Dobyns Drama Continues

November 26, 2014

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Jay Dobyns may win the lottery yet.

Dobyns, for those who have just recently arrived on the motorcycle outlaw frontier, is the ATF antihero who participated in an undercover investigation of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club which might have been the single most half-assed undercover investigation ever; opened a Guns R’ Us Franchise in Bullhead City, Arizona after a Hells Angel named Michael Kramer killed a woman named Cynthia Garcia and made an informer’s deal with the ATF; had a couple of drinks with a couple of Hells Angels in the old Flamingo in Laughlin the night of the great biker brawl in April 2002; entrapped some guys; survived his descent into the nether regions where no sane man would dare venture; did not do those drugs or have sex with those women; was almost a Hells Angel as one “almost” flies by flapping one’s arms; became cop of the year; wrote a book and was the subject of a couple more; was almost portrayed by Johnny Depp in a major motion picture; became very afraid that the Hells Angels might exact a terrible revenge on him and was nervous about the level of protection he was afforded by his employer; was disrespected; almost had to move to Guam; did a lot of TV; sued the ATF and settled; suffered a mysterious house fire; sued the ATF again for a lot of money; and he sort of lost but not quite.

It has been widely publicized that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was somehow responsible for the fire at Dobyns home but Dobyns told The Aging Rebel “I have never said to anyone publicly or privately that the Hells Angels burned my house down. Find where I have. I have said that ATF let someone get away with it and in the process also get away with attempting to murder my family. Believe it or not but my beef is not with the Hells Angels. They are in my rear view mirror. My beef is with ATF.”

According to Dobyns, an ATF supervisor “stated in front of multiple witnesses on multiple occasions” that “Dobyns is mentally unfit for duty,” and “Dobyns is broken.”  The supervisor also allegedly said “it is my duty to see that Dobyns is removed from…this agency.” Also allegedly, an ATF Internal Affairs Investigator classified Dobyns as “certifiable.”

When The Aging Rebel asked Dobyns, “Are you mentally and emotionally fit?”

Dobyns replied, “Maybe.”

There is more. There is very much more. If you care about this guy watch Fox News. You’ll see him eventually. Or you can search this site for “Jay Dobyns” and then read for the next couple of days.


Last August 25, after a mostly secret six-year-long lawsuit and a four-week-long, bicoastal, secret trial in the summer of 2013, a Federal District Judge named Francis M. Allegra ruled that everybody had to kiss their sisters. Allegra ruled the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives owed Dobyns $173,000 and Dobyns did not owe the ATF anything. Dobyns had sought $7.2 million for pain, suffering and emotional distress and an additional $10 million for “economic damages.” The ATF wanted every penny Dobyns had made from his book No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey To The Inner Circle Of The Hells Angels. The trial was secret at Dobyns insistence. The government wanted to open the doors to the public and the press.

When Allegra finally made his ruling public in the middle of September, childish and naïve law enthusiasts thought that might finally be the end of it. But of course there was more. With Jay Dobyns there is always more. The government appealed Allegra’s decision on October 24. Allegra responded with a sealed order. Dobyns appealed the ruling on October 27. Allegra responded to that by voiding his decision on October 29.

Transparency In Government

Allegra, as he has for years, played it pretty close to the vest. Lawyers might make something out of his official notice: “On August 25, 2014, the court issued an opinion in the above case. On August 28, 2014, a judgment was rendered under RCFC 58. On October 24, 2014, defendant filed a notice of appeal. On October 27, 2014, plaintiff filed a notice of cross-appeal. On October 29, 2014, pursuant, inter alia, to RCFC 1 and RCFC 60, the court voided the prior judgment. The court indicated that it would issue appropriate orders establishing a schedule for further proceedings in this matter.” Typically, Allegra didn’t make that notice public for a week.

There have been 16 sealed filings in the case, which is still officially listed as closed, in the last 17 days. The filings portray the federal courts as a figment of Lewis Carroll’s imagination or maybe as something Robert Louis Stevenson might have dreamed up on about day ten of one of his cocaine binges.

