Attention Vagos, Mongols, Outlaws And Jason Hervey

January 14, 2015

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So who is up for a six part, scripted, cable miniseries about American hero Ashley Charles Wyatt or, as he now prefers to be known Charles Falco? What about a new incarnation of Gangland? What about a new incarnation of Gangland that is a scripted miniseries about Charles Falco to air on the History Channel beginning Tuesday, February 24 at 10 p.m. and that will compete for the biker audience with Bischoff Hervey Entertainment’s new reality series Outlaw Country starring Steve Cook?

No. None of these questions are hypothetical. They are, like the new miniseries, “fact based.”

Are you hard yet?

What’s That Smell

Wyatt is a former Victorville Vago who once answered to Tijuana Charles. He preferred to be called Quickdraw. Men who knew him then remember him as being “not very smart” and “obnoxiously stoned. Constantly.” His personal heroes are ATF Agents Darrin Kozlowski and John Carr. Wyatt was one of two key informants in a mostly bogus, ATF investigation supervised by John Ciccone called Operation 22 Green.

After betraying the Vagos Wyatt earned two degrees online in Bible Studies from Liberty Christian University. Reading the Bible put him so far into debt that he had no choice but to became Judas again. “The Marshals do not allow you to get out of past debt,” Falco told The Aging Rebel in an interview in 2012. “So in my case I owed several thousand dollars in student loans that I still pay under Ashley. These bills are sent to Marshal mail drops, which are then sent to DC, which are then sent to my area Marshal field office, who then sends them to me. I have several of these Marshal mail drops in California and Nevada that I use. Kind of cool on how this works! I am no longer in this program, but they still forward my mail. Even after you leave the WPP you keep your new identity, since it is now your legal new name. I hope that makes sense.”

Wyatt paid off his Bible study loans by betraying both the Mongols and the Outlaws. His name in the Outlaws was “Chef.”

Then he became the author, with outlaw biker authority Kerrie Droban, of the 2013 memoir Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs. You can read more about Wyatt/Falco and his book here.

The miniseries is based on the portions of that book that describe Operation 22 Green.

Not Vay-Goes

The official trailer for the series is unavailable for preview. It runs just over one minute and has production values that equal those of Sons Of Anarchy. The voice narration over a montage of action, dramatic and sexual clips reads: “Before we go any further it is Vagos, not Vay-goes. The Vagos Motorcycle Gang. They’re five times bigger than the Hells Angels. Law enforcement put an informant in the gang. But these things never go quite as planned. This thing, it’s just getting going.”

The text graphics over the montage are: “Walk like them.” “Talk like them.” “Fight like them.” “Become them.” “The true story of an infiltrator.” “A six part special television event.”

Press Release Knowledge

The miniseries is produced by Cineflix Productions, Inc. a division of Cineflix Media Inc. in association with A&E Networks and the History Channel. Cineflix describes itself as: “a leading international media company that brings together global broadcast and production partners, major talent, and key executives to create top quality original content produced and distributed for television and other platforms. Producing more than 250 hours per year of multi-genre television for international broadcasters, and with a rapidly expanding library of 4000 hours, Cineflix Media is a recognized leader with offices in Montreal, Toronto, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Dublin.”

Other Cineflix television shows include American Pickers, Canadian Pickers, World’s Greenest Homes, William Shatner’s Weird or What, Property Virgins, Property Brothers, My Teenage Wedding and Food Factory.

According to one of the press releases, “Charles Falco is one of only three men ever to infiltrate three different outlaw biker gangs. With his savvy, expertise and immense courage, Falco has helped law enforcement bring some of America’s most dangerous and feared gangs to justice. Gangland Undercover takes us deep inside the notorious Vagos operation. With a combination of interviews and high-end recreations, each episode unfolds a different step in Falco’s covert investigation into their illegal activities. Working in conjunction with law enforcement and drawing on the wealth of material from Falco’s book…this series captures the reality of outlaw biker counter-culture. And with Falco’s assistance, the FBI finally gets what it needs to break up these feared criminal gangs.”

The series stars Canadian actor Damon Runyan (center of production still above) as Wyatt/Falco.


