The Iron Order Racketeering Enterprise

March 5, 2015

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This story was published on March 5, 2015 and edited on March 27 as follows:

The original story contained language that suggested that both Joseph Elliott “Captain America” Hamilton and Meridian police officer Donald “Motor Cop” Jenkins were members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and that, as officers of the court, they should cooperate with any investigation into the shooting. Hamilton says that both he and Jenkins resigned from the Iron Order nine months ago, implies that they are embarrassed by their association with the club and states that neither he nor Jenkins know anything about the incident beyond what has been published here. Consequently, those passages in the original story have been deleted.

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club got away with the murder of Black Piston Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton in the parking lot outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida last June 26.

Iron Order prospect Kristopher Stone escaped justice mostly because his motorcycle club and local officials, including State Attorney Angela Corey, Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Patrick K. Dooley and Assistant State Attorney Brian Brady conspired to give Stone a pass. Technically, that’s obstruction of justice. And it can be construed as the subtle crime of racketeering – which is the crime of being a criminal. Other key conspirators in this racketeering act included:


Ray “Izod” Lubesky, a founder of the Iron Order who was previously a fast food executive with Cinnabon, Ponderosa Steakhouses and Papa John’s Pizza and who now runs a painting company franchise in Palm Harbor, Florida. Lubesky was the International President of the Iron Order at the time of the shooting. He described the homicide to club members as a public relations crisis. He wrote that Tipton’s death “is about crisis management at a time we are protecting our club, our prospect, and our brothers. This is our area of expertise. This is our responsibility. Your responsibility is to follow the sheet music, march to the drum and keep your mouths shut, both internally and externally. Only say what you are told to say.”

Former Iron Order Sergeant at Arms and current Vice President, Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael “Cgar” Crouse encouraged Iron order members to murder members of other clubs when he wrote, “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”

John C. “Shark” Whitfield who serves as “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” for the Iron Order as well as Nortonville, Kentucky City Attorney. After Tipton’s murder Whitfield bragged to club members that he had “been in contact with law enforcement” in Jacksonville and had “offered” his “services” to them. Whitfield characterized the murder as a “clear Stand Your Ground” case. “We went to scene and chronicled the information we needed there, spoke to law enforcement there to gain a better perspective and have taken other steps that I will not outline in this thread. Although much has been done, there is still a lot to do. We are prepared to do it with vigilance.” At a time when Tipton’s family was denied access to investigators or information about the case, Whitfield interviewed those investigators to find out where the case was going then used that knowledge to help the persons who were involved in the shooting construct their alibis.

Whitfield was assisted in the criminal conspiracy by Marine Major Darrell “Tracker” Robinson, who putatively is assigned to the Marine Corps Logistics Command but whose work in defense of the nation is so trivial that he can take time off whenever he wants to contribute to the cover up of crimes committed by members of his motorcycle club.

The Iron Order has been able to achieve their cozy relationship with law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officials by branding itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club” that shares a common enemy with federal, state and local police across the country: So called “outlaw” motorcycle clubs. When an Iron Order patch holder and former Army medic named Andre Oleas, who was present at Tipton’s murder but did absolutely nothing to save him, was interviewed by police last June 26, among his first words were “We are a law abiding motorcycle club.” Shortly after that Oleas told detectives, “We have guys who do just what you do.” Then he told a black detective that the Black Pistons were “racist.” The next week, Oleas posted a photograph of a shirt with the slogan “Be Aggressive And Shoot ‘Em In The Face” as his Facebook photo.

Purpose Of The Current Conspiracy

Last Saturday night, Iron Order members got into a gunfight with, apparently, members of the Bandidos and Pistoleros Motorcycle Clubs outside a bar called the Echo lounge in Meridian, Mississippi. Meridian police have stonewalled reporters all week and, consequently, the incident has been virtually ignored by the press.

