More Iron Order Gun Play

March 4, 2015

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This story was published on March 4, 2015 and edited on March 27 as follows:

The orginal version of this story contained the following two sentences: “Both Joseph Hamilton, a prominent Meridian attorney and Donald Jenkins, a Meridian Police Officer, appear in an Iron Order membership directory. It seems probable that two officers of the court could provide both the police and the public with a full and honest account of what happened Saturday night.” Hamilton says that both he and Jenkins resigned from the Iron Order nine months ago, implies that they are embarrassed by their association with the club and states that neither he nor Jenkins know anything about the incident beyond what has been published here. Consequently, those sentences in the original story have been deleted.


The Iron Order Motorcycle Club, which has branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club,” was involved in another gunfight Saturday night. This one was in Meridian, Mississippi. Three men were wounded. Local police declined to speak to The Aging Rebel about the incident. Iron Order President Patrick “Brit” Ward has also declined to comment.

The shootings began as a brawl in the parking lot outside the Echo Lounge in Meridian about 7:30 p.m. The brawl became a running gun fight that continued into the parking lot of a nearby bank. Speaking to Cheryl Owens of the Meridian Star, a local detective named Dareall Thompson said, “A fight broke out on the outside of the lounge and that was when the shooting started. Three people were transported to local hospitals and one was later airlifted to Jackson. We don’t know what the conditions are of the victims at this time.”

The Aging Rebel has been told that the other club involved in the shooting wears Red and Gold. Both the Iron Order and the Pistoleros Motorcycle Club have chapters in Meridian. The source said members of both clubs were wounded. A fourth combatant was hit in the head with a collapsible baton.

The Meridian Police are obviously concealing information about the case. Both Joseph Hamilton, a prominent Meridian attorney and Donald Jenkins, a Meridian Police Officer, appear in an Iron Order membership directory. It seems probable that two officers of the court could provide both the police and the public with a full and honest account of what happened Saturday night.

Iron Order

More than half the members of the self dramatizing Iron Order are either sworn peace officers or active duty military personnel. The club was founded in August 2004 (in order to buff the club’s public image, club officers would later claim that the club was founded on July 4) by dissident members of a police motorcycle club called the Blue Knights. Founding members included a United States Secret Service Agent named Carl “Iceman” Janisch.

A 2014 report issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said:

“The Iron Order is one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the United States. Members wear a traditional three-piece patch with a State bottom rocker. The fact that they wear the State bottom rocker has infuriated the HAMC, Outlaws, Iron Horsemen, Pagans and Bandidos. More importantly, many of their members are police and corrections officers, active-duty military and/or government employees and contractors. Over the past 4 years, the Iron Order has had several violent confrontations with each of the aforementioned OMGs.”

Law Abiding

The club’s branding as “law abiding” is largely the contrivance of former club President and former Cinnabon marketing executive Ray “Izod” Lubesky. After a confrontation with Bandidos, Lubesky deliberately set out to create the appearance of an alliance between the Iron Order and local police departments cemented by a common enemy – one percenter motorcycle clubs.

After a 2013 confrontation with the Bandidos in Texas, Lubesky wrote: “The Bandidos in San Antonio will lose three of their members who will now become guests in the Gray Bar Hotel for a long time and for what? What did they really gain? Not a damn thing. We will continue wearing the Texas state rocker. We will not shut down. We will not change what we do, how we do it, where we go, what we wear or anything else. We will continue on and those three morons will spend the next ten to twenty years playing bitch to La Eme and the Texas Mafia in prison. Our brothers in the Shiprock, New Mexico chapter are all prison guards. They tell us the first thing that happens to one percenters when they get to prison is they get their asses beat just to let them know they ain’t shit in prison. Most of the time they need to be separated from the population because they are targets. That is the life they will lead while our brothers they assaulted and this great MC continue on enjoying the liberties and freedoms we are entitled to.”

Because they have aligned themselves with police, members of the Iron Order have been particularly aggressive about initiating armed confrontations with members of other motorcycle clubs. One of the authors of this policy of militancy is the club’s current Vice-President, an Army Lieutenant Colonel named Michael “Cgar” Crouse. Last year Crouse said, “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”

The Iron Order has used their perceived alliance with police to influence investigations of other violent incidents. For example last year after an Iron Order prospect named Kristopher Stone shot and killed a Black Piston named Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton in Jacksonville Beach, Florida an Iron Order officer named John C. “Shark” Whifield, who is also the Nortonville, Kentucky City Attorney, wrote “I have been in contact with law enforcement,” in Jacksonville Beach, “and offered my services in any way they deem appropriate.”

