Another Warlocks Arrest

Fri, Feb 13, 2009

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Another Warlocks Arrest

Philadelphia police announced this week that another member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club has been charged with multiple crimes.

Daniel “Dirty Dick” McElheney, 64, was arrested after his home was raided February 4th. A search of McElheney’s home turned up 62 Xanax tablets, 17 oxycodone pills, six rifles and ten handguns. McElheney had lost the prescription for the Xanax and oxycodone. One of the rifles, according to police, did not have a serial number. Police also claim that two of the handguns were stolen.

Police claim McElheney is the Recording Secretary for the Warlocks.

A Little History

The Warlocks are one of the first Philadelphia motorcycle clubs. They have always been a separate and distinct entity from the better known and larger Warlocks Motorcycle Club with a mother chapter in Florida. Philly Warlocks wear a Harpy on their backs. A Harpy is a mythological Greek monster.

The Philly Warlocks reached their berserker zenith in the early 70s under the leadership of the legendary Robert “Mudman” Simon. Mudman Simon had been a member of an Upper Darby fraternal organization called the Warlords. Many of the Warlords went on to become Warlocks.

Old timers may recall that not only did you not know what Mudman might do next. Mudman seemed not to know quite what he was going to do next. Mudman Simon eventually lost a fight under ironic circumstances in Trenton State Prison in New Jersey in 1999 and died.

By the mid 1980s most of the original Warlocks patch holders were either dead or in prison.

Ongoing Law Enforcement Drama

McElheney’s arrest last week is part of an ongoing campaign the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been prosecuting against members of the Warlocks and members of the Breed Motorcycle Club in metropolitan Philadelphia and Bucks County. The law enforcement drama has been going on now for about 15 months.

Last year, Tommy Zaroff, 34, a well respected member and former President of the Bucks County chapter of the Warlocks was arrested for suspicion of possessing ten pounds of methamphetamine. After his arrest, Zaroff was reported to have patched over to the American Outlaws Association, commonly called the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Late last year, more than a dozen members of the Breed and the Warlocks were arrested for conspiring to sell very large quantities of methamphetamine for stupendous amounts of money. The case is largely the work of a Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General named Kishan Nair. And, at the time of the arrests last year Nair claimed to have wiretapped conversations that proved that the Breed and the Warlocks were in cahoots.

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  1. LocalPA Says:

    Don’t believe everything you read. The True Origin of the WARLOCKS MC.

  2. Concerned in PA Says:

    Update to this story….
    As of APRIL 2009, McElheney’s charges have been dismissed by a PA Common Pleas judge due to lack of evidence.

    So now my question to anyone with an answer…
    Exactly why was McElheney charged in the first place? How is it that such significant evidence as a score of firearms in possession of a previously convicted felon, become evidence dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing? This is truly puzzling.

    Could it be….

    * A. Are Philly Police Intelligence & Narcotics throwing a case?
    B. Has the PA Court System committed a blunder?
    C. Did the Defendant use disloyal & perfidious tactics to secure
    his freedom.
    D. Are his Attorney’s Magicians?

  3. ISmellARAT!! Says:

    I smell a rat!!

  4. pay attention Says:

    the writing is on the wall you just have to stand back and look beleive half of what you here and everything you see read the body language

  5. pay attention Says:

    everything comes out in the wash even dirty dick

  6. Philigirl Says:

    You people have absolutely no clue as to what happened in my father situation. This is one of his daughters who was there when all this took place. Let me begin by saying, none of you posters on here know anything about my father, who he is or the family he has. The reason why everything was dismissed is because, they had nothing on my father. My father got introuble for the first and last time over 35 yrs ago, so the convicted felon is null and void, try again! The guns they found were family heir-looms, that were passed onto him. The stolen guns were obviously not stolen, because they are named in the will. The drugs they supposedly found were over the counter ibuprophen and it was proven to be. So you people need to know the facts before you put your nasty little fingers on the keyboard and start typing awful things and making accusations about something you have no clue about. Just who do you people think you are spewing all that crap about him? Obviously, you people are bored and have nothing better to do, so you get on here and slander peoples names. What a life!! A rat, get real, will ya? Like I said you know nothing, absolutely nothing about my father. THE CASE WAS DISMMISED BECAUSE THEY HAD NOTHING TO GO FORWARD WITH. You know when Karma comes back, I hope it hits each and everyone of yous with max power. Now the best thing to do is, is for everyone to get a hobby and leave people alone. Have a nice life!

