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December 12, 2014

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Members of the Rebels Motorcycle Club are cooperating with prosecutors after a brawl and gunfight between Rebels and members of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club six weeks ago in Rochester, Pennsylvania, a small town northwest of Pittsburgh.

The Rebels is the largest motorcycle club in Australia. The club recently began establishing chapters in the United States and currently has chapters in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Georgia.

On the club website, Rebels Motorcycle Club United States says: “We are a traditional ‘old school’ motorcycle club founded on the values of brotherhood, loyalty, respect and honor. We are not simply a club, but a group of men who share in the biker lifestyle that we love and live within the bonds of brotherhood. As such, ‘brother’ is not simply a word thrown around, but a dedication to our fellow club brothers, supporting them and their families anyway possible. We value our women, our families and our club. Rebels MC is the largest, multi-ethnic 1% motorcycle club in the world, having charters in several countries and many chapters in the United States. We have a tradition of judging men based on their character, not on their skin color, religion or political views. We hold fast to the idea that respect is given to those who deserve it, not to those who demand it!”

According to informed sources, the Pennsylvania chapter of the Rebels is comprised of former members of the Satan’s Syndicate Motorcycle Club and the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.

October 13 Brawl

Members of the Rebels began cooperating with police on October 13, the night of a brawl outside the Double J Saloon on Brighton Avenue in Rochester. According to published reports and other sources, between 25 and 35 members of the two clubs engaged in mutual combat. Two of the combatants, a Rebel named J.D. Lambert and a Leatherneck named Cory Robert Howard (booking photo above and video below) produced firearms. Lambert is a former member of Satan’s Syndicate and has a previous conviction for aggravated assault.

According to local police, Howard fired into the ground, slightly wounding Lambert in the leg and ankle and announced, “Next one is going in you.” The same police report says Howard then shot Lambert in the buttocks.

According to witnesses, “dozens” of shots were fired by members of both clubs.

Leatherneck Charged

Howard was taken into custody at the scene. A member of the Rebels then positively identified Howard at the local police station as the man who shot Lambert. Howard was then charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, discharging a firearm into an occupied structure and disorderly conduct.

Howard was deployed to Iraq twice during seven years in the Marine Corps. He is a veteran of the Second Battle of Fallujah and he was seriously wounded in May 2007. He spent five months at the Brooke Army Medical Center burn unit before being reassigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion East at Camp Lejeune where he was medically retired. Howard now lives in Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

According to sources, multiple members of the Rebels attended Howard’s preliminary hearing this Monday at the Beaver County Courthouse. The same source said members of the Pennsylvania Rebels have agreed to testify against Howard.


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  1. Lane Says:

    The unfolding weird story of the Rebels MC USA is the culmination of Jax Teller’s vision.
    The end problem I see with this is after it all implodes the wannabes without a cause that fell for Sawdust’s big plans will be easily welcomed into the IO fold, further swelling it’s shit stinking ranks.

  2. Ex-Rebel Says:

    @One Eye, while I didn’t hear the words coming out of his mouth, a member was kicked out of the club because he was insulting the Islamic faith, which, according to the US nat’l Sgt. at Arms riled up Alex because of “him being Muslim”, thusly, “Sawdust and Alex agreed to kick him out” for such. Perhaps a lot is heresay, but I’ve found nothing of the contrary. Either way, it is what it is.

    @Wookie, I’m not sure where that comes from. I just assume it is one of his many “nick names”. I’ve never heard it used as a titled within the club. But he certainly portrays himself as a prime minister or a dictator. The club is certainly all about him. Ah well.

  3. One Eye Says:

    @Oldskewl: As I previously stated, I do not know the man, but I do share his ethnicity and if you were born in Malta, to a Maltese family, you are born Catholic. The repercussions of him converting on a cultural and familial level would be pretty serious. I’m sure there are immigrants and others on the island that practise other religions as well, so I’m not suggesting that an Inquisition mentality exists.

    “This is the problem when you have members that get patched into a club without a probate period. They know nothing about the club, it’s founders or it’s struggles except the gossip they hear among each other.”

    Perfectly stated. Respects.

  4. Oldskewl Says:

    @One Eye; you are hitting the mark on this one… As far as everything I’ve read about the man he is a devout Catholic and he spends most his days at a Catholic church exiled from Aus.
    There is nothing in print (that I can find) that say’s he converted to Islam.

    This is the problem when you have members that get patched into a club without a probate period. They know nothing about the club, it’s founders or it’s struggles except the gossip they hear among each other.


  5. One Eye Says:

    @Ex-Rebel: Not that I want to get into a protracted debate, but he told you this or is it just another one of the many “truths” bandied about by the fly by night posters here that end up being exposed for the fantasies they really are? We just have to look at how the film of the extremely one sided fight revealed an antithetical result of what was being posted.

