Clarifying Yesterday’s News

February 13, 2015

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You can define propaganda as “the release of specific information and misinformation to achieve a specific effect.” Propaganda isn’t the truth or even a good faith attempt at the truth. Propaganda is always a cynical lie. And in the last few days this page has been pummeled with propaganda:

From at least two, soulless, government agents who have attempted to exploit last weekend’s tragic murder of a young Hells Angel named Patrick Eberhardt by making inflammatory and provocative comments here;

From members and supporters of the Rebels Motorcycle Club USA who have harassed, lied about and libeled this page in several locations on the web in some sort of half-assed, loony attempt to punish this page for reporting that members of the club were cooperating with police;

And, just yesterday by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department which is so eager to tickle the public’s fascination with outlaw motorcycle clubs that it published a press release Wednesday afternoon that was both misleading and inaccurate.

Hells Angels Bust

For the record, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, officers and Swat teams from at least nine San Bernardino County and Riverside County police departments and an unknown number of federal agents served “gang association search warrants,” which may mean indicia searches, on 17 locations at 3 a.m. Wednesday. An indicia search is a search for indications of membership in a motorcycle club served on a known member of that club. It is a search for the sake of conducting a search.

One of the locations searched Wednesday morning was the clubhouse of the Berdoo charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club at 1908 Medical Center Drive in San Bernardino. According to Doug Saunders of the San Bernardino County Sun who directly quoted a police source, “authorities stormed” the Berdoo clubhouse “arresting at least one member of the motorcycle club and confiscating a shotgun as well as what they believe to be narcotics in powder form.” The Aging Rebel has not been able to confirm that. It is just as likely that the Swat team broke a lot of shot glasses and stole a can of Cruex.

The release stated the names of two members of the Hells Angels who were “arrested.” One of those members, Noah Tedesco, was actually not arrested and there is no warrant for his arrest. The Aging Rebel believes that ten people were taken into custody. Six of them were members of the Riverside charter of the Hells Angels who were arrested for various offenses discovered during the searches of their homes. And, they have all been released from custody.


15 Responses to “Clarifying Yesterday’s News”

  1. Jet Says:

    Yea, somewhat though CN and dirtyfkd….. you know like Hunter said 50 years ago These so called “new politicians” going for ‘real Change” will likely put many bikers in jail first thing. Maybe the Nixonian ie Ted Cruz “law and Order” people?! F the “silent majority”too.

  2. dirtyfxd Says:

    @irish1%er your dead on man, took the thought from between my ears. There is a large movement of people and New politicians alike who can see through the bullshit. I can only hope there is a REAL change without blood shed. Our own people are tired of being robbed, bullied, and watching people who pose a real threat get the velvet rope treatment. Thank you rebel for the excellent reporting. Folks like you will be who to thank if we ever do see a change.

  3. Straight Shooter Says:

    Look the alphabet gangs are conducting sweeps to get the common citizen to go along w/these Stalin like power trips. To allow them unabated, they will then consume the next level of society ’till the upper middle class are terrorized in the name of freedom. THose ‘muslim boogie men’ are trained, financed by you know who. They have done this the last century home & abroad. It is now clear that the take down of this country is well underway. See the journalist killed the last few days?

  4. Austin Says:

    @Rebel – Yes!
    The ATF is an enormous whirling vortex of lies, deceit, and assorted trash. A veritable haboob. A government-directed black hole. The ATF alternately sucks up and spews forth it’s toxicity indiscriminately across society. This thing grabs innocent bystanders, perpetrators, club members, “peace” officers, businessmen, taxpayers, the self-employed, criminals, hookers, opportunists, saints, politicians, and yes, even journalists and people who indulge in journalistic persuits (like your readers). In this Matrix – anyone can be Mr. Anderson, at any time.

    The historical events like Ruby Ridge and Waco seem isolated, only because no-one took a good hard look at what was happening, (or were afraid of the consequences) and people did not have access to the type of broad reaching communication we have now.

    As just another bewildered person who found themselves wondering ‘What the F*$# just happened to my life…’ I would like to Thank You for your many years of hard work to illuminate the new reality.

    You make a Difference.
    Blessings to you & yours, All ways & always

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear whiskey,

    I have seen it now. The ATF is an entrapment machine.


  6. BMW Says:

    It is a real problem to write news. We can’t depend on honest press releases from the PD, the courts or the persecutors. Don’t beat yourself up over this Rebel. You are doing the best job of covering our little piece of society. So far you are beating news outlets with hundreds of employees, and millions of dollars in equipment.

    As to the Rebels, my understanding is that the two ex- members mislead their chapter and national and are now out. As it should be.


  7. BMW Says:

    As someone already mentioned, a raid on any nightclub anywhere in the USA would have netted more weapons and drugs than the wasted efforts of nighttime home invasions by militarized police goon squads. I bet that most, if not all, motorcycle clubs have “white powder” in the clubhouse. I know we keep two different types of white powder in our clubhouse, just to the side of the coffee maker — powdered creamer and sugar. Not to speak of the Bon Ami under the kitchen sink. WTF??? Is there no real crime or violence in Kalifornia these days???


