A Vendetta Ride

February 6, 2015

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In the aftermath of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, members of a loose confederation of cattle rustlers and other entrepreneurs called The Cowboys killed Morgan Earp and maimed his brother Virgil. It wasn’t entirely idle malice. The Earps had killed three Cowboys – Frank and Tom McLaury and Billy Clanton.

The dispute wasn’t as black and white as it is usually portrayed. The Earps were guns for hire. They came to Tombstone to run card games and get rich. They wound up as muscle for the Eastern and European millionaire’s who ran the boomtown’s mines. The Cowboys represented the way things had been in Southern Arizona, down on la linea, before the big money moved in.

After his brothers were ambushed, Wyatt Earp organized a federal posse with the intention of hunting down and killing every Cowboy he could find. What happened next was called the Vendetta Ride. It lasted 27 days, from March 20 1882 through April 15 and its victims included Johnny Ringo and William “Curly Bill” Brocius. After Earp got his fill of blood, he escaped the law in Arizona by fleeing to Colorado, Alaska and eventually Los Angeles where he spent his final days watching western movies and polishing his reputation.

There is a more modern, slightly less dramatic and longer lived version of the Vendetta Ride happening right now in Los Angeles. Police are trying to hound the Mongols Motorcycle Club out of existence as revenge for the death of Pomona Swat Officer Shaun Diamond last October 28.

Anniversary Party

A Mongol named David Martinez was charged with Diamond’s murder after Diamond and 13 other militarized police broke into Martinez’ home at four in the morning. That case isn’t as black and white as it has been widely described either. Diamond, according to numerous police spokesmen, was shot in the back of the head. The Swat team had just thrown a flash bang grenade into the Martinez home. In the last 102 days prosecutors have not made public any evidence that Martinez did what he has been accused of doing. The raid on the Martinez residence was one of seven simultaneous raids that morning that was looking for evidence that could be used to reinforce a RICO case against the Mongols club as a whole – all Mongols, not just those who have been convicted of crimes.

The Mongols have been around since Vietnam. The club celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary last Saturday night at a place called the House Lounge in Maywood, California which is on a narrow street in a mostly industrial section of East El Lay not far from the Los Angeles River. Other clubs that are friendly with the Mongols came to party with them and it was a peaceful assembly except for the police.

Safety Stops

A multi-agency task force that included hundreds of California Highway Patrolmen, police from at least a half dozen area departments and federal investigators stopped and harassed everyone entering and leaving the party. A witness described the stops as maliciously “degrading.” Police found excuses to ticket most of the attendees. Many cars and motorcycles were seized for what seem to have been manufactured excuses. Every vehicle was illegally searched. At least one pack was run off the road. The harassment wasn’t confined to Mongols. The harassment wasn’t confined to men. As is almost always the case with these sorts of things, the police told their victims they were ensuring their safety. The stops were technically legal in California because the victims included motorists. If the victims had only been motorcyclists the “safety stops” would have been technically illegal.

A long time and reasonable member of the club who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “They made it clear to certain brothers that this was a direct result of what happened to the cop in the Martinez case. Obviously they are making a point and aren’t going to stop until they get what they want and that’s to strip our club of our trademarks. It’s been tough for our club. Hopefully they won’t kill any of us in the process.”

Given the entirely malicious nature of last weekend’s safety enforcement exercise, it is starting to look like that is what Los Angeles area police intend to do: Find some excuses to kill some Mongols. Then, maybe, run off to Colorado.

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27 Responses to “A Vendetta Ride”

  1. Drifter Says:

    I wish Mr. Martinez well.

    I understand the wariness to cameras in the culture, but this is the type of situation where they are needed (harassment stops).

    Document every focking move and jaw flap by the state agents.
    As long as you are in public and not getting in their way, which they will say quite often you are even if you are not, you are reportedly legal. I am 100% sure it is legal, but better for folks to do their own research on it before they indulge into the war on civil rights. JMO

    Cops attack this way (papers please), fock up then divert the attention, old tactic that keeps on giving, assholes. Preaching to the choir I know.

    Oh yeah, FUCK THE POMONA PD. In 73 my brother was busted by them when he was drunk. He ran his mouth and resisted, they beat the fuck out of him and dragged his face on the pavement. Ripping his upper lip to his nose and tearing his mustache off, yup ouch. Way beyond logic, PRICKS. They also beat on him some more at the station.