62 Responses to “Attention Vagos, Mongols, Outlaws And Jason Hervey”

  1. Kickstand Says:

    Fuck Falco Thats almost as bad as that rat in Florida that took down Tacos crew. And all out of Paranoia. The guy didn’t even get busted. When patch holders start taking down there own bros for fun who can we trust? ( Oh Mike Lynn.)
    In 1995 I was offer 2 to 5 to roll on scooter trash.. I told them to follow thet deal with a hot poker. The judge gave me 20yrs. Try and take that from me Rat boys…

  2. Harp Says:

    No disrespect to the Vagos, but I lost it when I read the part that said the Vagos were five times bigger than the Hells Angels.

  3. TOBY T Says:


  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    I think this “turd” of a show must have finally got flushed along with that
    other waste of film Outlaw Country. Of course I haven’t been looking for either of them, & I don’t really recall what night they are/were on but I seem to recall that they were both on at the same time, just different networks.
    Seems that John Q. Public might be waking up just a bit, & getting tired of
    the Feds & their BS.
    Sure am glad you got back Rebel! I’m looking forward to being able to order
    Twilight of the Outlaws.
    Mucho THANKS for you being you!

    RESPECTS to the regulars & a BIG FTUO FTF FTP FTG

  5. bumper Says:

    Yeah all “Outlaw Clubs” “1% Outlaw Clubs” can and will always be easy targets for these Rats to infiltration because of there hang around & Prospect initiation… you punch a few guys show a little heart never been in prison and never have put any serious work in what do you expect.99% of folks who ride bikes are law abiding citizens.Come on are they real outlaws? “Criminals” they most definitely play the part as bad assessment for sure but remember folks were they live yeah in society due they at times kill each other “Yes” are they all stone cold killers “No” How can they let cops or agents of the ATF or FBI or DEA or those who work for them agencies inside there ranks very easily.they befriend them feed a bunch of bullshit and there is no serious work that has to be done to become a full patched Outlaw 1% MC Member.because if there was these Rats would never be able to infiltrate any bad to the bone ruthless outlaw mortcycle club.

  6. Vanessa Says:

    Hey Amy,

    Watching this friggin show cause DAD “terrible terry” wrote me and told me to catch it and see what “his charecter” was like. this show is nuts and I am a fan of sons of anarchy but I had no idea how much the scenes would be the same thing? FREAKY!!! not something I really needed full detail of dad ya know>?
    just a great way for the falco guy to catch some more $$$$ over f’n peeps over.

  7. dominator Says:

    how bout a story on the wall st crooks who are screwing America or the pricks who made sure crack was LA’s favorite treat while using tax money for weapons not education—great examples of honest citizens –hollyweed is a vast pool of fools–who rather than go there choose to insult and degrade as they see fit–aimlessly stabbing at the backs of hard working real folks–our families are raised on truth– our friends are true– dignity is a code–we live by our morals– and mr big no like we are Freedom — we don’t fuck our brothers

  8. PAT Says:

    Whatever device you can think of like a rfid chip can be counteracted. The solution lies in the one constant, the soft spot is in the club/chapters themselves. In every instance from Tate in Alaska to the profiler in Az who said he got by on energy drinks LOL to this latest guy the “trojan horse” used to get into the clubs was greed. Yeah whether you want to hear it or not these guys all offered something that made the clubs want them, whether it was guns or the ability to cook meth or access to blow etc etc. So maybe if a new patch holder was not allowed access to any club “business” for a period of time to more involved background checks the solution lies within the clubs themselves. I have seen this first hand, when a brother has a posse following him to the bathroom you have a problem.

  9. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Amy Sherwood, Hi kid! Don’t give these rats turds and pigs a second thought. Simply because as you pointed out they don’t think about or give a shit about nothing except themselves and a budget increase each year to play more games.Be tough and tell that horned devil I said hello & that I send much L&R when you see him next.

    Viva Los Vagos

  10. shifty Says:

    and atf .us marshalls and sheriifs biggest harrasment shit show

  11. fury Says:

    And there today again for all the guys who left bikes. Thy have everything setup

  12. fury Says:

    Rebel u need to do a story in The Mongols National party last night. Hundreds of hwy patrol . Pulled every or person in area hundreds of bogus tickets and impounds for no reason, telling it was to make sure everyone is safe. But they harassed women also and asked for info… blocked every way in n out .. love to hear story on this. Heard part from friend.

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