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January 15, 2015

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Harley-Davidson announced this morning that Harley is now the “official motorcycle” of the annual Black Hills Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

The annual rally was started by an Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company dealer in Sturgis named Clarence “Pappy” Hoel. Hoel formed the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club in 1936. The first Black Hills Rally was held on August 14, 1938. The rally was suspended in 1942 due to gasoline rationing. This year’s rally will be held from August 3 through August 9.

According to an agreement between the motor company and the city of Sturgis, Harley will be the official motorcycle of the rally through the year 2090. As part of the agreement, Harley will help fund a Harley themed plaza near the corner of Second and Main Streets. The plaza will be partly constructed with 75 bricks removed from Harley’s headquarters in Milwaukee. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “The open-air pavilion will have ample motorcycle parking and allow visitors to take their pictures with the word ‘Sturgis’ spelled out in stones set in the hills behind the town, above their heads.”


Taking photographs is now mostly free in Sturgis during rally week except for taking photographs of women dressed in paint and photographs taken from one of the two Main Street photo towers. Admission to the photo towers costs five dollars for five minutes. The cost to photograph women dressed in paint is usually negotiable.

The rally provides a windfall for the economies of South Dakota and Wyoming as well as motel and restaurant owners  located on interstate highways throughout the western United States. The city of Sturgis, with a population of 6,883 made about $1.13 million from the rally last year.

The new plaza will provide a venue for special events, concerts and weddings. “It will be a gathering point in the city. It’s not just for the rally,” Harley spokeswoman Jen Hoyer said.

Onward And Upward

Attendance at the rally peaked at an estimated 633,000 people in 2000. Last year about 442,000 people spent at least one day at the rally. Sturgis city public information officer Christina Steele is very optimistic about attendance at this summer’s rally. “You hear a lot of estimates,” she said. “Anything from 850 to 1.3 million. Who knows?”

“For decades, Harley-Davidson has been the motorcycle of choice for Sturgis,” Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen said. “Today it gives me great pleasure to solidify its importance by making it the official motorcycle of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.”

“Harley-Davidson riders have attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for decades,” Harley president and Chief Operating Officer Matt Levatich said in a press release. “This new agreement will help fuel many more years of freedom, independence and rebellion for this iconic gathering.”


81 Responses to “Sturgis 2090”

  1. JoeBob Says:

    In the early 70’s we were only after fast bikes and hot women.. Then the dressed up rider came along for a few years the yuppie puppy(pressed blue jeans) came along… I have know how idea why or when we accepted them in,, but we did, now we can see how the Rally has changed the DAYS OF 76… They (days of 76) were more fun than the Sturges Bike Week as the days of 76 were old time riders wanting to be left alone, where did the time go and all of our biker friends from the early 70’s to early 80’s??? THEY WERE MY KIND OF BIKERS..
    Us over the hill gang needs to start something new, something that’ll remind us of the days we miss!!
    Who can lead the charge??? I’ll follow with many of my fellow riders…

  2. PJ Says:

    Thank you Tooj. I know some of my posts are in ignorance, but I don’t worry as much anymore if I am being rude or disrespectful here, because I know I will be called on it. And I think that is a good thing.

    Oh, and I mentioned your suggestion about handlebar modification to my buddy at the shop. He started to give me a look… I quickly informed him he had my word I was doing no more repairs until I’m properly trained.

    Good times…

  3. Tooj Says:

    PJ, my respects. You show some insight and the ability to critically read and think. As an example, I have been on very well known KC runs that if outwards looks meant anything, I would be dead on the pavement.

    One guy bout kilt me an the ol lady gettin sideways on I-35 south before we got on the side blacktops and I could form up with some fellow ‘pegers’.

    I, too respect what P and G have had to say. They both obviously take more time to think than I. I would imagine that Glenn has been quite busy for some time and that is a good thing. (less time online, more with bros? ALWAYS better.)

    Now lately it seems to me that @Anonymous has chosen a moniker of @1%TARDS and has decided to show his ass everywhere. And somehow Paladin and Panamaa have been listed.

    1%TARDS, is it a ‘P’ name thing with you? It’s getting weirder by the moment.

  4. Jim666 Says:

    Oh and to anymouse, Damn I cant believe I almost forgot to address you , damn of all people, Sorry dude, really I am, I meant it about buying you a beer, anytime you roll through my neck of tha woods, shit hit Rebel up for info on where I am, and just hit me up, the beers on me, or maybe a little shine, whatever you prefer.
    Shit man we can get along, just a few things need adjusting thats all,
    nada biggie!
    You know who I am

  5. Jim666 Says:

    Bone head , John Deaux & the Kraut.
    well stated, Im right beside all of you, Nothing beats an open field good Brothers sisters beer and whatever else you enjoy, And fuck the rest of the world because it just dont matter.