The Aging Rebel has not determined whether Whitfield has yet visited Meridian.


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  1. Parsifal Says:

    @ r whites – what Sieg said or the fast explanation. – the urine odor sucks thin shit through a dirty sock!

  2. Sieg Says:

    r whites, hit the tag that sez iron order at the right side of the site…or just go back to the beginning of tbis thread, and you will learn all you need to k kw about fags, four-flushers, punks, n pigs, all in one big federal operation called “urine odor”.

  3. r whites Says:

    why do people say that the iron order mc are fakes, posers and wannabes? can yall explain it to me please. thanks in advance

  4. Jim666 Says:

    @ snowman.
    There still is.

  5. Snowman Says:

    GFO302 for president. Before this iron order shit came along there was a lot more negative data in the media involving law enforcement, governors, and the Clinton foundation than Bandido’s, HAMC or all the other 1%er’s

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    the Wicked Bitch:
    I’m with you. Too many Cops there for a meeting between Clubs. Matter of fact, I would bet there was an undercover Pig who started the whole fight.

    Of course you would agree with Phil, that’s the kind of Bitch you are Alan!

    Respect to 1%ers

  7. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    I agree with Phil

  8. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    the Wicked Bitch Says:
    May 18, 2015 at 8:14 am

    well, Lubie, you lost a helluva lot more than three last night. what do you fellas think? cuz you know what i think? i thinka buncha fucking cops used a bar room brawl as an excuse to mow down a whole damn bunch of bikers.”

    well kids shouldn’t play with guns should they, especially near packed family restaurants

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    WELCOME BACK REBEL! You’re proof that the bastards can’t keep a good man down!

  10. Jim666 Says:

    I dunno theres some great drugs that LE confiscates I for one believe anyone in iorc would have access to such drugs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    Trolls do not always communicate well with other trolls.
    All the more reason to STFU.

    Respect, to those…

  12. popeye Says:

    I can see why it would be hard to practice law with a memory like that.

  13. The Kraut Says:

    Hey FF, I was USN then too…looks like the ‘bear’ is gonna need another tune-up or two way things are going over there.

    My time was all tin cans…BT…hole-snipe

    Respects to those who warrant respect


  14. Shovelhead Says:

    You would think something as big a deal as having to turn in your colors…that very date, that sad day would stick in your mind forever.
    Unless of course you’re IO and didn’t have to do anything to get the patch so turning it in was no big deal.
    Easy come, easy go! Did you mail it back in the same fedex package you got it from?

  15. swampy Says:

    So which is it, Joel? Nine months or two years? You and Fagan get your story straight; he’s a little confused too.

  16. JAFO Says:

    @Joel Hamiton..

    There is a big difference between 9 months and 2 years. Unless you were in a coma I’m calling Bullshit which makes that whole statement unbelievable.


  17. Joel Hamilton Says:

    I’m the Joel Hamilton listed. I turned my patches in 9 months ago. Fagan says two years, that could be right too, I honestly don’t remember. I left Mississippi in July of 2014 and moved to another state. I’m not practicing law, and while I would be happy to tell law enforcement what I know, (which is exactly what I read in the newspaper) I am not impeding the investigation.

    I understand I’m still listed on the Order’s website, but I can’t confirm that because I don’t have a log in. Whichever one of you has hacked it can let me know.

    I have asked Rebel to correct this on his site.

  18. Sieg Says:

    Mighty Mouth, er, Fagan, as stated in the other article you mention, both of these yabos were listed in urine odor membership lists as of 22 November 2013. Whether or not they are still in, still out, or just participating in some in-n-out with urine odor members was never mentioned.

    If they are assisting the investigation, then they are rats, plain and simple, no matter whose side they are “assisting” on, and fuck a rat. Well, guess while I’m at it, fuck you too.


  19. Fagan Says:

    If you read both articles you would see both mention meridian. If you knew all you claim you would know why. You see thats the problem here. You only know part of the info and you run with it like its cold hard facts. Hell even the police in meridian dont like iron order.

