Black Pistons Case Finally Ends

February 10, 2015

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The FBI sent out a self-congratulatory email last Friday announcing that the final defendants in the great Black Pistons racketeering case of 2012 had been sentenced.

The case of which the Department of Justice is so proud used “An undercover agent posed as a drug dealer from Florida who was looking to expand his drug dealing into North Georgia. He was introduced to members of the motorcycle clubs by a club member who was working as an informant for the FBI.”

“The undercover agent conducted actual and ruse drug deals in which he either bought methamphetamine from motorcycle club members or recruited club members to assist him in moving what they were led to believe were significant quantities of methamphetamine or cocaine from North Georgia to Tennessee. The undercover agent also obtained firearms from convicted felons and engaged two defendants in discussions about making an unregistered explosive device for him.”

The case very much epitomized the transformation of the United States of America into a sadistic state: A nation that can’t do very much about national problems and that exists mostly to trick people into committing victimless crimes so its army of inquisitors can throw law books at them.

Forty Month Prosecution

Twenty-two men were arrested on various federal charges when the case was announced in August 2012. Five more men were eventually charged with something.

Two defendants took their chances at trial and were convicted. One of those men was sentenced to four months in prison for selling a gun to a convicted felon. Another defendant, who was 63 at the time of his conviction, got five years in prison for “conspiring to aid and abet and aiding and abetting the possession with intent to distribute cocaine.” He needed money and he was entrapped in a drug sting,

Five men beat the case in court. The best known of those were Outlaws Regional President Larry McDaniel, Outlaw Sean King and Black Pistons State President Howard Brown who were all charged with conspiring to impede a federal investigation. What the men actually did was impede an ongoing entrapment by telling the members of a Black Pistons chapter they couldn’t call themselves Black Pistons anymore.

One defendant made bail and he is still in the wind.

Plea Deals

Nineteen of the defendants were eventually bludgeoned into taking plea deals. In the federal courts, almost everybody gets bullied into taking a plea deal. Federal justice is never fair.

Two men pled guilty to possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and were each sentenced to ten years in prison. Another man pled guilty to “conspiring to possess methamphetamine with intent to distribute.” He did not actually possess methamphetamine but he dreamed that someday he might get rich in the get quick rich scheme the FBI used to temp him and he earn five and half years in prison for his dream

Six men between the ages of 22 and 60 pled guilty to conspiring to aid and abet the possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. Conspiring with an FBI agent provocateur. Conspiring. They were sentenced to between two and five years in prison.

One man pled guilty to possession of a firearm during an imaginary drug trafficking crime and he got five years he prison.

Six men confessed to “using a communication facility in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.” They confessed to talking about an imaginary crime on the telephone and they received sentences of up to three and a half years in prison.

One defendant confessed to conspiring to sell a firearm to a convicted felon. He got five years.

Another man who possessed a firearm with an obliterated serial number got a year and a half.

Two men pled guilty to “conspiring to make and transfer a destructive device” and they were sentenced to two and three years in prison.

“These sentencings close a comprehensive investigation into drug trafficking and illegal gun and explosives offenses by members of motorcycle gangs operating in North Georgia,” Acting United States Attorney John Horn bragged. “The case reflects our commitment to make sure the communities in North Georgia are safe, and prevent gang members involved in drug and gun offenses from establishing a foothold there.”


32 Responses to “Black Pistons Case Finally Ends”

  1. Centurion Says:

    all members of the prosecution should be arrested for CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER. each one of those dog breath low lifes had the thought of
    “if only we could just shoot them” thats conspiracy to commit murder
    Why have they not been arrested? each member of the law enforcement teams investigating should also be charged with conspiracy.

