Deconstructing The Tipton Whitewash

December 5, 2014

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More and more with the passage of time, State Attorney Angela Corey (above) and Assistant State Attorney Brian Brady’s  official account of the homicide of Black Piston Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton by Iron Order prospect Kristopher Stone looks like a whitewash.

Stone shot and killed Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille last June 26. After stonewalling the public and the press about their investigation for 134 days, Corey and Brady announced Stone would not be charged “with any crime.” Brady explained that Stone had been the victim of an unprovoked attack by multiple opponents, that the Black Pistons were “muscle” for the American Outlaws Association and that the attack was the fruit of the Iron Order’s refusal to pay a “tax” to the Outlaws

In the State of Florida’s official summation of the shooting titled “State Attorney Review Justifiable Homicide and Justifiable Use of Deadly Force By A Citizen,” witness statements collected by investigators in the hours after the shooting were interpreted and summarized in a way that seemed to provide Stone with an airtight alibi.

The report includes summaries of statements made by eleven witnesses including Stone and another Iron Order prospect named Tim White. One of the witnesses cited in the State Attorney’s official disposition of the homicide was a woman named  Darlene Forkel. Using legally obtained documents, The Aging Rebel has compared three successive versions of what Forkel told police and concluded that Corey and Brady glossed over what might have been the most significant factor in deciding whether to charge Stone with murder.

Version One

In a signed, hand written statement given to police at 11:15 p.m., about three hours after Tipton was fatally wounded, Forkel said:

“Myself and boyfriend arrived at nippers around 8 p.m. We drove up and down road to find parking for bike. There were two ladies ahead of us on bikes also and five guys passed us the other way as we were getting ready to park. We walked inside and I said Hi to some friends. I was there about seven or eight minutes and I realized I left my phone on my bike. I walked to the front and was going to the left. There were two men fighting on the ground to the right between two bikes. I continue to walk left and heard a sound like a firecracker and as I turned back to the right the man on the left was standing but off balance and falling backwards and the man on the right had a gun and shot more shots as the man on the left was falling. The man on the right moved to the head of where the man was laying on the ground. The man had blood on his nose and mouth area. He was holding his face and other men past him came walking to him and someone asked what he did and he stated he shot him. There was a couple of men near the man that shot the guy. All were wearing Iron Order vests. There was a lady came from behind me and ran to the guy that was shot and began CPR and a man also from behind me and began helping her. There was now a crowd around the shooting area and I walked back inside to where my boyfriend was and let him know what had happened.”

Version Two

Forkel wrote her statement at the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. The official account of the Forkel’s interview differs from her written statement in both subtle and obvious ways. That report of the interview states:

“Forkel stated she arrived to Nippers approximately seven minutes before the altercation. Forkel advised she and her boyfriend parked their motorcycles near the Nippers valet stand (which was located east of the altercation). Forkel said after parking their motorcycles they walked down the sidewalk in front of Nippers, and entered the restaurant through the front doors. Forkel stated she did not notice any altercation before entering Nippers. Once inside Nippers Forkel noticed she had left her cell phone on her motorcycle, and she went to retrieve it by herself.

“Forkel stated when she excited the front doors of Nippers she immediately observed two males fighting approximately 20 feet to the southwest of her location. Forkel said she observed one male laying on his back on the ground, and the second male was on top. Forkel advised she observed the male on top was repeatedly striking the male on the ground over and over again with right fists. Forkel advised she turned and began walking east toward her motorcycle, and at this time her back was to the two males fighting. Forkel said she took about three steps, and that is when she heard the first gun shot. Forkel advised she immediately turned around and she observed the male that was on top coming off the male that was laying on the ground. Forkel stated she observed the male that was on top falling backwards, and the male that was on the bottom stand up and fire approximately four to five shots at the male that was falling backwards. The male that was being shot at fell to the ground and did not get back up. Forkel said she then observed a group of males approach the shooter, and they were all wearing Iron Order vests. Forkel advised the shooter was also wearing an Iron Order vest. The male that was shot was also wearing a vest, but Forkel could not say if there was anything on the back.

