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February 25, 2015

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Move over Jay Dobyns and Billy Queen. There’s a new biker hero in Hollywood.

Last night was the première of Gangland Undercover’s  six part, scripted, cable miniseries about the biker adventures of former Vago, Mongol and Outlaw Ashley Charles Wyatt, pictured above. Wyatt’s name in the witness protection program is Charles Falco.  He coauthored and published a book with Kerrie Droban two years ago titled Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs.

The miniseries runs on the History Channel at 10 p.m. It directly competes with the new Bischoff Hervey Entertainment series Outlaw Country on superstation WGN.

New York Times

As Neil Genzlinger pointed out in Monday’s New York Times, both WGN and the History Channel are “no doubt hoping to fill the Sons of Anarchy void.”

Genzlinger thinks, “Bikers are close to qualifying for their own TV genre. Along with the fictional and underappreciated Sons of Anarchy, whose seven-season run ended in December, reality shows like The Devils Ride, on Discovery, have claimed to get inside biker clubs but have mostly just embarrassed everyone involved.”

You can read the entire Times article here.

Men’s Journal

The influential monthly Men’s Journal is less reserved in it’s praise for the Falco miniseries.

In a 1,500 word article published yesterday, the magazine calls the television show, “The Real Life Sons of Anarchy” and quotes Falco’s criticism of the recent FX series. “Sons Of Anarchy tries to give a romantic view of that lifestyle,” Falco says from his “undisclosed location…. There is no romantic view. These guys are thugs, and more than anything, they’re murderers, drug dealers, and bullies. They don’t like normal society and they hate normal civilians.”

Men’s Journal describes the Vagos Motorcycle Club as “the largest urban terrorist organization in the U.S.” at the time of Wyatt/Falco’s infiltration. Wyatt/Falco tells the magazine the Vagos “are not bikers – they’re gang members who ride bikes.”

You can read the entire Men’s Journal piece here.


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68 Responses to “New Biker Hero”

  1. Some one Says:

    I grew up with Ashley(Charles). He was a drug dealer in high school. He then was a meth cook. He ruined a lot of lives. The only reason he didn’t go to jail was to save his own ass. He didn’t do it to be a good person. He was scared to go to prison where he belongs. Many friends he sold meth to died or ruined their lives while he was driving around in a brand new corvette. He never worked except for being a parking attendant at the ritz Carlton in Pasadena. Even there he sold cocaine. Now he’s in the witness protection program for busting a biker gang. How does he got off Scott free from all the lives he destroyed before that. Bullshit. Ashley if your reading this. You belong in jail and you know it. You ruined a lot of friends lives way before your Vago infiltration and you didn’t give a shit. You were all about making money. Your brother and sister are ashamed of you. You even destroyed a friends marriage (chuck) You deserve to be in jail

  2. Scotty Says:

    The Club has changed , It always had a core of bad people but lots were good guys with good ideas, Terry was a good guy, The issue now is its become a fad to join the 3 pc world and nobody of value stays, Club Jumpers, Poser Clubs looking just like the real deal yet are actors or live a far different world, It is no longer anything like the 60’s 70’s and 80’s

  3. fayettenamhoe Says:

    they pay people to think for them

  4. fayettenamhoe Says:

    outcast? ain’t we all?

  5. fayettenamhoe Says:

    yes we fucked, my son was born befoe we was entrapped, and all you have is a stinkin job that you complain about, watching the tick tock on your I-phone, shaME on you, watching some fake life on your big screen tv, no need to educate, you know it all

  6. fayettenamhoe Says:

    the new hero? tell that to my son who’s 36 with his own wife and child, tell it to my wife of 35 years putting up with the years of my harley sounds and guitar sounds, and wrenching these
    antiquated vehicles back from the dead, wearing dumpter clothes, with barely a job and only smokes to show for it, and they give some fuck a t.v. show, go buy a cigar, you fake assholes have finally made it, thank God, i’ll never be like them

  7. Alltheway32 Says:

    Dude’s stories are too confusing (how exactly did he become a Mongol? By just showing up and saying he was one?) or just too over the top ( just about everything else in the book).

  8. nosnitch Says:

    For the record I am a so – called ” goody two shoes”. But: even I see that this is severe dramatic license on the part of Hollywood. And Falco is just a hypocrite trying to justify his own weak , dishonourable behavior. He was a methdealer who ratted his buddies out when he got caught lol…
    And I really am not in that life. Hollywood and their fiction.bah

  9. MIKE Says:

    This guys book was a waste of 10.00. Only an idiot would believe he was assigned to the “murder unit” and became the boss of it. And while WVD center is a so caleld gladiator school, he probably was housed with the older and feeble inmates.
    This guy no doubt did a brave thing(although dishonrable), snitching…..but when u look at the convictions he got he really didnt get very much.
    So in conclusion after the embelishing he did about his jail time, I am inclined to think he embelished his Vago time, and im sure outlaw time as well. I am no Mc guy, I love bikes and if i had no sons i would for sure join one. I really respect bike clubs and cope to be honest….but just like anything I only respect real and genuine people. not lying douchbags.

  10. PJ Says:

    Wookiee, you didn’t sound pompous to me. We are entitled to our opinions. :)

    I saw an interview with a guy that studied drug use (like crack, heroin, etc..) and he claimed that the drug use runs parallel to other substance use; about 10% are those with the problem. Everyone else can take it or leave it, and the ‘menace’ is hyped up.

