Devils Diciples Still On Trial

January 23, 2015

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As this is being written, the trial of Devils Diciples National President Jeff Garvin “Fat Dog” Smith, National Vice-President Paul “Pauli” Darrah and alleged National Warlord Cary “Gun Control” Vandiver is entering its 117th day. The men were indicted 30 months ago. The grand jury that indicted them was convened 17 months before that. The case really began in April 2009 when 18 people connected in one way or another to the Devils Diciples were arrested.

There is no accounting of how much all of this has cost so far. None.

There is never any accounting of how much these big biker show trials cost. Obviously there is overhead for the physical spaces in which cases like this are planned and adjudicated. Evidence must be catalogued and stored. Photocopying probably costs a fortune. There are direct and indirect investigative costs and investigators usually agree that the biggest part of that is the cost of electronic surveillance. The accused have to be apprehended and locked up. Everybody in the courtroom – judges, court reporters, Marshalls, bailiffs, prosecutors, defenders, paralegals, cops, experts and investigators – has to be paid. The people who clean the court have to be paid. The guy who runs the metal detector at the front door has to be paid. The case is probably worth something more than $100,000 to each lawyer for trial costs alone so far. Year by year, the cost of the case has added up. The combined value of the Devils Diciples prosecution to the American economy now probably amounts to nine figures. That’s enough to give 10,000 families $10,000 each.

Outlaw Bikers

The government is trying to prove that over a decade the Devils Diciples behaved as if they were contemptuous of many laws, rules and regulations and followed a code of behavior they shared with other motorcycle clubs. An Assistant United States Attorney named Eric Strauss has tried to give jurors an inside look into “the world of outlaw bikers;” just as Jay Dobyns, Kerrie Droban, Billy Queen, Charles Falco, Jason Hervey and Kurt Sutter have tried to give potential jurors an inside look.

Presuming the jurors in this case have been convinced by Strauss’ evidence, the panel has learned that some “outlaw bikers” like to play slot machines. Members of the club owned 15 slot machines and that was illegal because none of those outlaw bikers owned an Indian casino.

Many outlaw bikers enjoy or may be addicted to methamphetamine – as President John Fitzgerald Kennedy reportedly enjoyed and was addicted to methamphetamine. Sometimes outlaw bikers make the drug in small batches. Sometimes they consume some of what they make, give some away and sell some.


Straus alleges that at one point one Devils Diciple possessed fifty pounds of marijuana, as Cheech Marin once aspired to posessess fifty pounds of marijuana. Marijuana is now completely legal for recreational use in four of the United States and is legal to possess with the pro forma permission of a physician in 19 additional states and the District of Columbia. Prosecutors allege that another Devils Disicple perjured himself in that marijuana case. Strauss discounts the possibility that that club member simply lost his train of thought, became confused and mis-spoke.

Apparently, outlaw bikers can be dangerous. One member of the club “sucker punched” a man in a New York City bar, broke his jaw and knocked him out because he was wearing a patch for a band called the Black Label Society on the back of his leather jacket. The band’s logo intentionally mimics a motorcycle club patch. Another club member wrote the words “Snitches are a dying breed.”

Strauss also accuses the Devils Diciples of being institutionally sexist. Although one of the accusations against Smith is that he ordered the 2003 beating of five club members who had raped the wife of a Hells Angel.

The jury may begin deliberations as soon as today.


10 Responses to “Devils Diciples Still On Trial”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Just Curious,

    I am not aware that the DOJ is seeking the forfeiture of the club’s indicia. The feds are seeking the forfeiture of a clubhouse. The case is not finished. As of 6 a.m. Pacific this morning, the jury was still deliberating.


  2. Just Curious Says:


    I just heard the Feds were successful in forfeiting the 44’s trademark as a result of this case. Do you have any info you can share?

  3. Philo Says:

    Years back the club I was in set up shop near the Diciples in Port Huron. We sent them an invite to our opening day. They showed up, drank some beer, shot the shit, and on they went. Never had any issues with them over the years. Made a lot of friends. Never saw them be anything but hospitable hosts, and solid brothers. Never even sensed the atmosphere that you would at some SW Detroit or Downriver club’s. They were serious guys, but not gangsters by any stretch. This whole case is a classic example of the state self-perpetuating its own existence via forced conformity, at the expense of free men. I always figured this was more about that judge that retired early than the Diciples, but who knows. once the state gets you in their jaws, they dont let go until they own you, or crush you.

  4. bcnasty Says:

    Any one that has worked in any capacity for our government will tell you once someone is employed you can not fire them. This over the years had lead to if you have an asshole in your department promote him, that will dump the fuck on someone else. This had lead to an abundence of shit at the head of almost every government agency there is. More so with judges, pigs and ATF. This is not anger, it is the truth. Anyone that has been military just look at some if not all your leadership.This is way to late to change.

  5. Paladin Says:

    When you advertise (as in the above 44 video), you are bound to garner the attention of the Borg (Government). Because the Borg and its tentacled agencies are fueled by taxpayer funds and because those agencies (for the most part) control the media, there is very little (if any) backlash, regarding the ratio of money spent vs. actual crime that’s crushed.

    Between WW1 and WW2, the French built the Maginot Line. So, the German’s went around the French fortifications and invaded France through Belgium. The point is: If one is to beat the Borg, one has to go around it.

    The above means: reassess the way one rolls, find and exploit the Borg’s weaknesses. If it’s not possible to have good communication between the different MCs, at least have good communication between charters within the MC. If involved in activities that run afoul of the Borg, become more sophisticated and cautious when interacting with those outside the known.

    The Borg isn’t really concerned with outlaws within the MC community. The Borg considers MCs and their members to be low hanging fruit. The Borg is very concerned about the outlaws they don’t know about.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  6. CN Says:

    Unaffiliated Observer hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. Well stated Sir.


  7. chromedome Says:

    are there any actual laws against overspending or wasting tax dollars? Anybody?


  8. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed: True words.

    Ride Free

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    The only dumbshits fucking this country up, are those working for the government. *ONLY* the government has gotten us to the deplorable state this country is in, by allowing fucktards to work in it, people who are mentally unstable and *cannot* handle power correctly at all. I mean how petty and pathetic can a person be that has to try and convince a group of people that someone ‘is a bad person because he wrote ‘Snithces are a dying breed’?! If that isn’t a loser in life and someone who’s *NOT* looking out for those very same people he claims he’s protecting by getting rid of that ‘bad man’, then nothing is.

    The only good fedtard/DA/corrupt judge, is one that’s not breathing.

  10. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    Fifty pounds.

    The jury won’t understand how insignificant that is unless some expert witness presents the level of consumption in the target market. The rate at which weight is handled should be presented as a portion of the consumption in that area over the same time.

    Presented honestly, fifty pounds would not seem like a major consideration.

    Unless, of course, that fifty pounds represents sales lost by the protected cartels.

    Similarly, the small batch meth production pales in comparison to the output of DOJ’s Mexican partners.

    The meth, also, is only significant as market lost by protected entities.

    The real charge is felony competition.

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