  2. Jim666 Says:

    So many good words here, Really cant add much ,
    Other than agree w/ most posters that something needs to be done somewhere somehow, all these things are usually fueled by LEO to put us at odds against each other, It wouldnt surprise me if the last few death`s weren’t direct results of uc,s or feds,
    A lot of good brothers have been lost forever whether put under or put inside for ever.
    And the one culprit that comes to my mind is ABC Gangs and or local Pigs . If / when we all start getting along, they loose millions of tax dollars,
    that makes perfect sense to me,
    that they would want to keep fueling the fire so the tax funds to stomp out the fires they started doesn’t end,
    Think about it.
    I am for peace between all clubs. “well all real clubs” .
    No body wants to loose a brother a friend a father a son or hurt a innocent person.
    we all agree on that Im sure, And this “Save the Patch ” thing going on everywhere is very peaceful,
    that shows us and them we can coexist,
    and it scares the shit outta them.
    They know we are true to each other, we have respect for each other, and unlike them, we are MEN !
    So the dirty lying bastards have to come up w/ shit from fake drug sales to fake child porn and yes even very real MURDER !
    To lay on us, so they can keep up their jetset lifestyles.
    I say Fuck every single last one of the dirty pieces of shit scum.
    They lie under oath, it has been admitted by the feds. the cops. and even the prosecutors .
    When they see us all standing side beside listening to a speaker at a coc or save the patch meeting they piss there pants, It scares the living shit out of them because they know all that money they deposit into their bank accounts is gonna stop pouring in.
    And thats what we as clubs , P/H,s and independents need to do hit them in the worst place possible their wallets.
    Sorry for the long winded post but this is my beliefs, don’t get me wrong someone hurts a brother they will pay dearly, but besides something like that we can do this,
    I am not speaking for my club the above are my thoughts and only mine, I just wish others had the same views, and I’m not saying your wrong if you disagree w/ me we just have different opinions, thats all
    I am my brothers keeper and will die for him/them if need be I also know if that ever happened my kids would be taken care of as long as they needed.
    But lets all hope none of us ever have to go that far.
    Truth is we never have to go that far again. “there is a solution.”
    Respects Jim

  3. Tooj Says:


    Word is the writer behind that so called journalism was Bogolea’s woman. Sounds exactly like the io modus operandi, no?

    I mean, why can’t they be honest and tell everyone that their women are the enforcers?

    Christ on a Bike!!

  4. SS Says:

    This case was total BS….if a cop pulls up behind you and rides your ass until you speed, then pulls you over for speeding, fair? No. Same fucking thing. This jackass dragged people – some who had never done anything like this before – into HIS made up BS, then ruined their lives when his cover was blown. I guess at least the douche and his girlfriend got to party for a few years. A pat on the back this does not deserve….

  5. P-body Says:

    @Viking 1%er

    ” A lot of us are from different camps come here and treat each other with respect as men”

    Every once in a while a sentence jumps off the page at me. That’s exactly why I come here. In an emasculating nanny state there is a place where free speech is free and idea exchanges aren’t regulated by PC. Thanks for that thought and thank you Rebel.


  6. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Rebel, she took the article down. Or moved it.

  7. Viking 1%er Says:

    Na didn’t even see it bud so whatever it was I got a feeling it was a knee jerk reaction apology accepted no harm no foul. Yeah I know all about IO I had one try to tell a buddy that was with me once to remove the support shirt he was wearing. Unfortunantly there was video cameras covering every inch of the parking lot but suffice it to say he was invited to remove it if he wanted to and we would see how that went. Needless to say he did not accept the offer. Keep up the good work Rebel you have the respect of our community and the fact that a lot of us are from different camps come here and treat each other with respect as MEN (something the IO and Rebels USA know nothing about) is a reflection on how you treat the stories you report on.

    Respect to those who have earned it

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Viking 1%er,

    Yeah I saw it. He is an investigataive journalist like I am a pole dancer. He is a disgruntled member of the Rebels. He libels me in that story. I told him to take that out or I will find him, sue him, garnish his wages and sue the USA Rebels. I sent a copy to Sawdust.

    And, in case you saw it before I just now edited it out, I apologize to you for that rude thing I said about posting that bullshit here. Excuse me. I apologize.

    I can only thank God that no one was in pistol range when I learned about this.

    I just got an email from the administrator of the “IOMC Truth 2” page and he apologized to me, although there was no need for him to do that.

    Obviously, the Rebels are an incarnation of the Iron Order. They are mouthy, lying braggarts with absolutely no sense of rality. Just like the Iron Order, they all scream lies on social media like a bunch of high school girls. You can’t believe a thing any of them says. Obviously, I have been too nice to them.

    I think Sawdust has about 16 hours to take that shit down and I know he knows at least some of what I’m going to do if he doesn’t.