  20. popeye Says:

    In what way are hamilton and jenkins assisting in the investigation? Why would a private attorney be asked to assist an ongoing police investigation? Are the helping with the cover up? You posted in 2 different articles that happened in 2 different states that they were assisting. How is that possible and how are you related to these 2 ?

  21. Fagan Says:

    Both Joel Hamilton and Don Jenkins left iron order over 2 years ago. They left becouse they saw what that group was truly about. Both of these men have beenassisting in the investigation as well. Please try and get your facts correct before printing . If this one part was incorrect then I wonder what else you print is just plain wrong.

  22. BB Says:

    GF0302 – well said.

  23. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @FF: Thank you man, I appreciate your words. Fine job you guys did taking down The Bear – Bravo Zulu. I got the next round.
    Much Respect, and Ride Free.

  24. FF Says:

    Phil, if you gotta tell people you are, you aint.

  25. FF Says:


    Great post, you GET IT.

    One thing, though…

    “I really don’t think of myself too much on Veteran’s Day”

    Don’t ever sell yourself short, Squid. I was a Navy Corpsman, 1984-1988, I served in the worlds finest Navy, 600 ship fleet, under Ronald Reagan—

    And I’m proud to say I was part of the fleet that inevitably took the Russian Bear down and won the cold war.

    The first round is on me!

    Frequent Flyer

  26. Mojoman Says:

    The Iron Douchebags taking on Red & Gold?! There are thousands upon thousands of Red & Gold. Red & Gold has more attorneys than Iron Douchebags have members. Each lawyer can’t wait for a self defense case and following lawsuit.

  27. WheresMyBoots Says:

    I am a Vet, Navy – 4 years – and I didn’t get shit for it. Don’t expect to. I am not a combat Vet anyway, so I really don’t think of myself too much on Veteran’s Day. Combat Vets seem to never talk much about their service I’ve noticed.
    As already pointed out, respect is earned.
    I could get a Trident tattoo, or wear a frog shirt that says ‘The only easy day was yesterday…’ on it and strut around, and then walk into the wrong Coronado or Virginia Beach bar and get my ass handed to me for pretending to be something I’m not, and for lack of respect. I could go to an iron worker’s bar, pretend to be one of them – same thing. Firefighter’s bar, etc. etc.
    I could get eight or sixteen point stars tattooed on my chest and knees, among other tats, and go to Brighton Beach, New York, or any Eastern European country, and wind up in a serious world of shit; maybe even have those tats removed. I could dress up as any one of The Village People and possibly get my ass kicked anywhere.
    Now, do I have a ‘right’ to wear/adopt any of these costumes/adornments in the US? Well, technically I guess: yes. But then there’s reality. Reality states I would look like a jerk – for one – and it also states that posing as something I’m not can get me hurt. *That* is reality.
    Reality is one thing, the way some folks want things to be (as in, wannabe), is another thing entirely.
    People ask me if I’m a biker and I say no, I’m closer to being a member of ZZ Top than I am a biker at this point. I ride nearly every day, and I love it. I love the way it smells, the way it sounds, the way it feels, and I’m still new enough to not know jack shit. So no, I am not yet a biker; as a biker I still make a pretty good bartender.
    So I don’t wear a black leather vest, and though every one of my tats means something very serious to *me*, they wouldn’t be mistaken for something else. I bought t-shirts supporting a bike movie, but I don’t wear them outside; I spent the cash to support the movie, and wearing the shirts just might give the impression I am a member of an MC (though fictional) with a logo that resembles the logo of an existing MC. I don’t wear these things because I would be making an ass out of myself, and it would show a lack of courtesy.
    The outlaw motorcycle frontier clearly has rules – just like any other subculture. Imitating 1%ers, and breaking those rules, is – aside from making you look like a jerk – courting trouble. Now, is that ‘fair’? Depends on your view I guess, but it is fucking reality.
    Outlaw bikers have never impinged on my freedom, they just helped me out – here – by teaching me how to ride. Again, maybe saved my life doing so, and did not ask for a thing in return. One man’s family even offered clothes for my newborn. Good people – people I do not like to see insulted.
    So when I go out tonight, there won’t be any cut, anything like that indicating that I am something I’m not. I’m just a guy that likes to ride. A lot. Can’t afford the vest anyway, and I’m not cutting up my Levi’s jacket – fucking things are expensive these days.
    In the world of men, you learn that there are the way things you want them to be, and the way things are, and unless you put your fucking big boy pants on and accept that, reality will bite you right on the ass. That’s everywhere.
    This io thing is bad, bad ju ju. Why not be original? Come up with your own thing like those young skateboard guys who build kick-start chops from scrap. No cuts there, they just like to build, drink beer, and ride.
    Keep poking a bear with a stick, and he’s likely to tear your ass up.
    All of this io shit, and all of this pirate t-shirt stuff going on, sounds like bullshit to me, and has ‘set-up’ written all over it.
    Respects to the regulars, and Ride Free.