  7. lana jaworski Says:

    First of all please stop with the mudman stuff,He was not berserk,not crazy but a loving husband.He to had a life other than what you all think,if you all do.Thank You his wife…………..LANA

  8. rochester ny Says:

    hey local pa the original warlocks were in rochester ny not pa

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rochester Ny,

    I am pretty sure the Philly Warlocks started in either Darby or Upper Darby, PA, which is basically Southwest Philly.

    your pal,

  10. LocalPA Says:

    Rebel is right. They started in Southwest Philly. Alot of the members were frome the Upper Darby area. Their clubhouse was located on Woodland Ave.

  11. flhviking Says:

    The club house at thr presidents house because dues moneyLenny’caarol rent on the building.

  12. flhviking Says:

    The club house at thr presidents house because dues mone paid Lenny anmdand’caarol rent on the building.

  13. 3pieknow Says:

    LE won’t touch the Crips, Bloods, MS-13, Mexican Mafia, etc.

  14. staples Says:

    All good for Dirty. I’m glad he got off, he’s a good f’in guy!He was a friend some time back, a true friend! Stop writing crap you dont know about. Idiots!

  15. staples Says:

    Phillygirl. Your message was right on. He’s a good man. I haven’t seen him in a few years. A rat? DD? Never! People are a- hls! I’ve been away,Hope to see him soon.

  16. staples Says:

    Phillygirl. Your right on with your comments. I haven’t seen him in a few yrs.A rat? DD? Never.Some of these people are a-hls! Tell him I said hi.

  17. staples Says:

    Right on Phillygirl.DDD, a rat? Never. He was a friend, a true friend, and a good guy! You people that say different are fools. It’s been awhile, glad your o.k.

  18. staples Says:

    Right on Philly girl! DDD is a good man and was a good friend. People that think different, are way off. I’m glad things worked out for him.

  19. staples Says:

    Been a few years. Glad your cool DDD. Philly girl, I agree with what you say. He was a good friend.

  20. Grumbler Says:
  21. staples{ms} Says:

    Sorry so many comments, didn’t think they went thru, so I kept trying not realizing they were going thru. Was just very annoyed at some peoples comments.They dont have a friggin clue! Some of these people should keep their mouths shut. If more people learned that we would live in a better society.

  22. laura-ashley Says:

    does anyone know of a warlock named tommy jones? “country”

  23. parrot Says:

    Do you mean Country Jones, lived on 52st or there about. If it is, when I was in 8thgrade I was smitten with his little sister Patsey and would walk her home from school each day.

  24. parrot Says:

    I can honestly say that the Locks started with the mother chapter in SW Philly. I was an origional member of the DELCO chapter that was started around 1971 0r 1972 and Lenny was the pres of the mother chapter.The DELCO chapter’s first club meetings were held at the Woodland Av clubhouse together with the Philly chapters members. Tommy Delhenrick was pres of the DELCO chapter. In memory of John Kline.

  25. laura-ashley Says:

    yup thats my uncle. Patsy is my mother. :) i was trying to find some stuff about him but i cant anywhere? can you tell me your name?If you dont wanna say could you email me

  26. Red Devil Says:

    You tell it Philly girl,screw each and every one of you assholes that don’t have a damn thing in your pathetic f(*^in lives. The police got just what they worked for, an empty net. Your tax dollars @ work, a bunch of dumbasses who can’t tell an aspirin from a sack of shit

  27. staples{ms} Says:

    Right on Red Devil! Couldn’t of said it better myself.Been away for a bit, It’s fuckin sad to see the way things have changed.

