Cave Creek Angel Murdered

February 9, 2015

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Patrick Eberhardt, a member of the Cave Creek charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and a second generation Hells Angel, was murdered about 10:50 p.m. Saturday. Eberhardt died as he was riding on Bell Road in Phoenix near 15th Street, about two miles east of the Steel Horse Saloon.

An unidentified club hang around and friend of the murdered man was riding next to him in a pack of about six motorcycles. The hang around was seriously wounded in the incident and is expected to survive. An unknown shooter or shooters opened fire on the pack as it approached 15th Street from the east., heading toward the Steel Horse and Route 17. Bell Road was closed between 12th Street and 16th Street until 9 a.m. Sunday.

A Phoenix police spokesman named James Holmes has been vague about details of the murder. “When officers arrived they found two young white males in their 20’s in the roadway both suffering from gunshot injuries,” Holmes said. Eberhardt was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nobody Knows Anything

“They are wearing insignia for Hells Angels,” Holmes said. “We don’t know if they’re actual club members or associates, but they’re obviously distraught as to what happened to their friends. We’re not getting a whole lot of assistance from them because they don’t know.”

“Unfortunately, they’re not able to tell us a whole lot based on the fact that it was dark and we don’t know where those shots came from,”

Yesterday morning, Homes said “We’re not getting any indication they were involved in anything last night before this shooting with anyone so it’s a big mystery to us.”

“We have no motive no suspects,” the spokesman said. “But what we do have is lots of business in this area and we’re looking for people who might have been in the area and seen what happened around 11 o’clock and who might not have talked to our police officers.”

Holmes said police are investigating whether the murder was “gang related.”

“Considering the fact you do have the MC, and they have rivals, they have things that go on with them,” Holmes said.


83 Responses to “Cave Creek Angel Murdered”

  1. Peace on this Earth Says:

    Father God, May you open the eyes of the dark side to let them see the light. They were hurt in their childhood and now they carry it in to their adulthood. Wrap your arms around them, show them true love and peace. Show them a better life so they can truely enjoy this life. Let them know true happiness before they leave this earth. Let them know it’s never too late. Show them your unconditional Love.

    In Jesus’s name,


    God Bless You!

  2. Nobody Says:

    R.I.P. L&R

  3. oddtopsy Says:

    Damn.. I used to see this dude riding down Bell Rd all the time.. He always stuck out in my mind because he looked so young.. That’s some pussy ass shit to shoot a man in the back while he’s riding.

    R.I.P brotha..

  4. Wildman Herbert Says:

    RIP Patrick Eberhardt gone too soon. MLH&R Support 81

  5. Pamster Says:

    Some of these comments don’t even belong here! A man is dead and his family and friends are grieving. So shut the fuck up and run along!

  6. bcnasty Says:

    Everyone hates seeing a young patch die. The longer you been around, the more it tends to hurt. Never mind a second generation patch. My sincere condolences to his brothers, family and loved ones. For his dad, I truly feel pain in my heart, as no man should have to bury his child.

  7. Mike Martinez Says:

    A Coward dies 1000 deaths , A solider dies but once . RIP Patrick . Heart goes out to his family.

  8. Tonya Morriss Says:

    I was in traffic coming from a vets appt and was stuck right by the funeral home for over 20 minutes. This is by far the most impressive beautiful funeral showing I have ever seen. I was then stuck a second time closer to my home near a funeral home on Grand Ave. I didn’t realize both were for Patrick. He must have been very special. My respect and condolences to his family, friends, and MC.

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    My deepest condolences to the brothers and other loved ones of Patrick Eberhardt.

  10. Cindy Harber Says:

    I will say a prayer tonight, tomorrow and the days to come for Patrick’s family and friends. My most sincere condolences to all of those that knew his inside jokes, that twinke in his eye, grin that only if you knew him well would you know what he was thinkin’. Too many memories still to make. They leave us too young and with too many unanswered questions. Lives will be changed forever because of Patrick’s absence from this earth as was ours on June 9th, 2002,the day Josh died after being shot. My heart goes out to his mother, father, family and friends, and club brothers.
    May God hold your hearts close during this very sad time.
    Cindy H.
    Josh’s Mom

  11. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I am deeply saddened by this news. Sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family and brothers.

  12. Jim666 Says:

    @philo greenwood
    Show your respects or,

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear wow,

    I don’t see every comment that posts. The comments I have seen have generally been respectful. One was particularly disrespectful. I removed it as soon as it ws brought to my attention. I believe the author of that comment was a federal cop. Anybody can always email me and tell me what they think.

    I don’t generally censor comments but I know who this young man was. I have seen him and I remembered him because of his youth. I am genuinely sorry for this loss. If you spot a problem let me know.