    A Paladin you know where I stand I aint gotta say shit on your behalf and I know that, my friend
    Respects Jim666
    FTW A.C.A.B.

  6. The Kraut Says:

    Been to Daytona once. It was Dec. of ’79…had the place to myself.

    Last memorable big bike get-together was a Loners MC run to Tulare CA back in ’86. The Eagles MC runs at Hemet CA about the same years (mid 80’s) were damn good too…wet t-shirt contests were awesome.

    Quaff MC had a real good run to Live Oak Springs CA I was at in ’81.
    Lottsa brew, buds, brothers-sisters….and more bare tits than a horny kid could imagine.

    I would not attend any of the big events at Sturgis or otherwise these days as the wanna-be/RUBs are a cancer I cant handle…

    Bike runs were better before Harleys got ‘respectable’.

    The young-‘uns today have no idea what they missed.

    Respects to those who warrant Respect


  7. John Deaux Says:

    Oh, almost forgot,
    Fuck Sturgis and all the other over priced traveling circus so called bike rallies.
    Support the family/club functions that are still true to the few.

  8. John Deaux Says:

    I think the thing most new/younger riders never get is the fact that to be a dedicated rider required a commitment on the rider’s part.
    I came up in the AMF days, mid 70s, in my area panheads ruled with flat side shovels coming a close second. Harley rocker and Jammer foot clutches with slap sticks jamming thru the gears. Rigid wishbones and el springers, kick starting the old girl with the Joe Hunt magneto retarded just enough to fire her up sometimes paying the price with a wrenched knee for not getting it right. Stopping on the roadside to adjust the push rods again or hunting down that damn short that kept showing up at the worst times. Riding those crappy back roads that ended at smokey old honky tonks with patrons that didn’t want ” our kind ” in there and having to fight our way back out. Cheap cold beer, good herb and horny women willing to do anything for a ride.
    Ass Gas or Grass, Nobody rides for free.
    Damn I miss those days.
    Much respect to those who lived thru those days, it was rough sometimes but a hell of a lot of good times too.

  9. PJ Says:

    When I first found this site, I started coming back because I wanted to hear what Paladin and Glenn S had to say. I continued to come back because of so many other folks here (Phuquehed, Sieg, FF, Jim666, Road Whore, WheresMyBoots, and many more…) and, of course, the great writing of Rebel.

    I fall into the definition of new, young rider (37 and started 2012). However, no one can know where they’re going if they don’t know where they’ve been (or come from). I don’t agree with everyone here, and that’s okay. But I respect most on this site because that is what they give.

    The closest comparison I have to what (I think) was trying to be explained here is how I watched the dilution and nixing of Naval traditions. What we once had to help (for lack of a better term) separate men from boys, is no longer allowed or so watered down it might as well be cancelled. Now, we have to take time to get someone’s measure.

    I envy the bikers who came up during a time that when you ran into one on the road, you knew you had some things in common. Now, I would guess, you can’t just assume that because so-and-so rides and/ or looks the part, that he has a common bond with you.

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    You didn’t need too many of us to step in and speak up…you were mopping the floor with the idiot with ease. If he’d got any nastier and more idiotic, then I’m sure I and even more would have stepped in and on him some, heh heh.

  11. Paladin Says:

    To those that have stood up for me; Know that I will repay in kind should the need ever arise, either on this page, or in person at some future location. Respects to you all and as always, long may you all ride.


  12. ElleElle Says:

    @stroker and @Tooj-

    I don’t really think it can be helped. I think it’s the difference in Generations.
    They are all pissed because we outnumber them horribly and they will basically have to kill us to get rid of so many of us. When that generation gives “self-ie shout outs” about themselves letting other’s know how respectful that they CAN be-it’s usually a red flag.

    Did anyone else notice besides me just HOW patient the seasoned ones really were being up until the last post? I did…I most certainly did…but than again, that IS our generation and age showing. It’s always a bit weird to me that the younger ones never see it as the strength that it really is and really takes.

    That is all.

  13. stroker Says:


    I too stand up for Paladin and Jim666 and other regulars on this site.
    I stand up for them because your obviously young, obviously arrogant, obviously disrespectful posts and link describe who you are quite well.
    You like the spoiled brat, “I can do anything I want” sport bike phenomenon of riding at speed in large groups, uncontrolled, at speed, on public roads.
    You like the “…‘Ride of the Century’ in Cincinnati, 1500+ riders, unsanctioned, no sponsors, no money.”

    Those of us who’ve been on this site for years, have, due to Rebel’s fine reporting, seen this stuff before.
    In the search engine on this page, type in:


    Read the comments on those links. I think you’ll find many of us are not the same as you (I’m being kind here)….


  14. Tooj Says:

    @Anonymous, choosing to argue with folks you don’t know, over minor butt hurt, caused by personal perception is no way to go through life, son. You crotch rocketeers are so fucking sensitive…mention a kick start or a magneto and you get defensive and/or weepy.