  28. staples{ms} Says:

    Right on Red Devil! Couldn’t of said it better myself. Been away for a bit. It’s fuckin sad to see the way things have changed.

  29. localpa Says:

    Actually, Parrot, the DELCO chapter started up around 1970 by a German guy named Frank Hoffman. Hoffman was the first DELCO chapter Prez.

  30. heavy Says:

    LANA JAWORSKI ????? or is it HAWTHORNE ????? or maybe SCHENKMAN???????

  31. lana jaworski Says:

    heavy….got a question

  32. neil p Says:

    i miss the warlocks a good group of guys

  33. neil p Says:

    i miss the warlocks a good group of guys

  34. KENZO35 Says:

    Dirty Dick is a RAT. What happen when he got pulled over in Ohio and had bundles of HEROIN ON HIM. he ratted himself out of that one just like he did in his last arrest. DIRTBALL DICK DAN IS A RATTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  35. thof Says:

    localpa how you know frank hofmann u spelled hofmann the jewish way when u put two ff’s ?

  36. LuckyBastad Says:

    Is Curly Bill still in the Philly Warlocks MC? Used to hang out with him and his old lady Tina a while back.

  37. jon Says:

    does anyone remember tommy kirk from norristown chpt. great guy. im friends with some norristown members

  38. Bad2Bone Says:

    I knew a few of the brothers , they were real cool guys !

  39. in memory of ZEN Says:

    neil p Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 9:40 pm
    i miss the warlocks a good group of guys

    miss them, they never left.
    to another 40 + years!

  40. PFJoe Says:

    Lying Dirty Dick Dan is a no good rat, liar, thief, bum, and waanabe biker…plus his meth is stepped on more than a ballroom dance floor!

  41. Eric Says:

    “You people have absolutely no clue as to what happened in my father situation. This is one of his daughters who was there when all this took place.”
    – Dirty Dick’s daughter

    “Lying Dirty Dick Dan is a no good rat, liar, thief, bum, and waanabe biker…plus his meth is stepped on more than a ballroom dance floor!”
    – PFJoe

    Which version is closer to the truth? I heard that he had a script for the Xanax and the Oxy so that should have been tossed anyway. He had a rep as a standup guy but you never know anymore.

  42. Linda Says:

    This is off subject but does anyone know what happened to Eric V or john Coker who were in the Philly chapter in the early 1970’s?

  43. BigV Says:

    Ms. Linda: There is a lady going by the handle Stormy on this post who has posted her email address and seems to know some of the same folks.

    I know nothing of the Philly Warlocks, I just had seen that post when looking for a picture of Mudman.

    Take care and good luck.

  44. Localpa Says:

    @thof – sorry for the misspelling. Don’t know him personally but know people who did… Very well actually. Was telling them about the postings here and they said what I had posted. Should have checked the You are correct that is the Jewish spelling. I stand corrected it is Hofmann. My friend said he was a real good guy.

  45. Localpa Says:

    Oh by the way… MUDMAN was NEVER MARRIED. NEVER. So Lana, you are lying about being his wife. Although, my dear, you are right about one thing, he was not a berserk, nor crazy. He was a guy who would go to an extreme to make sure everyone at the party was entertained and having a good time. He loved women and the women who knew him, loved him. He had a soft spot for them and would never hurt any of them. That is why I know he was not guilty of that girls murder. He was guilty of not telling on the one’s who really did it. That does not make him a bad person.

  46. Localpa Says:

    @Linda – Kocher is dead and Eric V left the club in the early 70’s.

  47. KK Says:

    Localpa: You remember BigJim? Gunned down in front of the mall?

  48. LocalPa Says:

    @KK – Jimmy Long.. Buried in SW Philly in 1973. I myself, never had the honor, but know a couple of guys who knew him very well. Marty Riley, the guy who snitched on Bobby Nauss, was the lead guy, got McCormick to shoot Jimmy (who did nothing to the guy) cause allegedly a Warlock blasted him in the face with a shotgun in the Mohawk. Later hung himself.. Good riddens.