    Respects to the Cool Ones…

  2. chromedome Says:

    Could have been friendly fire but the irony in the guys last name is the part that has me scratching my nog like wtf. the sickfucks who run our govt and pull the strings on these Leo organized rackets are sadistic tyrants and this whole story seems right up their bag of trickery. what are the odds of a club member who wears a diamond patch killing an officer whose last name is diamond and they use that to try and put the final nail in on the case against the club he is a member of?????
    Hell the whole thing seems taken from sutters notebook except theres a real motherfucker whose freedom is hanging by a thread. best of luch to martinez and his family. hope hes gettin the support he needs.gonna be a long summer..


  3. Phonebooth Bob Says:


    What they are doing to you guys today they will do to the rest of us tomorrow. You guys (bikers) have the same rights as everyone else in society, and if they take away your rights, they will take away mine. The three letter agencies need to be reined in.

    I personally think that right is right, and wrong is wrong, and that the treatment that the three letters give you guys needs to stop because it is wrong.

    The idea of an ACLU type of organization would never work. It would require a cooperation with establishment agencies and forces that are antithetical to what has been stated as core values by posters on this blog.

  4. Dasein Says:

    Whoa, a whole new twist. Actual Murder, not unintentional friendly fire.

  5. popeye Says:

    @ centurian
    I’d be willing to bet the cop in line behind diamond had his finger on the trigger when the flash bang went off and he flinched. A couple hours of swat training doesnt suddenly make you a seasoned soldier.

  6. Centurion Says:

    Officer Diamond was murdered by one of his own. the PD won’t even test ballistics on this case.
    Why he was murdered? I do not know. But there is a member of that swat team who knows.

  7. panamaa Says:

    @Phonebooth Bob,

    You’re correct as to the “the castle doctrine”. Unfortunately that particular doctrine does not seem to apply in today’s climate when MC’s are involved.. The 3 letter agency’s always skirt that law and the courts always seem to side with them… A sad state of affairs in the “land of the free”..

    Respects and regards…

  8. Road Whore Says:

    @ BMW: Thanks…I think it would be an awesome thing for bikers. Now, if we can just find someone with enough smarts and connections to kick the thing off.

    Ride Free

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    Fuck it! I was wrong & Rebel got it right about the li’l BASTARD. He’s in
    Australia.(I KNEW he wasn’t HERE, just not sure.) THANKS REBEL. Wish I
    could do more than wish you better paid. All artists get rich after they
    are dead, ya know?! We all are just “Dust in the wind”. There are those
    that believe we don’t die if there are those who THINK of us. I on the
    other hand think you need to leave something material. WTF, You’re still
    FUCKIN’ DEAD! Internet shit will still be there, but you have to know
    how to look it up. I believe that typing in The Aging Rebel will keep you
    alive for some time beyond your demise. Just as my pieces of art work will live beyond me. BTW, My shit can be turned into weapons. Figure it out.

  10. T Hell Says:

    “The local cops made a stupid decision, executed the decision with criminal lack of preparedness, and expect the victims to pay”

    Excellent point but remember these no knock raids are authorized by liberal judges with their own hidden agendas and executed by cops that play biker dress up on the weekends and military dress up while on the clock with little or no formal training, but what the hell it seems to work in the movies why not in real life.

  11. BMW Says:

    @Roadwhore, I like the idea of an ACLU for motorcyclists! I think that you have a great idea there!

  12. BMW Says:

    First, in the home invasion perpetrated on Martinez, it was a simple search warrant execution, and did not require militarized goons in black invading the home at all. Supposedly, they were looking for a pistol, not the sort of thing that the Martinez family was likely to flush down the toilet while asking police, “wait a minute “.

    Second, had Martinez actually killed one of the home invaders, as others have mentioned, he would have been buried, not arrested. LAPD and many other departments have had and informal policy of “direct retaliatory action ” for almost a century.

    Third, only a fool could expect the SWAT murderers to admit guilt, even when it is an accident. Look at the recent, deliberate police murders of children in Colorado and Ohio that were caught on film!

    The local cops made a stupid decision, executed the decision with criminal lack of preparedness, and expect the victims to pay for the cops’ accidental execution oftheir own man!

    If we look closely, we can see where the Urine Odor learned their cowardly craft of laying in wait and assassination by surprise.

    L, H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good pig, is one that’s not breathing.

  14. nowhereman Says:


    Motivational jam about a vendetta

  15. Road Whore Says:

    I too have wondered about the apparent inaction of the COC, and I wonder what has happened to the Save The Patch movement?

