Berdoo Clubhouse Raided (Corrected)

February 12, 2015

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The following story was originally published at  2:57 Pacific Time on February 12 and was corrected at 8:43 a.m. Pacific Time on February 13 as follows: Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member Noah Tedesco was not arrested during the raids as previously stated. The original story relied on the veracity of a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department press release. The police lied. The Aging Rebel regrets the error.

Police in Southern California served search warrants yesterday at 3 a.m. on 17 locations including the Berdoo charter clubhouse of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club at  1908 Medical Center Drive in San Bernardino.

The raids have been played as a Hells Angels story in both the Riverside Press-Telegram and the San Bernardino County SunThe Aging Rebel has been unable to verify that angle.


At least one member of the Riverside charter of the club were arrested during the raids. He is John Saucedo. Saucedo was arrested by Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies in December as he and five other members of the club returned from a toy run at the Deer Lodge in Meiners Oaks, California. The group of riders was stopped, deputies said, because they were “following too close in a pack” and everyone was then searched. Saucedo was charged with carrying a loaded forearm in his saddlebags.


Yesterday, according to a press release issued by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Saucedo was charged with a firearms offenses with gang enhancements.

According to an account by Doug Saunders in the Sun, “authorities stormed” the Berdoo clubhouse “arresting at least one member of the motorcycle club and confiscating a shotgun as well as what they believe to be narcotics in powder form.”

Cop Talk

According the Sheriff’s press release, the raids were “all related to recent gang violence and unsolved violent crimes associated with local gangs…. The operation resulted in the recovery of 19 firearms, of which several were suspected as stolen, including an illegally possessed assault rifle. In addition to the firearms, the following items of evidence were recovered during the multiple search warrant services: narcotics, stolen property, and a stolen motorcycle.”

Two other defendants in addition to Saucedo were charged with gang enhancements. Those defendants are Eric Clauss and Jacinto Saucedo Jr.


10 Responses to “Berdoo Clubhouse Raided (Corrected)”

  1. BMW Says:

    Respects to the Berdoo folks who have been targeted by militarized, nighttime police harassment and home invasions. I am reminded of a previous conversation, where we discussed police harassment of toy runs. “Running to close in a pack “? WTF??

    As we also covered previously, the nighttime militarized home invasions are not confined to any single club or chapter. We need a national biker civil rights group to oppose this unconstitutional activity against motorcyclists.


    L, H&R TO ALL 1 % RIDERS!!!!

  2. Irish 1%ER Says:

    ATF states their goal is to remove guns, explosives and dangerous people that would do the USA harm correct? How are these Muslims getting money to cut off people’s heads? Who poses the biggest threAt to our nAtional security? Motorcycle CLUBS!?!? How do you cowards sleep at night? How many Muslim extremists flee the states every year, raise funds here, plan attacks here, are RECRUITING here!And what is the ATF known for? Killing innocent mothers while they hold their babies (Ruby Ridge), burning innocent babies alive ( Waco) and harassing, illegally entrapment and murdering patriotic mostly former service MEN who like to ride motorcycles!!How do you look your kids in the eye!? It’s a truly sad life you cowards live.

  3. Tommy Says:

    Waste of time and money….

  4. CN Says:

    The headline was “POLICE RAID HELLS ANGELS CLUBHOUSE IN SAN BERNARDINO” (The Sun, 02/11/15, 12:08 PM PST), not MULTIPLE RAIDS ON HELLS ANGELS NET TREASURE TROVE OF GUNS, DRUGS & CRIMINALS. Going by what the Sun propaganda writer Doug Saunders wrote, he was quite obviously trying to focus the attention of the Sheeple on a raid on a Club House. Nowhere in that article did it mention any connection to an on going investigation of any crime past, present or future. Face facts @riverrat, they blew it. They went fishing and came up empty handed. The headline shouuld have read CONTINUED HARASSMENT OF HELLS ANGELS NETS ZERO BUT AT WHAT COST TO THE TAXPAYER & THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF THOSE TARGETED. One fucking shotgun, some unidentified powder and one member? Really riverrat? Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker!

  5. Fuck off Ciccone and GilBlanco aka R2D2 Says:

    @RiverRat snitch..Or maybe it wasnt..Like u said who knows!!

  6. The Great One Says:

    Cops love headlines..
    Hells Angels … make good headlines.
    LE feeds the machine with vivid accounts of arresting Outlaws that threaten the safety of White Bread America.
    Freedom is simply an illusion that the American Govt’, at all levels, simply markets and uses to lead millions of gullible, dumbed down citizens to their taxpaying fate.

    (not to mention it also deflects some scrutiny of Mr. Martinez in a different direction)

  7. riverrat Says:

    Maybe it was to find out info on the 15 freeway shooting in corona back in September…who knows

  8. CN Says:

    So, in San Bernardino, CA, it’s illegal to have a shotgun? The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department raided the Berdoo Club House, found one man, a shot gun and some powder which they believe are drugs. If these are indeed the facts than that man could have been arrested at any Walmart with a pharmacy and sporting goods department. I’ve heard that the gun laws in California are strict but I didn’t know it was illegal to own a shotgun, be in the same building as a shotgun & unless the mystery powder was in his pants pocket, be in the general vicinity of a substance he may or may not have been aware was even in the building but even at it’s worst case scenario, this case is weak at best. What they may or may not have found at the other 16 locations at 0300 on on 11 FEB 2015 seems to have amounted to 18 other firearms, an “assault rifle” (probably what firearms dealers call tactical style rifles) of possibly questionable ownership, misc stolen property (God only knows what), narcotics (again, they weren’t too specific), and a stolen motorcycle. It’s not clear where they found the stolen motorcycle (in a garage, in a driveway, parked in the street or a basket case in the living room). Is it just me or does this seem like a lot of 0300 raids for a very low ROI. Springerman was on to something in the first comment, namely that these brave Sheriff’s Deputies need to find something a tad bit more important to do at 0300. A lot of wasted manpower and Over Time pay for very little results. Y’all need to elect a new Sheriff, hopefully one who’s head isn’t completely up his ass!

  9. Jim666 Says:


  10. springerman Says:

    It is very comforting to know that the LE priorities are the overbearing scrutiny of decent Americans living their life riding scoots and partying, with the occasional tools for self defense within reach in case of need for self preservation. Instead of devoting all resources to finding real enemies of the state that wish to destroy our country and chop the heads off of innocent citizens here and abroad. I am really disgusted and saddened by the thoughts of what my children and grandchildren are going to see in their lifetime. I used to try to think for the future and plan accordingly, now the only future I think about are the next 8-24 hours and the threats for our safety from those dedicated to destroying our country and to dedicated to our “protection”.

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