  49. youngzenny Says:


  50. youngzenny Says:

    to IN MEMORY OF ZEN, thanks for the support

    im glad to see alot of you people are affiliated or whatever but some of the things yous are talking about on here should probibly be kept to your selves or if yous want to talk about it maby get a facebook or something theres no need for name dropping on public websites especially in disrespectful means to try and prove u know the most
    R.I.P dad, tweak, & mot

  51. KK Says:

    youngzenny: Jimmy Long was a longtime friend, though we were in different clubs and had our differences over the years he was a true 1% who I truly respected and admired over the years I knew him.

    His ole lady(Patty)gave me one of thier big ole german shepards after his death.

    The people Localpa and I are talking about are either dead or in jail for life forever. Name dropping on public websites don’t add up to much when the people are dead or in prison for life.

    Miss the Castle back in the day too.

    No disrespect to any Warlocks from me and what LocalPa writes is so far all facts.

  52. bridgeofsighs Says:

    LocalPa, yeah Marty Riley may have been behind Jimmy Long’s fall but Tattoo Harry (Von Groff) Arch St, was the one who wanted the fall to go down. Harry made sure that while Marty was at Graterford early 80’s, that he was taken care of by having drops made over the far side wall.

  53. MIKE Says:

    LocalPa, yeah Marty Riley may have been behind Jimmy Long’s fall but Tattoo Harry (Von Groff) Arch St, was the one who wanted the fall to go down. Harry made sure that while Marty was at Graterford early 80’s, that there were drops made over the far side wall.

  54. MIKE Says:

    LocalPa, yeah Marty Riley may have been behind Jimmy Long’s fall but Tattoo Harry (Von Groff) Arch St, was the one who wanted the fall to go down. Harry made sure that while Marty was at Graterford early 80’s, that there were drops made over the far side wall. they say Harry overdosed. he wouldnt leave the copperhead out of the tank

  55. Joanne Says:

    Knew some Warlocks in the ealry 1970’s. Where are they now? Any still around?

  56. Joanne Says:

    Frankford/Mayfair area: knew some Warlocks in the early 1970’s. Where are they now?

  57. phillyphilly Says:

    All you people that talk trash on DDD are ridiculous…. Can bet half of you neva laid eyes on him or held a conversation with him eva you jst need sumtin to do. He didnt snitch his way outa of the Ohio situation and escpecially on his self and if that was true why is he free today??? Danny is a good person and good grandfather to my daughter and took care of me for years and was always there for wateva i needed and im not even his child. Leave these men alone and take care of your own problems cuz im sure u have many of your own……..

  58. Dave Says:

    Hey for all you guys out there in Bucks There is a Ratt and his name is Carmen Sezmenza.I was busted and he was the informent so keep clear or make it dissapear

  59. Advocate Says:

    All that is needed at a preliminary hearing to proceed to common pleas court, is for the state to produce a prima facia case. This,in English, means something like this: “a crime was committed and the defendant possibly had a connection to it.”. That’s it!search warrants’ validity are not ruled on at a preliminary, because a magistrate is not authorozed to rule on another magistrate’s warrant. That would be the same as a magistrate ruling on his own warrant. It is a matter for a higher court, to rule on warrants issued by magistrates. Pure and simple: there was a prima facia case and the warrant that brought about that prima facia case, is an issue for a higher court. It’s a no brainer here, as to what went on. Tattle tail!

  60. MidNightSky Says:

    I just want to take a minute to say that the Warlocks MC members that I have had the pleassure of knowing through the years are some of the most stand-up, tight knit, and selective guys I have ever known. I want to thank them for being the rightous bunch that they have proven to be time and again. The (Original) Warlocks MC will always have my full support and respect! Keep up the great work guys!

