Say It Ain’t So, George

February 4, 2015

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The Aging Rebel has legally obtained multiple audio tapes from multiple sources that suggest that George Christie, former president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, began cooperating with police in April 2008 after he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and cocaine.

There is no smoking gun that proves Christie debriefed with police. There is evidence that Christie was significantly more conversational with police than most Hells Angels.

The non-duplicate tapes amount to about 110 minutes and include long conversations between Christie and Ventura County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Harris and Ventura Police Department Detective Terry Medina. Some of the tapes are recordings of intercepted telephone calls. All but one of the tapes is undated. That single tape is dated April 25, 2008. Another tape contains a reference to Doc Cavazos, who was President of the Mongols Motorcycle Club until August 2008.

Most of the conversations amount to what is legally called “consensual contacts.”

Gonna Be A Problem

The day of his 2008 arrest, Christie asks, “Is this gonna be a problem.”

“We can’t over look the fact that you have coke or meth and you have a lot of cash there,” a policeman replies. “At the minimum it is possession and under the influence. That’s a lot of pills.”

“I got a four year old and a fifteen year old.” Christie replies. “This is it for me.”

““It won’t take much to do you for sales,” a cop says.

I’m Talkin’ To Law Enforcement

During a taped telephone conversation the day after Christie’s arrest he volunteers:

““I like to get along with everybody. I talk to Tom. I talk to Doc…. The contraband I got caught with yesterday? Maybe I can work out some kind of community service.”

Christie describes himself to police, “as a Hells Angel who’s been politically involved at the top for the last 20 years.” At one point during that conversation, he asks his daughter to quiet down and adds, “I’m talkin’ to law enforcement on the phone.”

“How can I get a hold of you,” Christie asks during one conversation.

The detective replies, “Six-seven-seven-eight-seven-seven-one.”

If We Can’t Trust Somebody

Ironies abound in the tapes. During one exchange, Christie is arguing that the Ventura charter has a rule against motorcycle thefts and Christie tells Harris that the Ventura Sheriffs must have similar rules. Harris replies, “We work on the assumption we can trust everybody. If we can’t trust somebody they’re gone.”

Long portions of the tapes are a cat and mouse game between the police and Christie about the Ventura charter’s possible involvement in motorcycle thefts. Christie’s son, George Jr., was caught with a motorcycle that contained, at least, stolen parts. The younger Christie bought it from another club member and sold it to a third club member. The bike remained in George Christie, Sr.’s possession.

George Christie, Sr. insisted that members of the Ventura charter were forbidden to steal bikes and if anything like that happened, it happened behind his back. “What does Georgie need to do,” Christie asked. “I don’t want to see my boy get in trouble. But if he bought that bike knowing it was hot….”

Harris confronts Christie, saying “You could not give the bike back legally so you decided to keep it as long as you could.”

In bargaining on behalf of his son, Christie seems to criminally implicate another club member. Christie tells the detective, “Georgie’s bike is stolen? He got that from another member. I’m not even gonna mention his name. You know who he dealt with. I’m talking off the record here I hope.”

Christie also tells detectives he has “short term memory loss” as a result of a motorcycle accident.


“You know you had a tap on your phone right,” Harris asks, then mentions a “call from Plomell about a Mongols motorcycle they wanted to steal.” Christie replies that he knew about the tap.

Plomell is former Ventura charter member Jared Ostrum “Crash” Plomell. The Aging Rebel has heard the recorded conversation between Christie and Plomell about stealing a motorcycle that belongs to a Mongols member. The motorcycle was not actually stolen. Plomell was indicted by a federal grand jury in November 2010 for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and for an illegal gun sale. Plomell, according to an informed source, eventually became a cooperating witness.

The public record contains many volumes of information about the legal woes of the Hells Angels Ventura charter after about November 2007 when Plomell was stopped for a routine traffic violation by Ventura County Sheriffs. Plomell is no longer a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

At one point in the tape recordings, Harris tells Christie, “I’ve been after you for a long time dude. You know why. A lot of people have poured their hearts out to you and have copped to a lot of dirty deeds to you.”

Last Case

Christie was expelled from the Hells Angels in 2011 and was indicted in December of that year along with four other men for conspiring to extort money from Ventura County, California tattoo parlors and for conspiring to fire bomb two Ventura tattoo parlors called Scratch the Surface and Twisted Ink. At the time of the arsons, Christie owned a tattoo shop called The Ink House. The principal accusers against him seem to have been Crash Plomell and James David Ivans, Jr.

