Attention Vagos, Mongols, Outlaws And Jason Hervey

January 14, 2015

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So who is up for a six part, scripted, cable miniseries about American hero Ashley Charles Wyatt or, as he now prefers to be known Charles Falco? What about a new incarnation of Gangland? What about a new incarnation of Gangland that is a scripted miniseries about Charles Falco to air on the History Channel beginning Tuesday, February 24 at 10 p.m. and that will compete for the biker audience with Bischoff Hervey Entertainment’s new reality series Outlaw Country starring Steve Cook?

No. None of these questions are hypothetical. They are, like the new miniseries, “fact based.”

Are you hard yet?

What’s That Smell

Wyatt is a former Victorville Vago who once answered to Tijuana Charles. He preferred to be called Quickdraw. Men who knew him then remember him as being “not very smart” and “obnoxiously stoned. Constantly.” His personal heroes are ATF Agents Darrin Kozlowski and John Carr. Wyatt was one of two key informants in a mostly bogus, ATF investigation supervised by John Ciccone called Operation 22 Green.

After betraying the Vagos Wyatt earned two degrees online in Bible Studies from Liberty Christian University. Reading the Bible put him so far into debt that he had no choice but to became Judas again. “The Marshals do not allow you to get out of past debt,” Falco told The Aging Rebel in an interview in 2012. “So in my case I owed several thousand dollars in student loans that I still pay under Ashley. These bills are sent to Marshal mail drops, which are then sent to DC, which are then sent to my area Marshal field office, who then sends them to me. I have several of these Marshal mail drops in California and Nevada that I use. Kind of cool on how this works! I am no longer in this program, but they still forward my mail. Even after you leave the WPP you keep your new identity, since it is now your legal new name. I hope that makes sense.”

Wyatt paid off his Bible study loans by betraying both the Mongols and the Outlaws. His name in the Outlaws was “Chef.”

Then he became the author, with outlaw biker authority Kerrie Droban, of the 2013 memoir Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs. You can read more about Wyatt/Falco and his book here.

The miniseries is based on the portions of that book that describe Operation 22 Green.

Not Vay-Goes

The official trailer for the series is unavailable for preview. It runs just over one minute and has production values that equal those of Sons Of Anarchy. The voice narration over a montage of action, dramatic and sexual clips reads: “Before we go any further it is Vagos, not Vay-goes. The Vagos Motorcycle Gang. They’re five times bigger than the Hells Angels. Law enforcement put an informant in the gang. But these things never go quite as planned. This thing, it’s just getting going.”

The text graphics over the montage are: “Walk like them.” “Talk like them.” “Fight like them.” “Become them.” “The true story of an infiltrator.” “A six part special television event.”

Press Release Knowledge

The miniseries is produced by Cineflix Productions, Inc. a division of Cineflix Media Inc. in association with A&E Networks and the History Channel. Cineflix describes itself as: “a leading international media company that brings together global broadcast and production partners, major talent, and key executives to create top quality original content produced and distributed for television and other platforms. Producing more than 250 hours per year of multi-genre television for international broadcasters, and with a rapidly expanding library of 4000 hours, Cineflix Media is a recognized leader with offices in Montreal, Toronto, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Dublin.”

Other Cineflix television shows include American Pickers, Canadian Pickers, World’s Greenest Homes, William Shatner’s Weird or What, Property Virgins, Property Brothers, My Teenage Wedding and Food Factory.

According to one of the press releases, “Charles Falco is one of only three men ever to infiltrate three different outlaw biker gangs. With his savvy, expertise and immense courage, Falco has helped law enforcement bring some of America’s most dangerous and feared gangs to justice. Gangland Undercover takes us deep inside the notorious Vagos operation. With a combination of interviews and high-end recreations, each episode unfolds a different step in Falco’s covert investigation into their illegal activities. Working in conjunction with law enforcement and drawing on the wealth of material from Falco’s book…this series captures the reality of outlaw biker counter-culture. And with Falco’s assistance, the FBI finally gets what it needs to break up these feared criminal gangs.”

The series stars Canadian actor Damon Runyan (center of production still above) as Wyatt/Falco.


62 Responses to “Attention Vagos, Mongols, Outlaws And Jason Hervey”

  1. Amy Sherwood Says:

    My father is terrible Terry…i cant believe they can make tv shows
    and write books and not think about the family they hurt!