  14. wow Says:

    Jesus Christ. Thus article and the subsequent posts about it SHOULD be posting respectful sympathy for this affected by the cowardly murder of this young man and the shooting of another man that simply enjoys riding and riding with people he obviously likes and respects. Who he rides with us no relevant other than to say deepest sympathy to those in the club that lost a friend and a brother. But some if you d bags have to argue and stir shit. If you guys / ladies have even a small % if the honor and respect you speak of you will take your pitiful name calling and horseshit to another article and leave this one alone. No matter who you support, associate with, or are a brother of, I think we can all agree it is a ducking tragedy that such a young brother with his whole life ahead of him is now gone. So please show a little respect and leave at least this thread to sympathetic posts for the deceased brother, his family, his friends AND his club brothers who have to yet again bury a young man for no good reason. So God bless this young man, all that knee him and the HAMC. Remember ladies and gentlemen, you never know who reads these posts so next time you are going to type foolishness think of this man’s loved ones before hitting “submit” I’ll be following this closely as we all know Rebel will probably be one of the first reporter’s to get information out to the masses

  15. Tooj Says:

    Nothing I’ve mentioned has a damn thing to do with your hobby, @EMOC. No, I’m not particularly interested in the Irish nor the mythology. Symbolism is just that. The Gae Bulg was a ritual device, but thanks for the well wishes. Please feel free to inform me when you’ve acquired a bone from a sea monster (Coinchenn) and I’ll start watching my six.

    As for me? I’m an enigma wrapped in a mystery dancing to Benny Goodman with the abyss. Your commentary is supposed to make me want to tell you ALL about myself, eh? Get used to being disappointed/offended. ALL your eyes.

    I’ll give that you weren’t specific in your speculations WHICH speculative story happened, but that you speculated nonetheless. You, as a woman, mentioned being a hangaround and prospecting, but you explained that. (Insanity) If someone tells you something negative about themselves, then it’s in your best interests to believe them. Have a nice illness.

    It was a truly epic twist you presented. My congratulations. Deny Attack Reverse, the way of the woman. Do you truly see yourself as the voice that bikers need to hear? What an ego and overdose of vanity you’ve acquired.

    I came here to read what Rebel has to REPORT about it. That in itself seems to have tweaked your bean, but the Dude abides. Fuck it, I’m going bowling.

  16. Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne Says:

    Suas (le) 1%er, Tooj. Yes, that’s EuroAsian-Gaidhealach. I don’t apologize, Tooj, that you don’t understand O.I. Bardic talk or our way of thinking. I notice that your name is not linked to any web-site giving us more information about you or your club. You also don’t give any information in your embarrassments above, with which you assault our eyes. I do notice that you haven’t made even a wee ($5.00) contribution to a biker down – Mr. David Martinez, a proud and honourable member of the Mongol nation, a real man. I’m not a Mongol, not even a hang around or prospect. I admit I don’t have what it takes – I’m insane. But, I do respect them and because you choose not to disclose anything, for all I know, you just haven’t gotten around to it.

    I have to remind you that there is a You tube video about the Hells Angels wherein a rat who had infiltrated the Hells Angels said, after Mr. Sonny Barger’s conviction had been overturned, that if the government couldn’t bring down the Hells Angels legally then they would shoot the leaders off of their bikes (I will find that video and then pass on the U.R.L.). There’s also that rumour that there’s a shoot on sight war against the Hells Angels by a third motorcycle club. I won’t speculate which one or the two combined is what recently happened. I have too much respect for Patrick and his loved ones. But, this information must be publicized in order that bikers know.

    Suas (le) CuChulainn, Tooj may you always be out of range of the Gae Bolge.

    You can donate to Mr. Martinez’s legal defense fund at:

  17. Irish 1%ER Says:

    @wolfenlover, did I miss something or are you just an idiot? I don’t know anything about this eomc person but what I do know is that’s Gaelic and has shit all to do with fucking engines? Where did you get the native angle? Phil fuck off cop, if your not a cop your certainly as stupid as one! No other clubs were mentioned, period! Respects to Lil Pat and his fAther and the CC HA.

  18. Viking 1%er Says:

    @Agent Greenwood

    My deepest condolences to the Family, CC Charter and all 81 world wide on the loss of your Son and Brother. May the cowards that shoot from the darkness soon reside in that place in hell reserved for ones of their ilk. Patrick is now in Valahalla with those that have gone before him those of us that keep the faith and our honor will join them one day and the others who have no honor……. Well like I said before there is a special place in hell for them

    Much L.H.&R to all those that have earned it.

  19. Blind Tom Says:

    . My condolences to the families of the slain men. Here is some better news:

  20. philo greenwood Says:


    My condolences to all who are killed in this madness, or effected in any way by the killings. I figured that respectfully submitting an idea how the combatants in this obvious war could lessen the bloodshed so less people are killed would be a good thing to do. I guess I fucked up on protocol by using the name of one the clubs. Sorry. I will go away now. Tried to contribute to a site populated by people who I came to respect by their honest writings. I understand the rampant paranoia here as the threat is very real. I do take offense to being called that which I am not.
    Philo Greenwood

  21. philo greenwood Says:

    Damn, you’re good. You got me! Oh, well … back to the drawing board.