Police have acknowledged that there were four casualties. Three people were shot and one was struck in the head by a collapsible baton. Monday, Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose told ABC television affiliate WTOK that “all three of the victims in a weekend shooting should make full recoveries.” However, just as was the case in the aftermath of the Tipton murder, most of the real action is happening in the dark where the public is forbidden to look

Earlier this week, Iron Order Sergeant at Arms Eric “Ogur” White instructed club members to obstruct the investigation into the fight in Meridian.

Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice

“Brothers,” White wrote, “I’m sure most of you are aware of the incident in Mississippi with the Bandidos and Pistoleros. The member of the other club did not make it. He passed away this morning. It is important to stay vigilant at this time. Keep your firearm on you at all times. I sleep with mine under my pillow. It is very important that you remain quiet about this. We are facing legalities and Shark is handling those so don’t go on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site saying anything about the issue. If you are contacted by law enforcement, refer them to Shark and do not answer any questions. Play dumb. We are treating this as just another incident. Things have simmered down so don’t go give them any ammunition by running your mouth outside the club. Anyone caught divulging club info will not like the outcome. We will get through this just like before! IOFFIO!

“Live by your Oath and abide by our bylaws and your life wearing Jughead will be long and prosperous.”

But there are two Iron Order patch holders in Meridian who have legal and ethical obligations to do more than “play dumb.”


It might be time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take a long, hard look at Kristopher Stone, Angela Corey, Chief Patrick K. Dooley, Brian Brady, Ray Lubesky, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Crouse, John C. Whitfield, Major Darrell Robinson, Andre Oleas, current Iron Order President Patrick “Brit” Ward, Eric White, Chief Benny Dubose, Joseph Elliott Hamilton and Officer Donald Jenkins.

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139 Responses to “The Iron Order Racketeering Enterprise”

  1. Scooter Rick Says:

    CGar is an idiot. Shark acts more like a game show host than a lawyer…is that even possible? The I.O.M.C. is imploding. I figured that would happen soon enough. Well, it’s happening now but that’s not soon enough!

  2. Brownie B Says:

    Greetings Rebel. I saw some comments regarding baking coatings for the do it yourselfers. Instead of oven elements the guys can try using heat lamps instead. I took an old freezer and lined with the foil covered insulating foam. Then install heat lamps. I have a dozen bulbs wired three to a switch for temp control. Turn all of the bulbs on to bring up to temp then shut off one set of bulbs at a time to hold to desired temp. I have no problem holding 400 degrees. I bake carbon fibre and powder paint easily. One benefit to using bulbs is no need for a 220 circuit. Cool site, feel free to post this info if you think it would be helpful.

    Brownie B

  3. TreeW.A.R. Says:

    While I am ignorant to the ways of “outlaw bikers” I am quite familiar with the workings of the yards of the cdcr and the answer seems relativley simple, force their hand. They are cops and lawyers and goddamn bankers galavanting around in cuts and denim,pretending like the fags at a comicon. If they want to be outlaws then show them what an outlaw is. It seems a bit hypocritical to live outside the law but expect the law to be followed in its pursuit of said outlaw. Weather you are above the law or outside the law it all boils down to the same thing, a blatant disregard for societies way of governance and the will to do what you want as opposed to what you are told you can do.

  4. chromedome Says:


    im in a ‘splainin kinda mood so let me give it to you as easily as i can…..from a good ole tennessee boy point of view….FUCK YOUR STUPID FUCKING UN-INFORMED QUESTIONS. BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH THE IRON ORDER ARE PUSSIES.STANDING YOUR GROUND IMPLIES SOME SORT OF ACT OF COURAGE SO THAT DOESNT INCLUDE FAGGOTS THAT START SHIT THEN HIDE BEHIND THEIR OR THEIR BUDDIES BADGES….LAST BUT NOT LEAST….IF YOU STILL DONT GET IT….JUST RE READ THIS OVER AND OVER……i apologize to rebel and any other regular for the blatant outburst but godamn how many motherfuckers are gonna come on here and ask the same fucking questions the same fucking way…….


  5. Base Says:


    read ya, was feeling a sense of hope. True that, Fuck em all!

    Hope you & yours are well


  6. Sieg Says:

    Base, it ain’t worth the typing-time.

