Merry Christmas From The Ventura County Sheriff’s

December 16, 2014

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The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office had a busy Sunday.

Two local motorcycle clubs, a three piece patch club and a one piece patch club, had a brief and non-violent disagreement at the David Mann Chopperfest at the County Fairgrounds Sunday afternoon. Local deputies as well as Ventura Police and the California Highway Patrol responded by stopping admission to the mostly mellow, mostly artistic event before overrunning the fairgrounds brandishing attack dogs and orange, beanbag shotguns.

There were no arrests.

Bogus Cases

Ventura County has a well established history of hostility toward motorcyclists and of pursuing bogus cases against them. About an hour after the Chopperfest panic, County Sheriff’s, including the Sheriff’s Gang Unit, and Highway Patrolmen contrived a traffic stop of a dozen Hells Angels and a chase car returning from the Ventura charter’s annual toy run.

According to a widely reprinted press release issued the next day by a Sheriff’s Sergeant named Kevin Donoghue and a Captain named Don Aguilar:

“On December 14, 2014, members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were attending a Christmas Toy Drive event at the Deer Lodge in Meiners Oaks. Approximately a dozen motorcyclists wearing Hells Angels Motorcycle Club patches were observed driving south on Maricopa Highway towards North Ventura Avenue. Traffic violations were observed by deputies and an enforcement stop of the motorcyclists was initiated. The motorcyclists were stopped as they turned onto Baldwin Road from North Ventura Avenue.”

Merry Christmas

The Deer Lodge is about 15 miles north of Ventura and the Maricopa Highway is the kind of  picturesque road everybody likes to ride. It was a cool, cloudy day.

Four men were arrested. The release identifies them as Noah Tedesco of  Riverside, California; John Saucedo of Orange, California; Stefan Amann of Orange, California and Thomas Holt of Harbor City, California. All four live at least 100 miles south of Ventura.

According to Donoghue and Aguilar’s release: “During the subsequent investigation, the following items of contraband were located: two concealed loaded firearms, methamphetamine, and a weapon described as “brass knuckles”. Tedesco was arrested for possession of methamphetamine while in possession of a firearm and being a prohibited person from possessing a firearm. Saucedo was arrested for carrying a loaded firearm in his vehicle. Holt was arrested for possession of brass knuckles. In addition to those violations, Tedesco and Amman were arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. All subjects were booked into the Pre-Trial Detention Facility.”

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24 Responses to “Merry Christmas From The Ventura County Sheriff’s”

  1. vclocal Says:

    The last time my OL and I were at the Deer Lodge a few months back several IO patches walked in. I had never heard of them or seen them before prior to the Tipton incident. I doubt they were followed home and harassed when they left.

  2. ap Says:

    Ah standard bootlicker answer oh my he shouldnt have been breaking the law!! Well acehead or asshat or however you say it these are adult men in a free country who weren’t hurting a damn thing. Fuck you and your made up policies you call laws. Thank god out ancestors weren’t cowardly fucks like yourself. Damn when did this country become such a bunch of authority worshiping pussies??

  3. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected] lot of people believe there’s no such thing as poor white folks,too.I can’t remember Habitat For Humanity ever helping a poor white family in my area.Yet they’re damn sure out there.

  4. Matt Says:

    Seems like the darkies are the only ones fighting back against the police state. Now the whole country is convinced that white people aren’t affected.

  5. Ol'Goat Says:

    I bet every cop in the county ate steak for the next several days/weeks

  6. Ol'Goat Says:


    maybe there should be no “crime” unless there’s a victim huh.

  7. BMW Says:

    Cops are VERY jealous of bikers who get good press for helping kids. I think this is because they don’t do as much for kids, even though they have the opportunity to do everything we do. They can’t wait to try to create a scene or drag our reputations through the mud. Instead of doing good, the scumsuckers try to destroy the reputations of those who do.

    As said better by several people above, I wouldn’t believe the pig story, even with video. After all, David Copperfield can make an airplane seem to disappear. These bikers have been around the block, so I can’t see anyone with paper carrying guns or drugs or even knucks in this case.

    I think the piggies are just playing PR games, like they do in their fake mcs. They knock the good headlines for bikers out of the paper for a few days, and then, they will probably drop the charges.


  8. RVN69 Says:

    @10 Pin, I agree with your sentiment 100%, but we both know the problem is “probable cause” for stops, pat downs, and searches are based on the cops “observations”. We all know those motherfuckers are genetically unable to tell the truth so they lie and make up reasons. All they need is a dislike for your patch and they will manufacture a way to fuck with you.

    If your going to carry party favors, carry them in a place that is inaccesible during a “pat down”, carrying a piece, well if they stop you they are probably going to find it, lock it in your saddlebag and if they find/plant dope on you they will search your ride either to tow it or as search incident to arrest. The people and courts have given so much authority to cops based on trusting their word that they can usually get away with anything.

    Strength to the Ventura 81 to fight this obvious entrapment and illegal searchs by out of control law enforcement.

    It isn’t illegal to be a biker, YET!


  9. joe Says:

    Fuck the pigs.