  61. oldiebutgoodie Says:

    Mudman was never a president of the Warlocks…never
    I knew him most of his life. His dad was a mean son of a bitch. Thats all I got to say on the subject…o’yea,one more thing not all Warlords became Warlocks. Small amt. became Pagans, maybe oneor two. Out of the whole group maybe 10+ or so became Warlocks. Other Warlords faded away. Warlord center patch was, I’m pretty sure, was a Viking head. Black and grey if I remember right…

  62. Rebel Says:

    Dear oldiebut goodie,

    I think you are very well informed. I always forget, did they begin in Darby or Upper darby?


  63. thelittlegirl Says:

    I have to agree with MidNightSky, great bunch they are indeed! The Chester guys are right on from what I hear! I never met any of them personally, however, they do alot of good for the community by keeping idiots at bay. I thank them also. Maybe 1 day I will have the pleasure of running into them. B)

  64. Caretaker Says:

    They started in darby. (had to look it up)


  65. Rebel Says:

    Dear Caretaker,

    I was born in Darby.


  66. KK Says:

    Rebel, Born in Darby? Mercy Fitz, Small world. Chester baby here. Small pistol shot away.

    Warlocks Mother Chapter started in South West Philly (Woodland Ave)

    Some think Darby is in SW Philly but though close, it is not.

    Warlocks MC still around with some good, respected, strong Chapter brothers.

    Warlocks in Florida totally different 1 % club than here in Pa,NJ,DEL.

  67. Rebel Says:

    Dear KK,

    Fitz Mercy. Yeah, I know the Philly Warlocks are a different club than the Florida Warlocks. For a brief time, when I was a little kid, my family lived in a housing project in Chester. There was a Ford Assembly plant in Chester. I think US Steel was there and Scott Paper. I have no idea what’s in Chester now. I used to know South Philly and Delaware County a little bit.


  68. KK Says:

    Rebel, Thats kinda cool, hit the cobwebs a bit on the old stomping grounds huh? . Ford plant & US Steel long gone. Scott paper still there but you can’t break in any trailers & steal shit paper anymore like back in the day.

    The city of Chester per capita of people has one of the highest murder rates in the country. I stop down there now and then on occasion. I’m about 4 hours away from there now near Pittsburg.


  69. Caretaker Says:

    Go figure… I’m born and raised in jersey… Think I have family in the darby area. One in philly for sure.


  70. Prince Says:

    80% of the original warlock members were from upper Darby, Darby, and other parts of delaware county.

  71. sharpie Says:

    Word on the street is that the real Warlocks are in Floria now?

  72. Small Paul Says:

    Word on street is correct. Without pink Panty Danny’s snitching fanny.

  73. Ditch witch Says:


  74. sharpie Says:

    That is great to hear there is still truth on the street! I hope they put an end to these poser chicken wearing freaks and rid the street of the “lets play dress up” posers that soil the Warlocks name.

  75. Joanne Says:

    Does anyone remember a member named Thumper (Arthur) who rode in the 1970’s. If so, is he still alive?

  76. Dave Ferkler Says:

    I remember, probably 20+ years ago a few of these scumbag warlocks came into a few Drexel Hill bars (gambols, unicorn, burmont inn, trophy tavern etc.) losers.

  77. KK Says:

    20 plus years ago you didn’t have the balls to say anything to ANY Warlock, now fast forward 20 + and your typing tough on a keyboard.



  78. Wideawake Says:

    I was sound asleep way back in the day when you came in and killed my father. Just a baby when you snuck upstairs and molested me. My God was not asleep. He saw everything you did. And He took His revenge as He saw fit.

    Luke 18:7 (NKJV)
    And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them?
    . Luke 18:8 (NKJV)
    I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?
    . Romans 12:19 (NKJV)
    Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

  79. Tooj Says:


  80. son of Says:

    my father was a good associate or the warlocks. they started in sw philyy. also my grandfather was an associate of the warlocks. when my grandfather got out of the orphanage is when they started to rise. also if anyone knows who the warlock that was murdered in his garage while working on his bike please respond my father cant remember the name, also he was gunned down by the angels if im not mistaken. and he was about 6foot 3-4

  81. Mayfair Girl Says:

    In the early 1970’s a member named J. Giebel was the treasurer of the Warlocks. Does anyone know where he is today? Are the original members still alive?

