The Friends Of Witness One

February 20, 2015

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Three members of the Salem, Massachusetts charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club pled guilty to racketeering earlier this month in a hardboiled case reminiscent of the Boston tales of the late George V. Higgins.

Former Salem Hells Angels Robert DeFronzo and Mark Eliason and former Red Devils Motorcycle Club member Brian Weymouth pled guilty February 5 to Conspiracy to Commit Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering; Maiming in Aid of Racketeering; Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Aid of Racketeering; and Assault Resulting In Serious Bodily Injury in Aid of Racketeering. Former Salem charter vice-president Sean Barr pled guilty to the same four counts last Friday, February 13. All four men will be sentenced in May.

The Enterprise

The indictment, filed in January 2014, describes “the Hells Angels Salem Organization” as a “criminal enterprise” and alleges the “purpose of the enterprise included…preserving and protecting the power, territory and profits of the enterprise through the use of intimidation, violence, including assaults and murder, and threats of violence; promoting and enhancing the enterprise and its members’ and associates’ activities; keeping victims and potential victims in fear of the enterprise and in fear of its members and associates, through violence and threats of violence; providing financial support and information to members and associates, including those who were incarcerated for committing acts of violence or other offenses; providing assistance to other members and associates who committed crimes for and on behalf of the enterprise; and providing assistance to other enterprise members and associates, in order to hinder, obstruct and prevent law enforcement officers from identifying the offender, apprehending the offender, and trying to punish the offender.”

Since, typically, this case was never contested in court, the truthfulness of the account of most of what happened relies on the veracity of three anonymous witnesses and an FBI Agent named Jeffrey E. Wood. Witness One was a former member of the Red Devils. Witness Two was his wife or girlfriend. Witness Three was a Hells Angels hang around who was friendly with the other two witnesses. Those four people allege:

Out Bad

A former Salem Angel named Ferdinand ‘Freddy’ Parrott was expelled from the club with the status “Out Bad No Contact” for “allegedly leaving a fellow Hells Angel broken down on the side of a highway in rival, Pagans Motorcycle Club, territory.” Everybody involved in the case seemed to know to stay away from Parrott and to punch him in the mouth if they ran into him.

Nevertheless Parrott showed up at Witness One’s stepdaughter’s sweet sixteen party one Saturday night in September 2012. A number of Red Devils were there and they let the Out Bad Parrott stay rather than kicking him down and out. The next day a member of the Salem charter allegedly told Witness Three that Witness One has “fucked up bad and didn’t take care of business. He will be dealt with as a rat.”

On Monday Barr, who worked with Witness One at a construction company, told the witness that he and the other Red Devils who gave Parrott a pass had until Friday to find him and beat him.

Thursday night, at the Red Devils’ weekly meeting, that club reprimanded the members who had been at the sweet sixteen party. They were told to find and beat Parrott. The chapter vice-president who had been at the party was ordered to steal Parrott’s motorcycle and Witness One was put Out Bad No Contact. Witness One turned in his patches and left.

The next morning at work, Barr told Witness One he had to quit his job. Witness One quit on the spot.

Pick A Hand

Two and a half weeks later, Witness One learned some members of the Salem charter had accused him of “talking to members of a rival club” and he agreed to meet a Salem Angel at a donut shop. The Angel invited Witness One to go to the Red Devils’ clubhouse so he could clear his name. He agreed to go. There were members of both clubs waiting for him. Barr asked Witness One about talking to members of the rival club. Witness One denied he had. Barr produced a ball peen hammer and told Witness One to “pick a hand.” Barr then asked the future Witness One, “you don’t mind giving me your bike right?” Then he told the others there to “take the damn bike.”

The witness was knocked unconscious and suffered a wound that required stitches. When he woke, Barr pointed out to Witness One that he would be needing stitches then asked “hand or knee.” After some hesitation the witness put his hand on a bar stool and Barr hit it twice, broke four bones and, according to the FBI, permanently disabled the former Red Devil. Meanwhile, two other defendants drove to the house Witness One shared with Witness Two, tore down his fence and rode away with his motorcycle. Apparently, this alarmed Witness Two and her children.

Witness Two then took Witness One to the hospital where he told the attending physician he had dropped an engine block on his hand. The day after that, Witness Three was told he could buy Witness One’s motorcycle if he could raise the money. He could not.

So, for months after that, Witness One was allegedly told to surrender the title to his motorcycle to the Salem charter. He refused. Finally, in late March, five months after the sweet sixteen party, one of the defendants told Witness One he had until one o’clock the next day to turn over his title or the defendant would break both of Witness One’s legs, rape Witness Two, beat up Witness Two’s children  while Witness One watched and then kill Witness One. Witness One was either unwilling or unable to take matters into his own hands so he went to the FBI and was fitted for a wire.

That, according to the official FBI account, was how Witness One became Witness One, Witness Two became Witness Two and Witness Three became Witness Three.

