Martinez Case Continued Again

February 11, 2015

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It has been 107 days since a Mongol named David Martinez was arrested on suspicion of murdering a validated Swat goon named Shaun Diamond.

It is very rude to refer to Diamond as a Swat goon. Ninety-eight days ago at his funeral Diamond was remembered as a “stern, compassionate,” “devoted father” and “committed officer.” California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who intends to become a United States Senator, called Diamond “a mentor both within the department and the greater Pomona community” and claimed that the Golden State would be “forever grateful for his service.”

Harris’ words were spoken to console Diamond’s grieving family. Martinez’ family was in court today. They are in court every time Martinez appears. And, they also seem passible although no Senatorial candidates have yet come forward to console them.

Swat Goons

At the moment he was fatally wounded, Diamond was one of fourteen Swat goons breaking into Martinez’ home in the middle of the night – more than five hours after the moon went down and more than three hours before the Sun stained the eastern horizon. Martinez’ mother, father, wife, two children and his sister were inside at the time. The raid was a federal operation carried out by local Swat teams.

Federal police forces use local Swat teams to disperse responsibility for the damage Swat raids do.  Last Fall a federal judge in San Diego named Gonzalo P. Curiel ruled that a Hells Angel named Maurice Peter “Pete” Eunice could not sue the Drug Enforcement Administration for property damage caused by a very violent and blatantly punitive Swat raid because he had not challenged the validity of the search warrant and because it was the El Cajon police who had actually inflicted the damage while the DEA Agents only watched and laughed.

The Martinez raid was, officially, the means used to serve a search warrant for a gun that may or may not have been used in a shooting months before. A retired judge named Maral Injejikian issued the warrant five days before the raid. She issued it on the basis of an affidavit that remains more secret than the extraterrestrial alien colony near French Frigate Shoals. The raid was game planned over the course of at least five days but the public is not allowed to know why.

It was a dynamic entry Swat raid, which is to say it was a home invasion and takeover, because Martinez and his family were considered by “authorities” to be so dangerous to police officers that they could only be controlled by militarized goons. It was the same sort of entry prison guards use when they burst into the cells of uncooperative convicts. That was the sort of service Shaun Diamond was performing when he died and for which we should all be “forever grateful.” It was one of seven simultaneous raids in search of, probably, the same gun. Martinez wasn’t holding the gun.

No Fifth Amendment

It was, in what most Americans agree is our consensual reality, a punitive raid. Prosecutors and police avoid being “handcuffed” by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution by simply inflicting punishment on people who are guilty of imaginary crimes. Martinez was guilty of the imaginary crime of belonging to the Mongols Motorcycle Club. His mentally challenged sister and his father, who was wounded during the police assault, were guilty of the imaginary crime of being related to him. So they were all punished for real.

This sort of police state excess is routine on the motorcycle outlaw frontier. Everyone who went to a Mongols party in Maywood, California a week ago was a victim of extrajudicial punishment. Everyone who tried to go to that party was stopped, searched, harassed and victimized. Many had their cars or motorcycles stolen by police. According to someone who could speak authoritatively about the ruined party, “They made it clear to certain brothers that this was a direct result of what happened to the cop in the Martinez case. Obviously they are making a point and aren’t going to stop until they get what they want and that’s to strip our club of our trademarks.”

Mongols Marks

The Mongols marks were the real point of the raid on Martinez’ home. The raid was inspired by two federal prosecutors named Christopher Brunwin and Steven Welk who have been trying to outlaw the Mongols by seizing the club’s name and insignia since 2008. The seizure is blatantly unconstitutional, the two prosecutors know it and in the past they have lied to judges to achieve what no American prosecutor has ever done before: Which is to authorize police who see a Mongol anywhere in America “to stop that gang member and literally take the jacket right off his back.” In the summer after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives granted itself the authority to “take” Mongols symbols police broke into cars and invaded homes to “seize” old Mongols calendars, bandannas, family photos and shirts decorated with forbidden combinations of letters like MFFM and forbidden slogans like “Free The M***ols.”

The current incarnation of this draconian ambition is a federal racketeering case called USA v. Mongol Nation. It is inseparable from the Martinez case. The raid on Martinez home was not only intended to punish Martinez for being Martinez but also to search for evidence that might be used against his motorcycle club in Mongols Nation. And in the course of punishing the Martinez’ family and buttressing Brunwin and Welk’s unconstitutional cause, Shaun Diamond, who was wearing body armor and a Fritz helmet, was shot in the back of the head and the police have been lying about it ever since.