Christie faced life imprisonment on the charges and went to trial in January 2013. Five days into the trial, at the conclusion of voir dire, Christie reached a plea deal. His sentencing was delayed until August 2013. He began a one year sentence in October 2013. Since Christie reached his deal, virtually every document filed in the case has been sealed.

While he was under indictment, Christie and his last case became the subject of a documentary by the British film maker Nick Mead. The film had been completed and had secured distribution. It was previewed at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is Pilton, England last year. Last week, Mead announced that he was washing his hands of the film.

In a written statement, Mead said, “I wanted this to be a film based on hard facts and truths. Unfortunately I no longer believe in this film nor it’s subject matter…. This has become a film I can no longer stand by and be proud of.”

“I always have been and remain very respectful of, as well as inspired by, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and this continues.”

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134 Responses to “Say It Ain’t So, George”

  1. jeffro Says:

    FACTS: I just left Ventura County Jail in november 2015,I also left a good friend of mine Tony W. the other co-defendant in the tattoo shop fiasco in Ventura. We spoke I did some reading about some people (two of them correctloy mentioned in an earlier post as witnesses for the DA)Believe what you want but I heard it directlly fromn tonys mouth that George told on noone having anything to do with this case. Tony was lookig at the same amount of time as George and was offered the same deal as George without any discussion with his attorney or anyone else.He did not bother to ask why as I am sure George did not. Any other facts would be met with open ears. I have been toold on and have no love for a rat but until I see some hard facts proving that George or anyone else is a rat I dont care to hear it. I personally think that alot of the drama I see online is just thjat drama created to boost interest so George and Sonny can cash in on the books etc… seems to be working out for both of them. JUST CUZ YOU READ SOMETHING ON A PIECE OF PAPER DOES NOT MEAN IT IS TRUE

  2. Bikerguyflip Says:

    What seems to be left out of most of these post is why George joined the HAs, it was something most will never know, something you won’t find in a bowling league, etc., it is a brotherhood, a freedom something that can’t be explained, no, just buying a motorcycle won’t get you there. Granted there are times a brother went astray, what do I know, I started riding to school in 1949 and I’m still riding, maybe not as much, but I still have a bike and a patch, don’t be so quick to criticize when you don’t have clue. I would ride with George any day of the week because he understands, did he bend the truth, maybe, but what do you expect, he’s a biker…that’s what we do”’

  3. Kidjduas Says:

    I love the irony of Georgie ripping Sonny for calling 911 for a medical emergency but doesn’t mention all the times he talked to the cops directly. what a douche.

  4. Meh Says:

    If the goal is not to provide a government with tools to coerce cooperation, self-discipline including not being involved with BAIT COMMODITIES (chems, weapons, stolen items) which can incriminate you is the only smart play.

    I contend the War On Some Drugs thrives on the hard-headed stupidity of people who don’t act politically to change laws but instead prefer to facilitate the Surveillance State system by offering themselves as its targets in hope of profiting from its existing laws. I think the powers that be see prisoners as a valuable commodity. We hear estimates and guesstimates of the “cost” to incarcerate Americans, but every nickle of cost to the taxpayer is “profit” to someone else. Money doesn’t just disappear, it circulates.

    Theft is theft and there is no way to spin that as cool be it the legal theft of our taxes to bail out the rich after they torpedo the economy, or someone swiping a vehicle from someone else they don’t like.

    I’m not pointing fingers, but I do note actions have foreseeable consequences. If the same actions result in similar consequences that’s a nifty argument for not doing them.

    Once seduced by a system whose laws are (structured to be) profitable to violate, the protagonist places a government sword over his own neck. The system can use the targets offering to extort compliance because in most cases what the system can do to the target is worse than any practical reprisal from those he/she/it gives up to it.

    Outsider social structures will adapt or not as they choose. Playing your enemy’s game is a gift to the enemy. It’s the furthest thing from rebellion. The deliberate adult choice to risk situations where you KNOW you can be pressured into flipping reflects either hubris or calculation. Both are assumptions and assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

    Some French partisans had the wise idea to delay the inevitable results of skilled interrogation long enough for their buddies to bug out. It was done by screaming and otherwise reacting to torture as torturers would expect but not giving up info until some time had passed.

    That’s obsolete today because coercion doesn’t require physical interrogation and the conflict has no time limit. The “torture” of incarceration can last the remainder of a targets life.