    Fuck all Pigs,Posers, & Provocateurs

  7. Base Says:

    James Hoffa,

    There is much you are missing, as you put it. I read your other comment in another thread, it came off as you making light or justifying the murder of Mr. Tipton. Just as many trolls & iron order members and fan boys have done in the past. Many of whom “miss it” or “don’t get it”

    I question, are you just another troll doing what trolls do? A io member/fan boy who has wandered in here and is attempting to stir the pot? Or, are you a person seeking information and the truth?

    If you are the later then go into archives and read all the articles about the io & the tragic death of Mr. Tipton posted by The Aging Rebel & the many comments attached to those articles. I also suggest you purchases the book “Twilight of the Outlaws” written by Donald Charles Davis.

    Do that, then if you are still “missing it” or “don’t get it” Or if you are one to accept the SAO account of that night in June & believe that edited & indistinguishable video is all the evidence you need, then hop back up onto the fence with the rest of the clueless & the gullible.


    If you do all that and still have questions and or an opinion & wish to engage most certain one or more commenters or even the owner of this site will have something for you.

    Just “understand” you come in here acting like a douche bag, your going to be treated as such. Just as, if you come in here with honesty & respect you will receive the same in return.

    Any part of that you “miss” or “don’t get?”

  8. James Hoffa Says:

    I guess it doesn’t really matter but… In FL, you can essentially claim you were in fear for your life and shoot someone. There are MANY examples of this in FL. In this case, two guys pursued someone (it’s on video)then proceeded to commit assault and battery, the “victim” draws an apparently legal pistol and shoots one of the assailants. You don’t need a conspiracy in FL to walk away from this scenario. Stand your ground relieves you of this burden.

    If I’m missing something here, please advise.

  9. BMW Says:

    Urine Odor are wannabe terrorists as far as I can tell. Pulling a DNS (denial of service) attack is what ISIS/ISUL sympathizers are pulling against newspaper and news sites that tell the truth about the stupid terrorist schmucks.

    On the other hand, I have done a bit of annealing and finishing over the years. On construction sites, we used to build a hot box out of metal or plywood, and for food-warming use, a spotlamp or large wattage light bulb would give us enough heat to bake food — probably a good 300 degrees. I like the idea of re-purposing a horizontal freezer as an oven. Of course, a vertical freezer would work as well. Take an oven element from an old electric oven, and you can even adjust the temp. I have annealed large pipe welds using a DC welder as a power supply, and controlling the temperature by using thermocouple wire as a source for temp control and an old electric motor control or contactor as the interrupting controller. Add a timer to the circuit, and you can set the newer generation of temperature – set paints easily enough. A relatively small power supply could be used for a negative power supply for powder-coat painting as well.

    As you can probably tell, I love garage-engineering and re-purposing junk…


  10. Freeman Says:

    Hell yeah Rebel, missed that page, good to see you back up and running.

  11. panamaa Says:

    Welcome back Rebel !!!!!!

  12. Mackem Says:

    Good to see the Rebel back up and running

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    Yep. damn good to see the site back up!

    Fuck the urine odor!

  14. Vikingtrotter Says:

    YAY!,,,,,REBEL IS BACK!……I was going thru withdrawals…

  15. Shovelhead Says:

    Yes, exactly. Like Charlie Brown looking for that Valentines in the mail box….Good Grief!

    Respect to 1%ers

    Fuck you to the IO & the Coward Kristopher Stone

  16. swampy Says:

    Fagan said: “In fact both Meridian people you listed have been assisting in the investigation in many ways.” – March 25th, 2015 at 8:22 am

    Yeah, I bet they have. With much bias too.

  17. Sieg Says:

    Of COURSE Fakin isn’t uo, and of COURSE it doesn’t defend them. It’s just interested in the facts, honest.

    How fast can ya backpedal, Fakin? Here you are, right from the jump, calling Rebel a liar, and talking trash at him.

    “I think you need to check your facts better before you go to print. The 2 former members in meridian you list have NOT been involved witb iron order in over 2 years….In fact both Meridian people you listed have been assisting in the investigation in many ways….Dont bring crap on yourself and stay credible if you are going to claim to report the truth.”