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Crap…put that in the wrong place.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    The only “…some of Amerikas most dangerous and feared gangs…” that I know of, are those like MS13, and/or any cartel-managed gang. They do whatever they want with damn near impunity and one rarely ever hears about any of *them* getting busted.

    Oh, I see…only those ‘gangs and gang members’ the fucktard Blanco fears and *knows won’t hunt his family down* – plain ol’ biker clubs, the ones that announce who they are and where they are with big patches on their backs.

  4. Ol'goat Says:

    He “has helped law enforcement bring some of Amerikas most dangerous and feared gangs to justice”
    Wow! He is like a superhero……o…hang on…be right back…my rabbit ears and my recliner need adjusting before I can “walk like them, talk like them, fight like them and become them” …don’t wanna miss this one…bro

  5. venture Says:

    The book falco wrote sucked an the show s gona be bullshit

  6. Jim666 Says:

    Ok ill let ya slide on this one my friend,,lmao..

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    It was Saturday night and I got drunk.


  8. Jim666 Says:

    Base very well stated and true.
    Respects Jim666

  9. Base Says:

    As we navigate the ocean of life it is not a stretch of the imagination to see that the course of reality TV reflects the attitude of a good portion of the populace of this rock we all share.

    Ill rational & unreasonable thinking by the masses who consume these fictional drama’s where the loathsome side of humanity is vaulted to heroic heights.

    The only reason to watch such a show is to familiarize your self with faces, places & tactics.

    Keep moving, sit to long you grow stagnate.

  10. Jim666 Says:

    Rebel why is my comment awaiting moderation ?

  11. Jim666 Says:

    No disrespect to any of the above mentioned clubs, but I just cant/ wont read this bullshit, also no respect to you either Rebel, as I love reading your writing, I’m just tired of the pigs bullshit lying storybooks, .
    I hope all true loyal patch holders of these clubs the best outcome ever.

    Respect to all real !% members and M/C`s
    Jim666 1% er retired, “for now” lol

  12. Road Whore Says:

    @ Tooj:

    I hear ya.

    Ride Free

  13. Tooj Says:

    Dear Road Whore,
    These were 50+ years old. And I’m the only “tech” career guy in the bunch. What were they searching desperately for and sharing? Stupid pictures and videos that they found amusing. Bet the kids were too.

    Like I expected they were sharing research into curing cancer or something? Yeah, I can be naive in expecting folks to wake the fuck up.

  14. Road Whore Says:

    @ Tooj:

    We went to see our kids; they had a friend there. All 3 had their noses in their smartphone screens continually, were sitting within a few feet of each other, and would send each other shit on their phones.

    We have a new family rule: when they’re with us the fucking phones are off, not to be played with, unanswered, and they’re to engage us with eyeball to eyeball conversation.

    As if all of the gadgety shit isn’t bad enough, try telling a story that’s longer than 30 seconds to one of these nerdfucks…their eyes will roll back in their pathetic little head and they’ll grab for their smartphone. People have the attention span of a butterfly. Conversation…true conversation…is rapidly becoming a lost art.

    Ride Free

  15. VikingTrotter Says:

    Well, since it is one of the most popular and also the main range that the LE use. You need to use a large amount of decorum since you are fully monitored coming up from the split with Camp 16 Sheriff.

  16. Tooj Says:

    No, I didn’t take my meds…

  17. Tooj Says:

    Here’s something is funny. I have spent a recent trip to see family. I sat in a room with five other family members and I was the ONLY one NOT looking into some fucking electronic device. This was a “let’s get together because we don’t see each other enough” thing.

    I work as a software engineer; what a laugh. I’ve had people residing at a desk less than eight feet away from me and within eyeshot send me “IM’s”. No verbal, nothing. For anyone thinking that technology would somehow provide a means to fix what is broken about people in general…you were stupid and naive.

    As long as anyone looks for the easy way out of truly getting to know people…well, they get what they get. Protocol? This is the common fucking sense of the midwest farmer.

  18. Tooj Says:

    That is some complicated stuff. Let’s RFID chip folks. Randomly placed, but ALWAYS somewhere it hurts a damn sight more to remove than to place. More than one if necessary as I’ve never seen a soon-to-be-patched NOT get shitfaced enough to not even know. Put RFID chips in their testicles.