  82. Mayfair Girl Says:

    Does anyone remember an original member from the 1070’s name Joe Giebel, if so, do you know where he is?

  83. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to “son of” and “Mayfair Girl” ….

    I can’t speak for others on this site, but, I believe if you want to know something about a person involved with a club, ask the club directly. Way too many people fishing for information about people who maybe don’t want to be contacted.

  84. Mayfair Girl Says:

    @Back to Basics-thanks for the info. How would I contact the club? I wanted to know if a member named Thumper (Arthur) was still alive? Just “yes” or “no” would be sufficient. I live in Arizona now and Hell’s Angels are having a “boxing marathon” in Chino Valley today. Cops everywhere! They had a shootout with the Vagos a few yrs back. Lots of bikers out here! Thanks!

  85. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Mayfair Girl…

    go to “contact” or “guestbook” and follow the directions.

    or, try contacting them though facebook.

    Hope you have a great day.

  86. KK Says:

    btb: That’s a totally different MC club than the one she is looking for information on if she is from Mayfair in Philly.

    Mayfair: If your inquiring about the Warlocks MC in Pa/NJ/Del thier are many still alive & kicking well. That being said, many are also dead or in jail for life.

    Warlocks(Pa.) do not have any type of website.


  87. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to KK…

    Thank you. I stand corrected.

  88. phila. joe Says:

    Mayfair girl, JG is doing well but hasn’t been in Phila in 25 years unfortunatly most others are dead on in jail

  89. Mayfair Girl Says:

    @phila.joe-Thanks for the info.

  90. youngzenny Says:

    if any of you know who i am or knew my father “ZEN” i am his 3rd son and the club has been one of my biggest interests in life i was young when my dad was vp and the club was at its prime but i was old enough to remember everything we did together. if you knew my dad you can find me on facebook under stevie zenny

  91. Mayfair girl Says:

    @phila. joe thanks for the info but do you know if Artie (Thumper) is alive or dead? Thanks again

  92. LocalPa Says:

    @phila. Joe- most dead or in jail…yes, but not all.
    @youngzenny- new your Dad well. Was a good friend. Was with him to the end. He is greatly missed.

  93. MUNKY Says:

    Jfk any one knows nitemare in Fla have him contact me at or any warlocks I’m in Denver have some good info.

  94. LocalPa Says:

    @ Mayfair Girl.. Who Artie Grouse(unsure of proper spelling)? If so, yes he is still alive, although never was a fully patched member

  95. Mayfair Girl Says:

    @LocalPA-never knew his last name but went by “Thumper”, blonde hair and ran with JG and the Frankford bunch.

  96. Mayfair Girl/Joanne Says:

    @LocalPA-I think I found him, Artie Grous, Landale, PA. How would I contact him?

  97. ALL WHITE Says:

    With all the crap spilling from the mouths/brains via your figer tips of most of you with the exception of LOCAL PA and a FEW OTHERS who seem to have their story straight please allow me to set some stuff straight here it goes all the crap spilling from the mouths/brains via your figer tips of most of you with the exception of LOCAL PA and a FEW OTHERS who seem to have their story straight please allow me to set some stuff straight here it goes….. But first people like care taker who think they are connected to the club in some way enough to give answers to questions about club history just because you were born in delco and ride a schwen to me you come off borderline creepy and really pathetic if you have to look it up that means u don’t know !!! Weirdo ????

    # 1. The warlocks mc was a IDEA that started in UPPER DARBY PA circa 63′ ! Then was officially started in CRNTER CITY PHILA and the meetings took place above a Mr. Autums flower shop he was the first President of the ORIGINAL WARLOCKS MC there was 12 Originals who were known as the dirty dozen…..

    # 2. South West Philly wasn’t the headquarters till 67′ … By that time they were in the 30’s – 40’s ballpark figure of full patched members…

    # 3. Frank Hofmann was the FIRST DELCO chapter President chapter est. circa 1970

    # 4. Muddman was never married nor ever a Prez nor a nut ball just a true legit 1% WARLOCK

    ALL OF THE ABOVE IS 100% true ….. Local pa I would like to talk to you not on the thread how can I contact you ?

