The Lords Among Warriors MC Bust

January 13, 2015

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Five men in suburban Pittsburgh were arrested on federal charges yesterday in three separate court cases based on a single undercover investigation.

The three affidavits that support the arrests link the men to a motorcycle club called The LAW Motorcycle Club. Several news outlets including television station WTAE and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review are reporting the men are affiliated with the Lords Among Warriors Motorcycle Club. The federal documents filed in the three cases name the club using only an acronym.

Federal authorities have been intentionally misleading the local press about the case since the five men were arrested yesterday. Isaac Skipworth is charged in a case titled U.S. v. Skipworth. Raymond Kober, Christopher Levy and Scott Kulikowski are charged in U.S. v. Kulikowski, Levy and Kober. Those three men and Jason Godek are charged in U.S. v. Kober et al. WTAE reported that Skipworth was arrested after local police responded to “a call for a suspicious device” and that once inside agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found “some sort of suspicious device.” Court documents state that Skipworth has been the subject of a federal investigation for more than six months. The ATF Case Agent in charge of this investigation is named Ryan Rennig and the way the case is being handled raises an obvious question: What is the government trying to hide?


Officially the three intertwined cases are “being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division, the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.”

According to Rennig’s affidavits there are “cooperating individuals,” plural, in the case. The complaints allege that yesterday, January 15, 2015 Skipworth committed the federal crime of possessing a firearm as a user or addict of a controlled substance; that Kulikowski, Levy and Kober “were involved in a variety of illegal activities including but not limited to robbery and firearms possession;” and that Kulikowski, Levy, Kober and Godek “were involved in large-scale cocaine trafficking, distribution of controlled substance prescription pills, (as well as other controlled substances), money laundering, illegal firearms transfers, robbery and other offenses.”

The investigation that led to yesterday’s five arrests began in “early June, 2014,” when “the DEA developed a confidential informant (CS2) that agreed to cooperate with law enforcement in exchange for potential consideration during the sentencing phase of his/her eventual prosecution. CS2 had previously been convicted of two offenses. During subsequent debriefings, CS2 provided information that was independently corroborated by your affiant’s investigation. Therefore your affiant is of the opinion that CS2 is reliable and credible. CS2 identified Raymond Kober (also known to CS2 as ‘Bridge’ and ‘Ceno’) as a distributor of multi-kilogram quantities of cocaine throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. CS2 confessed to investigators that he/she had been receiving packages of cocaine since approximately January 2013 from Raymond Kober. During that time period CS2 had received multiple kilograms of cocaine from Kober.”

Motorcycle Club

The informants statements resulted in six wiretaps that led to all three cases charged yesterday. Accoding to Rennig, the wiretaps led to “the interception of thousands of telephone calls and text messages many of which revealed that “Kober and others were involved in a variety of illegal activities including, but not limited to, firearms possession.”

According to the affidavits, “Kober and his associates are known to be members of a motorcycle club (The LAW) through which they associate and in some instances engage in drug trafficking and other illegal acts together.”

WTAE quoted an unnamed “Pittsburgh homicide investigator” who said, “We’re not talking about Pagans or Hells Angels. We’re talking about a local group that gets together and rides very clean, expensive motorcycles.”

Stay tuned.

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18 Responses to “The Lords Among Warriors MC Bust”

  1. JBT Says:

    Snitches that have ya crapping in a cornfield…

  2. EDolph hitler Says:


  3. LedBoots Says:

    I may be out of line, but I thought LAW MC was a cop club?

    That certainly would explain the “Pittsburgh homicide investigator” speaking positively on their behalf

  4. Road Whore Says:

    Meh: your words are worth printing out and putting up on the wall of every clubhouse, refrigerator door, office cubicle, etc, in the nation.

    Ride Free

  5. Meh Says:

    Yet another illegal firearm and illegal recreational chemical story.

    If we regard illegal bangsticks and buzzchems as tempting we can be baited. That has absolutely nothing to do with the virtues of bangsticks or buzzchems. Bait is bait.

    Both items are perfect bait because they are desirable physical objects worth money. It is not an act of social rebellion to have them. It is merely having an object.