  9. Viking 1%er Says:

    While it fucking sucks getting old when I read shit like this I am glad I am an old gray beard. I wouldn’t want to be starting out wondering the things a lot of PHs have to be wondering nowdays. Back in 79-80 the fed hit the 81 hard with their first ever RICO case Sonny talks about it in his book. For the most part the 81 was victorious because NOBODY TALKED!!!!!!! Hell I had and have a lot to say but so fucking disgusted with a lot of the shit I been hearing and reading I just ain’t gonna bother it’s all been said by other much better than I could ever say it anyway.
    HEY REBEL did ya here there is an investagative journalist reporting that YOU are the guy behind one a dem IO haters pages LOL. I dunno how to link dem pages but since there are only a couple I am sure you will find the story.

    Respect to those who have earned it

  10. Ol'Goat Says:

    What do I have to do now? Go register to be a fuking voter so I can get jury duty and set every thought crime defendant free…

  11. stroker Says:

    Nothing but respect for your thoughts and words.
    I don’t take exception to most of them, but do have a difference of opinion on this:

    “…..if greed wasn’t in the equation, and although this one isn’t going to win me any friends, if drugs weren’t allowed in any shape manner or form, the Blue Gang would melt like butter on a hot knife.”

    I believe (fervently) that if drugs were LEGALIZED, a lot, if not all of the problems we have, would be either lessened, or gone.
    Our problem is, we like drugs. Some like drugs a little, some like drugs a lot! Some abuse drugs, some don’t. But if our gubmint tells us we can’t do something, we’re gonna do it anyway. (witness prohibition. Yeah, that worked out well didn’t it?!)
    If drugs (and in my world it would be ALL drugs) were legalized, the money we spend arresting, prosecuting, and locking people up could better be spent on rehab.
    It would eliminate the DEA! It would take drug interdiction out of all LE budgets! WAY too many benefits to this scheme. And, of course,
    the feds know this. That’s why they will fight tooth and nail to keep drugs illegal!

    We wouldn’t want to screw up their income….would we??!!!!

  12. Rusty Says:

    @bcnasty, thank you for the reply, and yer history is the way it should be.

    Respects to you!

  13. P-body Says:

    This strikes a very sensitive nerve for me, civil rights. If LE came after ANY minority organization the way they come after MC’s there would be an enormous public outcry. When they blatantly come after people who look like me, sound like me, and think like me that nerve screams. But what are our options?

    Policing ourselves might be a good start, but LE isn’t above fabrication. I thought maybe the ACLU might also be an option, cite the degree of scrutiny compared to successful prosecution percentage, FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS. I talk to people who are citizens and ask them to explain this deep fear of the biker menace, and of course they are experts because of what they see on TV. But they can’t name a single daily threat to their lives.

    Maybe Gangland could do a show on rogue cops, or Catholic priests. People (and LE) need a Boogeyman to rationalize amorphous fear and quantify budgets. How else can they get all those used but still lethal militarized toys? I don’t have any answers, but I agree sometimes we make it too easy for the fascist regimes. To all who’ve opined above, well said.


  14. Atlien Says:

    13 1/2 fellas. Thats the magic number when guys like us end up in front of a judge. 12 jurors 1 judge and 1/2 a chance

  15. John Deaux Says:

    So after spending millions setting up fabricated crimes to entrap these men they pat each other on the back and pretend they did a good thing.
    Intending to commit a crime is not the same as actually committing one. Being enticed by trained and overpaid federal agents to intend to commit a fabricated, imaginary crime is total bullshit. Where’s the accountability for those pricks ? Oh I know, this is Amerika once land of the free.
    Congrats to the Black and White on it not going any worst for yall. Much respect sent.

  16. Stevo Says:

    But we’re not learning are we? I know 100% for a fact of a police informer in a very prominent 1%er club and no-one in the clubs hierarchy will hear a bad word said about him, despite clear cut evidence. It’s another Doc situation about to happen. And no-one cares.


  17. bcnasty Says:

    been quite a while for me but when I was coming up it sucked.There was no income other than what brothers brought to the club. If you found a hang around that held his mouth and his booze then after a while it would take yes from at least three members to bring him in at prospect status. You got one offer and choose what patch was your sponsor. This was to keep friends from easy in friends of theirs. If you had brass like the young dumb fuck I was you picked the biggest asshole in the club. He took a year of my life and turned it into hell second only to the time in the state hotel.In 14 months it was rumored for me to be going up for patch at a national mandatory and my britches got a bit to big for my own good. Turned down on what was one vote nay. My fucking sponsor. His words that night was” you can either walk away and we will know it is not meant to be or you can fix what I told you needs fixing” 4 months later I patched. The last four months I learned more about my sponsor than the previous year. Only because I took the time to think of why rather than the fuck are you kidding me attitude. I cried when that man died and till this day he is the only brother tattooed on me. Till this day I see guys at prospect stage some good some bad. I look for the guys that seek the older patch and gain wisdom and turn from those that play bad ass cowboy. Because we all find in the end whom your true brothers are when the shit hits the fan.