    I believe the media hypes up the 10%, just like they do for all their other agendas. I could be wrong.

  11. Obfvscated Says:

    When the KGB wanted to infiltrate the US military they were successful with payoffs. There were extremely few G.I.s who embraced Soviet Communism, but there were more who embraced Dead Presidents.The truly venal scumbag sells out his brothers for the purely personal gains of money and fame. The combination could help a weak target flip by mixing fear of legal consequences with the attractions of notoriety.

    Weak people depend on recreational chemicals (legal or not) instead of enjoying them by choice and in moderation. If someone is caught with chems which suggest dependence it makes sense to use them as a lever. The ideal way to bait such weak targets is the carrot and stick approach. No surprise it works.

    BTW what government collects doesn’t always stay there. Even if one had faith in the NSA mission against foreign threats, once information is collected it may be obtained legally by subpoena or by leaks due to the usual security holes. Computers get lost or stolen like other personal electronic devices…

  12. Wookiee Says:

    To a certain degree I agree with you about the legalization of drugs, weed and some others i believe should be a matter of personal responsibility, but meth and heroin I could never condone their use, sorry that is just my own personal feelings. I try not to judge those who do use or advocate usage, it is a matter of my own ethics and feeings, I have hears the arguements for the decriminanlization and it just doesn’t sway me, I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a pompous ass I am only stating my own opinion, but opinions are like assholes, everyone has one lol.
    As far as mutual combat goes, i do believe it has acceptable uses and can usually solve problems easier than many others means. I do not believe that rat packing or sneak attacks are acceptable unless it is the only way to save someones life or a similiar reason. Once again just my own opinion.
    I am not trying to suggest anyone lie either. The majority of Rebel’s articles are about the entrapment, fabrication or lies by LE to convict or otherwise ruin Bikers lives. Usually LE focuses on drug usage or violent acts to put us in the grey bar hotel. I was only trying to point out the paradox of people commenting about experience involving known drug usage or suggesting employing violence to solve certain situations, especially in threads where Rebel is trying to expose injustices against fellow Bikers. Once again just my own opinion on how I read post.
    I know after reading this site for many yeas now that there are regulars on here that are or have been PH’s and they are sources of good solid information for newbs or even casual readers. The unfortunate reality is that there are also trolls, undercover LE, wannabes who don’t even own a motorcycle, motorcycle owners who spend more time polishing their ride than they do ride. It is the second group that post alot of shit and may are either trying to stir the pot or are trying to sound like they really know something because the had an SOA and gangland viewing party. That of course doesn’t cover everyone but it does cover the majority of posters. The point, ad I do have one, is that when someone starts looking into our culture this is a often read site and it could be confusing to some who do not yet realize the difference between the type of posters. With society so tied up with the internet being the source of all knowledge, fewer people put down the web device and go out and learn things the old fashioned way, I just counsel that we should consider what we say and how it is said.

  13. PJ Says:


    I respectfully disagree. As one of those outsiders who came here, I find the honesty in comments refreshing. These last few years, I’ve come to realize I was conditioned, and we as a society are slowly being conditioned.

    Drugs should be legal, period. Why is it okay for someone to ruin their life with alcohol or tobacco or pain meds, but not okay to do so with weed or heroin? Follow the money, as they say.

    As for violence, if men are in a disagreement over something that does not warrant death, let them settle it. Shit, used to be the norm and most times they’d go drink together later.

  14. panamaa Says:

    I agree… But fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke….


  15. Bruka Says:

    @Wookiee – point taken, what i was trying to say was that those might be reasons that these paid snitches do infiltrate clubs – that it is their perception (fed to them by their L.E. handlers) that they will have access to better quality drugs – how many of these guys are tweakers ? Pops in the Gay Bird investigation signed up because he got to use for free. I am in no way saying that the clubs or their members are involved in any manufacture or distribution of drugs, i think the ATF or whoever is runnning the investigation probably provides the drugs for these guys in the first place. I apologise to all for any misunderstanding or offence caused – i am not as eloquent as a lot of the posters on here and sometimes what i am trying to say comes out fucked up.

  16. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Panamaa & Road Whore,
    Thanks gents. My concern is not hackers stealing my shit that’s easy stuff to fix. The bigger issue is the feds doing data collection or mining for identities and who we give our money to, NSA is only what we know about.

    That is why cash is still king.

    Viva Los Vagos

  17. Wookiee Says:

    @Road Whore
    I was not meaning to imply that all or even most PH’s engage in drug use or violence, I was only trying to point out that comments like tosemad further up in the thread could make uninformed readers believe that LE’s bullshit claims are true. I know that bikers are not choir boys and sit does happen, but it is not more present in our culture than in the world at large, but LE and tv makes the public believe that the average biker is a meth fueled psycho looking to rip your head off and rape your children, I just think any statements that would seem to back that up are counter productive

  18. Road Whore Says:


    I’ve used the donation thing with no problems…it’s PayPal, so it’s secure. (Reasonably so.)

    By god…first rounds on me…no foo foo drinks! :) I’ll take my Bourbon on the rocks, with several beer chasers. You and me and Rebel and whoever among the other regulars who want to join us! :)

    Ride Free

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