Many official spokesman have said, “Diamond was standing behind officers as they smashed through the front door of the home with a battering ram.”

Fox News, in the most subtle account of how Diamond died, reported “Diamond was helping to open the outer door of a home in the 100 block of San Marino Avenue when an interior door of the home was opened and a single shotgun blast rang out. Diamond was struck in the back of the head. Police did not return fire.” But that’s not quite it either. The first thing police did was throw a grenade into the home.

Today’s Episode

After barking inconsistent and contradictory stories for a week after the shooting, police circled the wagons, lawyered up and began to exercise their collective right to not tell the public nothin’. The official silence continued this morning during Martinez’ four minute appearance before Judge Sergio C. Tapia

Martinez’ public defender, Brady B. Sullivan, asked for and was granted a continuance because he just got “discovery” today. He said later that what he meant was that had he “some” but not all the evidence pertinent to the charges against Martinez. For example, he said he had not yet seen Diamond’s autopsy report. He declined to say whether there was evidence that Martinez had even fired a shot, let alone the shot that killed Diamond. Sullivan also asked the judge to release the Martinez’ motorcycle that was seized 107 days ago, and has since disappeared, to his family.

Then Tapia, a new judge who was a public defender just 14 months ago, ordered that Martinez continue to be held without bail and the accused man disappeared back into the belly of the beast. As his stoic family left the court no one rushed to console them.

Martinez next hearing is March 19. The Mongols Nation trial starts five days later.

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80 Responses to “Martinez Case Continued Again”

  1. LoneWoofwoof Says:

    Anybody know the status of this case?

  2. Martinez Says:

    Martinez and family are Thankful for all the support and well wishes..
    We pray for the Truth to be revealed.. We strongly feel justice will prevail. There is no doubt that “Friendly Fire” occured. Unfortunately there is a process to prove Martinez is innocent of all charges.
    Please keep Martinez and Family in Prayers.. Staying Strong!!

  3. Centurion Says:

    the court system and pigs will drag this out and keep continuing, until they can figure out a way to prove an unarmed man shot one of their own, from behind while standing in front of them.

    They have to cover up for a cop who murdered a cop
    or cover up their own incompetence.

  4. Sieg Says:

    Yeah, I know, I’m about to “tell the cops something else to nail a 1%’er”.

    Piggers are gonna drag this as long as they can, try to grind down Mr. Martinez’ ability to pay his lawyer, and wear him down in the local Carcel. Typical bullshit.

    If the fedbacon gets involved, and given the atf participation, that SEEMS to be a foregone conclusion, then his lawyers will get a discovery-dump that will force them to request a delay, waiving the speedy-trial provision of the law. Normal procedures when it’s Just-Us.


  5. Wolfenlover Says:

    The time of the “speedy trial” is over, huh? Give the bastards more time
    to make up evidence, coerce people into giving false testimony, etc…
    Still got MONGOL Martinez on a good thoughts & best wishes list.
    What a truly fucked-up place this Earth has become. :(

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Curious George,

    There was a hearing this week. There is another preliminary hearing next month. There is just literally no news to report about the case. But let me assure you, I have’t forgotten about Martinez and I don’t intend to. Also the Mongols Nation trial is continued until June. I might have something to report on that case soon.


  7. Curious George Says:

    Can’t find anything in the local news about the latest hearing, any information?

  8. That guy sfs Says:

    Any update on this case..

  9. Sieg Says:

    Keep it on top.

    Donations. If someone wanted to get money to Mr. Martinez direct for his books, I would guess that there would probably be someone who goes close enough to the area to stop in and put money on his books for you. Far as I know, a visitor, attorney, whatever, can go to the jail and make a direct deposit on the victims account.

    On another matter, thanks to all for the back-up while I was away. Fuck an illiterate troll. Pigs, Posers, Provocateurs.


  10. Priscilla Martinez Says:

    I am the niece of David Martinez and have a donation page setup to help raise money for my uncle.please check it out anything will help and is greatly appreciated!!

  11. Road Whore Says:

    @ F….S….

    What in the hell are you even talking about? Did you even bother to read–and comprehend–Sieg’s post?

  12. PJ Says:


    That’s a good question. Kind of like Boston possibly being a test for how well received Martial Law would be?

  13. Steel Says:

    Anyone else get the impression that all this with the Mongols is a “test” case? What I mean is that if prosecutors have success here, then they go after every other club. Sure seems that way to me.

    respects to all who deserve it.

