HELL,

    It may be the other clubs don’t want to give LEO any more ammunition then they already have when and if something goes down in regards to the IO… Just a thought..

    And yes, Glynda Purdy you are not forgotten


  16. CN Says:

    Daytona Bike Week starts tomorrow. While I won’t be there, plenty will, their website claims they are expecting 500,000 to attend. Surely in that gigantic cluster fuck, the io/le/mc will show up being as that they are all brave, courageous and bold. And, while nobody should be expected to take any disrespectful shit off these morphodites, I can’t see any sense in direct confrontation either (as much as that might feel good to do). Usually there’s plenty of long established traditional authentic motorcycle clubs down there, so I’m sure they aren’t going to allow anybody to piss in their corn flakes especially while in their own backyard. My plan would be to avoid these jerks if at all possible and video anything that they do as they can’t control their own people and usually start trouble in due course. If they are clustering at one bar or chow hall in particular keep a close eye on them (and again, video their every move). When they show their asses anybody is within their rights to protect persons and property. If they get the message that they aren’t wanted and are being watched they most likely will pack up and leave. They certainly aren’t going to snatch the smart phones out of people’s hands, that would be strong armed robbery given that they all carry concealed weapons and wear a Maltese Cross to show that they are armed with deadly force. Just be focused and sharp when around these fools, don’t give em’ much more than paranoia to work with. If you’re going, I hope y’all have a safe and sweet time and come back the same way you left. Above all have some fun and if these ass clowns start acting out, it’s “lights, cameras, action”!

  17. Sieg Says:

    It’s called “radio-silence”.

    What goes around, comes around.


  18. COS_Flyer Says:

    That “other reason” would be “legal reasons”.

    If you ask me someone who tries to start an altercation deserves to have their ass whooped, but that doesn’t mean the law sees it that way.

  19. T Hell Says:


    There was a time when a post such as this involving the Iron Order would unleash a flood of negative comments, many clubs have now requested that such comments no longer be made by their members on these particular gentlemen, I have joined this fray. Perhaps the Iron Order has seen this as a loosening of tensions and a change of attitude toward them, a welcoming of a sort, that may or may not be wise but who am I to judge the beliefs of others, what other reason could their possibly be, I wonder?

    Glynda Purdy you are not forgotten.

  20. Viking 1%er Says:

    I find it curious that only the fat Mexican has OMG after there name, they go on to make sure it’s in the bulletin that urine odor claim that law abiding bullshit again and also point out in the bulletin that the odor also has LEO in it. Makes ya wonder if a Fat Mexican will be treated the same as one a them guys with a big piss stain on his pants by the cops making the stops. Bet ya won’t see any urine odor members having “an accident” during a traffic stop or shot in the back cause the cop could have sworn he was reaching for a piece.

    Respect to those who earned it

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