    Then this:

    “Wow rebel it seems I hit a nerve. As far as your facts go… they are far from correct or true. Im tired of all these stories where you claim to know it all but know very little…. then you would know what people think of iron order in this town Including the police. I hope one day you take the time to print all the truth in your stories.”

    So, dig it, Fakin…so far, the two people that were named, but who are, supposedly not in the urine odor anymore, they’re “assisting in the investigation”. In other words, they’re pigs, right?! Either pigs or snitches, so fuck them, either way. And as far as “…claim to report the truth”, looks to me as though Rebel DID report the truth, and you just don’t like it because once again, urine odor punks got caught out doing what they do best, swinging from the 5-0’s balls.

    And while we’re talking about swinging from 5-0’s balls, is that how YOU “know what people think of urine odor in this town Including the police”? Are you a pig, or just a pigs regular poke?

    And just as a little parting lesson, there is no such thing as a false fact, you cheese-eating little semen-fart. Now go back and tell your daddy that he needs to let you go to your spelling lessons when he knocks down the day room.


  18. Joel Hamilton Says:

    I’m the Joel Hamilton named in the article, and I haven’t been affiliated with IO for some 9 months (probably longer but I can’t remember when I handed them their patches back) since I resigned. I haven’t even lived in Mississippi since July of 2014. Donald Jenkins resigned at the same time I did. Neither of us had any involvement in the incident a couple weeks ago.

    I have asked Rebel to correct this on his website.

  19. Fagan Says:

    Oh im not io and im damn sure not defending them. In fact I wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire. I just know that stating those to were members when there are not was a false fact in the story. I guess I gave this site more credit than its due. I figured the facts were important. after all I know what its like to be caught up in some bullshit charges when its not true. Best to Ya

  20. Jim666 Says:

    Ya know after giving it some thought there are a few gun smith in my neck of the woods I might be able to get one of them do my pipes for just a little of nothing. sounds like the best way for me, i do like the other possibilities i make sheet metal boxes all the time doing have work, and can more than likely make an oven outta one of those is nothing else , but at time gets closer I think for this year I’m just gonna use header paint on the while damn thing,
    then if I still have it over next winter take one of you guys up on your ideas, they all sound great and would look badass also
    thanks and respects guys

  21. Meh Says:

    One mark of pork is they can’t even troll well. If the facts were on their side they’d sue in a heartbeat but as LEO or chumps thereof they might not like the negative exposure a lawsuit would get them.

    Rebel cites facts while they make noise. Noise is not debate.

    io are looking more and more like an eager sock puppet. Their bizarre conduct is not useful to a respectable group so who might it serve?

    Calling the popo for backup is only useful if you plan to be systematically confrontational with the goal of getting your targets arrested. You forfeit any chance of respect. Respect is relevant to real bikers, but cops acknowledge no peers not in their own uniform.

    How a serving military officer gets away with his high involvement while not having his security clearance yanked is a mystery which can only be explained by official gummint approval.

  22. popeye Says:

    @ shovelhead
    Whats a wanna be IO patch holder? Someone waiting for fed ex to show up

  23. Shovelhead Says:

    They won’t admit to being IO because they’re ashamed! Who wants to brag about being in a Pussy,Coward, Rat Cop Club like IO.
    They only feel good amongst themselves. Only thing worse than a IO patch holder is a wannabee IO patch holder.

  24. Wolfenlover Says:

    panamaa, that’s NO SHIT there!”Oh, I’m not a member, but…”
    These douche-bags never give up, do they. Well, that’s not true either.
    I hear at least 30 including the State Rep in Okla “gave up”. LMAO

  25. panamaa Says:


    I’ve yet to read where one of you spout’in off motherfuckers claim to belong to the io yet all of you asshole’s defend it to the hilt…

    Go fuck yourself you io cocksucker…

  26. Sieg Says:

    The following comment was edited to remove the senior Mrs. Hamilton’s address.

