VLAD Laws And Rupert Murdoch

January 22, 2015

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An academic study released earlier this week portrays the Australian state of Queensland’s Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) laws, aimed at outlawing motorcycle clubs, as a cruel and cynical hoax.

Members of Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party have portrayed crimes committed by bikers, particularly club members, to be a major public danger in Australia. The ruling party, whose members are currently running for reelection, have claimed that “Criminal Gang laws are keeping Queenslanders safer” and that the VLAD laws have driven a general decrease in crime. The study, by an Assistant Professor of Criminology at Bond University named Terry Goldsworthy, indicates the laws themselves have had virtually no effect on crime in Queensland.

0.6 Percent

Goldsworthy found that club members commit only about 0.6 percent of all crimes in Queensland and that the crimes they do commit tend to be assaults and drug offenses. The new laws have had virtually no effect on robberies, burglaries and vehicle thefts. Queensland’s crime rate has been generally falling for the last 12 years. The VLAD laws went into effect late in 2013.

Goldsworthy says politicians and police are actively engaged in a “media war” and are largely supported by news outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation – the corporation that owns Fox News and other Fox outlets in the United States. Fox cablecast the popular television series Sons of Anarchy in the United States. A News Corporation subsidiary bought the film rights to Jay Dobyns memoir of his infiltration of the Hells Angels and publicized the ATF agent on a Fox show called America’s Most Wanted. Fox television affiliates have widely publicized the exploits of a drug dealer and snitch named Charles Falco. In 2011, during a sensational dispute with former Hells Angel Chuck Zito, Sons of Anarchy producer Kurt Sutter wrote: “When it comes to parting with cash, there’s one badass outlaw that makes Zito look like a pussy – his name is Rupert, and Rupe don’t sway. Trust me, Chucky could firebomb our lot and Fox wouldn’t fork over a fucking dime to this guy. That’s why I love them… my parent company is as stubborn and aggressive as I am.”

Media War

Goldsworthy writes, “As part of the bikie war, the police have worked hard to win the media war, wooing and winning over most of the mainstream media, in particular the print sector. This is in alignment with objectives set out by the bikie Strategic Monitoring Team to reduce bad news stories – and their efforts have paid off.”

The study quotes a police report obtained under Australia’s Right To Information law (similar to America’s Freedom Of Information Act) that states: “To improve the results for this indicator there has been substantial media engagement including background briefing with journalists and news directors, the provision of regular enforcement footage and positive messaging through all media outlets. On-line media forums are also regularly conducted allowing direct questions from the public to the Operations Leader for Taskforce Maxima.”

Taskforce Maxima is an Australian police force dedicated to arresting members of motorcycle clubs.


The study asserts that “the bikie crackdown has been strongly backed by the Courier-Mail, Queensland’s only major state-wide daily newspaper,” and an outlet of Murdoch’s News Corporation. The study cites an editorial which reads in part, “The Courier-Mail has been unashamedly supportive of the crackdown on outlaw bikie gangs, reflecting genuine fear among Queenslanders who were terrorized by these thugs acting like they ran the state.”

In an editorial published this week, the Murdoch newspaper calls “Newman Government’s VLAD laws a win for law and order.”

The Australian equivalent of Fox News states, “Outlaw motorcycle gangs run sophisticated criminal enterprises. They are violent thugs who prey on the downtrodden and addicted. They peddle drugs and guns and ruin people’s lives. And our police, sanctioned by government inaction, allowed them to run rampant, particularly on the Gold Coast where the party scene lends itself to drugs.”

The editorial continues, “The VLAD laws attracted the usual criticism from bleeding heart civil libertarians and left-wing politicians who should know better. The reality is that Queensland is now a safer place.”

In some cases, the Murdoch media has blatantly lied. Using the Right To Information law, Goldsworthy found out that police believed there were a total of 900 motorcycle club members in Queensland when the VLAD laws went into effect. Yet the Courier-Mail has reported that 1,700 “gang participants” have been arrested since the new laws went into effect.

Gang Participant Robert Wickes

The accusations leveled at the accused “gang participants” have ranged from laughable to petty and cruel. For example, the Vlad laws forbid bar owners from serving motorcycle club members who are wearing patches. And this week, an Australian Vietnam veteran named Robert Wickes was denied entrance to his local bar because he wore a vest that included a patch that identified him as man who served in Vietnam. The patch, above, contains the slogan “duty first.”

The bar said they banned Wickes because the VLAD laws have compelled them to enforce “a blanket prohibition of all attire that might imply membership of a motorcycle group, irrespective of the logo, insignia or colors.”

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  1. Tiopirata Says:

    The trolls here amaze me, and that alan bastard tool really is the pits. To cast aspersions on a Brother merely because someone in his family wasn’t born in Oz shows him to be a bigot of the lowest order. Our criteria is very simple. We have no care what you have done to others nor where your ancestors came from. We do care about the quality of your brotherhood and your qualities as a man.
    The political careers of Newman and Bleijie are over, they should fall on their swords if they have any honor. The laws they promulgated were fascist to the extreme, and I am sure Hitler et al would have been delighted though the people of Queensland plainly were not.
    Respect to the deserving.

  2. popeye Says:

    You should have congratulated her on her accomplishment then told her to go make you a sandwich.

  3. Tooj Says:

    Merely the voice of experience. You don’t have to have special abilities to know truth, just pay attention without waiting for someone else to tell you what is going on.

    A quick story. I was involved in an accident in a parking lot and said female went out of her way not to call the cops. I did, because I have been burned on insurance by that before. She got visibly upset and once the cop arrived all I heard out of her mouth was, “You know, I have a doctorate, you guys better not think I’m some stupid girl, and you better not try to take advantage of me.”

    After hearing this a half-dozen times, I asked what her PhD was in. She said, “Conflict Resolution.” Having never heard of that sort of shit degree I had to ask again. She replied slower and louder and added, “Not that you would know what that means, you probably don’t even have an undergrad!” The cop looked at her as though she was nuts, I asked her to elaborate what conflict resolution was and after a rather meaningless explanation I said to her, “So in other words, you have a doctorate in how to play nice with others.”

    Her eyes bugged out of her head, she gritted her teeth and slowly enunciated, “What did you say?” I clearly and evenly said, “You paid all of that money for a doctorate on how to play nice with others. I could understand if it was in engineering or something like that, but I would never throw that degree around if I were you.”

    A vein in her forehead throbbed and she screamed, “How dare you try to belittle my accomplishments, you and people like you are the biggest problem in this country!”

    I laughed at her and said, “Easy there sweet pants, your current behavior is not resolving this conflict.” Now the cop laughed, but he quickly silenced himself. The angrier she got, the more I laughed at her, until her boyfriend arrived a short while later.

    And he was very much what I expected, no chest, no shoulders, spare tire, glasses and a submissive expression. He just stood by while she went into a full-blown conniption fit. He never said a word while I’m laughing at her.

    Finally she screamed at him, “What the fuck are you going to do, stand there all day? How about actually doing something!” He kind of looked sheepish and then spoke with the cop. I got my copy of the info and went back to my bike and left. But before I left, the cop said to me , “You know, I was hoping she got angry enough so that she tried to hit you. It would have given me an excuse to smack her one, God what an insufferable bitch!”

    The gene pool of this country needs a tanker truck full of Clorox!

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