  10. bcnasty Says:

    Pigs, fucking up a good day and then telling you to have a good day.That part twerks me more than the stop.

  11. Wood Says:

    Being a PH in California is like being a cow in Idaho!


  12. VikingTrotter Says:

    Deer Lodge does a real nice grilled and pulled pork sammich…Nice live music too. I love riding the 33. Its one of the few places that you can really top out the bike and know that you wont get snitched on. There are a also a few free places to do a little target practice.

  13. 10-Pin Says:

    Sieg makes an excellent point. It is entirely possible the entire thing is a plant, probably to the fellas that were the most vocal in their protestations of the BS.

    That being said… I tell anyone riding with me, don’t give them a reason to fuck with you. Especially guys that are on paper or otherwise have a past. It can’t stop the railroad from running, but it makes it harder for them. Don’t make their life easy.

  14. Sieg Says:

    Far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t believe shit a pig said about “finding” something on anyone, especially if that person was a member of a club the pigs have been trying to run-off for years. Most all piggers carry, or at least have in the pigmobile, a throwdown, for just such occasions. A lot of them carry flake-bags as well, ESPECIALLY if they figure they’ll get a chance to hassle a group of riders coming from an event.

    Pigs been doing this shit as long as I’ve been around it, and that’s back into the late-sixties. Same vein, in the Chi, it’s pretty much required that a cop flake you if they want to put you out for a bit.

    Fuck a pig, fuck a fed, and fuck the bacon-boys coming around to tell everyone how great they are.

  15. Jim666 Says:

    This shit at a toy run for little kids at Xmas, shows what cops are made of.
    Hope Santa gets stuck in their chimneys and causes their houses to fill w/ black smoke, Worthless pigs.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all members of the Ventura Charter of HAMC

    Support your local 81

  16. VAGO 1%er Says:

    With the trend as it is I’m really surprised no unarmed civilians weren’t gunned down or at least one cop didn’t shoot another in the back and blame it on someone else. Shit man did they roll out one of their nifty fucking tanks?

    Over react, over respond when does the bullshit subside.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Joe,

    I intentionally did not name the two clubs. Nobody was hurt. As far as I know, nobody was arrested. I thought the news in that part of the story was the overreaction of the police.


  18. CN Says:

    Time was when anything on two wheels with a tour pack was called a garbage wagon so nobody with any class rode one but the years go by and the road takes it’s toll and cross country runs for grey beards are better on those big lumbering garbage wagons especially if you’ve kept the same ol’ and she feels the road like you do, another reason is storage. Now, far be it that I a non hacker should recommend anything to those who still tow the line but, if I got a prior felony and somebody who’s riding with me don’t and he’s got a tour pack, or there’s a chase car/truck or whatever, that’s where whatever might be a bad idea to be caught with might be better found or hopefully not found. A felon in possession of a gun is the bread and butter of the ATF, an automatic dime if memory serves. The uncool tour pack on the garbage wagon can flip open mighty quick if it has to and there you go, know what I mean? I don’t know what the meth laws are mainly because I never did the shit but lets assume the guy had only enough for personal use, then probably it’s not all that much and maybe he’d catch a break with a decent lawyer, still, it’s that gun that makes all the difference and while carrying one may be a good idea for personal protection, having to have one concealed while riding an’t all that useful as anyone who’s tried to fire one while riding a motorcycle will tell ya’, again, inside the other guy’s tour pack is nearly as good as inside my vest truth be told.

    Still, you gotta’ feel for the guys who got busted. A good day with your Club doing something good for us sheeple and a good ride back home ruined for what was probably either a speeding ticket that went south or a snitch within their ranks who ratted them out before they ever left. The ER’s and County Lock Ups don’t get any nicer during the Holidays. Sure hope they get good lawyers and a Judge who sees the bigger picture. This ain’t exactly a crime wave we got here. And, good PR or honest desire to help, the kids got the good end of the deal which the guy who got busted probably had a lot to do with. That ought to count for something.

  19. joe Says:

    Any info on the incident involving the two clubs, I can’t find anything online….

  20. Odie Says:

    Hey Acesait or is it Asshat
    Maybe you chickenshit cocksuckers should try going after some real crime huh? But noooooooooo you pricks are way to coward for that. The day is coming motherfuckers. People are getting tired of your shit. Look around dickweeds, the only people you impress is little school kids with your sirens and lights.

  21. Ipsick Says:

    The first write up on this in the paper had them pulled over “for riding too close together”.

    3 piece patches get pulled over here for no reason as they are trying to make life miserable for them so they leave the area.

  22. acesait Says:

    Phuquehead, maybe the dipshit felon shouldn’t be carrying a gun and meth when going to a toy run.

  23. Dropkick Says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better, @ Phuquehed.

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    Surely they didn’t have to consent to any searches, since they were pulled over for – more than likely – non-existant traffic violations.

    Leave it to the air-wasting pigs to fuck up a good day. A MC did a good thing for kids who have less than most and the pigs have to shove their snouts in it to get recognition for being, pigs.

    I’ll keep saying it because it’s absolutely true – the only good pigs, are those not breathing.

    Fuck you pig fucks and highway patrol faggots that were in on this bullshit stop and search.

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