    @ Oldskewl,
    Vetted to me is a funny word. No disrespect intended.That would in my opinion mean back ground checked, situation checked and service to the brotherhood. Does that include mud checked. Myself, I want a man that acts. Not a man that reacts. My old man that was a 40 year patch told me only a stupid man reacts because when you react your not thinking and if not thinking your half way to being beat.This brings me back to vetted, the meaning is to make a careful and critical examination of something. I am darn sure most clubs do the careful. I am not sure about how critical they are. Again, no disrespect intended .

  18. Ricky Redneck Says:

    An example of our criminal justice system’s justice…
    Last October, a family member was arrested for possession of “drug paraphernalia” (needles) and coerced into taking a plea (or go to jail). She’s a diabetic and injects insulin. So, her crime was not having the prescription in the car with her. Being rather poor in terms of personal organizational self management, she failed to do the community service and show up for the court. So, she gets busted Sunday night on the outstanding warrant and jailed. Yesterday, she has a diabetic seizure and is taken to the hospital. We only heard about it because a friend of hers heard it talked about in court. Of course, none of the swine at the jail will tell my wife what’s going on.
    So, advise you diabetic friends to keep the prescription form with them or they might end up dead.

  19. The Great One Says:

    Trust your own sense of self preservation..
    Never deal with people you don’t absolutely know and trust.
    Keep your circle small.
    Be.. your Brother’s keeper.

  20. Oldskewl Says:

    All the more reasons to keep your membership tight and not let in people that haven’t been thoroughly vetted.

    My sympathies to those that lost their freedom over a bullshit scam.



  21. Rusty Says:

    All have posted wise words and thoughts, much discussion has been had in certain places about what the requirements should be for hangarounds and prospective or probationary members.
    It is one train of thought that no matter what the “up front” cost or the forfiture cost, nothing would price it out of the fed machines ability to pay, but may price it out of a poor mans ability, and although poor, would make a rightous brother.
    Personally, I don’t have a clue what the answer is,,,all I suggest is it be harder and take longer.

    Respect to the deserving

  22. Ride On Says:

    CN is spot on and it brought to mind the following incident.

    I was at a toy run during Christmas that was an open event. A fucking toy run for kids. This particular toy run attracts a lot of the area MC’s. A prospect decided to go billy bad ass on a civilian. The exact reason as to why I don’t know. What I do know is there was nothing done by the civilian that could be construed as self-defense to merit the attack by the prospect. Naturally, the cops charged in and became involved. This was at a public event that is heavily supported by the local community that camps out along the route to wave at the bikes as they pass. It’s a huge parade event. How do you think that incident portrayed the club?

    If a prospect can’t or won’t be controlled by patched members at a public event that requires intervention by LE on behalf of civilians then you’re delusional if you assume LE won’t be watching your club. When incidents like that occur which spill into the civilian arena you can bet your ass that you’re making yourself and your club a target for LE. Cops aren’t gonna just let that shit go. The only thing their gonna think is we gotta make an example of these bikers in the interest of public safety. And, it was entirely the clubs fault. It could have been prevented, patched members could have stepped in to stop it, but didn’t. Now the public and LE will assume patched members are training their prospects to act in that manner. The public and LE doesn’t care what you say your club does or doesn’t do at that point. They’ve judged your’ club by what they saw. Period. Some members might be saying that crap would never happen in my club. Yeah, ok, right, so it’s all the other clubs actions that are causing persecution to your club…

    At that point, effective leadership should be asking what perception is our club making that could be cause for investigation. Instead of continually trying to argue the injustice of LE, which will never change, maybe they should begin looking into how and why their club became targets to begin with and what the future holds if a change doesn’t occur.

  23. Road Whore Says:

    @ bcnasty: Also good words!

    @ Phuquehed: You said it!

    Ride Free

  24. FF Says:


    “Nobody wants justice in this sense, we need mercy.”

    Now THAT’S a pearl of wisdom (as was your entire post).

    Just an idea I had recently… the USO is always looking for volunteers. Maybe if some of the older, retired PHers volunteered at their local USO’s they can reach out to alot of these young men in the military before the urine odor idiots get a hold of them.

