Motorcycle Magazines Lose Readers

February 13, 2009

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Ask your Old Lady. She’ll tell how much money you waste on motorcycle magazines. To the penny. Maybe she has told you already.

A woman must have had a word with at least a few of you because the circulation of most motorcycle magazines dropped last year by almost 11 percent. About 242,000 thousand of you subscribe to one of the six best known motorcycle magazines. That is about 30,000 fewer readers than at the end of 2008.

How can we tell women are behind this decline? Well, for one thing, women are behind everything. Duh-uh. And, in the second place all magazines are losing circulation and the biggest circulation declines are in celebrity gossip and women’s magazines.

Face it, pal. If she does not get to read her magazine you do not get to read yours. All you got on her is muscle. No matter what you do, she is going to find a way to win. She always does.

Variety Of Factors

Only one motorcycle magazine saw its circulation rise. That was American Iron which now sells or gives away about 57,000 copies every month. Circulation for Cycle World, Easyriders, Motorcyclist, Hot Bike and V-Twin were all down.

The Wall Street Journal took a look at the decline of American magazines earlier this week and blamed declining magazine subscriptions on: “…a variety of factors, including the recession and the fact that people are going out to shop less often, and so have fewer chances to buy magazines….increases in the cover price of some magazines and a deliberate focus on subscriptions in a crowded newsstand market.”


An Authority Speaks

But a journalism professor at the University of Mississippi named Samir Husni has a different take on things. Professor Husni is widely reputed to be “the country’s leading magazine expert” and he thinks that there is nothing wrong with any magazine, including the motorcycle magazines, that can’t be fixed by raising the cover price.

“Magazines that are giving their subscriptions away are committing mass suicide,” Husni told the Journal. So presumably that means that the cost of subscribing to Easyriders, which already cost 30 bucks a year, is going to go up. If that is, Paisano Publications knows what they are doing. Which they probably do since they have been around for about 40 years.

But, if you listen you can hear the women already. “Hey! Bozo! You want me to resubscribe to Easyriders for you or not? Do you ever read that piece of crap? Do you know how much it costs? Well, then you’re actually gonna have to get a job.”

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