  6. Wookiee Says:

    Is it possible for you to also fill us in on what exactly the title of Prime Minister is besides fuckery of the worst sort. Is it something the Rebels MC use or just some made up dumb fuck thing sawdust did?

  7. Ex-Rebel Says:

    @One Eye
    Yes, he is whom I am speaking of. Villa was a typo. No matter what he was born, he is now a Muslim, no matter how unlikely it may be.

  8. One Eye Says:

    @Ex-Rebel: If you are referring to the president of the Australian Rebels MC, his name is Alex Vella; he is Maltese and unless he converted to Islam he was born Catholic. Now, I do not know the man personally, and although conversion is not impossible, I find it highly unlikely.

  9. Rusty Says:

    The patch don’t make the man, the man makes the patch. It ain’t whats on a mans back, its whats in his heart.

    Jim, Patch Holder…..taught to me a long time ago, by example.

    Respect to the deserving.

  10. Ex-Rebel Says:

    @Wookie, I think there are a few factors that come into play 1.Alex Villa is a Muslim, so is Sawdust 2. International gets a percentage of monies from patches and other rebel gear. 3. Sawdust is a master BSer and has everyone in National fooled. He has everyone thinking that they are targeted by “haters” and any accusations against him is because they just that they ain’t him or a Rebel. He is a real egomaniac. Shoot, just look at the pictures on there site, almost everyone has him in it.

  11. Wretched Man Says:

    @ T-Hell
    I was thinking the same.

    @ Sieg
    Astute observation, as usual.

    Respects to the real bikers

  12. Wookiee Says:

    If the Rebels from OZ stepped in and stopped dustnuts from allowing rice in the Club but isn’t stopping anything else it does sound like they are backing sawdust and his actions, no matter how fucked up they are. Could you give us insight into why they are allowing him to keep doing shit like he has?

  13. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Jim666 Says:
    March 7th, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    alan B’stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 11:41 pm
    Hi Oldtimer.

    I suspect the real biker is gone.

    Alan wanna meet for a beer or a cup of joe ?

    Love to, but we live in different countries

  14. Ex-Rebel Says:

    I have no doubt everything Gotti said is true. I’ve met him back in May of 2014 at a national meeting. I am a former member because I chose to leave after seeing the things that Sawdust says and does. After questioning it, and speaking to other members, it is obvious they didn’t/don’t care. Any member who speaks out against Sawdust, who first went by “NatGeo”, gets kicked out, and for the same reason, stealing money from the club. Sawdust had only been a Rebel a few short months before the original national P, was kicked out for… yup, stealing money from the club. As soon as that happened, Sawdust took over. I also know for a fact that several members have either been LEOs, or have had arresting power. Shoot, one was even a member of S.W.A.T. They patch people in with no prospecting period and some don’t even have a sled. Sawdust also has patched in guys who ride rice, until Oz said it was no-no.Now, Sawdust had started this support club called “Rebellious Brigade” for ricers. Guess who the national president of that club is? If you guessed Sawdust you’d be correct. Plus, Sawdust’s wife is the president of an all female MC that is an official “support club” for the Rebels. A Rebel from Florida best his wife, she called the cops, had him arrested, and Sawdust’s defense of it is she is trying to get money from the club. Anyone else see a pattern here? By-laws are emailed to members and not many adhere to them. I still them in my email. A member is only allowed one cut, Sawdust has at least for. A member must get an approved Rebel tattoo within a month of membership, not sure how many actually follow that as I don’t think even Sawdust s a Rebel tattoo. There are two types of members in the Rebels, fakes and those being fooled. I was the latter.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    The (USA) rebel mc’s motto:

    “We’ll win anyway because we’re telling on you! nyah! We have as many rats and cellphones as the urine odor!”

  16. Base Says:

    One day cock of the walk!

    Next day a feather duster.

    There is a proper way to do things.

    Cooperating with John Law to persecute another person?

    Nothing proper about that at all!

    It’s a chicken shit move, plain & simple.

  17. Wolfenlover Says:

    Rebel, hope you see this post. I have some messages from Sawdust that you
    might find interesting. He claims the Aussie REBELS MC are giving him “pats
    on the back” for doing what the Rebels MC USA are doing. The “bad press” has made Sawdust a “rock star” in his estimation! Wish I could post them
    myself, but I’d have to type each & every word. All 5’4″ of this Muzzy
    darky is quite the “cock of the walk”, according to him. I got these from
    a friend of mine who started this dialog about staying out of Kansas. This
    little bastard don’t know problems if he thinks he can start a chapter
    here. Nuff said.