    Another idea, bring a Bingo night to the VA once in a while. Or have a magazine/book drive.

    You know, little grass roots efforts go a long way in heading off at the pass the Media Government Industrial Complex’s propaganda campaign demonizing middle aged white guys who like to ride motorcycles.


  25. bcnasty Says:

    no flame here I totally agree with “we have to stop killing one another”. When the mafia was in headlines around the country in the 70’s, for executions ,even citizens that benefit from them got up in arms. The feds went balls to the wall to eliminate them and they decided to go a different route. They still operate now but you do not see them on the news because citizens no longer see the battles on the streets.No one really cares when two clubs go at it. What they do care about is gun battles on the streets and bombings of club houses. These actions allow the pigs and media to sensationalize the story and make the average citizen see us as monsters. That causes Fear .Not a good plan. The citizens fear is translated to the politicians need for re-election and we become the fuel for that fire. I am not stupid enough to believe there will never be a time someone just refuses to comply and has to be removed but conversation and expectations have to be placed for someone to comply. Till that happens and the actions are kept out of the media I do not see anything changing anytime soon.With out the body count, clubs would not need numbers. With out the need for numbers would come more trust between brothers. With more trust between brothers comes a way of life we all can enjoy.
    just my two

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    Only the pigs and fedtards would think that being liars and bigger criminals than those they arrest and using wrongful means to arrest people, would be something to brag about. They must be a shitload of insecure pussies in those alphabet soup agencies.

  27. Road Whore Says:

    @ CN:

    I have to agree with you 100%. It’s all about policing ourselves. However, there are circumstances, which I will not talk about here, that I believe to be dire and legitimate, and in serving those needs the utmost discretion is called for. But yes, absolutely: give nothing to the man to find and the man eventually has to go away. It may not be about altering lifestyle so much as caution and discretion with that lifestyle.

    Maybe additional forfeitures are called for when patching into a club, or maybe even at the hangaround stage: if you entrap or work with LE to entrap the least of it will be that you sign a legally binding agreement to get an old school stomping that you will feel years later, plus you legally must forfeit your car, or a percentage of your bank account or something. Just thinking out loud here…brainstorming a little. Penalties for treachery should be brutal and swift and costly.

    @ Big Jim, Whittier:

    I agree with you also, 100%…I don’t know of a man alive, myself included, who hasn’t, at one time or another, when desiring a vacation…bike…car…etc., that he can’t afford on his current salary who hasn’t said, “Wonder if I could get away with robbing an armored truck?” Doesn’t mean that we’re actively planning it, or even intend to do it. It means that we’re so fed up with the system that boxes us in and allows us so little wiggle room that we dream escapist dreams and then go back to shoveling shit.

    And don’t a single person dare fling that fucking horseshit my way: “This is America…a man can better himself and become anything he wants to be.” Bull fucking shit!!! There is only so much room at the table, which means that some folks get the caviar and the rest of us settle for the crumbs. The idea that we’re all going to be okay financially, or even rich, if we work hard enough or smart enough is the most treacherous lie the “think and grow rich” types have ever sprung on us. What it does is entice us to buy into their bullshit which does indeed make them grow richer for having thought of the bullshit that they spoonfeed us and that we willingly swallow. Until we realize that our stomaches are full of shit and we begin to vomit up their lies.

    Fuck this goddamn evil treacherous system. Don’t let it get its hooks into you. Don’t let its false promises entice you. Don’t let the promises of physical comfort make you betray a brother. Count the cost, and if you can’t walk a man’s line, then stay off of the fucking path, rather than cave in down the road and make others’ lives miserable because of your cowardice and weakness. And yes, if every man has a price, every man also has a breaking point. Know yours, and stay away from it!

    Ride Free

  28. Konig Says:

    The United Soviet States of America.