“When the group of males approached the shooter Forkel heard him say ‘I shot him.’ Forkel said the shooter was a white male with short hair, blue jeans, wearing a blue bandana, an Iron Order vest, in his 20’s, five feet nine, and 190 to 200 pounds. Forkel further stated she observed blood on the shooter’s face. Forkel stated she observed the shooter walk over to a light pole lean against the pole. She later observed police officers place the shooter into hand cuffs, and walk him toward a police car. Forkel advised she then went back inside Nippers and told her boyfriend what happened. Forkel stated she and her boyfriend do not know either the shooter or the victim.

“Forkel willingly filled out and signed a witness statement. I have nothing further to add to Forkel’s interview.”

Version Three

The third account of Tipton’s death is both the briefest and is the final, official version of Forkel’s statement. It reads:

“Darlene Forkel was a patron at Nippers. She was exiting Nippers to get her phone on her motorcycle. She saw men fighting on the ground. One man was on top repeatedly striking the man on the ground (Kristopher Stone). She says the shooter was on the ground and pushed the deceased off him and shot at the same time. She heard four to five shots. Afterwards she heard the shooter say “I shot him” as he had blood on his face.”

The most important legal question the three versions of Forkel’s statement raise, is whether Zachariah Tipton was standing and backing away from Stone the first time he was shot or, instead, was on top of Stone and assaulting him. It might seem trivial, but it is the bright and shining line that separates murder from self defense. If Tipton was in fact standing and backing away from Stone when Stone shot him, as several informed sources speaking on condition of anonymity have told The Aging Rebel since last July, Stone should have been charged with murder. The official account never suggests that Tipton might have been backing away when he was shot although that’s what Forkel stated. “…the man on the left was standing but off balance and falling backwards and the man on the right had a gun and shot more shots as the man on the left was falling.”

A second question parallels the first one. If, based on eyewitness statements, there was probable cause to believe that Tipton had stopped hitting Stone and was backing away when he was killed, why did Angela Corey and Brian Brady cover that up?

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  1. rollinnorth Says:

    Starve a troll of attention; see how quick it disappears.


  2. panamaa Says:


    Do you have any respect for anything?

    You come on here, you put everyone and everything down and spew shit forth like a fountain.. You offend people that have lost loved ones and you disrespect people that have live longer and have seen more than you could ever dream of.. You’re what we call a typical “Pickle Dick”, an asshole if you will.

    I hate replying to you because it will only bring more shit dribbling from your mouth but I can’t help myself..

    Please,, For the sake of all, go back under the rock from which you sprung…

    NO respects what so ever you fucking Moron..

  3. Road Whore Says:

    Hmmm…I guess me, and the thousands of other unaffiliated bikers, have been flying under the radar of the almighty COC. Nobody from the COC, or any MC–1% or otherwise–has made me do shit!

    Ride Free

  4. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    this crap is stupid Says:
    December 12th, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    ” the various CoC were created by the big criminal clubs to control the small clubs in the given areas. No one joins by choice, i know FOR A FACT that small social clubs are forced to join under threats of violence. And forced to wear a support patch for the local criminal club. Oh and forced under threat of violence to pay 100 a year to the CoC …….I know for a fact because it happened to me ”

    CoC started by JR Reid of Sons of Silence to stop war with outkaws MC. Nick Nichols of ” Sons ” was the deputy. lister started CoC California 1988

    What you say about CoC is otherwise true. A free citizen can’t do shit with their permission, or so they will have you believe

  5. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Tooj Says:
    February 22nd, 2015 at 8:39 am

    First time I can say that I agree with alan.