    Some new organizational model is required, and that model may not fit biker traditions. I’ve no idea what that model would look like. It could not rely only on secrecy for secrecy is perishable. It would need robust structures which even if their format is known would be difficult to disrupt.

    We live in interesting times.

  5. Philo Says:

    @Philo Greenwood:

    H/T – Much appreciated.


  6. Philo Says:

    Here’s a good rule of thumb for all “Illegal” groups, “Rebel” groups, and any other organizations not officially sanctioned by the ruling political class: Members at the top who have a long life span are always cohorts of the governing authorities.

  7. 11c_infantry Says:

    @ the regulars,

    Point taken about not feeding the trolls. Ignoring them is always the best option.

    L&R to those who earned it,


  8. MidwestBill Says:

    I’m not sure why everybody is entertaining the trolls here by engaging them in this back and forth name calling. There will always be internet bad asses (cowards). Let them spew their shit. It’s all they got because in the real world they probably don’t amount to an ounce of shit. I haven’t been in the club world very long, but I have learned that it pays more dividends to keep one’s ears open and mouth shut. Some haven’t or will never learn that. I can only say that that I have to be responsible for myself to live good and honest life and to bring honor to those who know me – including my club brothers. Pointing fingers at others failings only serves to show you lack what it takes to have real character.


  9. Duffer Says:

    Its a real sad day !!! it makes you wonder who you can really trust anymore !!! I feel that there is no more honor,trust,or respect !!! we live in a world that everyone only cares about them selves !!!

  10. Outsider Says:

    The MC world better be careful or the Amish Mafia may join the Urine Order & infiltrate real 1%ers next.

  11. Philo Greenwood Says:


    The darkweb is quite an interesting place. I have been following the trial because I found it fascinating that someone could set up an unregulated e-bay type operation, with thousands of vendors, a relatively large staff, and manage it without getting nailed … at least until he did. The beast is a very strong critter.

    I should point out that there is an infrequent poster here named Philo, who has far more seniority than I, so I will always use Philo Greenwood. Had I known of this gentleman’s existence before I started posting, I would have chosen a different road name for my posts here.

    Respect to Philo, respect to Rebel, and respect to all the real guys posting here.

    Philo Greenwood

  12. P=body Says:

    Frequent flyer,

    Thanks for the kind word’s FF, they were greatly appreciated. I’ve taken a couple of days for wrench therapy, stepping away from a keyboard. Not that i.m skilled at either, but mechanical things are easier to reason with than trolls. I’ve decided on a don’t feed the trolls policy. using logic or trying to reason with a troll is like trying to teach a pig to sing- it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.

    FF, I have a son and I don’t want him looking further than me for a role model. Sometimes positive, sometimes not, but always with good intentions. Never front.

    And yes, this freight train took a dirt road. The initial thread was about a man and his decision’s. I still regard George as a friend, but I that’s not a popular opinion here. I’d rather be honest than popular. Bless all of us, and keep us safe.


  13. Anonymous Says:


    I heard people mention in the comments before saying how this site is not the regular internet, watch what you say etc. If the Internet was an ocean, the surface of that ocean would represent 10% of its full size. And on that surface would be every mainstream site, Google, Facebook, Twitter, news, this site, anything that ends in .com .net etc.

    Tornet, also called the deepweb among other names, would represent 90% of that ocean, it’s hidden beneath the surface, websites end in .onion instead of .com

    Bitcoins are one of the most common currencies on tornet, but not the only. DPR wanted a hit man because a member of Silk Road sold a bunch of drugs, never delivered them, and wanted to keep the money. DPR tried hiring a hitman, don’t know what happened, but I heard the users got their money back. DPR even though he was selling drugs was a pretty ethical guy when it came to business.

    Some of the user reviews on that site were great, like when speaking about cocaine they purchased. People left comments like “this is the coke of the 80’s, clean euphoric high, no crappy comedown” or “coke is so pure my friends now think I have cartel connections”.

    I think The glory days of tornet might be soon over though, I recently heard that the gov is hacking and snooping around inside any computer connected to Tornet.

  14. swampy Says:

    Feb. 6th, 5:59 pm:
    rollinnorth said: “Trolls learn all sorts of things watching Gangland.”

    Yeah, just wait ’til A. Bastard gets to view that little Charles Falco fairy tale that the “History” Channel has prepared for the ignorant masses. I do believe the boy thinks that will qualify him for a Ph.D or at least the self-appointed title of “expert.” Maybe Steve Cook can send him an autographed photo with a little plastic badge or something. My dog possesses higher critical thinking skills.