    Joseph Hamilton 601-620-9801
    Don Jenkins 601-917-0535 13141 Hickory,Little Rock Mississippi Yes

    Well, there you have it, Mighty Mouth, er, Fagan. That’s a cut-n-paste from the urine odor membership list, as of 22 November 2013.

    SO, not that it was needed, but that proves that what was written in the story is true, why don’t you back-up YOUR bullshit? I know, I know, you’re urine odor, and the only thing you ever had to back-up was the porn on your mom’s computer.


  27. Fagan Says:

    Wow rebel it seems I hit a nerve. As far as your facts go… they are far from correct or true. Im tired of all these stories where you claim to know it all but know very little. I know people in all the clubs involved. But I belong to none. I know this isnt over in meridian but I hope no innocent bystanders get hurt. If you knew as much as you claim rebel then you would know what people think of iron order in this town Including the police. I hope one day you take the time to print all the truth in your stories.

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear Fagan,

    The statement: “Both Joseph Hamilton, a prominent Meridian attorney and Donald Jenkins, a Meridian Police Officer, appear in an Iron Order membership directory. It seems probable that two officers of the court could provide both the police and the public with a full and honest account of what happened Saturday night,” is provably true.

    You seem to have inside information on this case yourself and you state: “Both Meridian people you listed have been assisting in the investigation in many ways.” You know, if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. And frankly, what the Meridian police appear to be doing is concealing public knowledge of a public matter. In the goddamn United States of America, the people have a right to know about shit like that. That’s where I enter the fucking picture.

    Why do you have inside information? What are you lying about? Who the fuck are you?

    I don’t really give a fuck if these two individuals, including a goddamn Meridian cop whose claim to fame is that he gives out a lot of traffic tickets, don’t want their names mentioned. I give a damn whether what I say is provably true. It is. If you don’t fucking like it stop hiding behind an internet handle and sue me. See how far you get. I, in turn will sue you and the fucking Iron Order. Go ahead. Try it. Let me educate you about the First Amendment. I would love to have subpoena power. Then there is the matter that the Iron Order had $300,000 to spend on a party last year. I would love to get me some of that.

    I do report the truth. I do get my facts straight. I don’t really give a fuck if you find the true facts embarrassing. In fact checking this story I telephoned and spoke to persons at both the Meridian Police Department and the Hamilton Law Firm. Everytime the Iron Order gets embarrassed some punk calls me a liar. This is not your week to fuck with me, asshole. I got server problems.

    Now, go shove a watermelon up your ass.


  29. Fagan Says:

    I think you need to check your facts better before you go to print. The 2 former members in meridian you list have NOT been involved witb iron order in over 2 years. They both saw the problems that iron order bring on themselves. In fact both Meridian people you listed have been assisting in the investigation in many ways. So please if your going to run a story get your facts right.
    Dont bring crap on yourself and stay credible if you are going to claim to report the truth.

  30. Straight Shooter Says:

    You know by now plenty of these pretenders have implicated themselves committing numerous laws pertaining to tampering evidence, witness intimidation, abuse of power, conflict of interest, unlawful use of communications, ect. Keep exposing them, it will pay off.

  31. swampy Says:

    Well, I’ve never seen this youtube video before (until several minutes ago.) It’s only 18 seconds long. Although, from the way it looks, at least 3 urine odors stand by and watch a bunch of North American pavement apes stomp their “brother” into the floor of a fast food joint. The vid states this happened in Florida. What?…no “stand your ground” this time? I know the uo allows blacks as members with white “coal burners” for old ladies. Anyway, enjoy everyone:

  32. Asskiller Says:

    “embed itself into the modern fabric of the new American biker landscape”

    It’s not about embedding yourself into the modern fabric of the American biker landscape.

    It’s about riding motorcycles. It’s about respect.

  33. Jim666 Says:

    @ Swampy yea Panhead id right we used a gas grill cleaned it out spotless shot out pain and lit her up and closed the lid, the only option I have atm If a couple coat hangers a gas wood stove that makes me sit naked beside computer while its on and it seems to be doing a pretty good job. either than by balls shrinking from all he sweat,lmao, btw wish we could post pic.s on here Id show you what I had and what is turning into,
    Have a great wet thursday guys,maybe the sun will show its happy face his weekend, rubber side down sll.
    Respects Jim666

    P.S. thanks for all the input from each and every one of you, every little thing gets the gears turning !

