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January 12, 2015

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Tim Medvetz was on 60 Minutes last night.

If you’ve never heard of Medvetz, it is about time you did. He is a big, handsome guy who was the singer/actress Cher’s boyfriend for five years. He failed to climb Mount Everest in 2006 but returned and successfully summited the next year. Both climbs became part of a Discovery Channel series called Everest: Beyond the Limit. Maybe most importantly, Medvetz may owe part of his continuing success to the line at the top of his resume, which reads “former Hells Angel.”

It seems curious that as much as the club is vilified that there is a growing list of current or former Angels who have achieved celebrity. Rusty Coones, Chuck Zito, David M. Labrava and Ralph Randolph immediately spring to mind.

It is worth noting right now because three members of the club are on trial in Lakeport, California this week. They are charged with the fairly straightforward offense of beating up a member of another club but the prosecution is determined to turn the trial into an official condemnation of the Angels in particular and motorcycle clubs in general. A sad and not very interesting man named Jorge Gil-Blanco will tell a jury how bad the club. That is, more or less, his full time job – telling people how bad Hells Angels are. It seems unlikely that Coones’, Zito’s. Labarava’s, Randolph’s or Medvetz’ names will come up.


Anyone who has been around the biker scene in Los Angeles for any length of time has heard of Medvetz the biker – as opposed to Medvetz the celebrity. He is a big enough man to have had a successful career as a bouncer in Hollywood.

A few years ago a Mongol named Peter “Bouncer” Soto explained how he learned to ride a motorcycle like a motorcycle outlaw. “I just wanted a little bit more,” Soto said. “I wanted some action. Growing up I always saw guys from, like the Hells Angels just pass by my car doing a hundred. And I was always like, Dude that’s just bad. You know what I mean? So I knew this guy named, um, Big Tim. Biggest guy. Big guy. He’s from like the Valley and he used to be like out in Hollywood. Craziest motherfucker I’ve ever met but he’s really nice. So he was like, come on. Let’s go. Let’s go ride!”

Into Thin Air

Medvetz’ personal story is fairly well known. He had a terrible motorcycle accident on September 10, 2001. The aftermath of that, he told CBS correspondent Lara Logan last night, was “Half of my back has a net cage around it, then bolted with six bolts and it’s been fused. I have two metal plates in my head and 10 screws. I have two metal plates and 10 screws in my right hand.” After his accident he drank and popped pills. During his dark night of the soul he discovered Jon Krakauer’s book about climbing Everest called Into Thin Air. Climbing the big mountain became a way for him to prove to himself that he was still a tough guy.

His big accident came just hours before the Twin Towers fell. He saw men come back broken from the ensuing wars and he was able to identify with them. He was compassionate toward them and he thought he could help them so he started what he calls “The Heroes’ Project” in 2009. Since then the project has raised over $1 million to take wounded veterans on a dozen major climbs. With Medvetz’ help, severely wounded veterans have climbed six of the world’s seven tallest mountains. The one exception is Everest. Mevetz and a disabled former Marine named Charles Linville were on their way to the Everest base camp last April when an avalanche killed 16 Sherpas. At the time Medvetz released a statement that said:

“We have decided to come home and are no longer pursuing Operation Everest: 2014, honoring our Sherpas’ decision to not climb this year, and out of respect for those who were lost last week. We have spent the last week focused on the recovery effort and mourning those who were lost and discussing all aspects as a team.” He continued, “The bond and personal relationships I have with these men goes back over ten years, they are my family. They are members of our team and out of respect to our Sherpas, we are not continuing. We fully support their decision to leave the mountain and we will leave the mountain together the same way we came up, as a team.”

Medvetz is planning to resume the climb with Linville this year.

Last night CBS noticed the good Medvetz is doing. Both the former Angel and the network deserve some credit for that.


28 Responses to “Tim Medvetz”

  1. Candy Says:

    Tim should be embarassed. Listen to him cry like a baby, and lay in the snow whining. Dude, the “spikes” on your feet are crampons. And you’re screamimg like a baby, my hand, waaaa waaaa. It didn’t seem tobother you at the summit. Maaaaaaa. You’re no climber.