  14. John Deaux Says:

    Fuck you, dumb ass

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Another illiterate who bumbles its way in and spews into flooring the gas pedal without putting brain into gear first.

  16. rollinnorth Says:

    F___ S___, you sure sound like an agent provocateur, dumping on a long-time, respected poster for expressing his opinion.

    Respect to those…

  17. FUCK SEIG Says:

    @Seig..If that info u chose to blurt out the side of your neck is basic law enforcement 101 then what was the point of running your fuckin mouth about it,Rebel is not only right but its exactly the case,You say FTP at the end of your post but yet you have a true 1%er fighting for his life and your whole post is about the cop. pretty much won another one!!..FUCK You SEIG!!..Good luck to Mr.Martinez and his family and to all the MONGOLS MC fighting the good fight.

  18. Meh Says:

    Any involved projectiles may be traced by spectrometry unless the they are swapped for other projectiles.

    What lot(s) of ammunition were involved and where did they go after purchase? Trace projectiles to lot and you may have something one way or the other.

    Find interesting discrepancies in projectile handing and open a can of worms…

  19. Wookiee Says:

    Ok, i have to admit to a large degree of confusion. The whole situation seems way too complex, it seems poorly planned and executed. I don’t believe Martinez or his father fired any shots and everyone has made a valid point that the cops would have let ayone who wasn’t a stormtrooper live if they had fired a shot even into the wall. So if the shot was accidental friendly fire, how is it that in the heat of the moment during a raid did no cop involved react when they saw one of their own drop? It seems most obvious that Diamonds death was premeditated by someone on the police payroll, but what is the point of letting Martinez live? I understand that this is likely tied into the fed case aganst the Mongols Nation, but it seemsm that pinning the death of a cop on a dead man would be easier than the three ring circus they have rolled out. Could they possibly trying to get Martinez to flip? Athough if they were trying to do that, wouldn’t they be burying these events as deep as they could. I dunno but I have a feeling that there is more to this story.

  20. Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne Says:

    This is weird. At “Inmate Regulations to Deposit Money,” the cops state that they stopped accepting online payments the same day I first posted the information: “Please note, effective Sunday, February 15, 2015, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department will no longer accept online deposits for inmates.” This suspension is no longer “temporary.” Check it out at:

    The Feds have to be involved in this and it’s to destroy Mr. David Martinez. I hope Aging Rebel can provide us with some more information on how to help the Martinez Family and for that matter, the Mongol Nation. MFFM FMMF

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    @Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne – Let us know what the lawyer says – if Martinez got the money or not – so we can all make the better choice of how to help this guy out too. Thanks.

  22. panamaa Says:

    Ol’LadyRider ,

    What is the family’s site web address?.. Please post..

    Thanks and respects….

  23. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Donating on the family’s site is quick and easy. I’ll get some on his books too (and hope he gets it).

  24. CN Says:

    With All Due Respect, it is not what others do after me that determines my honor anymore than it is what others do that should convict me. Victory has countless Fathers while defeat remains an orphan. Sometimes I have to do the right thing regarless of what the consequences may be.

  25. panamaa Says:


    Not trying to derail anything but…When you start running money through other peoples accounts all kind of thing come into play, taxes, accountability, ect… Trust me… Been there, as others on this site know…

    Respects for the thought…

  26. FF Says:


    I start my new job, Monday. Won’t get paid until the 2nd week of March. That’s when I’ll kick in the sawbuck. Until then I’m hanging in there—- like a loose tooth.

    God bless David Martinez and the family. California Goons you know damn well Diamond was killed by friendly fire. You know damn well if a shot came from the Martinez residence, you would have lit that house up. Damn you and your cover up.


  27. Phuquehed Says:

    Bleh…I just seen where they stopped taking online payments. Fucking useless mother fucking pigs. Anything to fuck with the prisoners and those trying to help them in any way.

    Too much shit got written down by Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne that I couldn’t keep hardly any of it straight in my head.

    I guess the best thing to do now, since I can’t ride to CA just to laugh at a guards face as I deposit a whole ten bucks, would be to give that ten to the Martinez family thing…right?

  28. Phuquehed Says:

    I might could actually handle throwing in ten bucks, but it’s not anything about paranoia about it coming back at me but the fact that I worry Martinez might not actually get it. I trust pigs about as far as I can throw the Empire State building.

    Is there a receipt one gets, so that if Martinez says he got not one dime, we can use to burn the air-wasting, untrustworthy, no-honor, lying pigs with?

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