    Objects are dandy bait because they can be traced and because to obtain them and pass them on requires transaction between two or more humans. One hostile human in the transaction and security is destroyed. It is relatively easy to insert hostiles into black markets because greed curbstomps security.

    Bait objects require personal vulnerability to obtain and sell. Stop trading in them if you do, and if you don’t, don’t start. If you want weapons for the Apocalypse they can be had outside your known circle easily enough then kept secret even from those you trust. (Part of security is “need to know”, not just clearance.) Drugs are a recreational option and chemical entertainment may not be worth losing your freedom.

    To traffic in drugs is to join the War On Some Drugs in a way ideal from the POV of the agencies who make their living from ineffectively attacking such traffic. It is a gift to the Surveillance State.

    Illegal arms trafficking is also a gift to the Surveillance State and to anti-Second Amendment groups.

    Your opponents WANT you to sell drugs and WANT you to own illegal weapons.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    A few years ago I was talking to my Wife about getting back into the 1%er Club life. We talked about 81. well my Wife was telling her Cousin about me joining. My wife’s Cousin made the statement….”Don’t you have to kill someone to join that gang?”
    My Wife corrected her of course, and that motorcycle clubs are not gangs. The Great evil which is the Discovery Channel & the Media, has the populace convinced all patch holders are in gangs.

  7. Paladin Says:

    Yesterday; while leaving the post office, a young lady (I’d guess about twenty-five years of age) struck up a conversation with me by commenting on my bike. Since I wasn’t pressed for time, I talked with her for a while. She told me how she wanted to learn to ride etc. As our conversation came to a close and I turned to leave, she saw my patch and said, “You’re really nice, are all gang members as nice as you?”

    The Government’s propaganda program seems to be reaching and doing a pretty good job of “educating” the younger generation. If we as a whole, care anything at all about the biker / MC lifestyle, we had better start doing the same.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  8. Jim666 Says:

    even more ss storm troopers following hitlers orders, fuck them all straight to hell

    no nore abc gangs time to stop them all citizens time to wake up while you can still wake up in your own bed in your own home,

    F.T.F. A.C.A.B.


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @fu – LMAO! That’s funny, bitch…or do you still prefer ‘Budweiser’? Funny how you only come back to pester like a cockroach (like all sick-fuck stalkers) in the winter when you know I won’t ride unless absolutely necessary and expect others to remember you for some odd reason when the weather is warm and far more important things must be done than think about your worthless, stinking, air-wasting faggot ass.

    Yes folks, the Budweiser did again decide he needed to e-mail me the other day (four times in one day with nothing but his bitching – again) letting me still know how he’s displeased that he brought shit on his own head by all his asshole comments during the cold months of early last year (or whenever the fuck they were) and needs to be blaming others for it – namely me and one other person I’ll keep nameless at this time. I again let him know he really should get professional help, but he cried about that and wouldn’t take that advice, so I spanked him like the fucked-up red-headed stepchild he is and sent him on his way once again into the dark night to wander aimlessly and without any normal synapses going on in his skull to probably become a danger to young boys in his neighborhood.

    So fu or Budweiser or bitch (whichever you prefer)…I’m roosting, fucktard.

  10. stroker Says:

    @Road Whore:

    I agree with everything you’ve said. And, having said that, I must also say: it’s been this way for quite a while (one of the reasons Rebel’s excellent web site exists). This is not new. It’s been ongoing, as long as I’ve been a biker (50+ years). We are a convenient “boogeyman” for the LEOs to persecute. It keeps the sheeple’s attention away from all the underhanded, snarky shit you’ve delineated above. Yes, our gubmint is approaching new levels of corruptness, but that corruptness has always been there. And I fucking hate it. The facts are, we as a group spend so much time squabbling amongst ourselves, we are easy prey for the feebies et al. As long as we tear at each other, we’ll never be able to even slow down the government juggernaught of cronyism and graft and corruption.
    Until, and unless we can find enough common ground to circle our cycles, and make a cohesive stand against this shit, well, it don’t look good from here.


  11. fuphuquehed Says:

    Hey John B. one day your little comments will come back to roost, which is something I think you know all about.