  15. Sandmann Says:


    @PhiloGreenwood: i just checked the web for further information on what you posted yesterday – makes up for a really interesting (and deeply disturbing) read. thanks for pointing this out.

    respect to those who deserve it,

  16. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    Email Dr. S through the following address:

    [email protected]

  17. hclay Says:

    Dr. Sardonicus, I am trying to get in-touch,possible?

  18. PhiloGreenwood Says:

    Hello All,

    Not sure if this thread is the best place, but it seems like Alan has hijacked enough of it with his worthless blathering that interjecting a somewhat different topic here might be OK … Hope so. Apologies to Rebel if not.

    I have been following the Silk Road trial. Silk Road was a website that runs on Tor (anonymous) network that is just like ebay but deals in any sort of illegal contraband because it allows the sellers and buyers to remain anonymous thru a form of internet currency called bitcoin. Silk Road sold over $100 million in illegal drugs and it’s alleged mastermind collected a 15% commission. It appears that simple technical screw-ups allowed the feds to break the encryption codes.

    What is interesting here is that the operator allegedly contracted with a professional hit man to eliminate a rival. It isn’t clear exactly, but it appears that the so-called hitman was a government agent who took the money and didn’t do the job. What is disturbing is that it appears the agent running the deception portrayed himself with a internet name of “redandwhite” and apparently represented himself as a member of the HAMC.

    The supposedly untraceable messages back and forth between “redandwhite” and the Silk Road Operator (who goes by the handle Dread Pirate Roberts or DPR) were published on the internet yesterday (maybe before but that’s when I saw it) and there is considerable banter back and forth wherein “redandwhite” tells DPR that he recently met with many “chapter heads” and they are all stoked to start selling drugs on Silk Road. Since the messages appear to be published verbatim, it is interesting that “redandwhite” did not use the word “charter” instead of chapter. It would probably have been an instant giveaway to even casual readers of this site.

    The so-called 81 member also gave DPR a laundry list of prices for the different levels of service provided by his “hitters”.

    I know that the 81 is very protective of their intellectual property. I wonder if there may be legal recourse against a govt. agent impersonating an HA and representing the club in such a bad light by pretending to be a dealer of hard drugs and contract assassins, especially in a case that has nothing to do with motorcycles or mcs.

    Just some thoughts. Ride safely all.

    Philo Greenwood

  19. FF Says:

    Turd, did I tell you that you can talk to me? Grab your bucket and stand in the corner, Piss Boy.

    I’m sure someone here will need you, shortly.

  20. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    FF & Phuquehed. have ever thought of careers in the diplomatic service?

  21. rollinnorth Says:

    Honor, dignity and loyalty are not subjects of humor amongst (some) men.


  22. FF Says:

    Once again, Alan B Turd, you are wrong. Everybody here has a sense of humor, it’s just you’re not funny. You are a fucking loser. Now fuck off.

  23. caretaker Says:

    Alan bastard- and you have no sense. Go away.


  24. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    some of you chaps have no sense of humour

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @panamaa – I dunno…shit-stains like him just make folks want to reach out and slap the dog-shit out of them.

  26. Tomo Says:

    Just in case anyone isn’t familiar with the character of Alan Beresford B’Stard, copied from wikipedia:

    “…B’Stard is a selfish, greedy, dishonest, devious, lecherous, sadistic, self-serving ultra-right-wing Conservative backbencher, a sociopathic schemer who occasionally resorts to murder to fulfill his megalomaniac ambitions…”

    Not much different to the people he’s describing in his comments by the sounds of it.

  27. John Deaux Says:

    I’m sure there’s a reason yall keep engaging that troll but for the life of me I can’t figure out why.
    Respect sent to those who understand.

  28. panamaa Says:

    Phuquehed ,

    Gezzzz, why are we still responding to this fuck???

  29. rollinnorth Says:

    “Time we have wasted on the way.”

    Respect, to those…

  30. Phuquehed Says:

    Proving you only go places on the ‘net to be a troll, you fucktarded shit-stain.

  31. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    oh and one more thing. I’m on twitter too, where there are at least a half dozen Alan B’stards. Check you got the right bloke. Internet forums are full of Alan B’stards. He was a very popular character

    I checked out the Troll House you mentioned. Looks OK. I might pay more attention there. 2 B’stards may cause confusion

  32. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    but I do go to the UK twice a year for weeks at a time

  33. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Wolfenlover and Rebel. I’ve already stated clearly in posts where I am. Research not required


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