  18. Mad Matt Says:

    Trip, Whitepride,

    Thanks for the agreement. I was involved with these guys until I found out they continuously allowed STOLEN VALOR in the club. I even made a motion to ban ANYONE with ANY connection to Urine Odor. After I came out of the VA Psych Ward I was cast out…Good times.

  19. T Hell Says:

    Are you perhaps related to strategy is Zen? You’re starting to make my fucking head hurt. When you enter a new house listen for a spell and take your fuckin shoes off you’re muddying the carpet.

  20. Sieg Says:

    The Rebels are screaming “non-cooperation” about as loud as the uo screams “law-abiding”. And to much the same effect.


  21. Jim666 Says:

    @ Sieg I as told these guys were gone, guess someone misspoke ?

  22. Jim666 Says:

    alan B’stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 11:41 pm
    Hi Oldtimer.

    I suspect the real biker is gone.

    Alan wanna meet for a beer or a cup of joe ?

  23. Wookiee Says:

    Thank you for clarifying that, the date of the article and the mention of a lack of cooperation threw me off and made me think it was a second seperate incident.

  24. FF Says:


  25. Sieg Says:

    Same incident, same Rebels cooperating.


  26. Wookiee Says:

    In regards to the article popeye posted, which may end as a article that Rebel covers and may have some answer, but what changed with the Rebels MC USA? We I first saw the article after a friend posted it, I thought it was from the first dust up, same two Clubs and shots fired, but then I caught the part where no one is cooperating. I know WDMC did not cooperate the first time but the Rebels were tripping over themselves to testify. Is it possible Sawdust is finally getting their shit together, or is it more likely the Rebels have something up their sleeves?

  27. Va.Bob Says:

    Beaver Falls, Pa. Hometown of Joe”C.C.Rider” Namath.

  28. Wookiee Says:

    Alot of people qestion the legitamacy of any fast growing Club and it makes me wonder about the mindset behind a fast mover. I feel that it has roots in the American habit of instant gratification. I have never made it a secret that I am ex IOMC so some people who just read that probably just blew a blood vessel, but I do not know if I find fault in the 90 day Probationary minimum time limit. I say that because after I was out, I met up with an older respected OMC and spent some time with them and the have been around since the late 60’s and have a 90 day min also, but they are a midsized Club who has grown at a slower pace. I think the problem that the fast movers, and i realized this after some time in, is the lack of a decent hang around time. I cannot spea for other Clubs as I do not know their requirements, but in the IO there were no guidelines, I knew and was one of the people who were made Probates within in days of meeting anyone. In retrospect I should have spent more time hanging around,but what’s done is done. I feel that the time before Probate is the most important, that’s when everyone should be learning who each other is, their family,jobs and such. No one should gain Probate status while there are still questions about a person lifes, Probating soiuld be about learning about the Club and whether that person has a place in it through hard work andproving their dedication and what kind of spine they have. I think that is what is proving to be the biggest problem with fast movers, they are still finding out details of their Brothers and their lives even after they have their Patch, I think that is one(of many) of the problems that the Rebels have given themselves

  29. Rusty Says:

    Growing to damn fast to be legit. I know for fact they have taken at least one member OIB from a well known club.
    What amazes me is these people know the people they are dealing with, at least on the chapter level! !!

    Respect to the deserving.

  30. Clutch Says:


    I call BS. Know why? I was there. When I rolled up about a dozen or so rebels were leaving while being stared down by LE at the door. It was a 65 degree day and all the rebels got in their CAGES and left.

  31. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    rollinnorth Says:
    February 18th, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Remember, folks, don’t feed the trolls. ”

    Troll, eh?

    How’s this then

    These people are off a boat claiming refugee status. People like them have been found in bike clubs, including this lot being taken into custody upon arrival illegally to Australia by boat. They were later found in bike clubs

    They sure look like downtrodden half starved reffos, don’t they lolol

    A long way from the white man’s club ain’t it?

  32. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Ride On Says:
    February 18th, 2015 at 6:48 am

    Interesting that the video above can no longer be viewed within the US

    Should be. Oldtimer was able to see it

  33. rollinnorth Says:

    Remember, folks, don’t feed the trolls.

    Click The Links.

    Thanks, Rebel, for all your efforts to spread the truth.

  34. Ride On Says:

    Interesting that the video above can no longer be viewed within the US

  35. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    oldtimer Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 6:46 am

    It seems to, that if anyone called the cops it would have been the rebels. They are recruiting ex io. It is what they do. Call the law, then act hard. Law comes saves their ass. Then they claim victory.

    they will do this and get close to law enforcement and Gov’t officials. It in their interest re long term profit. Make no mistake, they are only acting in their long term interests, and they are conscious of their limited capability in the USA at the moment. Law enforcement can serve a purpose.