  28. CrazedMonkey Says:

    Wookie- The time line you gave shows a desire for quantity over quality which is sad to read. Thanks for the intel.
    Phil- I guess you think you are the only Veteran in the room. The only thing your service has earned you is a DD214. While the MC world is full of Vets and Vet Clubs they do not jump up and down like some little kid screaming “Respect me because I am a Vet!” The only way to get respect in the MC world is to earn it through actions and deeds. Nobody owes you anything. I have multiple combat tours(CIB, Bronze Stars, Purple Heart,paratrooper) and over 20yrs of service. The only thing I deserve from the MC’s in the MC world is my ass kick if I don’t show due respect. You must show respect in order to get respect. A man isn’t worth a damn if he doesn’t have any respect. I am in a legit VMC. I no longer live in that state. I am the only one in my new state. I have earned my Colors. I want to fly them here but I don’t. I am not afraid to fly them but I don’t out of respect for the Dom Clubs here. I was told not to fly so I don’t. They don’t owe me anything and just because I am from a Vet Club doesn’t mean they owe my Club anything either. I bought another cut and put some Vet patches on it that don’t get confused with any Club’s Colors. 1%er’s and other MC’s don’t run over and shake my hand or give me a hug when they see me but they don’t give me any trouble either. That is enough respect for me.
    People like you give bikers and vets a bad name. The Army has rules and values. The MC world also has them. You should take the time to learn them before you get taught a lesson in respect that could be a little on the painful side. Bikers are some of the coolest, respectful, most honest, love for their brother having people in the world. However there are bikers that will not sit you down to chat about how they feel if you did not show proper respect for them personally or their Club. Being ignorant is one thing and you might get some education(talk). Being a straight in your face Ahole like you plan will get you treated like one.
    Phil, If you don’t remember anything I wrote remember this– Life is Hard. It is even harder if you are stupid.

  29. da rajun cajun Says:

    We refuse to allow IOMC in our establishment. If they’re going to be above the law, they aren’t coming in our bar/restaurant. I established this last year because of what they did to Nas T in Jacksonville Fl. I was threatened by their club president after I spoke to the vp of their local chapter privately with my concerns. I was told their “nomads” would be visiting. I guess that was supposed to encourage me to allow them in? Prior to the incident in Jacksonville they were repeatedly entering our business with weapons like 8″ knives strapped to their sides. Who needs to walk into a family business like this? ? They are a ridiculous bunch and they will NEVER be allowed in my bar! If only more bar owners would step up to the plate…

  30. Shovelhead Says:


    Exactly!! I’m also a Veteran, don’t really tell people about it though and don’t try like Phil, to demand respect because of it. Real men will get respect by the way they carry themselves. Phil has a long way to go!!

    I remember reading a story back in the mid 80’s about a Vietnam Vet suing the Vietnam Vets MC because the club wouldn’t let him in.
    The Club stated that this guy was an asshole before he went to Vietnam and is still an asshole now that he’s back. he doesn’t fit in with this Club.
    I think Phil fits in perfectly with the IO.

    Respect to 1%ers

  31. Mike 184 Says:

    Rite On Chong – Marine here, and I appreciate all who served, but respect is earned, never given. You can respect something I did, but how could you respect me and not know it?

    I am proud of being a Marine, and I am also proud as HELL of what I am doing right now! Suck it Phil.

  32. ChongRRMC Says:

    US Navy Veteran here….and in all of my 54 years alive, I have NEVER met another Veteran who “demanded” respect because he was a Vet…Never !!!

  33. Outrider JB Says:

    Well said GF0302. I agree wholeheartedly.

  34. Base Says:


    “BOOM” goes the dynamite!


    Did you hear the “BOOM”?

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