Six Devils Diciples Found Guilty

February 20, 2015

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Six members of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club were found guilty of racketeering this morning under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO. As currently interpreted under case law, racketeering is the crime of being a criminal.

National President Jeff Garvin “Fat Dog” Smith, National Vice-President Paul “Pauli” Darrah, alleged National Warlord Cary “Gun Control” Vandiver, Vincent “Holiday” Witort and Patrick Michael “Magoo” McKeoun were found guilty of all charges. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on two RICO charges faced by David Randy “D” Drozdowski but found him guilty on three other charges. Scott “Scotty Z” Sutherland was found not guilty. Sutherland had already pled guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, served his time and will probably be released from custody today.

Predicate Crimes

All the defendants were accused, in effect, of not cooperating with authorities and urging others not to do so. An indictment filed in July 2012 accused them of: Conspiracy to Suborn Perjury and Obstruct Justice; Subornation of Perjury; Aiding and Abetting, Obstruction of Justice: Obstruction of Justice by Threats to a Witness; Mailing Threatening Communications; and Conspiracy to Distribute and to Possess With Intent to Distribute Marijuana.

Club members were accused of manufacturing small amounts of methamphetamine, selling small amounts of marijuana, Vicodin and other drugs and profiting as a club from video poker machines located in clubhouses. Smith and others were also accused of ordering the 2003 beating s of five club members in Arizona who had raped the wife of a Hells Angel.

RICO allows the federalization of lesser, local crimes like selling marijuana and the imposition of very harsh penalties for those crimes. All of the convicted men face a decade or more behind bars.


There is no date for their sentencing hearings. They will probably be sentenced this summer.

The Department of Justice also intends to seize the Devils Diciples’ Clinton Township, Michigan clubhouse, numerous motorcycles and other possessions belonging to the club and its members. The club was founded in Fontana, California in 1967 and has about 200 members in chapters in eight states.

The trial lasted four months and the jury of seven women and five men deliberated for more than three weeks.


8 Responses to “Six Devils Diciples Found Guilty”

  1. Mrs. P Says:

    Now, in July of 2015, their sentencing has been postponed until late winter/early spring of 2016, as the Feds “need time to prepare their pre-sentencing reports”. And, of course, the Judge (Federal Judge) allowed it This all started with raids in 2002; they picked these men up in July 2012. They have had plenty of time. They are just punishing, destroying these men.
    Others are still awaiting their trial date. And the Government Witnesses, the “Confidential Informants”, who are walking free among us, are the worst, the biggest criminals of the bunch.
    It makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Buhdas Says:

    This is the biggest pile of BS I have ever heard of If you only saw the Good things these people did for the communities where they have Club houses and all the Things Fat Dawg has done for kids coaching football ect. He and the rest are good men. Most of these trumped up charges were from the 70s or actually done by the witnesses that testified against them. I would rather have these guys running our country then the thieves who are running our country now.They never bothered anyone unless you did something to them. Ride on my Brothers Ride on.TSIA F.T.W

  3. Nags Says:

    Zap, Mucho Greasy Ass and thanks for the info I will most definetly check it out.

  4. Zap Says:

    The song in the video is sung by William Van Dyke. Look him up as he has many great biker songs. What the feds get away with these days is outright fraud, and yet the average person couldn’t care less to see us “bad guys” get put away. Hoping for better news on an appeal.

  5. One Eye Says:

    “Where were these feds when the politicians were stealing Detroit into bankruptcy?”

    Now there is a question I would love to hear answered.

  6. Nags Says:

    Anybody know who did the song playing in that video?

  7. BMW Says:

    Another waste of federal taxpayer money.

    Where were these feds when Detroit was having five people a day killed by serious drug syndicates?

    Where were they when the drug dealers ran most honest people out of Detroit?

    So now the feds want to place the DD members in jail for these serious crimes of having marijuana and video poker in their clubhouses, and beating up rapists? IMHO, the DD should get a medal for beating up the rapists.

    Where were these feds when the politicians were stealing Detroit into bankruptcy?

    The feds and persecutors were probably hiding under the desks in their offices! But now, after Detroit has been totally destroyed by the LEO lack of courage to deal with murders, heroin and crack, it seems that these poseur federales want the people of Detroit to think that the feds really care? That bus already left the station…along with most of the population of the city!

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  8. Philo Says:


    What about the other guys originally charged in the indictments? This list is a lot smaller than the initial one.


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