    When they have spread and have numbers, they will drop the veil and you’ll see what they are really like. You will also find their interracial policy equips them with plenty of non riding ” troops ” to back up their mounted Bros. Racial solidarity and all that

    In Australia, they are mainly Tongans, Maoris and Islamic immigrants. Tongans and Maori are hard men, harder then even Vinnie Girolamo and his ilk. Bigger, and nastier. That is Why Australia and New Zealand have the world’s toughest bikers

    They have no idea, or concept of what a traditional biker was or should be.

    The HA in Australia is turning that way. Christ knows why the HA in USA don’t pull their charter

    Entirely profit driven in organized crime. That is their raison d’etre

  36. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Hi Oldtimer.

    I suspect the real biker is gone. The reason for their existence now is organized crime for the purpose of profit, and profit for the selected few

    It has little to do with riding bikes. These are not real MCs

  37. oldtimer Says:

    Alan B’stard..

    I hope all those guys in that video are better than what they recruited in the USA. It would be hard for all those guys to run when the fight starts. Lol
    Cars, Bikes and Money. I’m very impressed. Are there any real bikers left out there? When did this turn into just big business?

  38. oldtimer Says:

    It seems to, that if anyone called the cops it would have been the rebels. They are recruiting ex io. It is what they do. Call the law, then act hard. Law comes saves their ass. Then they claim victory.

  39. Jim666 Says:

    I had a few brothers attend the easyriders show in Tenn. and from what I understand nothing of a sort happened, if it did, It was not witnessed by anyone other than the two clubs,
    Again this is just what I heard I was not present my self, also Trigger take Rebels advice, some things are better left unsaid !

  40. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Alex Vella, Rebels Pres, millionaire bikie

    Even by the standards of the nouveaux riches of Sydney’s outer west, Alessio Emmanuel Vella had done extraordinarily well. The inventory of property confiscated by the police that fateful day last September is eye-popping: two Rolls-Royces (one of them, REBEL-1, a wedding present from members of his bike club), two Chevrolet Corvettes, one Bentley, one Mercedes, and about 70 motorbikes, some of them vintage models such as the prewar “Knuckle-head” worth up to $20,000.

  41. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    The Rebels will handle this at Administrative level from Malta, in the Mediterranean. Alex Vella , the President, is not allowed back into Australia, and is not an Australian citizen. He is Maltese, and the Rebels is virtually privately owned by him

    They are the largest users of big twin HD in the world, as the description says, and posted by Alex himself

    and check out the names

    Other members charged with the kidnapping included sergeant-at-arms of the Liverpool chapter Khaldoun Al Majid, Matthew Rymer, Jamie Saliba, Ram Lafta and Darrell Pologa. Club is basically Islander and Islamic in New South Wales

  42. Bill_Bloggs Says:

    Trigger, you are full of shit, you wouldn’t have got close enough to hear anything, jealousy from a small club member is my guess. SCS…. small club syndrome….

  43. FF Says:


    Nobody gave a fuck last week when you posted this shit, and nobody gives a shit now. Obviously this Easyriders show and what did or didn’t occur there is a very big deal to you. Sounds to me like it was the highlight of your life. Maybe you should go track down a Urine Odor member who’s having a keg party in his mom’s garage, and you can tell your tale to them, I’m sure that they will be very impressed. Maybe someone will even pull your pants down and give you a blowjob. But nobody here gives a flying fuck.


  44. Rebel Says:

    Dear Trigger,

    I don’t know who you are talking to. I have heard a couple of versions of some gossip about the Easyriders Show in Tennessee. In general, I don’t report gossip. As far as the story that precedes your comment, I stand by it. I believe the Rebels have dealt with the situation. I expect the charges against Cory Robert Howard to be dropped or greatly reduced. And, other than that happy ending, I expect that the story is finished.

    Let me just warn you, since you seem not to know, the police read these comments and some of the commenters are police. Okay?


  45. Trigger Says:

    This is my second post stop hiding behind computer screens man up I know what I seen I watched a outlaw tell the cops to get the Rebels out after the outlaws got bitched out there’s no more discussion eyes speak for itself I am a one percenter and believe my word travels WFFW. Trigger VP Illinois

  46. Trigger Says:

    That I know what the fuck I watched all this shit is fuckin Internet gossip shut the fuck up step up or keep talking behind a computer screen im well known and I assure you my word travels sorry outlaws the presence showed it all trigger one percenter Rebels have most Respect from WFFW

  47. Whitepride Says:

    @Still waiting and Trigger. What have you got to say now?

  48. One Eye Says:

    Don’t apologize, I’d rather be a cunt than make a beeping sound when I’m forced to back up.

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