    Philo Greenwood


  22. popeye Says:

    The feds would love to start a war so they could scare john q public into beliveing “biker gangs” are a bigger threat than terrorists coming across our open borders.
    If I asked you to jump out of an airplane without a chute you’d probably say no but if I added the plane was on the ground you’d probably change your mind. You should never jump to conclusions before all the facts are known

  23. Tooj Says:


    I’m not sorry for pointing out the hypocrisy in your post. You mention: ” I refuse to speculate on the tragic murder of Mr. Patrick Eberhardt. To do so would unavoidably be disrespectful to him and his family.”

    Which you follow with exactly what you WEREN’T going to do: ” I’m just reminding Aging Rebel’s readers about the threat made several years ago against Mr. Barger and other Hells Angels. One other piece of information or bull shit, if you will, I found on the side-walk, to use one of Aging Rebels sayings, that you will not find on the Internet is that a year or so ago there was a shoot-on-sight war occurring between the Hells Angels and a third club.”

    Yes, little ‘lady’, you certainly would NEVER speculate anything that has not a damn thing to do with you. Know your role. You were disrespectful and you had an agenda.

    No amount of telling folks that you aren’t about to do what you do anyway is going to absolve disrespect. (“Not to be rude, but you’re a cunt.” See how that works?)

    I ride with my eyes open and because of that my mouth isn’t. Later, fender fluff.

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo Greenwood,

    Look, special agent, you must be new.

    What? Not the proxy server in fucking Switzerland this time?

    I aleady believe some federal police force is up to its necks in this tragedy. I don’t underestimate you. You stop underestimating me.


  25. @Philo Greenwood Says:

    Philo Green.,There is no other club mentioned here in this article except the one involved.. So SHUT THE FUCK UP,STOP DRY SNITCHING COWARD AND GET OFF THE FUCKIN SIDELINES,NOBODY WANTS YOU BITCHASS IN BACK OF EITHER ONE OF THESE CLUBS PACKS IF YOUR PUNKASS IS DROPPING NAMES of clubs that have nothing to do with nothing and stop trying to get people arrested,raided and harassed..Give this young man his proper condolences and stop trying to use this unfortunate set of circumstances to push your hidden agenda because your pussy!!

  26. One Eye Says:

    Deepest condolences to all who loved Patrick. “And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.”

  27. Trip Says:

    R.I.P Patrick……..You will be truley missed my friend!!! My sincere condolences go out to the family and Hamc Cave Creek Chapter…


  28. Philo Greenwood Says:

    Maybe the 81 and the Mongols could slowdown the bloodshed with a limited truce of some sort. Shortly after the US ended WWII with the nuclear bomb, Russia acquired their own. Two enemies with the same type of seething generational hatred for each other somehow managed to not destroy the world because they limited their weapons in the several wars they fought using proxy nations. Millions of tons of conventional bombs were dropped in Vietnam; four or five nukes would have won the war in a week … unless it got out of control, then the whole world dies.

    There is one gentleman in Cave Creek who has the gravitas to end, or at least tone down, the shooting, i would think. And we know who he is. Not end the war … just the sniping.

    One obviously has to have a certain set of character traits to make it into a real mc such as the HA or Mongols. Discussion on this site about the shootings by the io and the Rebels USA discussed how the real patchholders of old could go at it with fists, both combatants packing, and not go to shooting … and defintely without the attendant pantspissing we just witnessed.

    I would think if HA and Mongol leadership got together and decided to tell their members an agreement was reached by their leaders to settle disputes face to face, just try not to pull the guns… and stop the sniping. All the other wartime stuff could stand. Fight on sight. Just don’t snipe.

    Not any let’s all get together and be friends, let bygones be bygones, etc. That could probably happen between the Jews and Arabs in the Middle East as easily as it could with the 81 and the Mongols. But the patchholders of both clubs are such a far cut above IO and Rebels USA that they could continue the war without indiscriminate sniping, if the leaders of both clubs said that was the new goal of both clubs to do so.

    It seems to me that the TV shows have ignited a passionate interest in mcs again by average citizens. That means that news outlets will give a lot of priority to mc related stories. It is far easier for the general public to be more accepting of the mc life if they aren’t bombarded with stories about freeway sniping, bombs, etc. Two clubs fighting it out? That’s what they are supposed to do. (I loved the metaphor I saw here once … “Just the boys whooping it up at the Malamute saloon on a Friday night”.) That’s accepted. That’s expected. But stray bullets flying around on the freeway? That will bring down the ire of the citizenry probably more than anything else.

    So, probably wishful thinking on my part. I have great respect for anyone who has what it takes to earn a patch in a real MC, and then live the life in accord with the standards developed by the culture over the last 6 or 7 decades. I also am a casual supporter of one of the two clubs and would rather worry a little less about getting sniped off my bike as I ride in the back of the pack on a public run. However, I must add, that reality sure does intensify the rush and excitement …

    Respect to the real riders on this site.

    Philo Greenwood

    One last thought: Reading the posts between the regulars here illustrates something very ironic. I (we) witnessed an extremely respectful exchange between two regulars, who had obviously become respected friends by what they post here. There was genuine affection, respect, and brotherhood. The irony is that, due to their affiliations, there is a chance that they could meet on the road, and before either realized who the other guy was, shoot each other dead because of the existing business between their respective clubs.


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