  34. Jim666 Says:

    @ Corrupt, this sounds cool as hell, can you buy it an like a krylon can of does it have to be mixed and used w/ paint gun and compressor, I’m guessing the latter ?
    thanks for the new idea either way, it really sounds like a badd ass look and tough to bang up,
    Respects Jim666. by the wat I call bullshit why dont you go join myspace or sumthin ?

  35. Road Whore Says:

    @ ICALLBULLSHIT, who said:

    “…if anything it speaks volumes as to why the old school clubs are in the mess they are in loosing ground to SOA…”

    Losing ground to…”SOA,” as in, “Sons of Anarchy?” I must not be reading that abbreviation right…AM I?

  36. swampy Says:

    Jim, damn the price on 4 oz. of this stuff. I had considered using it once for a little project that I was doing several years ago but I would have needed 4 or 5 cans, and I didn’t know how well it would hold up to heat:

    Panhead is correct on the homemade heat treat oven – they work! I once saw one made from an old horizontal food freezer. Hope all is well, good luck, man. With the highest regards and respect, swampy

  37. Corrupt Says:


    An alternate coating you may want to consider is flame spray. It’s basically melted metal wire shot through a heavy duty spray gun. Available metals include aluminum, copper and nickel. I’ve used the aluminum on a couple different sets of thunder headers and the heat dissipation is great. The finishes can either be polished or just sprayed over with header paint.

  38. Panhead Says:

    @ Base – Tooj – Rusty – Jim666
    Let me jump in on this exhaust pipe conversation. If you are gonna do the ceramic coating and bake it consider this. Sometimes the old kitchen size oven (outdoors, Base is correct) is not large enough to get the door closed on larger objects. Make one, it’s easy. Gunsmiths have been doing this for years to bake on gun coatings for barrels etc. A plywood box with a hinged door on the front will allow for larger/longer pieces. Buy an electric oven element from your local appliance store. Sears has a good one. Line the interior of the box with metal faced rigid insulation board. Drill holes in the side to run rods through to suspend your parts so they touch nothing. I use all thread. Install the element with the control mounted on the plywood exterior. WA – fucking – LA! You have an oven to bake parts in and won’t piss the OL off. Also, consider some of the bake on gun coatings available. Brownells gun parts catalog on line has some.


    13 69

  39. dwtdken Says:

    you can bet its the governments new plan to kill the clubs look at it this way. year after year undercover stings tons of money and big raids with pictures and tv clips making the H.A. Outlaws Mongels etc look bad but it never slows them down its never as bad as they portray it they know they are failing, why? fuck i know why they send tait dobyns rowe and the whole carr and his crew of dipshits at the end of the day they are shit at being bikers and cops and have to play by some rules even though they lie. lets go back a couple of years ago to when the cop shot the Angel in sturgis. cops everywhere started doggin cop bike clubs askin what the fuck are you guys doing ? cops were getting all kinds of shit from their superiors for a few months then all of a sudden you didnt see the the non biking cops bitching at their poser pigs anymore in fact the iron order started to blow up and cop shops around the country seemed to be working with them instead of being ashamed by them. why because that cop got cleared on shooting the angel because at the end of the day he was a cop not a felon snitch not a undercover cop out high and commiting crimes he couldnt tell about but a real cop who was legal to be where he was and and had no record just a good ol boy pig scared for his life of the big bad 1%er. someone in the justice department had a lightbulb moment and said hey this works lets use these dipshit rogue cops if they get killed they are idiots no loss to us but look at the upside why prosecute and lose. lets just kill them we can get away with it all day long we just need a few loose cannons to play biker as long as the have a badge its off duty cops shooting white felons nobody gives a fuck about that. wait til one of them get killed then you will see the gameplan unfold. make no mistake people this is a plan its war and its fucked

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