    “Pics or it didn’t happen.” (What a stupid fucking argument. This generation we built smart phones for…WTF were we THINKING?)

    Most of the “tech heads” running in that bunch today are “trust fund kiddies” who have gotten air fuel ratio maps from someone who knew what the fuck they were REALLY doing. They merely could afford the software stack that is normally provided to dealerships. Then they impress someone like you with “code monkey” theatrics.

    In other topics it doesn’t show, but this one shows your bullshit meter needs some calibration. Why don’t you shove a USB connector up your ass and take care of that?

  15. panamaa Says:


    Paladin is a stand-up dude.. One of the most stand-up on the site.. Instead of running you mouth, read his post or shut the fuck up….

  16. bcnasty Says:

    In this life we have chosen to lead we all have stories that some at the time was not one bit funny but years later can be funny as heck. I do not claim to be Mr. biker as by my definition now,I would consider myself that hated motorcycle enthusist. I do know that in my years of riding both patched and not, I have got the honor to meet men I called brother and had some supposed brothers that fucked me over. Last few years have shaked hands withpatches from then rival clubs that turned into friends. The common thing I have collected is truth and honor. If you do not have either what you ride nor whom you ride with matters.I was dragged into the new era of injection do to an usatisfied need for speed. Last couple of years have gone back to single cam stuff I know and newest ride is a 98 Dyna with a 79 ironhead and a 78 Shovel. In the day I rode everything from flatties, british,and at one time had a honda. In the late seveties I had a tshirt that said ” rather my sister in a whore house than a brother on a Honda” yet twenty years later accident money and go faster desire had me buy a RC1 Honda. I recon in my mouth overun here what I am saying is people and times do change but when I happen upon an old patch I tend to belly up and still listen becuase even as long as I been around I still like to learn.I put up a story on another site about a 77 year old patch I know. I look at him and then myself and think he has 20 years on me . Will I be able to do this shit that long. How in the heck can you not respect that if you know the life.

  17. Road Whore Says:

    @ Anonymous:

    You are really sounding juvenile now. Indeed, as Paladin has said, he has never force-fed his views through his posts here; nor has any of the other regulars as far as I know, and I’ve been following and posting on this forum for awhile.

    I will tell you this: you need to learn to show some respect, and there are people who post here that you do not want to start feeling froggy with.

    Ride Free

  18. willienelo3 Says:

    “This is not the regular internet.” So true.

  19. Smiley Says:

    That’s why I now ride a Victory…

  20. Paladin Says:


    Obviously, you don’t know how to read through the bullshit, otherwise you would never have called me out with with your juvenile “pics or it didn’t happen” post. So, if Rebel’s so inclined, he’ll forward those “Pics” to you. If you knew about my life’s story, with supporting pictures, you’d run very fast and you’d run very far away.

    I don’t force feed anything to anyone. I relate my past when the conversation turns to old school school bikers and the ways of old school bikers, which is obviously something you can’t comprehend and I seriously doubt you’ll live long enough to understand.

    What’s really lame is the last paragraph in your post where you say that I force feed the fact that I’m an old school biker in every post I make. You might want to do a little research on “every post” I’ve made, before embarrassing yourself like you have.


  21. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:


    This is not the regular internet. It isn’t Facebook, Disqus, Reddit, etc.

    You should treat people with respect here. You really don’t know who you are addressing on this page.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    @ Paladin

    If what you say is true then I owe you my full respect. This is the internet though, and I know how to read through the bullshit. I’m not really concerned if what happened in your life is true or not. And that’s the point. I’m here for the new’s, not your life story with supporting pictures, so you shut the fuck up.

    It would have been cool if we just knew that you are a real old school biker without you having to force feed it to everyone in every post you make. That’s what makes it lame.

  23. Paladin Says:


    Because I figured your comment was directed at me, I sent Rebel some photos of me back in the day, with a request that he forward them to you. You’ll notice the date on the photos is 1968.

    To be absolutely crystal clear, I owe you nothing. The pictures were sent in hopes of getting you to shut the fuck up.


  24. Anonymous Says:


    I made and posted that comment without refreshing my browser, so your comment snuck in between mine and Paladin’s. It was not aimed at you, but it probably still applies, google “pics or it didn’t happen”.

    @ Road Whore

    You are right, that story is not as interesting and it does not stack up. Well it wasn’t even a story really. But I digress, I’m not fool enough to think I have better or more interesting stories than the old timers here. However I’m not aiming to impress anyone either, especially not strangers.

    Someone earlier mentioned starting a new rally by word of mouth. I’ve actually attended something like that, more of a new school version though.