  12. Ricky Redneck Says:

    Hopefully, some day we’ll be able to convince Congress and the State Legislatures to pass a Constitutional Amendment repealing the Constitutional Amendment which authorized the National Government to ban the sale and possession of “drugs”, just as was done with Alcohol Prohibition.

    Oops; there never was such a Constitutional Amendment.

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    A good pig/DA/rotten judge, is one that’s not breathing.

  14. los Says:

    RoadWhore, I am looking for the “Like” button.!!

  15. DocHoliday Says:

    Road Whore, you nailed it! Very well stated!

  16. Road Whore Says:

    One thing that consistently amazes me about these busts: let’s accept a hypothetical and say you have a motorcycle club composed of 100 fully patched members, and let’s allow that 3 of those members have sold a small amount of drugs, conducted an illegal firearm transaction or two, and extorted a bar owner. During the subsequent investigation and arrest of these members a small amount of drugs is discovered and let’s say…oh, hell, let’s be generous…and let’s say four or five guns of questionable provenance are confiscated by authorities.

    Now what follows is that the entire club is charged as guilty and of therefore being a criminal enterprise. In reality most of the club members may not even realize what their brothers are doing behind their backs.

    And then there are those dramatic headlines, sound bites, etc., that inevitably follow: Huge gang bust! Drugs and guns taken off streets! Motorcycle outlaw menace revealed!

    So, let’s see…3 members of a club turned wonky and would have turned wonky whether they were patched in to a club or not. A tiny, tiny ridiculously small amount of drugs is confiscated along with a few weapons. This is portrayed as a bust of magnitude and the headlines are trumpeted in such a manner as to make us believe that a gang of thousands whose intent is on murdering our daughters and raping our pets has been staved off by the bravery and vigilance of law enforcement…that an arsenal has been removed from our streets and a motorcycle gang has been brought to its knees, thereby making all of our lives safer.

    In the meantime boatloads of drugs enter the country on an hourly basis. Some of those vast quantities of drugs were distributed and sold by our own government.

    The United States is one of the, if not the, largest gun runners in the world.

    One of the largest gangs in the world accepts suitcases full of cash and other enticements on a regular basis as they vote themselves more and more raises and benefits while doing very little of the work that they’re entrusted with and while striving to making sure each other’s backs are covered.

    Real gangs traffic in huge amounts of drugs and weapons and don’t ride around with patches on their backs.

    Cops try to entrap, trick, and fuck with ordinary honest citizens on a daily basis, and yet they are sworn to uphold the law.

    ISIS and other terrorist groups are coming for our asses.

    And yet the motorcycle clubs are seen as one of the greatest threats our nation faces, and by extension I think most bikers are now looked at with suspicion by law enforcement.

    Given that in any group, including churches (and I speak from considerable experience there and have several dogs in that fight), that there are people who are treacherous and dishonest it is to be expected that in any organization you are going to have some shady people that you have to watch our for and weed out. It doesn’t make that organization a criminal empire because it has some criminals in it; if that is the case then our entire government is a criminal empire of the first order and the highest degree.

    It’s not that bikers hate cops; or law enforcement; or rules. It’s that bikers hate corrupt cops; dishonest law enforcement unequally and unfairly applied; and rules that make no sense or have no reason for being. Bikers are not anarchists in the purest sense of the word. I think nearly everyone agrees that certain common sense and agreed upon rules are necessary for a society to function smoothly, but when those rules become so egregious that they fling themselves in the face of all common sense and reason it causes honest, thinking men to rebel, and eventually that rebellion grows in number to include all segments of society, which is what the U.S. is setting itself up for now.

    So, if our government wants to extend its tendrils into and through law enforcement to do something to keep us safe and improve our quality of life let’s begin to look seriously at ISIS, et al, and get off of the backs of the bikers.

    Ride Free

  17. Austin Says:

    We’re talking about a local group that gets together and rides very clean, expensive motorcycles.

    Oh yeah… those 20% er guys.

    The Dentists MC

  18. CN Says:

    WTH? As opposed to those dirty cheap motorcycles the afore mentioned Clubs ride? If so, then why are the Feds so keen on confiscating then using them in future investigations, entrapments & other dirty deeds?

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