    There’s the freedom we’re all looking for; keeping fucking databases and bullshit like that. Why else would anyone (as we called it on the farm) “go visiting” for any other reason than to know your family and neighbors? I cannot find an irony or sarcasm font, but take it as you will. I don’t see any fucking value in acting like the agencies that model control and sickness. Yeah, go build your database.

    Knowing folks face-to-face; that shit is as old as the hills. Bikers and MC’s did not invent that. I came up in that sort of shit on the farm and didn’t need some grey beard biker to teach me any of it. I had a grandfather with an eight grade education and a PhD in dirt farming and life.

  19. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ VikingTrotter
    @ Paladin

    Thank you gentlemen.

  20. Meh Says:

    Superstition is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Their imaginary friends allow them to guiltlessly lie, betray, and do their will (except beating government debt, gotta render unto Caesar or Caesar gets PISSED) because they are now exalted.

    “Reading the Bible put him so far into debt that he had no choice but to became Judas again.”

    Nailed it as usual.

    BTW that he could infiltrate multiple targets indicates piggery know they can rely on club compartmentalization to facilitate using the same Judas more than once.

    Were clubs to maintain a verifiable, open, neutral out bad/rat (wording carefully vetted by lawyers to avoid lawsuits and restricted to pure statements of fact) it would be much harder to infiltrate them. It need not contain any info which could possibly compromise any club and could be hosted offshore with multiple mirrors. Posting could be via devices and at locations not traceable to individuals.

    Contacting the relevant club on the down low (meaning not through ANY electronic or written communication under ANY circumstance!) for a simple “true or not” response would prevent opposition force spoofing.

    Counterinsurgency studies human networks in a modern way. Anyone else may study them too. An oppressor government wanting to target a small self-selected outsider subculture has a pleasantly small (from it perspective) society to observe. The flip side is there can only be relatively few people who interact with that isolated society. There will be fewer who are close enough to infiltrate.

    There is no particular reason clubs can’t share who the spies are with the world. That old “hang together or hang separately” thing remains logical.

    One method would be to take complete personal background data, fingerprints, a hair or other sample for DNA testing, and complete 360-degree well-lit high-res nude photos from head to toe of anyone out bad.(Don’t take it beforehand and there is nothing accumulated for adversaries to exploit against good members.) DNA testing is cheap and samples could be submitted under a sock-puppet identity.

    That can follow the shitbag forever. Host the data in multiple overseas mirrors and of course individuals could back it up for replacement. The internet never forgets and anyone on that database would be finished as an infiltrator.

    Here’s a fun way to monitor those you may not trust. It’s just an example of the democratization of technology. Humans are sloppy and if they are a spy they may assume they are unwatched and practice shitty security.

    The Surveillance State assume they are hunting ignorant tech-averse dumbasses. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

    Being able to search using fingerprint images or DNA sequence would be quite handy. The government have all that so there is no reason private parties cannot collect and share such data in public if they have prior consent or other cover. Some data is not protected by any expectation of privacy. A bulletproof data sharing agreement could be legal cover for a club in the event they choose to collect data from members at any time.

    I’ll leave wording to the lawyers because I’m not one.

  21. Paladin Says:

    VAGO 1%er,

    Long May You Ride,


  22. VikingTrotter Says:

    Angeles, which is off of Little Tujunga Canyon Road.
    Its a great range. On Thursdays it literally costs about $4.60 to shoot all day. All types of people (Including the pork variety) go there including some cute gun bunnies.

  23. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Vikingtrotter

    What range?

  24. Road Whore Says:

    Just about all of this TV bullshit is monstrously fake…not just the tripe they spew about MCs.

    I have a good friend who happens to be an Emmy Award winning producer, writer, and editor. He told me that sadly, if one wants to be hired, work, and make some money nowadays that one must work in the existing bullshit climate of “reality” TV…no one’s interested in doing anything different (i.e. real) because this is where the bucks are now.

    I read an interview with prominent literary agents and one confessed that they are just like the world of TV: instead of looking for something fresh and original they’re all trying to find the next Twilight series.

    The bottom line continues to be the almighty dollar, and truth be damned.

    @ AVAGOVFFV: Truth.

    Ride Free

  25. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    First a shout out to So Pac. Yeah I saw ya Bro much LH&R.