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17 Responses to “The Friends Of Witness One”

  1. No rat Says:

    It was not a sweet sixteen party.why would somebody have a sweet 16 party at a bar. This was a federally fabricated case handpicked by Carmen Ortiz

  2. Ol'Goat Says:

    CN Wrote “Why would anybody in their right mind who was put “Out Bad” from a 1%’er Motorcycle Club”, show up at the Sweet 16 Party of the daughter’s of their most closely associated Motorcycle Club and/or Suppot Motorcycle Club in the first place.” …sometimes the brotherhood/friendship (real or perceived) runs deeper than the patch?what do i know?

    Even easier, why would a grown man show up at a girl’s Sweet 16 Party for any reaon, associated or not?…now that’s a real good question.

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear ezy,

    Outlaw motorcycle clubs, clubs that wear an MC, clubs that are part of the MC world, are paramilitary organizations. I was writing about that the other day and found something in the writing of the late Richard Holmes that might be applicable here:

    Partly for this reason, discipline was harsh. As one French writer recommended: “Do not hesitate to smash in the skull of any soldier who grumbles.” Corporal punishment was only one means of disciplining troops. Disobedient men could be strapped to a wooden horse with weights attached to their feet or spun in a whirligig (revolving chair) until they vomited or became incontinent. They could also simply be shot, hanged, or broken on the wheel.

  4. ezy Says:

    A lot of valid points and questions. But when i read this the one thing that jumps out to me is why anyone would be a Red Devil in the first place and have to live their life according to the rules and regs of another club? A support club thought they are, but if you want to be in a club wouldn’t you choose one with self determination?

  5. Wendy Says:

    Question? Witness Three became Witness Three, Why can a witness testify to something they done before to someone else? It sounds like a story someone else already . I read the same story in a letter Dez wrote in August 2012 same story line of threats but it was the witness #3 in this case that was threatening DEZ and his family. DEZ(out bad or left no one really knows). How can the witness testify to something they did to someone else.????

  6. Wookiee Says:

    On his own he had no business being there, which is why i speculated about him accompanying a young female family member who was probablky invited by the girl whom the party was for, it would be aplausible explanation for how things went down, but that would imply that freddy was basically hiding behind the girl he took there. It makes sense, he could have taken the girl to the party and stayed with the excuse that he was chaperoning her and witness 1 did not kick them both out because of friendship between the two girls, the other Patches attending the event wuld have kept their distance because of his status, if he stuck close to his relative they likely would not have confronted him becuase of her. It is despicable of him any way you look at it. It is a scenario that fits what details we have seen, it covers why he was there why witness 1 didn’t make him leave ad why no one else took care of the problem. If he was alone and witness 1 overlooked it, not much else explains why no other Patches removed him from the scene, unless he was hiding behind other guests at the party. If he was there solo for no good reason ad witness 1 did not tell him to go and kept Patches away from him in the process, well then I think they both deserve what all chesters deserve, that the last thing to go through their mind is copper and lead

  7. sherides Says:


    I would have to ask, if he was OB, what business did he have being there in the first place? I am sure his attendance wasn’t “mandatory” or even invited.

    I can certainly understand no “dust ups” at a Family event with young ladies present. Especially if any one there had an inkling that LE may be taking note of who attended this function.


  8. Wookiee Says:

    There were probably other ways to go about getting freddy out, is it possible the Patched Members that were there were following the ageold rules of not shitting in your own back yard and you don’t involve women and especially children in business, especially a dust up? Is it possible that Freddy had a child that was attending the party also? The second question is an honest one, it would explain alot of the situation, especially why he was there in the first place and why no one moved to remove him. Witness 1 wasn’t the only Patch there but he is the one that got the most punishment, which I am not saying he didn’t deserve, but if Freddy was there with a daughter or neice of the same age as the girl having the party would’t traditional rules dictate that he be left alone for the time?

  9. Mad Matt Says:

    For what ever inexplicable reason Parrott showed up to this sixteen-year-old girl’s birthday party, it was indeed “on the people there” to exercise the decision already made. What kind of brother are you, if you allow someone “out bad, no contact” to show up at your kid’s party and stick around? None of it makes sense but we all know the alphabet-soup assholes love their busts like they love their own assholes, stretched to the fuckin max! Because he showed up and wasn’t shown the door or the wall right next to it, now everybody’s fucked.

    Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks

  10. FF Says:


    Everybody wants to be a 1% until its time to do 1% shit…

    The guy who tought me how to ride the first day we rode after getting my permit we saw a motorcycle broke down and we stopped. He told me its a common courtesy. Well, Parrot didnt know that?
    So he is out bad, deservedly so. Ok so the guy might be your friend, you dont want to beat him up I get that. Well then DONT BRING THE GUY TO YOUR HOUSE! I mean this is just c1ommon sense.

    You were vetted, you prospected you know the deal. But no, instead you are going to cry to the FBI I want my bike back boo hoo.

    Who brought these guys around in the first place?