    “shut down, leave the computer, and get out there, and face them down”

    But this is a blog, so of course folks are expressing themselves. It’s a “when in Rome…” thing. It’s a mistake, however, to assume that everyone that comments here is a “keyboard commando” and isn’t “out there”.

    thanks Tooj, and fair enough about some here who may be prepared to face IO. I can respect them for that

  6. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:


    fact is the people generally want these false MCs stopped. It is a popular Gov’t decision. The ” sheeple ” are happy

    Maybe then we can see the MCs of old return, and no longer subject to police ” ethnic crime squad ”

    They’ve brought it upon themselves

    You seem to claim what is happening is a work of fiction. It isn’t. not as fat as Gov’t, police and Her Majesty’s judges are concerned

    the consorting laws have returned. This means if MC members are caught in company with each other after a warning, they can do 3 years prison, simply for being in each other’s company.

    I did not invent this, I’m not saying it to piss anyone off, it’s just a fact

    Who’s fault is it, eh? Dealing drugs to children, drive by shootings at a bloke’s house almost killing a baby, and sundry other drive bys

    Different cultures have taken over the MC world. I prefer the old ways where this sort of thing was frowned upon

    The MCs would have been fine if it wasn’t for this ” new breed “

  7. stroker Says:

    I too must second the AMF to B’uzzerd.

    But, perhaps one last attempt to maybe, just maybe inject a ray of sunshine into his feverish little brain:

    Alan…….you DO realize don’t you, that all the drivel you spout above is simply you reiterating what your (government approved) newspapers want you to read. You seem to think everything you’re reading is gospel. You my friend, are part of the problem. Your country’s overseers are controlling what’s distributed as “word”…..and it ain’t. Your bikies are being rolled over by a gov’t steamroller, and your Aussie sheeple are going along with the pap the papers are reporting.

    Ah…..why bother…..I know this ain’t going to go anywhere……

    ok….I’m done now.

    Back to my corner.


  8. Paladin Says:

    I too would like to see this disrespectful asshole fading from view in my rear view mirror.


  9. popeye Says:

    I vote to remove the turd from the punchbowl

  10. Freeman Says:

    Yup kick the unamed goat out.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    Ya Ive read enough of his b/s already, im for him hitting the road,

  12. caretaker Says:

    I seccond that.

  13. sherides Says:

    I vote to evict this latest io support troll.


  14. panamaa Says:

    AMF as far as I’m concerned..

  15. John Deaux Says:

    I’m all for freedom of speech but I believe B astard has used up his welcome.
    I stand by Swampy, let’s vote that troll outta here.
    Respect, thanks for what you do.

  16. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    10GAUGE Says:
    December 6th, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Hey Wookie (which I am sure is also your birth name)

    Ruiz IS IN Prison DUMB SHIT!….the diamond and colors of clubs that were around 44 years before the IO were chosen for ASTHETICS is exactly why it is disrespectful you fuckin goof ”

    OK. Produce your right to trademark protection of the 3 patch cut? Individual clubs with their name can protect their own, but the actual design ? Nope!

  17. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    I must look in the mirror

  18. Tooj Says:

    The Hard Knock Life of an Internet Troll:

    Long Greasy Hair: Who has time to cut their hair or shower when they’re busy terrorizing the web?

    Thick Neck: The carotid artery walls in the neck thicken with the stress of being right all the time.

    Pale Indoor Complexion: Going outside is for people who fail at the Internet.

    Bad Posture: A natural effect of having to carry the weight of the ignorant Internet world upon one’s shoulders.

    Big Belly: Full of vitriol…and Cheerios.

    Perma-Wrinkle Between Brows: Brought on by being a combination of frustrated and focused all the time.

    Bags Under Eyes: Sleepless nights are signs of diligent Internet trolling.

    Small Sharp Teeth: From gritting down chompers in fits of resentful anger.

    Red Bull Can in Hand: Access to the reserve of energy needed for firing off inflammatory comments.

    Word Down Caps Lock Button: Due to excessive Internet yelling.

    Sweat Pants: Regular pants are just…sooo restrictive.