    ^ This is a little more my style, even though Harley riding is my first love. The video is the ‘Ride of the Century’ in Cincinnati, 1500+ riders, unsanctioned, no sponsors, no money. The best parts are when the police get embarrassed, repeatedly, throughout.

  25. Jim666 Says:

    Anymouse aka M-I-C-K-E-Y- MOUSE.

    Anonymous Says:
    January 20th, 2015 at 9:25 pm
    ^ Pics or it didn’t happen.

    You talkin ta me ? eh ?
    You must be talkin ta me, I really hope you aint calling me a liar,
    Sorry mister tech. we did not carry cell phones w/ cameras and mini laptops back then,they weren’t even invented yet , at least Id never seen a flip or bag phone w/ a camera on it, of course im sure the feds would have had and known of that tech. back then,
    Idiot, go away anytime your in my area let me know so we can meet up for a beer i`ll buy !

  26. Road Whore Says:

    @ Anonymous:

    You said: “Catch one of us at a local bike meet and someone might pull out a laptop to flash the ECU on your 1liter rice burner to remove the 186mph speedo cap and get you going over 200+mph.”

    Somehow that “story” is just not as interesting as the others I’ve read on this thread, nor does it stack up to what I’ve experienced in my considerable years as a rider.

    Maybe you guys need to unplug, go on a 1,200 mile roundtrip ride, camp out along the way, see the sights, and meet and talk with other bikers along the way. Do that for 5 or 10 years and I’ll guarantee you you’ll have some good road stories to nurse you through the aches and pains of your coming old age.

    Now when I say, “…talk with other bikers along the way.”…I don’t mean that the conversations should be, “Oh, is that the latest Borjin Jammin set of duals? Have you reset your flox meter to adjust for impeded airflow?”

    I mean, “What’s the most scenic ride here? Any local attractions we should be sure not to miss? What’s your favorite road story?”

    And BTW: if you’re wickin’ it up to 180 or above, you ain’t gonna see those sights…slow down and enjoy…also makes it a hell of a lot easier to dodge or brake for deer.

    Ride Free

  27. 10GAUGE Says:


    1970 is the cut off eh? Why not 1950?

    Funny shit for sure….

    Just another wannabe ol school biker….LMFAO

  28. Paladin Says:


    My best friend (we’ve raced and rode together for over forty years) is an old 77. We were talking the other day about those that are no longer with us. My OL is a White Witch. She says that as long as I’m able to ride, those that have gone before me, still ride with me. I have no reason to doubt her. Just remember my friend, it ain’t over ’till it’s over!

    Long may You ride,


  29. Anonymous Says:

    ^ Pics or it didn’t happen.

  30. Jim666 Says:

    I lmao at your retard post, very true sad part is not a lot of people realize it, Ill be 51 on the 29 of this month so I guess 9 more days, Damn Im getting old, and yes my beard is indeed gray, I got my first bike a little yamaha 80 looked like the real street deal but just a little bigger than a tricycle,
    When growing up I use to go w/ my dad and all his friends riding trumpets and harleys mostly pand and knucks, they couldn’t afford shovels yet, and they would put me right smack in the middle of the pack rolling down 29, 28, 66 wasn’t built yet,rt.50 right into washington dc, Shit I learned a lot from them cats most are gone now, been gone a long time, sometimes I just sit back put on some doobie bros or skynyrd or something to that effect maybe even Merle Haggard, If ya know the Dc fairfax manassas no va area you know what Im saying, use to be a bar called new orleans chef I would go in w/ my dad and his buddies and drink w/ em, Im not going to get into any club politics or mention any names but Ill say I went a different path than he did when he flew his patch. Now he can barley get out of a chair or walk, Mom fell the other day, and sometimes it seems there’s nobody left anymore, and as every day goes by, so do more friends So I come here read listen to youtube and remember the times that will never return,Damn they went too fast too, But If I go tonight I can honestly say I have been loved,hated,I have loved and hated others and had a Hell of a ride through it all.But all in all between the love and the hate it all comes out in the wash, deep down we all live for the same reasons, I guess thats why I can respect men that wear all sorts of patches,But only love one.if you get what Im trying to say?
    I honestly hope I never get too old to ride
    Respects to you my friend,

  31. Paladin Says:

    I started riding in ’65. As Sieg said, those were dangerous times. If you were patched up, there was a certain amount of safety in numbers. If you were a privateer (slick back), you could easily go missing, especially in some of the Southern States.

    I know a bit about the making of the movie Easy Rider. The townspeople shown in the restaurant scene were not actors, they were locals. They were paid, but the animosity shown toward the bikers was very real. People that worked on that movie told me they couldn’t get out of the area fast enough. They thought (with good reason) that things could go south at any time.

    Back in the day, bikers (especially long haired bikers) were viewed as Hippies. A lot of folks didn’t like Hippies, didn’t like them at all. I experienced some of this when traveling Coast to Coast on my old knucklehead.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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