On November 6 the government filed two sealed motions to vacate sealed orders 298 and 300. The government then withdrew the sealed motions to vacate the sealed orders on November 12 and 13. There were a couple of furious days when sealed motions to vacate sealed orders and rulings were filed by both sides. On November 13 there was an order to make something that hadn’t previously been part of the record part of the record. In the last week there have been more motions to “alter or amend” the vacated judgment. Dobyns filed one of those on November 19 and the government has until December 8 to respond.

Stay tuned.

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31 Responses to “Dobyns Drama Continues”

  1. FF Says:


    Thank you.

    Dobyns is a dick.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear FF,

    Sorta, but it is still going on. It will never end.


  3. FF Says:

    Did jackass Jay win the lawsuit?

  4. SoonerFan Says:

    Ever notice that Dobyns has a striking resemblance to Brian Bosworth, former NFL Seattle Seahawks LineBacker who ended his NFL career because of a shoulder injury and then turned to Hollywood, ironically playing an FBI undercover who infiltrates a motorcycle gang in STONE COLD (1991)? Between the football career, the larger than life phony badass persona, published author, hollywood movie careers, redneck Christian upbringing and sad to say, the heinous mullet?

    Seriously, who copied who?

  5. SoonerFan Says:

    Dobyns made a movie…
    oh wait, it was just a trailer….
    oh, wait, there was a premiere and awards ceremony for his trailer…
    what a friggin’ egomaniac….

    check out his site here…
    Dobyns then got cited for a trademark violation on his poster

    NO ANGEL is being made
    Dobyns writing his own delusional drivel
    Produced by this company:
    +1 310 395 3939 phone
    287 S Robertson
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211

  6. Meh Says:

    Repatriation to Liberia has been an option since it was founded, but mighty few who talk of their African heritage move there. Perhaps “Liberia” translates to “Big Ferguson”:

  7. RtC Says:

    @Not Surprised, Yeah, th’ “Good stuff” comes from here, huh?! hehehe
    This Ferguson shit has re-instilled racism in my soul! A THUG NIGGER
    being revered because he got himself killed??!! SEND THEM BACK! But wait!
    The African people don’t WANT these lazy NIGGERS BACK!!! They wouldn’t
    even make good slaves!

    AND a belated HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours VAGO 1%er! from me & mine!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  8. Not Surprised Says:


    I am a little slow, but I finally got that

    Pants up. Don’t loot.


  9. popeye Says:

    What a great expert witness. ATF built the guy up to superhero status. Cop of the year, author , expert. Then he sits back and tells the jury. MC’s are being prosecuted for no other reason than to waste taxpayers money. Case dismissed. Every jury would see ATF and feds for what they are
    Rebel- if you ever talk to this guy again ask him if he’d like to join up with the good guys again and this time make a difference and a few bucks.Mr Martinez could use some help with his crazy kill shot to the back of the head case right now. If I were a defense attorney I’d approach him.

  10. Shovelhead Says:

    dave rodriguez

    Snowed in here! I couldn’t even imagine it being 87 degrees in November.
    Think I need to pack up and move South or West. New England weather just sucks all the time. Matter of fact, it’s 20 degrees & snowing right now!
    How I just want to hop on the bike and ride for several hours to clear my head, come back home and eat left overs.

  11. Meh Says:

    Popeye posted
    “I wonder if dobyns hates the atf enough to consider being a paid expert witness for the defense on MC cases?”

    That could be magnifcent! As the Alphabet Agencies reach for more power they must hire more spies.

    When they inevitably hire borderline nutjobs then push them into full crazy by throwing them under the bus, some are bound to resent it.

    Any activity sufficiently expanded cannot be kept secret…

    I suspect dissonance helped blow Dobyns mind. He bought the “good guy” narrative, gradually found the truth to be mixed as it always will be (but too late to expediently repent since he lacks the courage for real repentance), then to add insult his employers tired of the same crazy they once eagerly unleashed against bikers and dumped him.

    It would be quite nice if that jilting induced him to turn on his spymasters. The bikers he helped set up gave him more respect than his bosses. That has to screw with his head.

