Weird Down Under

February 17, 2009

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Usually we wouldn’t pay any attention, but it is getting really weird in Australia. A biker war seems to have morphed into a religious war between Muslim factions.

There are five major clubs in Australia: The Rebels, Nomads and Comancheros started in Australia. The Bandidos and the Hells Angels are affiliated with the two international clubs of those names. There are also Finks, Gypsy Jokers and Vietnam Vets. All due respect to anyone we have missed.

Version 3.0 Club

There is also a new club called Notorious which some people down under are calling a “pseudo-biker club.” They seem to have a lot in common with what we have been calling a version 3.0 motorcycle club.

Version 1.0 was the juvenile delinquent version of motorcycle clubs that sprang up in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Version 2.0 was the Vietnam Vet version of the club that still predominates. Version 3.0 clubs are the ones that let you join even if you do not own a motorcycle. In this country the Mongols seemed to give the version 3.0 club model a try for a couple of years.

The Notorious, as happens with the version 3.0 model clubs, don’t seem to respect anybody. They have been publically implicated in the spectacular bombing of a Hells Angels clubhouse in Sydney.


Sydney has been weird since late last year. The Bandidos have been going at with
the Rebels. The Comancheros have been shooting at the Angels. The Angels have been reported to be shooting back. About two weeks ago it looked like Rebels were about to get it on with the Comancheros. The Hells Angels clubhouse in Sydney was bombed. A Rebel clubhouse was fire bombed.

Various outlaw clubs in Australia have behaved so indiscreetly that ordinary Australian citizens have become fed up. Australia recently passed a set of draconian “anti-gang laws” that allows the government to outlaw virtually any fraternal organization they wish. The Finks Motorcycle Club may become the first club to actually be outlawed in the Western World.

Two days ago, the Sydney Morning Herald said that at least some of the violence is the result of a Sunni-Shiite Muslim religious war.


The Notorious, the club that has been recruiting non-bikers, is run by Lebanese Sunni Muslims. The Sydney city chapter of the Comancheros, the Comanchero City Crew, is run by Lebanese Shiites. In recent years the Comancheros have been evolving from a traditional motorcycle club into what the Australians call, “Nike Bikies.”

Most of what the Iraq War has been about is whether Shiites or Sunnis are going to run things. Sadam Hussein was a Sunni. The Iranians are Shiites. In Australia, Sunnis and Shiites now seem to be fighting over who will have the top motorcycle club.

Australian police have publically stated that the Notorious is behind the Hells Angels clubhouse bombing. “They’re just bloody crazy,” an anonymous Sydney cop told the Morning Herald.

When approached for comment the president of Sydney’s Hells Angels charter told the paper, “I’ve got nothing to say, thank you.”

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  1. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Notorious was formed by senior members and associates of the Nomads motorcycle gang, after the Parramatta Nomads branch was disbanded after infiltrated by Muslims. The newly formed gang, founded by Alan Sarkis, then started to recruit youth of Middle Eastern background and aligned itself with street gangs to boost its numbers to gain supremacy over rival gangs

    I yold you Aussie clubs, even the real ones, were havens for Muzzies

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