Jon “Murf” Murphy

December 5, 2014

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Jon “Murf” Murphy, who enjoyed motorcycles, cars, guns, steamed crabs and beer, lost his long battle with cancer on November 11.

Jon Murphy was a 40-year-long member of the Baltimore chapter, which is the mother chapter, of the Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club. He was a past president of the club and a long standing member of the club’s Board of Directors.

He was an avid outdoorsman. He liked to argue politics.

Murf is survived by his wife, Sunnie and his son, Jon Jr. No funeral arrangements have yet been made.

He was a Republican to the end.

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17 Responses to “Jon “Murf” Murphy”

  1. Demo Bill Says:

    So sad to hear of Murf’s passing. Although I hadn’t seen him in close to 30 years, I still remember him well. I am a Charter member and former officer of CSMC Pasadena and a former CSMC Board of Directors officer and Murf was one of the members who always gave respect and support to me. We spent many a night riding and partying and he was a mentor to us in the “new” Chapter! Always armed with a smile and a quick wit, Murf always ” Showed Class”! I wll miss you, old friend! Demo Bill, Charter Member, Pasadena CSMC

  2. Base Says:

    Condolences to all his family, friends & brothers.

    Reading the comments from people that knew him it sounds like the world has lost another true warrior & friend.

    Hope you all take some solace in knowing he is among good company.

    Condolences on your loss as well.


  3. Stick-CSMC Says:

    @Pieces, Sorry to hear about your dad.

  4. Stick-CSMC Says:

    Our brother Murf, you will always ride with us in our hearts.

  5. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Ride in Paradise, Sir. May the streets of Heaven tremble with the roar of your approach.


  6. PJ Says:

    Condolences to those you left behind.

  7. Rusty Says:

    Condolences to family, Brothers and friends.

  8. Pieces Says:

    Murf was a Brother and a man I greatly respected and looked up to. I had planned on seeing him on my last trip north, but I couldn’t make that happen. Maybe God wants me to remember him the way I knew him and partied with him. I’ll miss you, Brother. Hook up with my Pop on the Golden Highway, I lost him the very same day as you.

  9. Big Spider Says:

    Murf, you were a true bro. We’ve been through a lot together, even before the club. Many good times werehad and I will never forget them. Nor you. You took on roles that many wouldn’t and stood your ground on things you believed in. I’ll catch you on the flip side. RIP brother.

  10. Spazcsmc Says:

    to our friend and brother MURF , You have been an inspiration and a brother to us all! Until we meet again, ride free brother. SFFS

  11. Lucky fatboy11 Says:

    He was a good friend & will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

  12. 10GAUGE Says:

    My sincere condolences to all who knew and loved him.

  13. One Eye Says:

    Condolences to all who loved John “Murf” Murphy. Ride free.

  14. JMacK Says:

    Cancer can fuck off anytime.

    Condolences to the Family and Brothers of Mr. Murphy.


  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Deepest condolences to the family, Brothers and friends of Jon ‘Murf’ Murphy.

  16. BMW Says:

    Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of Murph! I am sorry to hear of this loss.

    We are losing a lot of good men, but their examples are good models for the newer generation of bikers! We preserve those great men’s memories as long as we live, and a new generation of warriors steps up behind us all. We will all meet soon in Valhalla.

  17. Sieg Says:

    Ride free, Murf.


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