    As for Ashley? Fuck you asshole! I know you read everything posted or reported about you its all been about you RAT whore. You continue to leach off those that took care of you and made sure you stayed breathing. This how treat all of us? Your a repulsive cunt and to think that in your sick mind you believe you did the lords work? No you self serving prick you saved you. Well one exception maybe limp dick bitch Sikoff. So tell me why you didn’t sink that pile of shit? You had the dirt you gave it to atf what happened? Sure makes a man think of some interesting scenarios or probabilities like maybe he was flipped and used by your pimp Koz. Yes? I know I’m right and I’ll die knowing it to be true.

    One last thing, remember what you were told in Reno before you jumped in the cab with SFV? Think fucktard. It will happen it always does and its wicked Voodoo karma motherfucker.

    Viva Los Vagos

  26. Kanye Diggit Says:

    CN.On the flip side of bad books and bad writing I’ve gotta hand it to you man.I read one of your posts the other day and you were saying you didn’t think of yourself as having any particular writing skills.I’m no expert but I read alot and let me tell you some of the things you wrote were outstanding.That one about sand castles washing away and diving headlong into the waves,(to paraphrase),wouldn’t have shamed a Hemmingway,or Faulkner,or whoever.Also that thing about the sharp edges of mental furniture.Don’t want to embarrass you but don’t sell yourself short.You can write.

  27. VikingTrotter Says:

    Went shooting today at Angeles. Around me were a few badge wearing ATF and US Marshal dweebs shooting their glocks. After a while the sound of a Harley and a loud white truck comes up. A couple of grey beards. One wearing a Vago cut. He takes it off to go shooting. Both with old school wheel guns. Now, I noticed the coppers are looking at them and immediately hide their duty belts and badges and wait for the gentlemen to arrive. As soon as they start shooting. The goons start shooting next to them and try to be all buddy-buddy. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t feel right budding in to give them a hint. I just left. I figured that they would start smelling the pork soon enough.

  28. Anonymous MC Says:

    You can find the trailer for the Gangland Undercover show here:

    It won’t allow me to link to the specific video so if it doesn’t appear at the top of that page, it may appear further down the list of videos on that page.

    The production values do look slick. But he’s still a snitch.

  29. popeye Says:

    This is a perfect example of why clubs need to communicate and create some kind of database of out bad members , CI’c and snitches.

  30. Lump Says:

    All the gangland were scripted. Everyone read off cue cards. Even the episodes with real members. TV is fake.

  31. bcnasty Says:

    My dad, a forty year patch told me when I was a piss ant kid and noticed one of his brothers with a wad of money a lesson in life. I asked him ” dad, how come he has a ton of money?” Dad told me go ask him to buy you a candy bar. I went and asked the dude, got smacked in the head and told to fuck off. Went back to dad and said ” why in the hell did you tell me to do that? ” he replied so you could learn a lesson about most people with money boy. He had nothing to gain by spending anything on you. His entire life is a show and will only break out a dollar if it will somehow benefit him. I asked dad,” why do we not have any money ?’ His reply was son, in this life if a man has honor, respect and understanding of fellow men he will have riches that only them of like mind can ever see. While dad and I never got along for darn near thirty years of life I leaned things from the man that books will never teach.

  32. Road Whore Says:

    @ popeye: Ain’t that the damn truth!

    Ride Free

  33. The Great One Says:

    White bread America needs it’s Outlaws.. from Jesse James, Butch and Sundance, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Charles Manson to The Greasy Haired knife and primary chain wielding scruff of 60’s and 70’s B movies. America’s shuttered and huddled masses need their Outlaws.. and those unscrupulous enough to victimize the masses will certainly take opportunity to exploit an American outlaw persona. Who? Will stand in defense of The actual lifestyle of the “Club”. Rebel does.. here… as much as possible.. which is why his following gathers here.. and why I frequent this page.. to rub shoulders and hear the voices of the like minded. These stereotypical attacks … for profit.. on our lifestyle only occur because we act stereotypically. We make ourselves easy targets for the scum of law enforcement. The hardest part of any problem is looking to yourself for the answer… the proliferation of patched members.. the wholesale recruitments have left the doors open for infiltration.. the vetting process.. should.. identify and lead to expulsion before a patch is sewn on.. greed.. the motivator of many turncoats.. should be recognized by brothers.. and investigated.

    In the meantime.. I’m going to ride and give my neighbors .. their outlaw fix.

  34. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Of course he’s “not very smart” and “obnoxiously stoned. Constantly”.

    A perfect target for law enforcement recruitment.