    Crumb Pile on the Floor: Taking your eyes off the screen while eating is a no-no, even if it means making a mess of your mother’s 1970’s carpet.

    Wrist Brace: To fight off carpal tunnel syndrome. (And keep oneself intact for excessive masturbation.)

  19. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    because the mother clubs are generally American, on my turf. Now excuse me if I have an alternative opinion here, but I maintain the clubs are better off returning to what they were

    I am protecting the clubs by saying that. I don’t want them used for ethnic organized crime, and funding terrorists or whatever

    It’s not the clubs I have problem with, it’s how thay have allowed themselves to be gangsters, not bikers

    Is that so terrible?

    Then there are the anti IO crew here. Instead of blabbing on about them, go do something about them

    Meanwhile in my part of the world, and this is what is now happening thanks to their untraditional behaviour

    SYDNEY’s outlaw motorcycle gangs are being forced to cancel traditional bikie runs, close clubhouses and are being harassed whenever they meet each other by the NSW Gang Squad, which has blitzed the criminal groups in recent weeks using the state’s tough anti-consorting laws.

    Police have been given the green light to vigorously enforce the laws, which were introduced in 2012, after a High Court challenge by the gangs was thrown out last October.

    Within days of the decision, the country’s largest outlaw gang, the Rebels, cancelled its national bikie run.

    Under the anti-consorting laws, police can warn an individual twice if they are consorting with two or more people convicted of a serious criminal offence. On the third occasion, they can be jailed for up to three years.

    “It is a very good law which gives us the power to disrupt these gangs who are involved in criminal activity,” Detective Superintendent Debbie Wallace, head of the NSW Gangs Squad, told The Daily Telegraph.

    “The bikie gangs by their nature need to gather in groups to intimidate. It is part of their methodology.

    “They wander around wearing their patches and jackets, which make them easy to identify.

    “Most have criminal records and by banding together as they do it makes it easy for us to issue them with warnings about associating with known criminals.

    “If they continue to associate after they have been warned, we can arrest them for consorting.

    “This law is purely targeted at stopping criminals groups committing crimes against the community — many which are violent and often with the use of intimidation,” Supt Wallace said.

    “It is used judiciously and police are trained to use discretion before warning or charging anyone.’’

    The Nomads bikie gang is the first to be singled out by the specialist anti-bikie unit, Strike Force Raptor.

    Since January 30, 21 members have been arrested — 18 of them for consorting.

    Among them was national president Simon Tajjour, who challenged the law when he and a fellow Nomads member were arrested back in 2012.

    The laws were introduced by former premier Barry O’Farrell after a number of high-profile bikie murders and drive-by shootings.

    The legislation also covers emails, telephone calls and social media. Sending messages via text or communicating on the internet can be deemed as consorting.

    “It makes it extremely hard for criminal gangs to plan their illegal activities,’’ Supt Wallace said.

    The Nomads clubhouse in Wetherill Park was raided on January, 30 resulting in the arrest and charging of 17 gang members, 13 for consorting. Despite losing the High court challenge, it is believed that all the Nomads intend to plead not guilty when they face court in the coming days.

    Police have seized drugs valued at $1 million and arrested four men in a series of raids on bikie gang premises across Perth.

    Three of the men are alleged to be members of the Lone Wolf outlaw motorcycle gang, including its state president and sergeant-at-arms.

    The Lone Wolf Canning Vale clubhouse is among a number of assets seized by police under proceeds of crime legislation, including six Harley Davidson motorbikes and three cars.

    Police said they also seized nearly $800,000 in cash, 1.3 kilograms of methamphetamine, computers, jewellery and mobile phones from homes in the southern Perth suburbs of Beckenham and Gosnells, as well as from the clubhouse.

    It is alleged the 42-year-old president of the gang and its 38-year-old sergeant-at-arms sold one kilogram of the drug to another man in Beckenham.

    The men have been charged with selling a prohibited drug, while the alleged gang president has also been charged with possession of stolen property.