  98. Wideawake Says:

    Hey, sorry for my post above. I just found out that the above mentioned gang wasn’t the Warlocks, but the Pagans. I was raised by the Pagans. LOL sounds kinda funny if you say it. After that I was taken away and raised by the nuns in the Philly orphanage. If someone could remove my post.
    Peace to all and God Bless..

  99. Jake Long Says:

    My name is Jake Long my father was Jimmy Long Big Jim he was shot and killed outside the MacDade Mall when I was 3 I really dont have any memories of him if anyone has any information or stories about him so I can get to better know the man he was I would really appreciate it. Even old pictures the ones we had weer in a box that was stolen so I dont have many pcitures of him either. Thanks in advance

  100. Jake Long Says:

    KK I see you knew my father if you could contact me or message on here how to contact you I would appreciate it

  101. Jake Long Says:

    by the way glad Harry and Marty are dead takes a real man to shoot a man with a rifle and a scope fn cowards

  102. Jake Long Says:

    You can look me up on facebook jake long marcus hook my son is also listed as jake long but in oxford Mike or KK

  103. Jake Long Says:

    LocalPA see my other posts trying to find out moer about my father

  104. Pat Long Says:

    @KK, big Jim was my husband, he was a great guy. Marty Riley died of aids a few years ago, good riddance, he only received 10 years for killing Jimmy. John Mccormack went to school with my brother and at one time he was a good guy, I don’t know what went wrong. At Jim’s funeral an FBI agent told me that they just wanted to prove how bad they were so they could get in the pagans. shame on them, they deprived my children of their father.

  105. TRUEBLUE Says:

    If you have 100 Warlocks there is a good chance 80% would become rats if jail time was put in their face. Make that 90%. Some of them keep info from each other because they are afraid of getting ratted on
    Like little kids

  106. Oldiebutgoodie Says:

    Warlords started in Upper Darby. I know. I was one

  107. Road Dogs Old Lady Says:

    !967, I meet a warlock by the name of Road Dog in a bar in Norristown called Little’s across from Warlock Village.
    Fell in love! He was a Germantown Chapter guy. The love of my life! Sure would like to know if he is still alive. So many great stand up members gone for no reason. POPO, from Logan gunned down in cold blood. I know so many of the names you have mentioned here. I miss those days.
    Dog carried cards saying, You have just been helped by an outlaw biker, when we do right no one remembers, when we do wrong no one forgets! If citizens were as upstanding as outlaw bikers it would be a better world.

  108. LocalPa Says:

    @Oldiebutgoodie- you were one? There aren’t many people left on this earth able to actually say that. Many are gone, passed away and maybe one or two “should be dead”. There are still a small handful around still today.

    @Jake Long – would really like to speak with you. I know where your father is buried and visit often. Do you? Would you like to know if you don’t? I can’t seem to locate you on facebook. You can email me at

  109. JeffnPa Says:

    LocalPa, you wouldn’t BELIEVE the things that ‘Lana’ lies about. If you Google habitual liars, that lying, skank dyke’s ugly, worn face pops up!!

  110. LocalPa Says:

    I just sent an email to you Local PA I kept checking for responses and didnt receive any for awhile on this page my friend sent me the message just now it would be great to speak with you and learn more abnout my father! THANK YOU

  111. Jake Long Says:

    LocalPA my email address is you can email me I sent you and email I really look forward to speakign with you

  112. Jake Long Says:

    LocalPA I sent you another email would really like to get in touch with you and learn more about my father I am on facebook Jake Long in Marcus Hook

  113. burger Says:

    Anyone remember an Warlock from Sharon Hill named Allen “Bad News” Blew ???? I believe his wife was Marcia. Rode a very long gold flaked bike.

  114. ne girl Says:

    Mayfair Girl & Joanne: Have you found Thumper(Artie B)? Haven’t seen him since 1973.

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