Jax Yet Lives

January 6, 2015

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Spoiler alert.

Jax Teller died in the final scene of what might have been the final episode of the most brilliant television show ever – Sons of Anarchy, a show that taught a generation of rich urban bikers how to be real outlaws.

Jax died like Jesus, if instead of dying on a cross He had chosen to go out by riding head on into a tractor trailer, posing with his arms out to his sides, while being followed by about 35 police cars and other official vehicles, a woman wearing a hood and a murder of crows. Viewers knew Jax was Jesus because the truck driver who runs into him says he is and because Jax’s vintage motorcycle, miraculously, does not slow down after he takes his right hand off the throttle. Also, Jax can steer with no hands. Subtle, huh?

Of course, before he died Jax brought peace to all the motorcycle clubs in California – as Hiawatha united the Iroquois. Fortunately, series guru for life Kurt Sutter did not show all the patches arm in arm in a sunny meadow singing “We Are The World.”

That’s the good news.

Wait There’s More

Six weeks ago St. Martin’s Press published the novel Sons of Anarchy: Bratva in hardback. The New York Times reports that the novel was commissioned by Sutter “to keep fans engaged with the characters – and with the show’s lucrative line of clothing, jewelry, action figures and other merchandise – after the finale.”

“With the show ending, how do we continue to keep the world in the consciousness of fans?” Sutter rhetorically asked the Times. “It’s always a mix of art and commerce.”

St. Martin’s explains that the book is “set between the third and fourth episodes of season four of the groundbreaking television drama Sons of Anarchy, from the mind of Executive Producer Kurt Sutter.” The book was actually written by an author named Christopher Golden.

But, the Times reports, “Mr. Sutter shaped the novel at every stage, and isn’t shy about taking credit. He helped determine when the story would take place (Mr. Golden initially proposed a prequel, but Mr. Sutter rejected that idea), approved the plot outline and adjusted some scenes. A member of Mr. Sutter’s writing team proofread the novel to make sure all the details, like the length of the protagonist Jax’s hair, matched up with the show. St. Martin’s gave the novel a big push, with an announced first printing of 100,000 copies and a social media campaign targeting the show’s eight million-plus Facebook fans and its more than 660,000 Twitter followers.”

The book is currently number 2,339 on Amazon’s best seller list.

The Plot

St. Martin’s describes the plot like this:

“With half of the club recently released from Stockton State Penitentiary, and the Galindo drug cartel bringing down heat at every turn, the MC already has its hands full. Yet Jax Teller the V.P. of SAMCRO has another problem to deal with. He just learned that his Irish half-sister Trinity has been in the U.S. for months entangled with Russian BRATVA gangsters. Now that she’s abruptly gone missing, he’s sure the brewing mafia war is connected to her disappearance. Jax heads to Nevada with Chibs and Opie to search for her and seek revenge. Trinity may be half-Irish, but she’s also half-Teller and where Teller’s go, trouble follows.”


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23 Responses to “Jax Yet Lives”

  1. fayettenamhoe Says:

    what a blowjob, polish a turd and what do you get? stinky fingers

  2. Big C Says:

    The show went bad a long time ago. It’s a pity, since the first season showed some promise in spite of catering to the female, soap opera watching crowd.

    What really killed the show was Sutter’s fetish for the weird, brutal, and bizarre. If there had been someone else around to keep sutter on a tighter reign we might have had a show even better than Shield.

  3. Craig Says:

    This is all we need. The finale killed any interest in the show for me and made me not care a bout prequels, specials or additional stories. That crash scene with Jax reminded me of the steam roller scene in Austin Powers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdctnPIR5kA&x-yt-cl=84359240&x-yt-ts=1421782837

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear One Eye,

    Thank you very much.


  5. One Eye Says:

    @WMB: My only problem with Out Bad is I keep giving mine to friends and having to replace it, ha ha ha ha! The Working Press is a great read as well if you like fiction. I hope that recognition comes to fruition sooner rather than later. Respects.

  6. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @One Eye: agreed, 100%. Reading ‘Out Bad’ for the 4th time; my copy is in storage so got the Kindle a while back – I knew I’d read it again. Today I read the opening pages three times – fine, fine writing, makes my heart stop. Sooner or later the man will get the recognition he deserves.

  7. One Eye Says:

    @WheresMyBoots: Excellent book.

  8. Dirk Diggler Says:

    Fuck Kurt Sutter

  9. sherides Says:

    I watched it too… I thought for sure with Jax taking himself out SOA would be done. Apparently not. Gotta keep the money making machine going I suppose.

    I watched the Wire again on HBOS between the holidays. Now, that was a good TV show.


  10. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Wait, hands out wide and dying on a bike? This is familiar…okay, High Test hit a 4×4 and flew, but he had his hands out same way. Just sayin’ (A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends, Beginning 1 -Donald Charles Davis).

  11. One Eye Says:

    OK, I’ll come clean-I watched the finale; I had to see how it would be resolved. I did,finally, get to see that Knucklehead being ridden and I held my breath to see if whoever rode it would use the tank shift. What I did notice was that the bike fluctuated from standard (foot clutch, hand shift and left hand brake) to modified (left hand clutch, right hand brake with appropriate levers, and the tank shift still in place) depending on if Jax was taking off or just riding.

  12. Ipsick Says:

    My 50 panhead even had a line running to the distributor to retard timing with the left side grip.

  13. Woodstock Says:

    Uesque Yes older HDs had a solid wire throttle cable that ran inside the handle bar and there was no return spring.

  14. sick rick Says:

    Sounds like Vanishing Point without the bulldozers.

  15. Uesque Says:

    This may impair my status as the token RUB here but shouldn’t an HD of that vintage NOT have a throttle return spring? Meaning that if you take your hand off the throttle it should keep a constant speed?

    On CHiPs yesterday, two blondes on dirt bikes were shooting revolvers with their right hands while accelerating.

  16. slycechyx Says:

    oh, fer fucks sake. Will this book only have 3 letter words & lots of pictures, so the dumbasses can read it?

  17. ipsick Says:

    Jax also taught the RUBs how to ride with enough hair product smeared around make a hair like helmet and how not to wear glasses and not get tears running down your face.

    I call bullshit!

  18. tommy Says:

    please no more sons of malarky

  19. los Says:

    Sutter put the kaibosh on the “prequel” idea, because he is doing that himself. I heard that there may be a motion picture in the works for 2016 release that will be a prequel with the part of Jax’s dad played by Brad Pitt. That should be quite the amazing bit of cinema the housewives are looking for..Lol.

  20. popeye Says:

    Looks like circle jerk night at the iron order clubhouse is back on!!!

  21. Road Whore Says:

    Aawww, FUCK! I just broke my last pair of reading glasses. Damn. Guess I’ll have to miss all of this additional glory. (‘Course it didn’t help that I was beating them with a hammer…)

    To the real…Ride Free

  22. Rashomon Says:

    With books like the W.T RoadBlock Harrell series around, why bother reading this warmed over old crap? Then again, why ask why? – nothing makes much sense anymore.

  23. panamaa Says:

    Gezzzzz….. Now maybe some of these suburban wannabe biker assholes can take a rest…

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