  35. Hippy Says:

    I have to agree with all of those that have taken the time to post.Personally, I feel it’s a slap in The face!!!when some thing like being [email protected]#+ng rewarded.The puddle of smeagma,(that he and they)are that they look up to to lay down.Really rewarded,,,repaid,,,glorified without repentanced,,,remorsed,,,or the personal honor that one must possess.the type of person you turn out to be.What you are stakeing your soul on.the valid value of any honor you would have earned.A musicaly blend and Tue club.The group as a placeding the almost Almighty,Accepted X of approval.Like a signature lure of appeared approval. This GUY screws them over and then this bights his thumb at us????really (but I mean them).writes the stories n then makes Tv show detail it and sell it to be put out there for the puddle of almost a person telling elaborate stories that kick his so called (brothers)without any reserve. Neednt have to mention how those people will be spending the rest of their days.and how it feels to spend the blood money they were given for a lie to be used in court against them illeagaly.for their own pleasure and agenda.just un friggin beleiveable!!!!!!! PPppHhhhhhzzduudu7dd1:-Phooeeewwwwyyy!!!!!

  36. popeye Says:

    Why am I not surprised he has 2 bible study degrees. Church goers are the worst bunch of hypocritical backstabbers there are. It sounds like he finally found his place among them. I’ve been lied to and fucked over by a lot of “christian” but never by an atheist. I know a couple guys who found God just to get over on people. What does the bible say about fucking over your fellow man and then selling the story to benefit yourself. Fuckin snitch you’ll get yours in this life or the next.

  37. PJ Says:

    Reading this reminds me of the #1 denial for a security clearance: money issues.

    People in debt are the most vulnerable to selling out. It is sad too, because the right thing would be to say ‘how do I take care of this’, not ‘I’ll do whatever you ask, just take care of this’.

  38. bcnasty Says:

    Every stupid rat that writes a book gets reviews that say something to the likes of” this book accurately portrays the life ” Darn near every one of them was either put out bad or a rat bastard. How in the fuck do they know the life. If your put out bad your not living it right. As was mentioned, these fictional novels that citizens read do a lot of damage in the public’s perception of all clubs. I for one am truly glad I no longer patch. I have memories to last a lifetime some good and some not so much but to disrespect the men I called brothers or the patch I worked fucking hard to get never crossed my mind. Maybe I just respect myself way too fucking much to sell my honor for a dollar.
    No disrespect intended to those still living the life.

  39. panamaa Says:

    I’m sure the IO rat-fucks will be watching faithfully… The book and a video of the TV show will surely be included in the IO start-up kit…

    Fuck Falco..

  40. Road Whore Says:

    Now I understand why people shoot their TV screens.

    Ride Free

  41. Gary . Says:

    What a piece of shit rat snitch fucktard.

  42. VikingTrotter Says:

    I’m so hard for this….I’m as hard s hard water…but not as hard as hard cider.

  43. Storyteller Says:

    Read the book.Knew the pos. He can’t even keep his lies straight when writing fiction.
    F K off and die .

  44. T Hell Says:

    Is it my age, my upbringing, or my past that upon reading an article like this I find myself shaking my head in confusion. Brotherhood seems to have become nothing but a $.99 bumper sticker or a factory HD T-shirt, fuck em all.

  45. 11c_infantry Says:

    Gotta love these POS shows making big money off the backs of real men. Not to mention the fact that it’s just what we need…another bullshit piece of fiction selling itself as “how it really is” and making every club in the world look bad in the process. Thanks a lot, you know-nothing holly-weird fucks.

    L&R to those who earned it,

  46. Phuquehed Says:

    Another moronic comedy about a rat-fuck…and there’s people who say the majority of folks on the planet *aren’t* brainless, cud-chewing sheeple that will be the only ones watching this drivel.

  47. Jim666 Says:

    Fuck Falco! and Cook ! both should be six under, faggott pricks

  48. Kanye Diggit Says:

    I’m only half kidding when I say this but when these cocksuckers are voted out bad along with taking back club memorabilia and blocking out their tattoos they should be subjected to a lobotomy so they can’t rat out their supposed brothers.Just my opinion.Nothing but respect.

  49. Whitepride Says:

    Fuck Falco! Self serving cunt! I don’t know how any judge can believe what these rats say when they testify. You got balls wearing the black and white you fucking rat, I hope karma catches up with you soon! R.I.P. TC

  50. CN Says:

    I read the book. This has to be that rare instance where the movie is better than the book because the book sucked.

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