    As I’ve often said in this forum many times there needs to be a national consensus, some powerful organization which includes an aggressive legal attack, that aggressively and effectively represents all clubs. An ACLU or Southern Poverty Law Center for motorcyclists that loves to go to court and chew the Fed Beast up.

    Ride Free

  16. Phonebooth Bob Says:

    There is a common law code called “the castle doctrine”. This says that a person’s home is his castle, and that he may defend intrusions even using deadly force. Here in SC it is called “PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY ACT” and has been written into law.

    I don’t know whether the cop was shot by friendly fire, Mr. Martinez or a martian. It does not matter.

    No knock, flash bang, predawn raids fly in the face of the castle doctrine, and anyone killed performing them had it coming.

  17. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    ODIE, Agreed regarding Save The Patch as for Joe not my business I don’t pay that retainer. Again where is the COC? The membership dues get paid. Where is the COC leadership and representation? Lester?

    It’s the Mongols MC today and surely another Club tomorrow at about predawn. Just Another trumped up warrant signed by another clueless judge just like the unlawful one signed on Martinez and his family.

    What will you do?

    My very best to Martinez, his family and the Mongols MC in their fight to exist free of the punk thug cowards in tactical gear.

    Viva Los Vagos


  18. ocmouse22 Says:

    In deed, where is the COC and save the patch ?

  19. BigV Says:

    If anyone wants to see more of what Rebel is talking about, consider watching Stacey Keach in “Doc” with Faye Dunaway. It was in response to the more gritty, coarser western- what they now call a revisionist western- that Peckinpah started with “The Wild Bunch”.

    The Earps were racketeers plain and simple. Doc was a man from Georgia who lost his daddy, he lost his place to Sherman’s territorial appointee, and he lost his health and chance to make something of his education as a dentist when he contracted TB.

    Doc was an outlaw, a gambler, and a man. He was a 1%er on a horse.

    The law is a vindictive bunch of little men with little lives and they’re automatons for the oligarchs who control the machine.

    Mongol On, Mongols !

    Big V
    Hillbilly Biker Trash

  20. T Hell Says:

    If the pigs want revenge for the Diamond shooting they need to start shooting each other.

  21. The public is not ignorant Says:

    There is no way the public is that gullible its almost insulting that in this day and age were we see over and over again Feds,cops and pretty much anyone involved with law enforcement who kill and murder on video the Mentally disabled,kids,and the elderly over simple orders that are not followed and sometimes even when they are,and were supposed to buy into the fact the cops sat back this one time and asked nicely to cuff up after they seen there partner killed..BULLSHIT!!..The only ones the cops should be upset at is the Feds lurking in the shadows that talked the police into these raids.

  22. ODIE Says:

    Where the fuck is the CoC? Where the fuck is Joe Yanny? WHERE THE FUCK IS SAVE THE PATCH?

  23. One Eye Says:

    In this day when the shooting of an unarmed suspect, multiple times, is a frequent occurrence that is justified time after time, I’m to believe that David Martinez killed a police officer and not one of them returned fire? I’m more persuaded to believe that if he really did shoot the officer he’d have more holes than Sponge Bob.

  24. Freeman Says:

    Feds are acting on way more then the Martinez case, in fact i think the Martinez case is a direct result of the feds being so close to seizing the mongols patch and trademark they could taste it.

    Those are the kind of pencil pusher, brown shirts wearing, moronic geek that when they don’t get what they want, make life hell for whoever they can, why? Because when they are out of their lil office nobody respects them, the only think that gives them respect is their lil title.

    I said it before its a reverse Stockholm syndrome, except the hostage taker is an envious psychopath that will do anything to hurt what he wish he could be,look at all the cop mc clubs out there, point made.

  25. Duck Says:

    I agree with Popeye- I just went back and read the other stories you published about this case and it all seems well past the level of shady we all normally expect from the LAPD, in every way.

  26. popeye Says:

    I still believe the Charges against Martinez will be dropped and were the result of “friendly fire” . I dont think the evidence will support a charge of murder against Martinez. This to me looks like a last ditch effort to harass the Mongols and punish them for the the mistakes of a trigger happy swat member.

  27. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Every citizen and Club affected needs to file suit the same way my Club and family members did to Hawthorne PD and a few others over the years, this is unacceptable.

    Where is the COC and Lester?

    Viva Los Vagos

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