  12. dave rodriguez Says:

    Nothing like an 87 degrees thanksgiving day in southern california take the harley out for a putt while the old
    Lady prepares the bird…happy thanksgiving day

  13. BMW Says:

    I’d like to add my recommendation to that of CN to remember to send a holiday card to anyone you know in prison. They have so little that a small holiday card means a lot. Help a brother when he’s down!


  14. Ronbo Says:

    I am thankfull that Rebel learned to write. Well, atleast he has spell check!

    Thank you Rebel

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the good folks on here Be safe.

    CN, Love that


  15. CN Says:

    Firstly, Hope all ya’ll have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving. Remember to give a thought to sending a Holiday card to those you know and/or support who had their freedom taken by force and judicial farce so must endure yet another Holiday in the Prisons where you & I’d be too if the Government had their way. Our freedoms and rights are no less precious and deserved than the Ghetto Dwellers of Ferguson, Missouri.

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    @VAGO 1%er – Heh heh heh…back atcha man! Have a good one, same to everyone else.

  17. gary Says:

    Dude just go away.

  18. Jim666 Says:

    Happy Turkey day everybody, have fun and stay free !

    everyone except Jaybird

  19. VAGO 1%er Says:


  20. ElleElle Says:

    Actually “maybe” is the answer you give when you stand for nothing and fall for anything…or, you might stand to gain a few more dollars since there is nothing else left.

    Who knows.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  21. CN Says:


  22. Paladin Says:

    I’ll be glad when the Dobyns circus fold their tents and they head out of town. This whole Dobyns fiasco is getting rather tedious.

    Stop, the train is ridin down to the station
    where you lived when we were school kids
    Hey, the rails are caught now
    And I am falling down fools in a spiral
    Round this town of steam

    My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
    Cause I want more, cause I want more
    My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
    Cause I want more, cause I want more

    Stop the train is riding down to the station where I lived
    When I was a cool kid
    Hey, is it my fault that the fallen embers burn down in a spiral
    Round your crown of thieves

    My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
    cause I want more, cause I want more
    My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit
    cause I want more, cause I want more
    it rides out of town

    Oh, it’s my road, it’s my road, it’s my road
    It’s my road, it’s my road, it’s my road

    And it’s my war, It’s my war, it’s my war
    His eyes are open
    His eyes are open

    Oh, cause I want more, I want more
    Want more
    His eyes are open
    His eyes are open

    (Hey, hey, hey)

    My body tells me no but I won’t quit
    Cause I want more, cause I want more
    My body tells me no but I wont quit
    Cause I want more cause I want more
    It rides out of town

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  23. JD Says:

    Funny, whenever you see this guy he is wearing red and white or promoting off of HA. This guy got the brotherhood in him and misses it.Bet if he had todo it over, he would have been a biker instead of ATF

  24. Ipsick Says:

    “When The Aging Rebel asked Dobyns, “Are you mentally and emotionally fit?”

    Dobyns replied, “Maybe.”

    I’m shocked the attention whores that be the Kardashians aren’t lining up to date Dobyins for a double douche tv series.

  25. CN Says:

    In one fell swoop Dobyins depressed the single wide & moped market in Tuscon, thanks Asshole!

  26. popeye Says:

    I wonder if dobyns hates the atf enough to consider being a paid expert witness for the defense on MC cases? He would make a great witness considering what the prosecution considers experts on “outlaw motorcycle gangs”. Dobyns testimony would shed a lot of light onto the illegal tactics used by the ATF.

  27. RtC Says:

    REBEL, when you asked Dobby if he was “mentally & emotionally fit?”, you
    weren’t in the same room I’m guessing?! One look at that fuckers eyes
    would answer that question without having to ask it. His answer “Maybe”
    is also pretty scary! I just hope this attention-whore finally goes away.
    Course, he is distracting some of those waste-oids from destroying the lives of good folk.

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  28. Whitepride Says:

    Dobyns is just an attention seeking douchebag!

  29. popeye Says:

    This is what happens when you put 2 rats in a burlap sack. They eventually eat each other. ATF having ATF tactics used against it is my idea of a good time.

  30. popeye Says:

    This is what happens when you put 2 rats in a burlap sack. They eventually eat each other. ATF having ATF tactics used against it is my idea of a good time.

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