    Frequent Flyer

  11. BMW Says:

    What CN said. Bizarre behaviour by Chester/Witness. Maybe that “cooperative witness” had other sims he had to cover by testifying for the feds, especially if he regularly goes to Sweet Sixteen parties…Prison is very tough for Chesters…just saying…
    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear ff,

    This story raises a fistful of obvious questions. Why did Ferdinand ‘Freddy’ Parrott invite himself to this party? If he had an ongoing relationship with Witness One, why didn’t Witness One just ask him to leave? If all the Red Devils at the party knew Parrott was an unperson, why didn’t any of them leave? Who talked to the big club? What else did Witness One do? Really, when did the FBI get into this? There has to be a lot more here than appears in the public record. But it is a RICO case that stuck, several people brought it to my attention so I reported it. I won’t pretend I got the whole story.


  13. ff Says:

    Sounds to me like the whole story was concocted by the fbi agent and his 3 witlesses. Wow, first vevois and now this. Gotta be something in the water up there.

  14. blacksmith Says:

    I agree with CN as well.
    it makes a person wonder if the guy who was outbad wasnt working for the man.
    maybe he already cut a deal and had to drag others down too.
    For him maybe the safest place to try to facilitate that shit than at a 16 yr old bday party.
    While thing seems strange.

  15. Paladin Says:


    Very well stated. Unless one is a Chester or on the cruise for a MILF, I too can’t imagine being anywhere near such a rite of passage.

    Long May You Ride,


  16. CN Says:

    As many of your readership here will already know, I’m “not too bight”. And, I’m fine with being “Tot Boo Tite”, actually it’s served me rather well over the years and on the odd occasion where or when somebody thinks
    I’m smart, I can always respond with something that makes them think that, well, I’m not too bright. Having set it up this way here’s my question, “Why would anybody in their right mind who was put “Out Bad” from a 1%’er Motorcycle Club”, show up at the Sweet 16 Party of the daughter’s of their most closely associated Motorcycle Club and/or Suppot Motorcycle Club in the first place. Even easier, why would a grown man show up at a girl’s Sweet 16 Party for any reaon, associated or not? My eldest Grand Daughter just turned 16, maybe she’ll have a Sweet 16 Party (I don’t know), but even if she does the only thing I’ll have to do with that cluster fuck is to have already sent a C Note in a card. I love my Grand Kids, all 12 that survived and even the one who died of SIDS but I don’t “Show up for Sweet 16 Parties” love them, I’d rather have a root canal or two. If the daughter or grand daughter of friends or former friends were having such an less than appropriate gathering (cluster fuck), all the more reason not to be within a tank of gas on my bike of that blessed event (CF). Now, I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal for a grown man to attend a sweet 16 party anymore than it would be for me to sit in the beauty parlor while my Wife gets her hair done or be pushing a cart around in the womans underwear Department of a Department Store behind said Wife especially hanging out in the teen or tween/preteen section of anyplace selling such things but because I try not to creep myself or anyone else out as a matter of course, I avoid these venues like the plague. So, what’s Witness Number One & Family doing at the Sweet 16 Party of people who clearly don’t allow him or them at the Club House or Events of said people? Except in New Jersey, who the Hell even has Sweet 16 Parties anymore? Shouldn’t those who didn’t belong at said CF have been doing ANYTHING ELSE but being at a Sweet 16 CF? What must that guest list even look like, 4 or 5 15 or 16 year old girls, their Mothers and, oh I don’t know, the Chapter/Charter of a local MC? How did the logic go? “Lets see, I’m Out Bad from my MC and one of the daughters of another MC who happen to be best friends with the MC I got 86’ed from is having her Sweet 16 Party, think that sounds like fun? Hey, what could possibly go wrong”? Jesus Christ on a Cracker!

  17. rollinnorth Says:

    This case was going to trial in state court when the Feds hijacked the persecution.

    “On day of trial, feds scuttle Hells Angels case

    Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 4:30 am

    SALEM — Frustrated Essex County prosecutors were forced yesterday to drop all charges against a group of reputed Hells Angels members set to stand trial on charges of kidnapping and extortion.

    That’s because prosecutors in the United States Attorney’s office refused to obey a judge’s order to turn over evidence they were holding in the case.

    Instead of complying with the Salem Superior Court judge’s order to provide reports of interviews of witnesses in the case, the U.S. Attorney’s office on Friday filed its own charges — a decision that stunned both local prosecutors and the lawyers for the four defendants scheduled to stand trial yesterday.

    Federal prosecutors had decided in May that they did not have sufficient evidence to pursue federal charges, a decision revealed last week in court by the FBI special agent in charge of the investigation.

    But when Essex County prosecutors pursued the case, that appears to have given federal prosecutors some leverage in convincing one of the defendants to cooperate in an ongoing federal investigation, lawyers for the defense suggested.

    Opening statements in the case had been set to get underway yesterday morning, following two weeks of jury selection and other pretrial matters, all of which took place under daily, heavy security.

    Instead, prosecutors filed a motion to cease prosecution of the case, and the jury, which took nearly two weeks to select, was sent home.”


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