    A third man, a 35-year-old from the Perth suburb of Bayswater, has been charged with selling a prohibited drug.

    A 43-year-old man from Casula in New South Wales has been charged with possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply and possessing stolen goods.

    WA State Crime Commander Pryce Scanlan said the result showed bikie gangs were not the weekend social riders they often claimed to be.

    “These gangs profit from the misery of others and the product they peddle causes immense harm to our community,” Commander Scanlan said.

    “They are highly organised criminal networks with interstate and international connections.”

  20. caretaker Says:

    Might i suggest we all just stop responding to the troll? He’ll either get bored or (hopefully) give a blowjob to an exhaust pipe with the motor running. Either way,his useless ass is gone. And yes,@alan retard,i mean you. Go away.

    Respects to the regulars,
    Caretaker 1%ER

  21. swampy Says:

    @alan bastard
    I’m curious as to why you give a fuck about MC’s here in the U.S.? And I mean true, legit and credible Clubs, not the bullshit urine odor posers or who or whatever these U.S. Rebels claim to be. Why don’t you worry what goes on in your own Country with its fucked up draconian laws? I know this is Rebel’s house; he pays for it. I’m grateful for what he does and allowing everyone a voice here. But…GEEZ MAN!…besides being clueless, disrespectful and downright DUMB, you’re wearing it out. I do wish Rebel would allow “us” a vote on trolls – I know which way mine would go concerning you.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    The BTard uses the lame excuse that all the trolls who come here use…that we aren’t out on our bikes 24/7. Idiots like he and his ilk have nothing more because they have no clue about the biker world except from what they read somewhere or what they see on their teevee’s. Thay’re so stupid they believe it all and then have to go to places like this to troll and show their stupidity and ignorance.

    Let the little faggot BTard spew his air-wasting drivel. *WE* know better and all he’s doing is making himself look dumber and dumber every time his little pasty fingers post a message here.

    With luck, he’ll soon realize what a loser he is and kill himself and the world will be a better place for it.

  23. T Hell Says:

    There are those that come on here with opposing viewpoints whose opinions foster discussions that tend to educate and inform on the biker way of life, then there are others like this Alan retard who after reading his posts you can’t help but wonder what a fucking pathetic existence his must be.

  24. 10GAUGE Says:


    You are the definition of troll loser. You get up each day in your underwear with butterflies in your stomach so you can argue your point from half way round the fucking world. Nobody is impressed but you know that…right? Too afraid to talk to your neighbor about his dog shitting on your lawn. So you come here anonymously and shit on ours.

    Maybe if you stopped talking shit…and started to be about something you would stop being such an argumentative little cunt.

    Everybody has problems…everybody has a history. Stop trying to take yours out on strangers you fucking pussy. You are embarassing yourself.

    Half of my life I spent doin time for some other fuckers crime…
    The other half found me stumbling round
    Drunk off burgundy wine


  25. Freeman Says:

    I see attention whore is back at it.

  26. Sandmann Says:

    thanks for the good read.

    respect to those who deserve it,

  27. FF Says:

    Piss Boy, I told you to get you bucket and get in the corner! NOW

  28. Tooj Says:

    First time I can say that I agree with alan.

    “shut down, leave the computer, and get out there, and face them down”

    But this is a blog, so of course folks are expressing themselves. It’s a “when in Rome…” thing. It’s a mistake, however, to assume that everyone that comments here is a “keyboard commando” and isn’t “out there”.

  29. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    sherides Says:
    January 9th, 2015 at 5:13 pm


    I agree.

    If only he had listened to his gut instincts…he did come across as a good person.

    I am glad he wrote that post..maybe it will help prevent others from making the same mistake.


    sherides ”

    bad experience setting up a chapter. He could go see an established chapter and join without issue, but maybe he won’t

  30. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    that ” bunch of fags ” has all you lot being cyber hard men, keyboard commandos.. If you want to get IO off the streets and shut down, leave the computer, and get out there, and face them down

    Seems to me, the IO is the dominant club

  31. Footer Says:

    Why are you iron order guys such a bunch of fags? Actually, I think fags have more of a back bone then you clowny clowns do. That right I said it. Ha ha. Fuckin clowny clowns.