  29. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    What a pile of shit. Everybody dreams, Talking or dreaming of easy money should not be a crime. Planning is a different deal. Planning in my mind would be proof that you have started a crime and the idea was not started by LE. Also has anybody seen a IO member? They seem to have gone real low key at least in the L.A. Ca. area. None at the Mongol’s 45th. With all the police maybe a ride by but nothing. Fear nobody and Fuck the IO

  30. CN Says:

    Our subculture is an easy target, very low hanging fruit. The majority of the straight citizens out there aren’t going to give a rat’s ass about our Civil Rights. They also don’t want us to show up for dinner in restaurants where they are eating, will part like the Red Sea when we walk down isles at a grocery store, and avoid us when we show up to watch our kids play scholastic sports or at a PTA meeting. To them we are big hairy scary beasts and they wish we’d just go away or be put away. “Serves em’ right”, they say when they read or hear about these kangaroo courts. And, to be real, we haven’t exactly been the most hospitable society towards them. We are White Trash even to those who secretly would kill to ride in a pack instead of a mini-van. None of this is fair but then Life ain’t fair, never will be either. For life to be fair we’d all have to cop to every dirty deed we ever had a hand in and get the maximum punishment. Nobody wants justice in this sense, we need mercy. Still, Sieg has a valid point in his comment, most of what he writes nails whatever he’s writing about. The problem is, how do the Clubs get off of this merry-go-round and the hard truth is that we need to clean our own side of the street. Ain’t a GD thing we can do about the Feds/Cops/etc. I don’t see us changing them regardless of who the AG is. Ron Paul could abolish all the alphabet gangs and we’d still catch Hell. A good friend of mine who has been in the Life a decade more than I have recently told me that the only difference between back then and right now is back then they’d just shoot us, now they screw up our lives to where being shot sounds better.

    The Feds can entrap us, plant shit on us, edit video/audio tapes, generally screw with us ad nauseam but if we all cleaned up and didn’t make it so fucking easy for them, they’d find easier targets because at their roots they have become lazy and aren’t about to go back to real police work that takes hours, days, weeks, months, years. If the easy money mentality was replaced with 9-5 blue collar jobs, if greed wasn’t in the equation, and although this one isn’t going to win me any friends, if drugs weren’t allowed in any shape manner or form, the Blue Gang would melt like butter on a hot knife. If bar room fist fights or the occasional brawl were about the worst of it, they’d go back to not having much more than speeding tickets. And, this is not to say that there aren’t stand up guys among us who work blue collar jobs, live the true meaning of Brotherhood, and are righteous Bikers in the truest sense of the word. Fact is, most of us would starve if we had to be full time bad guys. But, the things they hang on us are made too easy to hang because some of us have become addicted to the easy money. Rats too have evolved into an all too common fact because some of us can’t do time, keep our mouths shut and take it like men. There’s a regular on here who often says, “Everybody wants to be a 1%’er until it’s time to do 1%’er shit”.

    Look, if I’ve offended anyone reading this, know that it wasn’t my intention to do so. I’ve got nothing but respect for any man who’s earned his patch and managed to keep it. If anyone sees this as disrespectful again, that wasn’t my purpose. But, the fact is that if we want to kill the beast we have to starve it out and let it die of boredom because as long as we continue to feed it, the more it’s coming back for dinner. And one more thing while I’m shooting myself in the foot, we gotta’ find a way to stop killing each other. Despite what the media propaganda spews, the numbers aren’t getting bigger and we need every righteous Brother we can get or go into extinction by suicide.

    There’s obviously going to be folks here who will tear me a new asshole for this opinion/observation but I’d rather y’all hated me and kept riding free than me reading about your trial or worse because I didn’t want to offend anyone with the truth. I admire most of the regulars here more than I can express in words. Please be careful & safe regardless.

  31. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    The average sentence on a plea is a little over 5 years.

    That triples if you go to trial.

    97% of those charged wind up convicted one way or the other.

    It’s a raw deal all around.

  32. Sieg Says:


    The numbers aren’t exact, but roughly 90% of all selectee’s for federal persecution cop a plea. Of the 10% that don’t, all but 2 or 3% get hit with the max sentence possible. With the FedBeast, that’s typically what is known as “basketball numbers”, i.e., sentences measured in decades, not years.

    The typical plea-bargain doesn’t involve any ratting, or cooperating against other defendants, but simply “admitting” that you committed whatever “crime” they assign you. If there are multiple counts of, say, weapons offenses, as long as there aren’t more than roughly a dozen weapons involved, they will offer to “allow” you to plead to one count, as long as you “cooperate” by admitting you sold the rest as well.

    It’s fucking mind-boggling, and if there was any real justice left in amerika, every sitting federal judge, and every current and former federal prostitutor would be indicted for suborning perjury.

    My respect to the B&W World, and sympathies for the men unlawfully imprisoned in furtherance of a Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization, the Occupation Regime of amerika.


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