  2. Cynthia Savino Says:

    I enjoyed this series (both season 1 & 2). There’s a bit too much screen time spent re-re-recapping what occurred in previous episodes but it was still thoroughly engaging drama.

    Now on to one hugely annoying element of this series: Tim Medvetz, one of the expedition members.

    Why did they have to spend SOOOO much screen time on this buffoon? I found the other climbers much more interesting & agreeable. By contrast, Tim is a cartoonish caricature of the loud, obnoxious, arrogant, reckless, self-absorbed, pompous American. He treats everything like a party and acts as if he’s the center of the universe. Oh, and he also grunts “U.S.A!!!” like the walking cartoon that he is. As an American, I’m tired of seeing the same old onscreen formula that says “American” = “rugged individual” = “loud obnoxious jerk”.

    Through both season 1 & 2, this man NEVER does what he’s asked to do. He always leaves late, does what he wants, goes where he wants, creates bottlenecks and naps in the snow. He basically tells others to go screw themselves and acts like the tough guy who goes it alone but then whimpers for help later on.

    And that’s not even the worst of it. He’s full of cheap platitudes about conquering Everest, learning about himself, the importance of teamwork, about how he can’t respect people who don’t come prepared or respect the mountain, blah blah blah, but he never demonstrates any of those qualities himself. And he never acknowledges the tremendous help he gets – to him, it’s simply a story of Tim versus Everest. In truth, he would not have gotten as far as he did without outside help, and he might very well have died without them. To the very end, he continues to talk narcissistically about what HE accomplished.

    I find it annoying that this series seems to celebrate his self-absorbed bay boy antics. And if I ever climb Everest, I hope to God I don’t have someone like him on my expedition.

  3. Suzh Says:

    Tim, watching reruns of the 2007 Everest: Beyond The Limit. Now that I know you helped our former service members-I am also a disabled Army vet-have even greater respect for you and all you have done. Take care.

  4. Tasha Elaine Crawford Says:

    Praying all is good in ur world much love Amen

  5. Candy Says:

    Tim is a lazy piece of shit. He feels privileged because he PAID to
    Get to the summit. He SURELY didn’t earn it on his own merits. Even if you pay a guide with sherpas to drag your ass up, it just doesn’t count. Your a big cry baby, sucking on a bottle. Tim, if you want to limb everest, even if you PAY, you need to be r sponsible for yourself. You sound like a BIG BABY.! Wahhhhh wahhhh

  6. john w degrasse Says:

    you are a good man live long.john

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Peter Bouncer Soto,

    Bouncer. if you are Bouncer. I heard you were in a little jam. Why don’t you email me and tell me what’s going on.


  8. Peter Bouncer Soto Says:

    What’s up bro it’s Bounce from the Mongols M.C. glad to read on here that your doing good. Hope to see you out in the WOOD one of these days, stay safe.

  9. Steve Rosenthal Says:


    Your work with wounded military folks is impressive. I have a fund raoising project that could be of interest.


  10. Wiscokid Says:

    Very inspiring. Thanks Rebel for sharing this. Nice to see some positives for once!

  11. Kanye Diggit Says:

    I have some physical challenges at the moment and that story was extremely inspiring.Even makes me like Cher a little more that she dates real men.Love peace and hairgrease

  12. Base Says:

    Standing witness to such truths,sheer will, strength & determination.

    Very inspiring.

    Y’all stay on your toes in 2015.

  13. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Your heart really has to pain to see these Vets giving it their all even with the disadvantages they have. Brave men.

  14. Oldskewl Says:

    SFV memories Says:
    Yeah, I remember SFV Tim. Hey Tim remember Ben? Remember the incident at the shop? Remember the incident at the Candy Cat? Remember being called the worst ***s ****l ever? Apparently you are a better mountain climber than a patch holder.