  32. sherides Says:


    I agree.

    If only he had listened to his gut instincts…he did come across as a good person.

    I am glad he wrote that post..maybe it will help prevent others from making the same mistake.



  33. popeye Says:

    Sounds like he got taken in by the hype. Lucky for him he got out. He seems like an OK guy.

  34. sherides Says:

    Interesting reading for a snowed in afternoon… I almost felt bad for this guy.



  35. popeye Says:

    Interesting post from an ex Io member . I found on facebook. Its a long read but gives a look into the way things work at IO

  36. panamaa Says:

    Your a wise man rollinnorth….

  37. rollinnorth Says:

    So, the New Year brings the return of the troll, allBull$#!tMaxiPad.
    I will not feed the troll, I will not feed the troll,…

    Respect, to those…

  38. Road Whore Says:

    To: alan B’stard MP (@alanBStardmp)

    I agree with you…”great to see ordinary people stand up to outlaws”

    Too bad he was shot and killed for it. The Iron Order outlaws are becoming more and more dangerous.

    RIP Zachariah.

    Ride Free

  39. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    great to see ordinary people stand up to outlaws

  40. Dazed Says:

    @Buckwheat,Right on Man..Well said.

  41. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Sieg

    A wise-ass old man once said, ‘If you’re not living on the edge, you’re takin’ up too much room…’ amen


  42. Buckwheat Says:

    For the record, I’m not a “1%er”. I’m not a member of a club, 3-pc or otherwise. I’m just a Texas boy that took his first ride on a Harley at the age of 3…and more than three decades later, still riding and raising hell.

    That said, it would appear that the IO is doing in this particular situation what cops have been notorious for doing since I was old enough to know what a cop was…and that’s acting as if they are gods amongst men, with no consequences to their actions, and then demanding that us “civilians” treat them with some sort of unearned respect.

    Here’s the deal, shitsticks. I learned at a young age that you shouldn’t go around pretending to be something you’re not. Fancy patches don’t get respect. Respect is earned, on a bike and everywhere else.

    I work for a living and have since I was 15. I don’t know what you IO fucks call what you do for a day job, but the rest of us sure as hell wouldn’t call it “working”. “Theft”? “Robbery”? Those seem applicable. Changing out of one gangster uniform and putting on another doesn’t alter the reality of who you are.

    Having the backing of the State’s Attorney office doesn’t make you hard-core. It makes you a bunch of punks that can’t stand up for yourselves.

    Quit trying to be something you’re not.

  43. Sieg Says:

    “criminal club”, “criminals”….

    Shit, I consider it an honor to be labeled an Enemy of the State. I’ve been a CRIMINAL since I was a kid.

    Smoke some weed now and then? I don’t, but if you do, YOU’RE A CRIMINAL. Have a drink and go for a drive? I don’t, but if you do, You’re…that’s right, you get the drift.

    Big difference is I admit it. I have nothing but contempt for the laws of this prison-camp we live in, and feel no obligation to obey any of them I don’t care to.

    Blow that out your ass, piggers. We all know your Echelon shit can run anyone down, anytime, anywhere, so if you want to come hook me up for the ride to Terre Haute, bring it.


  44. caretaker Says:

    Judging by your posts you are local to me. Get my email from Rebel,i might be able to get you in with the company i work for.

    Happy new year all,

  45. JMacK Says:

    Happy New Year Rebel.

    And Happy New Year to the real folks around here. Thanks for your wisdom and stories.

    FF, if Canada is an option for you, let me know.



  46. Tiger Says:

    Happy New Year!

    May you all ( those deserving ) have a better year than the one before.

    F.F. pray it gets better for ya. If anything is comes up will try to pass it along.

    Respect to those who earned and understand it.


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