  8. Sieg Says:

    Here’s the link Whiskey is talking about.

    Don’t rightly know why this Rep is so surprised that the fedbeast didn’t “discipline” the thugs it sent out to terrorize Milwaukee.


  9. whiskey Says:

    Rebel , have you seen the Feb 10 blog ATF in the Milwaukee journal sentinel ?

  10. Tooj Says:

    Rebel, I’ve always liked the literary cut of your jib.

    CRUEX…that was fucking priceless! Goddamn! Time to clean off my screen now.

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh today, even if the story is less than funny.

  11. CN Says:

    The budget cuts that are hitting our military are coming next to the porn watching bureaucratic upper management agency lizards who attempt to bolster their importance by busting high profile yet low scale long established motorcycle clubs in the belief that the general public still believes the big lie about motorcycle clubs being public enemy number one. The reactive rather than proactive parasites on the tax troth prefer to attack motorcycle clubs because it’s the safest prey in the jungle. Going after those who cause civil unrest, plan and carry out terroristic 9/11’s, even common street gangs are, lets face it, dangerous and likely to retaliate in kind. Besides, as has been mentioned here already, motorcycle club members are rather easy to find. Not only are they walking billboards for their clubs, their clubs have club houses with the names and insignia of the club clearly displayed for all to see. Real police work, shoe leather investigative research, the uncovering of clandestine organizations are all unnecessary. When was the last time you heard of and ATF joint law enforcement task force swat team taking down an islamic mosque? Too hard, not politically correct, against what the AG is being told to do by the current administration (see newly approved AG for meet the new boss, same as the old boss). There is not Al Sharpton & National Action Network or Jessie Jackson & the rainbow coalition. When a motorcycle club member gets gunned down by the Fed or local LE for that matter, there’s no “hands up, don’t shoot” (AKA “pants up, don’t loot”). And our brave and courageous AFT, FBI, etc can’t take anymore bad press coverage, wall to wall non stop CNN, MSNBC, FOX scrutiny, but motorcycle clubs, well hell, shit, there’s about to be another made for TV absolute crap shoot on the History Cannel at 10:00 pm ET on 24 FEB 2015, a 3 part mini series on a rat who saved his ass against his Brothers to save his having to do time. It’s all good though, it’s politically correct and acceptable because, well, you know.

  12. John Deaux Says:

    We no longer get news, well except here, we get agendas and propaganda driven bullshit.
    It’s past time we took back our country.
    Respect to those who know what it means.

  13. WheresMyBoots Says:

    A search for indications of membership in a club served on a known member of that club. So…it’s a search for indications of membership of a club…on a member of the club.
    Well, if not mistaken membership in that club is carefully concealed on their backs, fronts, and well…wherever they have club tats.
    Aren’t there any fucking child molesters, rapists, Muslim terrorist fucktards and their supporters (who are all over the place) to go bust in on? Of course there are, *everyone* knows it, and guaranteed *those* raids would be applauded by all and sundry.
    Anyone who has ever even *seen* a member of a major outlaw club, or any outlaw club, knows that you pretty much have to go out of your way to be anywhere around them. I lived in a city where a charter is over four decades running and in all that time I actually saw a member or members five times – and I was all over that city (by the way, bartenders: hope they stop in – they tip and they don’t bother anyone). So, where is this hysterical *outlaw biker menace*? You never hear on the news: ‘Outlaw biker steals purse. Outlaw biker robs 7-11. Outlaw bikers playing ‘point ’em out and knock ’em out game’. Outlaw biker breaks into home.’ No. You never hear *that* do you?
    Joe Citizen finds out how much of his tax dollars are going into this bullshit is going to be mighty pissed off.
    There is ‘blowback’ for every act. I am *not* talking about violence. I am talking about someone having a bona fide ‘oh shit’ moment when someone way above them -or the public at large- says: “Who the fuck authorized this bullshit ‘operation’ and the cost? Are you fucking kidding me? We had 13 break-ins in another part of the city and you guys are bringing me a gram of Cruex and one scatter-gun? Coulda got that at any good-sized nightclub on a hot night and plenty more for Christ’s sake.”

    It’ll come, sooner or later, and Rebel will be typing away…
    Ride Free,

  14. Irish 1%ER Says:

    ATF states their goal is to remove guns, explosives and dangerous people that would do the USA harm correct? How are these Muslims getting money to cut off people’s heads? Who poses the biggest threAt to our nAtional security? Motorcycle CLUBS!?!? How do you cowards sleep at night? How many Muslim extremists flee the states every year, raise funds here, plan attacks here, are RECRUITING here!And what is the ATF known for? Killing innocent mothers while they hold their babies (Ruby Ridge), burning innocent babies alive ( Waco) and harassing, illegally entrapment and murdering patriotic mostly former service MEN who like to ride motorcycles!!How do you look your kids in the eye!? It’s a truly sad life you cowards live.

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