    We have all done things that we regret and live with skeletons in our closets, some worse than others but I think it’s totally unnecessary to come in here and point out issues you may have with someone that’s doing good and helping those men and women that have lost so much.
    The people being helped here sacrificed everything and we owe them and the people helping them the gratitude of a grateful nation, nothing less.


  15. SFV memories Says:

    Yeah, I remember SFV Tim. Hey Tim remember Ben? Remember the incident at the shop? Remember the incident at the Candy Cat? Remember being called the worst ***s ****l ever? Apparently you are a better mountain climber than a patch holder.

  16. Oldskewl Says:

    I watched Tim climb on the original series and he is a warrior. Great story Rebel.


  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear P-body,

    No I meant Lakeport. It was a typo.


  18. Outsider Says:

    I used to watch the Everest show & remember seeing Tim on there, I was impressed then…I’m even more impressed now. I’m not part of the 1% lifestyle but I have great respect for those of you that are. It was great seeing the 60 Minutes show, not too often the media portrays your society in a good light, even when deserving.
    Rebel, thank you for the 2 videos with this article. Not only are the wounded US soldiers hero’s in my eyes, so is Tim.

  19. panamaa Says:

    And on a completely off topic subject and apologizes, but….

    Condolences to the people of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.. As this site so well proves, one right to freedom of speech is a critical component to ones process of free thought….

  20. panamaa Says:

    Good on Mr.Medvetz……….. And good luck to the 3 Angels fighting the bullshit charges their facing..

  21. P-body Says:

    Big respect to you, we need more “when we do right” stories. I live in lakewood ca. and there is no courthouse here, trust me. Do you mean Los Cerritos Municipal court? That one I’m familiar with.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Captain,

    My apologies. The error has been corrected.


  23. CN Says:

    Every time some prick government hack talks disrespectful, propagandist, absolute bull shit about the Clubs and the Men who earn the privilege of attaining full patch Membership in these Brotherhoods he/she/it should also have to play those two videos in the interest of equal time the same way politicians can’t appear on TV or the radio without their opponent being given the courtesy of equal time. For every slander an achievement or some example of charity. That’s what should happen but what happens is these dick for brains jerk off “experts” are allowed to spew their lies and get paid to do so from tax dollars jacked from working men and women who have no say in how it’s wasted. The built in prejudice against Motorcycle Clubs would never be allowed for other long standing organizations of equal value, thing is, there ain’t any. Pound for pound Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs raise more funds and do more charity work for worth while causes than any other segment of society. When they do good nobody remembers, when they mess up nobody forgets and anything they say, think or do is twisted, edited, recorded, videoed so that some would be judge or politician in waiting can put a few notches in the stocks of their rifles regardless of the consequences their victims must endure or the blatant death of justice and honesty.

    This coming February 24th at 10:00 PM the History Channel will premier a video abortion called GANGLAND UNDERCOVER which is a film adaptation of a rare pack of lies which was the book “VOGOS, MONGOLS, and OUTLAWS” by Undercover Informant Charles Falco that resulted in 25 Men going to prison. People watch this shit the same way people slow down to gawk at a car crash or house fire and it’s perfectly fine to air such crap because it’s about a culture in society who has always been fair game for slander and worse. Maybe History could get 60 minutes to let them buy the rights to this story and show it before hand, maybe I’ll win the lottery.

  24. sherides Says:

    I watched the show last night. I admire this guy for what he’s doing for these vets and for what he has overcome in his own life.

    It was very refreshing to see a show that mainstream America watches shine a positive light on a biker.

    Respects to you Mr. Medvetz.


  25. Rusty Says:

    I saw the 60 Minutes story last night. I was hoping it hadn’t been “enhanced for TV”.
    Was a moving report.

  26. Captain Says:

    Bouncer is still a Mongol…..

  27. popeye Says:

    The same qualities it takes to become a member of the HA are the same as those that drive men to greatness. Stories like this must really put a burr in the ATF’s saddle. Millions of dollars in propaganda by the feds versus a good man just being himself. Score 1 for the good guys

  28. Road Whore Says:


    And good on ya, Rebel.

    Ride Free

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