Battle Creek Comic Opera

March 3, 2015

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There is something happening in Battle Creek. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

It sounds like a cabal of rogue ATF agents is running amok in the breakfast cereal capital. That wouldn’t exactly be unprecedented. During Operation 22 Green undercover agents staged a mock gunfight on the Sunset Strip. Maybe the police state pogues who think George Rowe is an American success story will include that episode in their forthcoming stallion pile based on Rowe’s memoir, Gods of Mischief. Probably not. But, back to Battle Creek.

For days the press in Southern Michigan has been cheerleading what now turns out to be an imaginary biker war between the Avengers Motorcycle Club and the American Outlaws Association. Sunday morning the Battle Creek Enquirer reported: “Battle Creek police said Saturday they were called about 11:20 p.m. Friday by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department about a fight in the 700 block of North 20th Street between members of the Outlaws and the Avengers motorcycle clubs and involving guns, pipes and bats.”

The kind of gutless Detroit News wanted to report the big, breaking biker war but didn’t have time to verify what it wanted to say so it managed to choke out, “Police say members of the Outlaws and Avengers reportedly were fighting late Friday night in Battle Creek, southeast of Grand Rapids.” Of course it “reportedly” happened. The News reported it.

Wait There’s More

The Battle Creek paper also reported that four “members of the Avengers” from North Carolina were stopped and arrested when found to be in possession of “six handguns, two shotguns, knives, Mace, an assault rifle magazine, ammunition and marijuana.”

Sunday night, “two people” went to the rear of the Avengers Battle Creek clubhouse and threw a Molotov cocktail at it. Damage was minimal. The Enquirer said police were “investigating whether the fire at the Avengers property was retaliation for the assault and fight on Friday.”

Monday, the Battle Creek Police Department issued a press release that announced “the Calhoun County Major Crimes Task Force has been activated to streamline the investigation” of the fight and the fire. “The Calhoun County Major Crimes Task Force is comprised of all Calhoun County law enforcement agencies.”

Or Maybe Less

Yesterday the biker war story began to collapse under its own weight. There was no fight between Avengers and Outlaws. Five members of a “Christian club” called the “Southwest Cycle Club” were sitting in their clubhouse in Springfield, Michigan playing cards when about 40 men surrounded the building. Between 15 and 25 of them pushed their way inside, beat the occupants, stole their vests and $500 and said, “We own Battle Creek. It is our town. That is what happens if we have a motorcycle club in Battle Creek.” The Southwest Cycle Club is not affiliated with the American Outlaws Association in any way but they are members of the Michigan Confederation of Clubs.

Matthew McMurtrie, president of the Southwest Cycle Club, denied his club had anything to do with the arson.

An attorney for the Outlaws told the Enquirer “The Outlaws are very upset and angry about it. They have no affiliation with that club. There is no affiliation.”

So What

Last night Grand Rapids television station WXMI reported, “A party at the Outlaw Clubhouse on 20th Street, which is now being called the Southwest Cycle Club by the group’s president, turned into a bloody brawl Friday evening.”

“And 48 hours later, a firebomb went off at a competing motorcycle club,” the Fox affiliate reported. “Police we spoke with believe these two incidents might be connected.”

Although, in its press release yesterday the Battle Creek Police said, “We believe these incidents to be isolated in nature.”

Quick, for a full scholarship to journalism school, isolated is to connected as….

This morning, radio station WTVB in Coldwater, Michigan reported, “Members of the Southwest Cycle Club claim they are a Christian Group that does good deeds for the community. They claim they were assaulted by members of the Avengers Motorcycle Club with bats and pipes Friday night.”

They probably even claim that the men who invaded their clubhouse were not rogue ATF agents.

This is one of those zombie stories that is just not going to die.

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15 Responses to “Battle Creek Comic Opera”

  1. Kickstand Says:

    Wookiee ? Not my old ma? Anyhoot, that clip w the bikers from the “right turn clyde” movie,Thoes black widows are dead ringers for them “Goutriders” mc in Kazoo. Look at the boss. We used to teaze Squatty LaRose about that staring prez roll of his. Ha ha. The more I hear about back home the more I dig the sanora desert. We leave the beatin up on Christian Clubs to the skin head fools here in Az. No disrespect to the A team, There the Best and always will be in my opinion…

  2. roachclip Says:

    @ FF- Well that clip confirmed a few suspicions I had. Thought I remembered a young Bobby Elvis before the big patch over, burning the brownies and all. Thanks for the clip.


  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    Next move of the Feds will be Hershey,PA. Gots ta git some chocolate bars!

  4. FF Says:


    Yup, that’s the crew. This is them back in the day:

  5. roachclip Says:

    @FF- Hey man, I remember them. They’re “feared throughout the land” right?

  6. FF Says:

    Rebel, don’t quote me on this but I’m hearing chatter that the Black Widow MC out of Pacoima California is expanding the enterprise all points east.
    Battle Creek is on the radar. Don’t quote me, I don’t give up my source, you’ll have to Lexus Nexus it. One other thing, my neighbors dog is pregnant.

  7. Paladin Says:

    With little or no warning, Slapstick has seized Battle Creek and the surrounding area in an unmerciful, viselike grip. There’s
    no letup in sight.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  8. BMW Says:

    Maybe the federales got the wrong date on the press release, and the “war” was planned for NEXT week… More lies from the corrupt LEO… No surprise here.

    With all the exaggeration from agents and CI’s the official lies don’t surprise me.

    However, it is disappointing that the media don’t bother to check out the press releases… In the shadow world of corrupt political police and unreality, this was bound to happen sooner or later.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    The 2nd Video:

    “…but a sexual arsonist driven mad with yearning for the sting of sparks upon his naked genitals..”

    “…he grabbed his penis surrendering to the roaring flames…”

    “…The noise was an explosion set by the sexual arsonist? To mask his squeals of ecstasy as he stroked his chaffed member one last time, shooting his seed into the fire…”

    I did’t think I would wake up this morning literally laughing out loud.

  10. Sieg Says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time the fedbacon used a phony “club” to start shit. Think I’ve said it before, but way back in the 70’s that was done out in The People’s Republic. Busted a LOT of Brothers with it.

    Somehow I just can’t get my head around the AOA going in swinging on a little “xtian” Patch. Just not their style, and there just ain’t no glory on dusting up someone who’s gonna turn the other cheek and then pray for you!


  11. Jim666 Says:

    Like I was saying in another post in the saloon This is the only truth site that I know of.
    And needs to keep going at any cost,if we want to have half a chance at living the life we want the way we want.

  12. popeye Says:

    Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? Does anyone fact check anymore? It seems that the cops write a story and it goes straight to print. There was a time where a reporter would be fired for publishing a story devoid of facts but now they rely on the integrity of cops with an agenda to write the story for them.

  13. swampy Says:

    All this and a new television show too…go figure. Maybe the cops are a little “star struck” in Battle Creek.

  14. Wookiee Says:

    I live half an hour or so from Battle Creek andI was confused wen I read this article because the clip they had on the news last night stated the fire bombing happened in Toledo, OH. I thought that made no sense because to the best of my knowledge the AOA is not in Toledo,nor BC for that matter. I am not saying there is anything wrong with Rebels reporting,i know he checks his sources, but I a wondering if there is more to the story that hasnot been revealed to anyone yet

  15. Tooj Says:

    A lot like herpes…

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